These Insane Celebrity Houses Are Enough To Make Your Jaw Drop

Eddie Murphy: $85 Million, Hollywood Hills


There’s no doubt that Eddie Murphy has brought smiles and laughs to audiences around the world because of his talent for gags. The actor has an enormous net worth because of his roles in comedy films that we’re still watching today. Because he’s such a great comedic actor, he can afford to purchase a home in Hollywood Hills, even one that’s worth $20 million! Most of his investment money is spent on making his home even greater than before, raising its value to a stunning $85 million!

It’s no surprise since the mansion has its own tennis courts, outdoor pools, and indoor pools. Eddie Murphy’s villa covers nearly 19,000 square feet. The villa is in Mediterranean style as a whole, with 17 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool and a bowling alley. The surrounding landscape of the villa creates tropical scenery and improves the overall level.

Tiger Woods: $60 Million, Florida

It is undeniable that Tiger Woods is one of the wealthiest celebrity athletes today, considering that he has played golf professionally since 1996. No doubt his hard work and talent make him so deserving. For the past 24 years, Woods has earned more than $1.4 billion, and his estimated worth is around $800 million based on Forbes. Woods also signed the richest endorsement contract in the industry of Sports for over $100 Millions.

Not only this, but he also owns various real estate properties. One of which is this $40 million mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida. His property includes a sweeping golf course that he uses for practice. Without a doubt, his luxurious house has all the modern facilities, equipment, and insurance that let him have a comfortable life. Tiger Woods has undoubtedly built a remarkable life and career. Even if he chooses to retire at this very moment, Tiger already has everything he needs to live a lavish life until the end.

Will Smith: $42 Million, California

Previously known as the Fresh Prince, Will Smith is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. He is an American actor, songwriter, and rapper with millions of fans under his belt. With that said, there’s no question why his net worth shot up to $350 million making him one of the richest actors in the world. Currently, he lives in a massive property in Calabasas, which he bought with his hard-earned money.

His estate is so vast that it has a basketball court, golf course, tennis court, a recording studio, and an expansive garage. Will Smith indeed spends his money as if it will never end. For sure, it has top of the line home security systems from inside to outside. His renovations have resulted in the property valued at $42 million, from $20 million. Will Smith’s kids must have had a fantastic childhood growing up in such a great property.

Mark Wahlberg: $30 million, Beverly Hills

Mark Wahlberg is not only an incredible actor; he is also a rapper, producer, singer, songwriter, businessman, and model. There’s no wonder that this man has made a name for himself in the show business, as well as in other fields. But while other celebrities don’t like to have their homes featured on television, Wahlberg does so in the TV series, Entourage. How can you not flaunt a $30 million dollar property complete with seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a media room, and great landscapes?

After all, we’re pretty sure Mark could afford the most efficient and state of the art home security systems anyway. Mark Wahlberg’s mansion covers an area of 30,000 square feet and is located in the Beverly Park area of Los Angeles. The mansion has a complete basketball court, guest house, swimming pool with water slides, a spa, and a spacious gym. The mansion also has a home theater, a library, and a wine cellar, which is amazing.

Jennifer Aniston: $42 Million, Beverly Hills

Famous movie and TV star, Jennifer Aniston, who is mostly known for her character in the hit show F.R.I.E.N.D.S., can surely afford the luxuries she wants. That includes an amazing Beverly Hills mansion, which she bought for $13.5 million in 2006. This price shot up when she sold it soon after at a stunning $42 million that will make your credit cards bleed dry. This is because the incredible home is complete with its own garage, fitness gym, and five bedrooms.

Just recently, Aniston has sold another luxurious home after her split with her former husband; selling the property for $21 Million. Jennifer Aniston’s mansion has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and even a complete hotel. What is jaw-dropping is that the mansion also has a location for aerial shooting. In addition, in order to create a better environment, the designer designed the beauty of the ocean to the mansion, which is refreshing.

Ellen De Generes: $45 million, California

Actress, comedian, and popular talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, is not only a famous icon in Hollywood entertainment but also has investments in luxurious homes all over California. Her recent sale was at the coast of Montecito, Southern California, and spans 10,500 square feet. The 17-acre property houses six bedrooms, bathrooms, a fancy media room, and a pool, along with many more! The talk show host first sold the home at a jaw-dropping price of $45 million! However, after some time, the price was reduced to $39.5 million.

But we’re pretty sure that even a small business isn’t enough to cover that! Another mansion by Ellen DeGeneres is located in Beverly Hills and was completed by a famous designer and architect. The mansion has a spacious stainless steel kitchen, outdoor dining area, independent swimming pool, gym, and so on. The amazing design creates an open atmosphere, the mansion has designed floor-to-ceiling windows while increasing the perfect integration of natural landscape and indoor landscape.

Brad Pitt: $60 Million, France

Former couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, both shared a couple of expensive investments. Brad and Angelina can both be confident in purchasing real estate properties without worrying about the financial aspect. One of their heftier investments includes a $60 million villa in France—which is more like a castle than a simple home. Imagine 35 bedrooms and probably every fancy thing you can ever think of! It’s also home to a fabulous vineyard! No ordinary couple can ever top that!

With a big real estate property such as this, it’s amazing how both of them are still confident in their money to buy more. Although Brad Pitt owns many properties, he often lives in Los Angeles. This huge mansion has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, and the overall decoration style is more hotel-like. The mansion has a large outdoor swimming pool and a private tennis hall, surrounded by a lot of green plants, which enhances the overall level of the mansion.

Vanna White: $47.5 Million, Beverly Hills

As a famous television personality and game show host, Vanna White has improved her credit score over the years. Since 1982, she has been a familiar face in Wheel of Fortune and has invested in several properties in the past. One of her most impressive ones is her Beverly Hills home that she sold for $47 million in 2017. The Tuscan-style home is complete with every accessory a TV personality could want, justifying the insane price.

If Vanna keeps spinning her Wheel of Fortune right, then there’s no doubt that she’ll able to score another amazing home to fit her glamorous lifestyle. Vanna White’s mansion is located in Los Angeles, and the overall style is Italian. The mansion occupies nearly 15,000 square feet. It includes eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a swimming pool, a spa, a gym, and its own vineyard. The green plants around the mansion are very attractive, creating a natural atmosphere.

Mark Zuckerberg: $59 Million, Lake Tahoe

Like most great minds, Mark Zuckerberg’s life was portrayed in a biographical film. We have him to thank for the popular social networking site, Facebook. Despite his legal troubles recently, he has no trouble paying off his lawyer and his properties. In fact, Zuckerberg owns two Lake Tahoe mansions that add up to $59 million. The Carousel Estate, built-in 1930, is designed with Tudor-style elegance. The bigger mansion is called the Brushwood Estate and was built in around the 60’s.

As long as the world uses his social app and website, Zuckerberg will continue to live in luxurious mansions such as these. Mark Zuckerberg attaches great importance to residential privacy, so the lush forest protects his private space to the greatest extent. In the mansion, he spent huge sums of money on renovations, including remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. In the mansion, there are also a wine room and a multimedia room. Will he continue to remodel it? We will wait and see.

Robert De Niro – $25.5 Million – New York City Penthouse

Robert De Niro is one of Hollywood’s veteran actors, considered an icon in this generation. When he was cast in the movie Mean Streets in 1973, he won his first of many Oscar awards. He is considered as one of the greatest actors because of his movies, including The Deer Hunter, Cape Fear, Raging Bull, The Godfather: Part II, and Taxi Driver. Due to his amazing acting skills, he started earning a huge amount of cash, which made his net worth a total of $20 million.

One of his biggest investments was his New York City penthouse, which costs $25.5 million and is on sale. Robert De Nir owns a lot of real estates, but he mainly lives in Gardner, New York. This is a 2222 square foot house. Different from most star mansions, this house is a farmhouse style with a large number of wooden materials. The house contains a boxing room, gym, basketball court, sauna, etc.

Celine Dion: $65 Million, Florida

Celine Dion is regarded as a powerhouse icon in the music industry. The world has witnessed her insane vocals and performances on stage, but that only justifies her purchase of an amazingly extravagant home in Florida. A true legend like her deserves nothing but the best, and she made sure of that by letting her designer decorate her mansion with a Bahamian style theme. Her stunning property also boasts its own private water park, eight bedrooms, a media room, game room, and fantastic dining areas fit for her glamorous lifestyle.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the flooring is made of gold! Celine Dion’s mansion has an open-plan living room, which is undoubtedly the finishing touch of the mansion. The whole house is well-lit and ventilated, and a large number of glass floor-to-ceiling windows are used to perfectly blend the outside scenery with the inside. The mansion also includes a tennis court and guest house, which is jaw-dropping.

