Forgotten Celebrities: Where Are They Now?

Have you ever wondered how the celebrities and musicians you admired as a kid are now doing? You might have been a huge fan of some of them, watching their movies and listening to their albums as a teenager or as a kid. Eventually, you might have lost track of what was going on in their lives. Or maybe you grew up and had a life of your own, which, to some degree, left you with no time to keep up with theirs. Well, some of them are now avoiding the spotlight, but there are still some forgotten celebrities who are active, appearing in TV or film every now and then. Let us now take a glimpse at the lives of some of these forgotten celebrities, some of whom you rooted for back in the day.

Philip Michael Thomas | 72


Philip gained popularity for his role in the 1975 Coonskin. He appeared in several TV shows, and his portrayal as Ricardo Tubbs in Miami Vice gained him the most recognition and also received a Golden Globe nomination and People Choice award for his performance in Miami Vice. Philip was also nominated several times in his acting career His popularity paved the way for his other appearances, including in several advertisements.

Later, Thomas ventured into the gaming world and voiced the famous character, Lance Vance, in the best-selling game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Along with a Great acting career, Philips’s other passion was for music. He also tried his luck in the music industry. He released his music albums in the 1980s called ”Living the Book of My Life”and ”Somebody”, but it fails to live up to the expectations of the audience. We hope his business insurance cushioned the release of his albums.