Tommy Hilfiger: $27.5 million, Florida

For someone who doesn’t often appear in the spotlight as much as his designer clothes, Tommy Hilfiger’s Florida mansion sure is a showstopper. Well, if you’re a world-class fashion designer like Tommy, then it’s probably not that hard to own an outstanding home and still have plenty of money left to pay for your credit card bills. His Golden Beach property comes in at 14, 079 square feet and costs about $27.5 million.

It’s complete with seven bedrooms, eight baths, and awesome entertainment rooms. But if you think that’s already impressive, just wait till you see Hilfiger’s incredible Mickey Mouse statue! Tommy Hilfiger’s mansion is made by a famous designer, using glamorous pop art and modern facilities, anyone will like it. The artwork in the home is also very valuable. It can be seen that he has put a lot of effort into the decoration of this home.

Troy Aikman—$5,400,000, Dallas

Troy Aikman is an American football player with an estimated net worth of about $50 million. People named him “Walter Payton NFL Man,” and he was also the “Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXVII.” Now, he’s a retired quarterback; he decided to enter the media industry by becoming a sportscaster. Outside of sports, Troy also busies himself with various investments. One of those purchases is this $5,400,000 home, which he sold in 2015.

We’re not sure why he decided to do such a thing, given how stunning the home is. Anyway, the house is a french-styled mansion, which stands on 10,662 square feet of land. It has five bedrooms, five bathrooms (with an additional four half baths), a wine cellar, game room, theater room, pool, outdoor kitchen. It truly is marvelous and has everything anyone can possibly want. Whoever gets to call this property home next is guaranteed to have a decent return on investment.

Angelina Jolie: $24. 5 million, Los Feliz

Angelina Jolie has undoubtedly made a name for herself by being an actress, film director, writer, influential advocate, and the most beautiful woman on the planet. Given her excellent reputation, it’s not surprising that her credit score shot up. Today, the Tom Raider actress is estimated to have a net worth of around $120 million. That’s not all. In 2017- 2018, she earned over $28 million from salary and endorsement alone.

That’s why recently, Angelina Jolie, the second-highest-paid actress, bought a fabulous mansion located in Laughlin Park in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The six-bedroom and ten-bathroom estate once belonged to Cecil B. DeMille, a classic filmmaker. Inside the house, you’ll find a fantastic modern style kitchen and a luxurious pool. Indeed, her home is surrounded by high-end security cameras that would keep her and her six children safe throughout the day. We’re also quite sure that this won’t be the last of her luxurious real estate purchases.

Rihanna: $22 Million, Barbados

The next name we have on this list does not need any introduction. Rihanna has rightfully earned her place in Hollywood’s icon circle as the wealthiest female musician and beauty mogul. The singer’s bad-to-the-bone personality, alluring looks, and trendy songs cemented her A-list status in the entertainment industry. Her roles in films also guaranteed paychecks by the millions. That means Rihanna can afford to live anywhere she wants with her net worth of over $600 million.

It is not surprising that she bought herself a $22 million Caribbean mansion on Barbados’s island. Fully equipped with the fanciest home security systems, the enormous house also includes a fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea, private docks, a gym, and a spa! It sure is fitting for someone who shines as brightly as a diamond! We could all assume that a superstar like Rihanna can now live away from the prying eyes of the Hollywood paparazzi.

Chris Hemsworth: $15 Million, Byron Bay

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor and one of Hollywood’s highest-paid professional artists today. He surely deserves it after breaking into the limelight as the Norse god Thor He also became popular in the Star Trek franchise, The Avengers, and Men in Black: International. He is known for his hard work and to be a great family man who gives all the best for his family. He previously bought an $8 million property, and due to renovations, the estimated amount of Hemsworth’s home is now $20 million.

The property sits on Byron Bay, overlooking Seven Mile Beach. It is safe to say he will not have any problems with mortgages or loans, given his $120 million net worth. Chris is still very young and has his whole career in front of him. We’re sure his wealth is only going to get bigger in the coming years. Who knows, maybe he’ll buy more properties that we can feature here.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake: $20.2 Million, New York

Another one of Hollywood’s wealthiest power couple is Jessica Biel and her husband, Justin Timberlake. The supermodel and her singer hubby now live in New York City, with big-shot celebrity neighbors like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Aside from their insane talent, good looks, and money management skills, they also own their first-ever penthouse in the Big Apple, which cost them $6.568 million then sold for $6.35 million. Today, however, their penthouse is worth $20.2 million.

The property measures 3,375 square feet in Tribeca and has a state-of-the-art home security system and an indoor pool, along with every amenity any superstar would need. Clearly, Jessica and Justin know how to handle their finances responsibly. With the couple’s combined net worth of $250 million, we’re pretty sure they won’t have any financial problems now or soon. Even if the pair decides to retire right now, they’ll have enough to live a comfortable life for the rest of their days.


Retired football player Michael Strahan got blessed in so many ways. Aside from being an exceptional athlete, he turned out to be good at TV hosting too. The former athlete now co-hosts ABC’s Good Morning America and serves as a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday. Thanks to his various projects, Michael now has an estimated net worth of $65 million and an annual salary of $17 million. However, let’s talk about where he used to live. Strahan purchased this New York property for $1,665,000 in 2008.

The athlete’s home sits in Tribeca Space in lower Manhattan. The 1,911 square-foot condo unit has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and we think it’s a good investment. In 2014, he sold the property for $2.3 million. However, in 2003 when he married Nicole Mitchell Murphy, he brought another home for $16 million with over nine bedroom suites and fourteen bathrooms. Indeed, he is now living a luxurious life after creating a legacy in the industry.

John Travolta: $12 Million, Florida

You may think that you’ve seen the last of John Travolta, or you’re probably wondering how he’s holding up lately. Well, we’d say he’s doing more than perfectly fine tucked away in his $12 million Florida property. Throughout the years, his acting prowess allowed his credit score to shoot up, along with his already glamorous lifestyle. You won’t believe that Travolta’s mansion comes with its own private airport—yes, with airplane hangars and a runway!

Not only that, but it also has a golf course and multiple pools! Well, he can attain all of that with his $250 million net worth. Travolta could buy anything he would like and enjoy a life of pure luxury. Clearly, John no longer needs the Hollywood spotlight to live a lavish life. He’s already established an excellent financial portfolio and has enough fortune to last him a lifetime. We wonder what it would be like to be as rich as John Travolta.

George & Amal Clooney: $20 Million, London

Nobody would ever doubt the Clooney’s wealth — especially knowing that George and Amal are both experts in their fields. With George being an A-list Hollywood actor and Amal being an accomplished international lawyer, it is not surprising that the couple’s combined net worth can afford several properties in England, United States, Italy, and many more. However, out of all the properties listed under the couple’s name, the most impressive has to be their $20 million Berkshire mansion.

They purchased the property back in 2014 and had just recently moved in. Today, the property is probably worth more thanks to the added features such as a fancy home theater, a pool house, an enclosed tennis court, an outdoor playground, and nanny’s quarters. With all these amenities, the Clooney residence requires an efficient home security system. Still, we’re pretty sure the couple can handle something as expensive as that to guarantee the safety of their twins.

Courtney Cox: $33 Million, Malibu

Following the premiere of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Courtney Cox instantly became one of Hollywood’s famous actresses, and you’ll probably know her role as Monica Geller. Despite already having a staggering net worth of $120 Million, Jennifer still makes $20 million every year from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, making her the highest-paid actresses industry. Having that vast amount of wealth, she must have a financial advisor to help her manage her expenses.

Among those expenses is this real estate property in Malibu that the actress bought for $33 million. The property has both an indoor and outdoor kitchen, a dining table, a pool, lounge chairs, and of course, a great view. A property this expensive may also come with costly maintenance. However, it may not be a problem with Cox, given the net worth that she has. It will be easier for her to enjoy her luxuries every day.


Al Pacino is an American filmmaker, producer, director, and actor who has been in the acting industry for more than five decades. He also received numerous awards from Primetime Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, and Academy Awards. Some of his notable movies are Me, Natalie, The Panic in Needle Park, Angels In America, and The Devil’s Advocate. Due to his exceptional skills, his net worth reached an estimated $165 million.

One of his significant investments was his Montecito home in California, known as the Scarface home. The estate was where the movie was filmed, hence the nickname. Unfortunately, the house is currently on sale for $34 million, and he also rented his expensive properties in Palisades, New York City. It is kind of noticeable that the great Al Pacino is more of a renting type. We sincerely hope that he is now considering investing his money in something worth having since he is not getting anymore younger.

Naomi Campbell: Estimated $390 Million, Turkey

Naomi Campbell started her career at a very young age and quickly became one of the most successful supermodels and stunning media personalities. Her popularity peaked way back in the 1980s and 1990s. With her career spanning for more or less four decades, it’s not surprising that she now has a net worth of $60 million. Currently, she is dating Vladislav Doronin, a Russian billionaire businessman. Doronin gave a massive $390 million property as a gift to Campbell.

The splendid house’s design is the Egyptian Eye of Horus and was handled by Spanish Architect Luis de Garrido, specializing in sustainable living. The mansion is located in Turkey and serves as her vacation home. It has all the luxurious things inside and outside of the house. To ensure Naomi’s absolute safety and her family and the entire property, they opted to have several home security cameras installed all over the magnificent estate.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z: $45 Million, Los Angeles

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not only topping the charts; when it comes to being a powerful and successful couple, the two are also high up on the list. With a combined net worth of around $1.6 billion, we can safely assume that their credit cards are pretty infinite. It’s no wonder that, with that kind of money, the couple was able to purchase a $45 million home in Los Angeles with fourteen bedrooms, a bowling alley, and a tennis court!

There is no doubt, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their family is living a luxurious life within their city. The property also includes a citrus orchard and fabulous swimming pools. The couple both created a legacy in the industry. Beyonce alone ranked 41 in the list of Wealthiest Self-made Women. It must be amazing to own such a large property and not, at all, worry about home mortgage rates! It must be tough finding a gift for such a wealthy couple.

Eva Mendes: $1.27 Million, California

Actress, model, businesswoman, and timeless beauty, Eva Mendes, once lived with her former boyfriend, George Gargurevich, in a 1,732 square-foot mansion in California. The couple split after eight years of being in a relationship, and Eva moved and sold their property for $1.27 Million. In 2002, the couple bought the property for $584,000— that’s quite a hefty amount of investment money, to be honest.

For three bedrooms, two baths, and all its other amenities, Eva has made a fortune out of it by selling the home for double the price. Well, what could we say? Perseverance and wise financing management could result in something profitable! Currently, Mendes is worth $20 million and has outbid an $8 million property in Pasadena, California. The house has a six-bedrooms and bathrooms, a wine cellar, and a gym. The actress currently resides in the property with her partner Ryan Gosling and their two children.

Joe Jonas: $3.7 million, Sherman Oaks

Joe Jonas, 31 years old, and his brothers have been making some brilliant financial moves today. Each of them has made quite a fortune for themselves since they kicked off their careers, and Joe is spending his investment money right. The singer, songwriter, and actor have an estimated net worth of $40 million now owns a two-story house worth $3.7 million that stands at 5,600 square-feet and features a pool and a private theater.

The house also sports an open-concept kitchen that is perfect for home entertainment and dining. Recently, Joe reportedly spent $14.1 million on a new mansion in Encino, California. I guess when you’re a part of one of the world’s most famous boybands, you don’t have to worry about affording a property like this. He could buy something much greater than that and live away from mortgage and loan sharks with that dedication. If Joe’s house is already this nice, imagine Nick and Kevin’s.

Chris Evans: $3.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

After donning the Captain America suit and becoming the First Avenger, Chris Evans had finally made quite a fortune for himself compared to when his career started. His estimated net worth is around $80 million, with $15 million paychecks per film. Thus Captain America can purchase $3.5 million with a 4,599 square-foot home near Hollywood Hills in Laurel Canyon without batting an eye.

With his enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, Chris can get a good view of the outside world while chilling with his dog, Dodger. The famous actor also loves to cook, so he likes to keep his open-concept kitchen up to date. With that amount of money, Chris can probably acquire more properties around Hollywood Hills or wherever the actor wants. We’d like to think that his home security system is something straight from the Marvel technologies featured in his films. A Hollywood actor like Chris can surely afford everything he needs to protect his own home.

Jessica Alba: $9.95 Million, Beverly Hills

Sought after actress turned successful entrepreneur, Jessica Alba is the whole package. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but she is also smart and savvy. Thanks to her business mindset, Jessica was able to make wise investments in the past. Most people would go dizzy from her net worth of $350 million, but Jessica spent it wisely on a $9.95 million property in Beverly Hills. Its facilities include seven bedrooms, eight baths, and a guest cottage.

Her beautiful mansion’s decor boasts a traditional charming, and sophisticated East Coast-style. Jessica has also shown off her lovely home a couple of times already, but we still can’t help but be amazed by it every time. Clearly, with excellent management skills, perseverance, and talent, you are allowed to have every material thing that this world could offer. She is indeed living her luxurious life after working for a couple of decades in the industry.

Ryan Lewis: $8 Million, Seattle

You probably know record producer, music video director, and rapper Ryan Lewis thanks to his collaboration with Macklemore. However, besides being a talented musician and producer, he is also a skilled videographer, a photographer, and a graphic designer. Along with his many talents, you can be sure that his credit score is at the top of the charts as well. With a net worth of about $22 million, it makes sense that he purchase an extravagant house for himself.

With that said, what better place to live than in an $8 million home decorated with ornate gold-leafed ceilings, marble flooring, and surrounded by luxurious items inside and outside the house. His mansion also includes five bedrooms and a recording studio where he often creates music. Ryan Lewis has undoubtedly achieved a lot in his 32 years of existence. However, he still has a lifetime to gain more properties and other worthy fortunes.

Hayden Panettiere: $2.1 Million, Nashville

Hayden Panettiere may be a huge name in Hollywood, but the actress likes to stick to her roots and chose to live in Nashville, Tennessee. After working in the industry for years, it is not surprising that she purchased a $2.1 million property in her hometown. With its classic, rustic style and wooden cabin accents, the house should feel like home, even more so because of its high-end kitchen with all types of equipment and culinary accessory and a music room that holds all of Hayden’s guitars.

No one can blame Hayden for wanting to stay in the warm embrace of her hometown. Considering that she earns millions, there are more properties that she could buy within Los Angles. We’re also pretty sure that she’s living quite a comfortable life with her $13 million net worth. She can now sleep without worrying about any financial problems or debts to pay.

Kate Upton: $5.5 million, Benedict Canyon

Katherine Elizabeth Upton, also known as Kate Upton, is an American swimsuit model and actress who quickly made her way up the world’s most beautiful women list. She also got featured on the front pages of various magazines such as Sports Illustrated. However, this beauty also flaunts her incredible home in Benedict Canyon, which she shares with her fiancé, Justin Verlander.

Yes! she achieved all of that when she was just 28 years old. The incredible property reportedly cost $5.5 million and sits on 5500 square feet of land. The couple has also put a lot of their investment money on the fantastic master suite with double closets and baths, an open-style living space, and the high-end kitchen with state of the art accessories and appliances. With her talent, we know that she could be more successful than she already is. That’s why we are excited to know what kind of properties she would buy in the coming years.

Blake Shelton: $3 Million, Nashville

It’s safe to say that the name Blake Shelton is quite famous in the music industry, especially in the country genre. As a musician, Blake has appeared as a celebrity judge in The Voice, where he met his current partner, fellow judge, Gwen Stefani. Before that, he was married to another country star, Miranda Lambert. The couple’s split drove Blake to move on to other investments and sold his Nashville home for $3 million. The previous property was a 5-bedroom apartment with diverse decorations that crosses modern and traditional styles.

Now, with a $100 million net worth, Blake is living his glamorous life together with his fashion designer, American singer girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, in their Hawaiian style estate in Oklahoma. Considering how amazing he is on stage, he can still purchase different property investments around the United States. His recently purchased mansion was even nicknamed “Ten Points Ranch” in Texas. Indeed, after the long years in the industry, his hard works paid off.

Bob Barker: Amount Undisclosed, Los Angeles

Bob Barker is a 97-year-old American TV host and former fighter pilot who rose to prominence hosting the show The Price Is Right on CBS. During the peak years of his career, Bob spent his investment money purchasing this 1929 home with four bedrooms, a maid quarters, stucco surfaces that predominated the openings, low-pitched tile roofs, and interiors that extended to the outdoors through its French doors. Its features are the perfect representation of an “excellent, unaltered example” of the Spanish Colonial Revival style.

Barker applied for the house’s historic designation and, fortunately, got approval. The property sits in the foothills off Outpost Drive in the neighborhood of Outpost Estates. Despite the undisclosed amount, this one inevitably comes with a hefty price that Barker might have discussed with his financial staff. Although he is retired in the industry, his estimated net worth is approximately $70 million. After a long run in the industry, we all could say that he deserves all the luxury in the world.

Adele: $9.5 Million, Beverly Hills

British singer-songwriter Adele is widely known for her powerful vocals and jawdropping performances. Her net worth is probably much higher than any other artist based on her multiple Grammy awards, millions of albums sold, and her chart-topping songs. Based on these facts alone, we can undoubtedly conclude that her credit score increased in the past few years. Adele’s $9.5 Million home in Hidden Valley is one of the significant purchases she could have bought with her fortune.

The exclusive community in Beverly Hills guarantees excellent safety for her 6,500 square-foot property with four bedrooms, two baths, and two dining and living areas. Rest assured that Adele will never have any problems with her home finances and maintenance, even if she decides to retire. However, we hope that she will continue to bless us with her musical gift and continue to purchase more mansions in the many years to come.

Christina Aguilera: $13.5 Million, Los Angeles

Christina Aguilera is one of the celebrities that have a great sense of style. She is known for being a talented musician and entertainer with a net worth of $160 million. She came to Hollywood prominence when she won five Grammy awards. She is also an active philanthropist and helped raise over $148 million for the WFP. You will not be surprised to know that her home is as pristine as her kind heart. Aguilera’s 11,000-square foot home even got featured in a lot of magazines because of its great highlights.

The property has a walk-in closet the size of a big bedroom. She also has some rooms furnished in purples and pinks to give them a touch of femininity and luxurious furniture and equipment. Having a vast net worth, she must have an eye for profitable and wise investments to avoid any type of money trouble and continue living the luxurious life she has today.

Novak Djokovic: $15 Million, Miami

In the history of tennis, there’s rarely any player like Novak Djokovic. Frequently dubbed as one of the best tennis players of all time, Djokovic has earned more than a good reputation because his estimated net worth is $144 million. Furthermore, it is not surprising if he purchased a stunning Eighty-Seven Park complex worth $220 million. The tennis player is now living in Miami, enjoying his five-bedroom unit. His home also has a private garden, an enormous dining room and—you’ll never know—probably its own tennis court too.

We’re pretty sure that a hotshot sports icon like Novak Djokovic can afford all the amenities he needs and enjoying his luxurious life together with her wife, Jelena Ristic, and his children. Thus, Novak proves to everybody that playing tennis could be the key to achieving success as long as you put your heart into it and why he wakes up without worrying about any mortgages.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt: $6 Million, Brooklyn

The Blunt and Krasinski duo has recently graced our screens in the post-apocalyptic horror film, A Quiet Place, as Lee Abbott and Evelyn Abbott. In real life, the actors have been married to each other since 2010 and have two children. Before, Krasinski and Blunt sold their Hollywood home to Kendall Jenner for 6.5 million. Today, the couple and their family live in a townhouse right at the heart of bustling New York, in a neighborhood called Brooklyn’s Park Slope.

However, the pair also bought another property with six-bedroom suites spread across 3,990 square feet of living space. Reports also show that Blunt and Krasinski spent $300,000 of the investment money towards renovation, including their fancy home security system. Recently, they also bought an entire floor in Brooklyn for $11 million. If you wish to acquire the same properties, better manage your finances well because these purchases don’t come cheap.

Leonardo DiCaprio: $1.75 Million, Belize

Leonardo DiCaprio is, in many ways, one of the most brilliant actors of our time. After many nominations and years of waiting, the Titanic actor has finally won an Oscar and earned higher praise for his acting skills. The estimated net worth of the great Leonardo DiCaprio is $260 million as of his writing alone. With his success in the industry, it has ultimately allowed him to purchase a luxurious mansion and his very own island!

Besides being the most handsome actor, DiCaprio certainly knows how to choose wise investments like his 104-acre property in Belize. Initially, the previous owners sold it to him for a mere $1.75 million, but now the property is considered a possible eco-resort, pushing its current value up to $5 million. Considering that he is in the industry for decades, the number of his properties will always be worth it. We’re also sure that he has similar properties scattered around the world, ad we can’t wait to earn about them.

Bruce Willis: $9 Million, New York

Bruce Willis has earned a reputation as one of Hollywood’s best actors, known for his roles in Armageddon, Die Hard, The Sixth Sense and many more. You only have to look at his IMDB profile and his estimated net worth of $250 million to realize his success in his craft. Bruce is not only good at acting, though; he is also effective at money management; that includes his beautiful 8,400 square-feet Bedford home in New York on which he spent almost $9 million. In 2018, he sold the mansion for $13 million. That’s a pretty wise investment on his part!

Clearly, aside from that mansion, it is safe to assume that he has a number of expensive properties all over the world. We doubt that someone as awesome as Bruce Willis would ever regret buying a house as spectacular as his acting career. He definitely lives a luxurious life without worrying about mortgages.

Jennifer Lawrence: $8 million, Beverly Hills

The world has witnessed Jennifer Lawrence’s talent in acting when she portrayed Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. To her credit, she proved her acting prowess even more when she starred in Silver Linings Playbook and won an Academy Award for Best Actress. As one of this generation’s highest paid actresses, her estimated net worth of $160 million shot up along with her fame.

However, no one can blame the actress for spending her investment money on a 5,500-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion. The property used to be owned by Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres and flaunts a lush garden and five French-style bedrooms. Jen’s fabulous home is certainly different from the Everdeen residence! She also recently purchased a brand-new townhouse in West Village. With the amount of money she has earned and her talent, Jennifer could buy anything she fancies in this world.

Sheryl Crow: $6 million, Nashville

There’s just something about Tennessee and its country folks. One of its residents just happens to be famous singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow. The musician owns a whopping 50 acres of land, which contains her 10,264-square-foot mansion. As expected from a popular music icon such as herself, her home has its own music room and recording studio where she probably spends a lot of time writing and recording music.

Her property also includes a fancy guesthouse for her visitors, a swimming pool, a spa and, of course, a state-of-the-art security system that surrounds the property. Her $6 million investment in her property is definitely worth its insane price and we can be sure that Sheryl is still happy with her purchase. Since Sheryl has been in the industry for over three decades, she has created a legacy, and her beautiful home is proof of her success.

Nicole Kidman: $4.8 Million, Australia

Nicole Kidman is a brilliant actress, known for her performances in various films and TV shows. Her husband, Keith Urban, is a well-known icon in the music industry. Their combined net worth is more than enough to buy the couple properties all over the world. In Beverly Hills, they spent $4.7 million on a mansion with an enormous all-floor penthouse.

Additionally, the couple purchased another one in the Southern Highlands for $6.5 million. As if that is not enough, Nicole and Keith spent more of their investment money on a $4.8 million farmhouse in 2008. If there’s any duo out there who keeps their real estate portfolio up, it’s Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Their proficiency in handling their finances and investment are admirable. Clearly, this couple could provide the luxurious life for their family and live a worry-free life.

Drake: $7.7 Million, Hidden Hills

You could say that Drake started from the bottom and now he’s topping every music chart there is with his hits. As a rapper, singer, and songwriter, Drake has definitely climbed the ladder of success, far away from clutches of bankruptcy. With his impressive net worth, it is no surprise that the rap star can afford a piece of paradise in Hidden Hills.

The neighborhood is as fancy and glamorous as you would expect, with hotshot residents like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The property was originally listed for $27 million, but Drake must have used his amazing talent to score the place for only $7.7 million in cash and called it the “Yolo Estate”. The mansion has a 12,000-square-foot main house and 2,000-square-foot party house. It must be great to live in the place where Drake lived.

Patrick Dempsey: $14.5 Million, Malibu

Even after Patrick Dempsey left the long-running medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, he and his family definitely did not have to worry about financial problems like bankruptcy. In fact, the actor has a secure investment: his $14.5 million Malibu home. The five-acre property is surrounded by lush greenery and the interior is characterized by its chic rustic style. His wife’s sculptures provide a personal touch.

The Dempsey family also enjoys the great outdoors with their living space that includes a pool and an outdoor oven. In 2016, Dempsey and his wife bought another Malibu mansion for $6.4 million. Turns out that you don’t need to be a Grey’s Anatomy doctor to live lavishly. All you have to do is exert extra effort in doing what you love just like Patrick. Clearly, his great success at managing his finances allows him to live comfortably.

Jared Leto: $2 Million, Hollywood Hills

You might know Jared Leto for his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad, but the former rock-star-turned-actor’s net worth and investments are no joke. In Hollywood Hills, he bought a property worth about $2 million. As expected from the Thirty Seconds to Mars lead vocalist, the house has a fantastic entertainment room and a high-end private recording studio.

Of course, a Hollywood house would not be complete without a full bar, a pool and a tropic-style landscape. With Leto’s love for acting and the enormous amount that he earns every year, it is not surprising that he would choose to invest in more properties to boost his assets. In fact, Jared recently acquired to have a $5 million dollar home that reportedly has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. We doubt he’ll have any financial problems in the near future!

Seth Meyers: $7 Million, Greenwich Village

Seth Meyers is a familiar face for those who watch late night shows like Saturday Night Live. Now, Meyers has his own show Late Night with Seth Meyers to keep us entertained in the evenings. As a writer, host, and performer, Meyers is beloved for his comedic style and friendly banter with his guests. His estimated net worth is more or less $12 million so he can definitely afford a property amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Just a short walk away from Washington Square Park, his beautiful home in Greenwich Village has a view of the Empire State Building too. The two-story, 3,000-square-foot house is worth $7 million and has the kind of security that would keep him and his family safe and sound. We’re sure Seth knows this one is just one of his more valuable investments.

Mandy Moore: $2.5 Million, Pasadena

Every romance movie enthusiast knows Mandy Moore from A Walk to Remember. Her multiple talents include acting, voice acting, singing, and songwriting. Not only does she deserve high praise, but she’s also one of the sweetest, most humble actresses in Hollywood. Her modest $2.5 million home in Pasadena, California reflects her simple yet high-end status. When it comes to investments, this one is a good call given all its features, which include a fully furnished kitchen, fancy three bathrooms, a classy office, and a lush backyard with a pool.

Back in 2002, Moore purchased another mansion in Los Feliz for $1.7 million with 4,747 square feet of 4,747. The voice of Rapunzel in the Disney film, Tangled, probably wouldn’t mind being trapped in one of her wonderful estates. It’s enough to make any princess wish upon a star. And when we talk about princesses, there is no other actress as deserving of the title than Mandy Moore herself.

Keira Knightley: $6 Million, New York

Keira Knightley is often given credit for her incredible acting skills and her impressive filmography. On the red carpet, she flaunts her impeccable taste and style in clothing. After working in the industry for decades, her estimated net worth is at $80 million. It is no surprise the Keira turns out to have undeniably impressive tastes in real estate investments as well. With her fancy home in Tribeca that’s worth $6 million, you can be sure that she’s living lavishly!

Her fabulous bedrooms and patio are characterized by their sweet Bohemian style, making her home stand out for its epic beauty and elegance. And more importantly, the very high security system that installed inside and outside of her enormous house offers adequate protection and security for the famous actress. Most people can only dream of experiencing Keira Knightley’s luxurious, classy lifestyle.

Chloe Grace Moretz: $3.4 Million, Los Angeles

Chloe Grace Moretz may only be 22, but she already has a net worth that surpasses some actresses twice her age! With that, she doesn’t have to worry about bankruptcy if she keeps playing her cards right. After all, her estimated net worth is $12 million! That’s crazy. Right now, Moretz is settled in her $3.4 million Los Angeles mansion, which she purchased at the young age of 19. You’d think her property was a water resort with its amazing outdoor pool, impressive waterfalls and relaxing spa.

Inside the mansion, you’ll find that the 5,600-square-foot property contains five bedrooms and six baths, something most 22-year-olds can only dream of owning one day. Her glamorous home has been described as a “starter home”, which means Chloe could possibly buy more prestigious mansions all over the United States. We can’t imagine how extravagant her next home might be. Turns out, crazy talent and determination can lead you to success no matter how young or old you are.

Lady Gaga: $5.25 Million, Hollywood Hills

The sensational pop singer-songwriter and now actress has delivered phenomenal performances and showcased her incredible talent to the world. With her acting credit in the recent film, A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga won both a Grammy and an Oscar, adding more accomplishments to the decorated pop superstar. Just wait until you hear about her $5.25 million investment, sitting on 6,759 square feet of land that serves her glamorous lifestyle justice. The property is so lavish that aside from the seven bedrooms, it also has a staff apartment and two guesthouses!

The Laurel Canyon estate, which was formerly owned by iconic musician Frank Zappa, also includes an outdoor kitchen where the pop star can bask in the wonderful LA weather. With an estimated net worth of $350 million, it will be no surprise if Lady Gaga plans to buy more properties and investments in the future.

Sylvester Stallone: $10 Million, Beverly Hills

Sylvester Stallone is everyone’s favorite action film star. Having appeared in multiple blockbusters such as Rocky, The Expendables and Rambo, his $400 million net worth is more than impressive! With many actors citing him as an inspiration, it’s no wonder that the legacy he created could afford him a stunning Beverly Hills villa.

Estimated to be worth around $10 million, the property stretches at 16,000 square feet and houses the actor’s car collection, along with nine bedrooms that were designed to match the Italian-style theme of the estate. As an A-list celebrity, you can be sure that Sylvester keeps his home security system efficient. At 74 years old, the Italian Stallion proves he is unstoppable, continuing to achieve more dreams and making more investments so he can give his family the life they deserve. Thus, you could assume that he would not have any more problems like mortgage nor loans in the near future.

Harry Styles: $8.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Harry Styles, former member of the popular boyband One Direction and now solo artist, has recently turned to acting with his film credit for Dunkirk. One Direction’s international success allowed them to top charts and perform in enormous stadiums. Now that he’s gone solo, there’s no doubt that his incredible net worth of $80 million allowed him to purchase an investment like his $8.5 million home in Hollywood Hills.

The property includes a luxurious pool and relaxing hot tubs fit for any celebrity. As he continues on with his music and acting career—whether One Direction gets back together or not—it looks like Styles can handle whatever life throws at him pretty well. Clearly, his intelligent handling of his personal finances has opened many doors and possibilities, all at the young age of 26 years old. Consider us impressed!

Cameron Diaz: $4.25 million, Manhattan

As one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, there’s no doubt that Cameron Diaz can afford multiple million-dollar properties. In 2015, Cameron had famous interior designer, Kelly Wearstler, give her two-bedroom and two-bathroom home a makeover. The same designer also decorated Diaz’s apartment, earning it a feature in Elle Décor. All worthy investments since the retired actress had recently sold her Greenwich Village apartment for $4.25 million! Now, Cameron and husband Benji Madden are still living in style in Los Angeles.

Her current home is said to be worth over $2 million. Definitely a place fabulous enough to house a celebrity actress like her! The couple also recently welcomed their first child, so they must be glad to have the extra space. Moreover, did I already say that her estimated net worth is $144 million? If not, then there is it. Indeed, with the amount of money she has earned, she will not have any problems with mortgages.

Jessica Chastain: $8.8 Million, New York

Jessica Chastain is one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, and she proved that through her performances on the silver screen. Off-screen, and to her credit, the actress still exercises her influence by being a producer and also an advocate for women’s rights. In 2012, Time Magazine included her in the list of 100 Most Influential People in the World! With such success, Jessica is able to afford a real estate investment worth $5.1 million in Midtown, New York.

Her luxurious apartment stretches at 3,200 square feet and has nine bedrooms. And no, she did not settle for one mansion alone. In 2019, she also spent $8.8 million on a townhouse in New York with 6,600 square feet. She also bought a house located in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. Since the actress likes to read, she even made sure to include a fantastic library as well!

Taylor Swift: $17 Million, Rhode Island

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists in the music industry. Through her hard work and talent, she more than deserves her $360 million net worth, which also makes her one of the world’s highest paid celebrities. Aside from being a phenomenal composer and singer, she is also had good money management skills as she owns different real estate. One of her favorites is located in Rhode Island.

The $17 million property was purchased in 2013 and was said to be paid in cash! Of course, she could afford it! The house is 1,000 square feet and is considered to be the little beach house for when she needs an escape from her busy lifestyle and career. Now, Swift lives in a $30 million mansion that she bought in September 2015 in Los Angeles, California. She also owns several properties in New York and and Nashville.

Drew Scott: $2.3 Million, Los Angeles

People know Canadian actor, entrepreneur and realtor Drew Scott from his reality TV shows Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother. For someone who shows off his knowledge and expertise in real estate on national television, you can trust that he is making good money management decisions. Take his $2.3 million Los Angeles mansion with wife Linda Phan, for example. The beautiful property reflects the couple’s excellent taste in good housing. There’s no doubt that Drew also has a knack in handling renovations, so the two probably have nothing to be worried about.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a sneak peek of the inside of the home in one of Drew’s shows. Additionally, with his estimated net worth of $100 million, there is no surprise that the great Drew Scott would buy more possible mansion in the future without worrying about home loans. Clearly, it is not enough to have phenomenal talent in order to be successful. One must also be knowledgeable in handling their finances, just like Drew!

Lionel Richie: $11.4 Million, Beverly Hills

Lionel Richie has countless of fans and has made many famous hits that are now considered classics. Recently, he joined other artists Katy Perry and Luke Bryan as judges on the hit reality competition show American Idol. With his great success and estimated $200 million net worth, nobody would question his ability to purchase his 17,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills, where he has resided since 1991.

You can’t blame him for not wanting to call a moving company when his home already has four garages, ten baths, six bedrooms and a music studio! The fabulous home has a classic Italian style theme, is furnished with 18th century furniture, ornate ceilings, and a home security system to guard the inside and outside of the property. At 71 years old, Mr. Lionel has created a legacy in the music industry that will be remembered and followed by future generations.

Morgan Freeman: Amount undisclosed, Mississippi

Morgan Freeman has a voice that you’ll recognize anywhere. No one can deny that he is a legend and an icon of the film industry because of his roles in movies like The Bucket List, The Shawshank Redemption, Now You See Me and many more. The actor has an overwhelming net worth of about $200 million so it’s no surprise that he owns a 124-acre property in Mississippi.

Along with a gorgeous mansion, Freeman also dedicated some for his investment money on a bee sanctuary, showing his passion for beekeeping. The value of his mansion may be undisclosed, but with the amount of money he earned, it is safe to assume that it was in the millions. In addition, he absolutely bought more mansions all over the United States. Mr. Freeman could certainly afford to enjoy his life without worrying about any loans in the upcoming future.

Vanessa Hudgens: $2.7 Million, Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens debuted her acting and singing skills in Disney’s High School Musical as Gabriella Montez. Since then, she has delivered stunning performances in other films and Broadway shows. She may have played Mimi in the musical Rent, but the singer-actress does not even have to worry about home mortgage rates with her spectacular $2.7 million California home in Studio City.

Her six-bedroom mansion boasts of a Mediterranean style with Moroccan and Tuscan accents and a view of the LA cityscape. Vanessa’s property also comes with a saltwater pool and a barbeque area that takes advantage of the great outdoor living space. Sadly, she decided to put this home up for sale in February 2019 for $3.85 million. Aside from this mansion, Vanessa also paid $5 million for a house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles and owns a $1 million condo in Brooklyn.

Carson Palmer: $24 Million, Del Mar

Arizona Cardinals had athlete Carson Palmer as their quarterback until he retired in 2018. During his time in NFL, he has been affiliated with two other teams, namely, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders. Now, he’s certainly enjoying retirement, with bankruptcy far from his concerns. His 8,000-square-foot home in Del Mar houses a fancy kitchen, eight bathrooms, and six bedrooms.

With this kind of luxurious abode, he definitely has a high strict security system that would keep him and his family safe. After all, Carson spent an insane $24 million on his beloved sanctuary. He might not be winning matches in the NFL anymore, but he’s definitely winning at life with his wise money management and smart real estate investments. More importantly, with an $90 million net worth, he probably made more investments and bought establishments in different cities.

Stephen Curry: $31 Million Atherton, California

Any basketball fan would know NBA superstar Stephen Curry. The athlete has put his team, Golden State Warriors, back on the map with his insane skill and talent. As one of sports’ leading personalities, Curry can definitely afford any home he wants without worrying about home mortgage rates. Recently, he sold his home in Warsaw, North Carolina for $1.2 million. The mansion features a traditional European manor style with its high ceilings and decorations.

During playoffs season, the property has a movie theater that’s perfect for watching with the whole family. He’s definitely scoring all the points just for making such great real estate purchases such as his $3.2 million mansion in California and his latest $31 million three-story mansion, which sits on 1.2 acres and has a prestigious garage and separate guest house in Atherton, California. And surely in the future, Curry would probably buy more properties with his annual $43 million salary!

Bella Thorne: $2 Million, Los Angeles

Who says that the younger names in Hollywood can’t keep up with the real estate portfolios of the veterans? Well, Bella Thorne is definitely keeping up with other celebrities with her $2 million Sherman Oaks mansion in Los Angeles, California. The property is 4,500 square feet in total and has six bedrooms and six baths, fit for a Disney star like her.

Among its other amenities are a fancy wine room, a pool, and a spa. Her impressive house must have been a result of her great money management skills. Not a lot of young people her age can flaunt an impressive property like that! Take note that her net worth is estimated to be $12 million at the age of 23! Thorne also earns $65,000-$100,000 for a single Instagram post. Just imagine how proud her parents must be of her achievements.

Travis Barker: $2.8 Million, California

You might know American rock band Blink-182 from their hit songs “I Miss You”, “All the Small Things”, “What’s My Age Again” and “First Date”. For the band’s drummer, Travis Barker, his journey in the music industry has completely changed his life. His estimated net worth today is $50 million. Aside from being talented, he is also knowledgeable in handling his own money.

In fact, Travis spent his investment money on two properties in Calabasas, California. His $2.8 million house with five bedrooms and six bathrooms is the smaller one of the two. The property is 7,196 square feet and has every amenity from a fitness room and spa to a theater. Since this is Barker’s smaller house, we can’t help but think of the enormity of the other mansion! He is living a legendary life and could buy any house that he desires.

Rachael Ray: $4.69 Million, Southampton

You have probably gotten amazing recipes from celebrity chef, TV personality, and author Rachael Ray and her shows. Maybe you bought her cookbooks for cooking tips and secrets. Apparently, Ray is also good at managing her investment money. She recently sold her mansion in Southampton for $4.69 million. Despite the insane price, you’ll be satisfied once you hear that it includes three bedrooms, baths, and a pool.

Of course, a chef’s home would not be complete without two high-end kitchens, stacked with everything you might need to cook up some tasty treats. It’s no surprise that Rachael didn’t have any problems finding a buyer! Additionally, with a net worth of $100 million, it is no surprise that she also bought houses in other cities, such as an apartment in New York worth $1.2 million and a cabin in Lake Luzerne. Buying properties for investment is indeed a wise financial decision.

Bryce Dallas Howard: $2.9 Million, Hollywood

Just recently, Bryce starred alongside Chris Pratt in the Jurassic films reboot. She also showed off her acting prowess in an episode of Black Mirror. As the daughter of famous actor and director Ron Howard, her talent is definitely no surprise. In 2006, Bryce displayed her good taste in real estate properties when she and her husband, Seth Gabel, purchased a $2.92 million Mediterranean-style house.

A few years later, the couple sold it again for $2.35 million. With her successful career as an actress and director, she is living the prestigious life as she already created a legacy in the industry at the age of 39. With her amazing talent and $25 million net worth, Bryce will probably face more success in life and can purchase more houses without worrying about mortgage rates and rent payments. She certainly does not have to depend on the success of her father, as she has proven to everyone that she can make it on her own.

Minnie Driver: $2.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

As a Hollywood actress, Minnie Driver has earned more than enough to buy herself a fabulous home. She bought one in Hollywood Hills that even made Elle Décor notice. The cozy interior gives off a lived-in feel that’s impressive for such a massive house. Most people would find the gypsy style a bit too much, but Minnie has spent her investment money to make her home look the way she wants it to.

She was also recorded as owning a separate 3, 000-square-foot home which she purchased on 1998. The actress spends time searching for unique home pieces and vintage finds that can’t be found just anywhere. It takes a lot of effort to have an amazing home like Minnie’s! To her credit, regardless of the style of the house she would be living in, we could all assume that she will find a way to make it stylish and uniquely hers.

Ciara: Estimated $6.7 Million, Meydenbauer

Who would not know the multi-talented singer and dancer, Ciara? Her legacy in the industry has resulted in more than just hit songs and albums. She also happens to own a wonderful mansion on the beautiful Meydenbauer Bay in Bellevue. She, her husband Russell Wilson, and their cute children enjoy the 10,700-square-foot home with its private dock and spectacular view of Lake Washington.

The hefty price of $6.7 million is justified by the property’s luxuries, including fancy spiral staircases, chandeliers and grand entrance. Ciara’s family no doubt lives in their fantastic home in style! It’s a good thing that Ciara’s net worth is more than enough to cover the pricey homeowner’s insurance and also more than enough to live a worry-free life. Having accomplished all of this at the age of 35, it is safe to say that Ciara is living the sweet life.

Julianne Hough: $2 Million, Hollywood Hills

Julianne Hough is famous for her performances in musicals and Broadway shows. Due to her talent as a singer, actress and dancer, she no doubt has an exorbitant spending limit on her credit cards. Her $2 million Hollywood Hills home is enough to impress anyone with its 2,101 square feet of living space. With her $10 million net worth, Julianne and her husband, Brooks Laich, have nothing to worry about in terms of financial problems.

With that, if ever the couple decides to sell the current property, it won’t be long until they find another property worthy of their purchase. Clearly, their knowledge in terms of handling their financial account is on point. It is safe to assume that they could still manage to live a mortgage-free life for the next decades and possibly acquire more assets that they would like.

DJ Khaled: $10 Million, Beverly Hills

Usually, when you hear somebody shout “DJ Khaled” during a song, you’ll immediately know that it’s going to be a big hit. The DJ, record executive, and producer also has an eye for amazing real estate properties. DJ Khaled has purchased a number of homes all over the world, including his 10,681-square-foot Beverly Hills home. It has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and its own housekeeper’s quarters. If that’s not enough, it also includes a media room, a recording studio, outdoor kitchen, and a spa.

Next time you hear DJ Khaled on the radio, you’ll think of the crazy investment money he spends on his mansions. Regardless, it was all worth it. In 2018, the great DJ Khaled purchased another house in Miami for $25.9 million. The exciting part of this house is the fact that it is a waterfront home. It is no surprise that he would buy more houses in the future with the kind of success he has had throughout the years.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: $3.4 Million, Florida

It seems like Dwayne Johnson can do everything—sing, act, wrestle. If he has powers like his Moana character, Maui, then he’ll give other actors a run for their money. Every human being alive today would probably know him. With his $320 million net worth, it is not be a surprise that The Rock doesn’t only own wrestling and acting awards; he also owns a magnificent 13,000-square-foot mansion in Florida.

The property, which has seven bathrooms and six bedrooms, is worth $3.4 million! Dwayne has also spent a significant amount of his investment money on a pool, jacuzzi, a home theater and, of course, a gym. With beautiful gardens surrounding the property, Dwayne has purchased an amazing home worth admiring every day! The mansion also contains a powerful high security system that would keep his wife and young children safe even if he is not home.

Joaquin Phoenix: $1.39 Million, Los Angeles

Born as Joaquin Rafael Bottom, Joaquin Phoenix made his first screen debut as the youngest cast in the interstellar romp SpaceCamp (1986). Phoenix immediately won his first starring role in the drama Russkies in 1987. His voice is deep and husky, which makes him effective in playing mentally and emotionally troubled characters very well.

You’ll know when someone likes their property so much because they can’t help but buy even the house next door. In 2013, that’s what the award-winning actor did. The 2,511 square feet of land and its vintage style flair must have charmed him enough to pay $1.39 million worth of his investment money for it. It seems like the actor doesn’t only own numerous awards for his acting skills; he also owns a number of exceptional real estate pieces, including a mansion he bought with his sister. Joaquin may have been cast as The Joker, but his eye for a good property is certainly no joke!

Kylie Jenner: $3.3 Million, California

It looks like the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are always trending these days. They keep making a name for themselves no matter what they do. The youngest of the siblings, Kylie Jenner, is already worth billions because of her own line of cosmetics and skincare products. She started hosting along with her sister, Kendal, in the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards. In the same year, the young billionaire made her first acting debut for a promo show in Toronto, Canada.

At 23 years old, she probably has an excellent financial advisor behind her back. To start, she purchased a $3.3-million home, where she keeps her collection of expensive makeup products, shoes, purses, and designer clothes. The reality TV star does not even need to be a showbiz media personality because any more because she’s set for life with earnings from Kylie Cosmetics. If the 4,851 square feet of land can hold Kylie Jenner’s crazy riches, it’s probably a worthy investment!

Pharrell Williams: Estimated $11 Million, Miami

Pharrell was a member of his school band as a percussionist. Ever since high school and long before he found fame, he already devoted and dedicated his passion to music and beat production. The Happy singer did not just focus on music but also appeared in various movies like Pitch Perfect. To add, he also has a clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, which specializes in streetwear.

With his successful career and great money management skills, he was able to purchase a 9,080-square-foot home in Miami. The estate sports seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, a home theater, and a gym. At that rate, who wouldn’t be happy? His remarkable outdoor living space includes an outdoor kitchen, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a pool. The 9,080-square-foot property also contains a massive garage big enough to hold seven cars! Pharell originally bought it for $12 million and tried to sell it in 2013 for $16.8 million. Unfortunately, he didn’t find a buyer until he lowered the price to $11 million.

Hilary Duff: $6.2 Million, Los Angeles

Young people would recognize Hilary Duff as the star of Disney’s show, Lizzie McGuire. Since then, the former Disney star scored roles in various Hollywood films. She’s not only an actress and a singer; she’s also making investment money as a businesswoman and author. Her success as a teen idol helped her to establish her own business fashion lines like Femme for DKNY, Stuff by Hilary Duff, and Muse x Hilary Duff. Hilary also ventured out to children’s products.

Because of her talent and skill, she was able to purchase a 9,277-square-foot Los Angeles home, styled with a classic Mediterranean flair. The mansion is worth $6.2 million, and it contains five bedrooms, a gym, and six bathrooms. Hilary also makes sure that she and her family can get a hold of every amenity and accessory they could ever need. With an entrepreneurial mind and talent, the actress was able to achieve many things in life, including investments in properties and businesses.

Michael Phelps: $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

Michael Phelps is now a superstar athlete. His Olympic medals are a testimony to his agility and passion for his field. In 2001, he set a world record in the 200-meter butterfly swimming event and eventually became the youngest male swimmer to set a world record. At a very young age, he already showcased his talents to an international audience and worked his way to being the best in his field.

Now, Phelps lives in his $2.5-million Scottsdale home that stretches out at 6,000 square feet. The area is probably surrounded by a high-tech home security system to keep his property safe. This five-bedroom mansion also comes with a vast kitchen, fancy dining room, and six bathrooms. It also goes without saying that his estate includes a grand swimming pool for when he trains or just wants to take a dip. Whether the Olympic star plans to retire any time soon or not, this place would definitely be a nice place to settle.

Gigi Hadid: $4 Million, New York

Her good looks and runway strut put Gigi Hadid on the front pages of various fashion magazines and in the following lists of many. Her sister, Bella Hadid, is also turning heads whenever she walks into a room. Gigi’s career began when she was just two years old after being exposed to Paul Marciano. She already has modeling talents in her blood because her mother, Yolanda, is also one of the well-known supermodels at the time.

Today, she is one of the most sought-after beauties to represent big brands. To fit the supermodel image, Gigi deserves only the finest and classiest luxuries in life. That’s why she spent $4 million of her investment money on a two-bedroom New York apartment in NoHo. The property is 2,085 square feet wide and is styled with neutral colors as well as modern furniture. It turns out that she also has a great taste for worthy real estate pieces and not just the latest fashion trends!

Heidi Klum: $24 Million, L.A.

For a timeless beauty like former Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum, it only fits to reside in a home as elegant as her style and looks. She was one of the best supermodels of her time, and even today, her natural talent is in demand. One quirky but fascinating interest of hers is dressing up for Halloween. Every year, she hosts a party for the stars, and Heidi’s Halloween costume always ends up being out of the box.

In Los Angeles, Heidi owns a 12,300-square-foot property that flaunts a classic Italian style home with eight bedrooms. She ensures that her career earnings only go to worthy investments, and that includes keeping her kids happy. That’s why, aside from all the luxuries a supermodel could ever need, as a mom, Heidi Klum also made sure to include a children’s playground in her 8.5-acre property. Even supermodels can be supermoms and super-rich at the same time!

Robert Downey Jr.: $11.9 Million, East Hamptons

Robert Downey Jr. was one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming child actors who eventually got a bad rep for his rebellious streak. This even caused him to call his attorney a few times. Now well past that dark phase of his life, RDJ found his footing and ended up leading the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man. He has evolved into one of the most reputable actors in Hollywood, and there are many awesome credits attached to his name.

RDJ managed to stay in show business for decades. In real life, however, he’s pretty much like his character, Tony Stark, especially with his four-acre East Hampton estate. With seven bedrooms and four baths, a guesthouse with two bedrooms, a large pool, a tennis court, and a movie room where he invited friends and family to see Avengers: Endgame, RDJ certainly knows how to live like one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. Given his contributions to the entertainment industry, the Iron Man lead star afforded to buy himself a stunning estate and other businesses that maintain his good credit score.

Guy Fieri: Undisclosed, Santa Rosa, California

Guy Fieri is a beloved chef who opened his first food business at the age of 10. Like others, he only began washing dishes in a restaurant and has ever since dreamed of having one. In 1996, together with his partner, he opened his own restaurant after working as a manager of another establishment for years.

When he won the second season of The Next Food Network Star, Guy was then awarded a six-episode deal for his own cooking show. His career since became wonderful and has enabled him to travel around the world, manage his own business, and appear in many advertisements. Guy is also a producer and actor, popularly known for appearing in Drive-Ins and Dives, Diners, and Southern and Hungry. Due to his hard work, both in the restaurant and entertainment industry, he made lots of investments, including his home in Santa Rosa, California, where he lives with his partner. The cost of the house is undisclosed, but by the looks of it, it sure does cost millions.

Jay Leno – $13.5 Million, Rhode Island

Jay Leno started to work in a nightclub as a stand-up comedian. When he moved to Los Angeles, his job involved being the opening act for many entertainers like Tom Jones and Johnny Mathis. Eventually, the American TV personality and comedian hosted The Tonight Show on NBC from 1992 to 2009 and 2010 to 2014. After his first appearance in 1977 on The Tonight Show, he then became a regular on The Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. Show. On top of that, Jay has interviewed big media and political personalities, including Barack Obama.

With his successful career, it’s not surprising that the TV host decided to develop his investments further. He ended up purchasing a seaside estate in Rhode Island with a price tag of $13.5 million, where he lives with his partner. The place has a private beach, carriage cottage, six-car garage, infinity pool, and a crescent-shaped mansion. What more can you ask for?

Reese Witherspoon: $12.7 Million, L.A.

Did you know that Reese Witherspoon discovered show business at the young age of seven when she started modeling? Her early gigs paved her way into different television commercials, and by the age of 11, she won first place in Ten-State Talent Fair. Reese has starred in a number of films and received multiple awards for her inspiring performances. She was in demand for credit roles in big-shot films, but it was when she starred as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde that the star became a household name.

For a great actress like her, a million-dollar home is just within her reach. That’s why recently, Reese has bought a $12.7 million home in Los Angeles. The 10,000-square-foot home is a frequent feature in Reese’s Instagram posts. With three guest suites that each contains a master suite and private living room, it counts as one of her greatest investments. It also boasts a screening room fit for any Hollywood actress, its own gym, and an infinity pool. Now that’s how you live in style!

Sean Connery – Bahamas

Sean Connery is a Scottish actor and well-known for being the original James Bond. With him starring in the movie franchise, the production raked in cash. Despite people’s assumptions that the career will not last, Sean proved them wrong and ever since became one of the most prominent film actors in his generation. The acting veteran is now enjoying his retirement in a mansion in the Bahamas.

He has since been living the Bond lifestyle of lounging near beaches, playing golf, wearing expensive clothes, and driving a BMW – minus the stressful high-speed chases and gun-wielding! Despite being of Scottish descent, the 89-year-old star moved to the Caribbean country in the 1990s. His place is located in an exclusive gated community in Lyford Cay, about 90 miles from Great Abaco. With a $350 million net worth attached to his name, we’re adamant that Sean will have no problem paying home mortgage refinance rates.

Katy Perry: $4 Million, Los Angeles

Katy Perry is an American singer, TV singing competition judge, and songwriter. After being a member of her church and often singing gospel music, she developed the dream of being a professional singer. Lucky for her, she eventually made her wishes come true. Her catchy pop tunes are always chart-toppers, and that’s all due to her undeniable talent.

In fact, Katy’s song, California Girls, has earned her multiple awards. It’s nice to know that the singer-songwriter is really living up to the name as she resides in a Mediterranean villa on the coast of Los Angeles. As a frequent front-page feature, Katy likes to wear clothes that make people’s heads turn. Fittingly, Katy’s $4,000,000 home is big enough to keep all her eye-catching outfits as it includes an enormous closet the size of a room! The four-bedroom and four-bathroom house also features a fantastic pool that makes every California girl want to spend all their credit cards on a dream home like hers.

Drew Barrymore: $7.5 Million, California

At just seven years old, Drew Barrymore became the youngest person to host a TV show. She never finished high school, but this did not stop her from chasing her acting career. Drew appeared in many films, movies, and advertisements. With her stellar performances, some of her most prominent roles have garnered awards and became number one in many states.

The Charlie’s Angels actress is another famous Hollywood star with an incredible credit score, thanks to her extensive filmography. Her career is still going steady despite her decades of acting and being in the spotlight. This does not exempt her from the drama of real life, though. She’s gone through breakups and separations with musicians and actors, but it was her split with art consultant Will Kopelman that drove her to sell her $7.5 million home in California. A name like Drew Barrymore, however, can still definitely score another fabulous dream house whenever she wants to.

Britney Spears: $9 Million, California

The world has seen Britney Spears rise and fall in her career and personal life. Her controversies, music, and overall presence have made her an icon in the music and showbiz industry. In fact, her albums and songs made her one of the best singers in history, so much so that she has been dubbed the “Princess of Pop.” Britney did not only invest in herself but also built Th Britney Spears Foundation, which aids children in need and helps in enhancing their talent in music and entertainment.

While it’s debatable whether the Toxic singer has made wiser decisions or not, nobody can deny that her home investment is totally worth the jaw-dropping price of $9 million. Her 13,264 square-feet California mansion boasts its Italian villa flare, decorated with a beautiful garden and an elegant fountain. There’s no doubt that the pop icon can afford herself the luxuries of a fabulous life fit for her title!

Halle Berry: $8 Million, Malibu

When you’re one of the most wanted Hollywood actresses, chances are you’d capitalize on buying houses and living all over the world. On the contrary, this isn’t the case for the beautiful Halle Berry, who has lived in her home in Malibu for about 13 years. Who could blame her when the over 5,000 square feet property includes private beach access and a spa? Halle has found a piece of paradise in her house that consists of four bedrooms, five baths, and of course, a jacuzzi.

Berry started to work as a model after she became a teenage finalist in various national beauty competitions. In 1989, she began appearing on-screen and later on won several high merits from the highest award-giving bodies for her incredible acting. Today, Halle Berry remains to be one of the most iconic actresses of all time. Now that she has reached the pinnacle of triumph, there’s no doubt that a lot of her investments are dedicated to developing her private slice of heaven for some downtime!

Joe Pesci – $6.5 Million – Jersey Shore

Joe Pesci is an American actor who is popularly known for playing different roles. Before he pursued his acting career, however, he began working as a barber. He had numerous collaborations with amazing actors, including Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. Not to mention that the star also appeared in multiple blockbuster movies, including A Bronx Tale, Moonwalker, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Admittedly, it was when Joe portrayed a psychopathic gangster in Goodfellas that the public took notice of him to a greater degree.

In 1999, he retired but appeared in a few more films. He is also a musician who recorded three studio albums. According to our sources, Joe’s current net worth amounts to $50 million. With his vast wealth, we best believe that the actor is living the high life. Among his most high-valued purchases is his spectacular home in Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, the house was recently on sale for $6.5 million.

Josh Hutcherson: $2.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Before Josh Hutcherson’s role as Peeta Mellark in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games book series, he starred alongside Anna Sophia Robb in Bridge to Terabithia. He was also considered to play Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, but the role ultimately went to Andrew Garfield. Well, nobody was as inspired as Josh himself! With his age now, he has come so far and achieved so much.

His treehouse in Hollywood is worth $2.5 million and has two bedrooms, a movie room, and two baths. No doubt, a significant portion of his investment money went into making this home, which is fit enough for a famous actor to live in. Since Josh isn’t offering the place for sale, it must still be serving him quite well. The actor has a long way ahead of him, but he is already showing the entertainment world what he can do and how excellent his investments are.

Austin Lee “Chumlee” Russell: $1.85 Million, Las Vegas

Who would have thought that Chumlee from Pawn Stars would be living in a glamorous estate in fabulous Las Vegas? With his great money management skills, he’s able to take advantage of good investment purchases and still spend money on whatever he wants! For $1.85 million, Chumlee sold his five-bedroom Los Angeles mansion, along with its four-bedroom guesthouse. Currently, the TV personality runs a candy shop called Chumlee’s Candy on the Blvd., and so far, the business is doing well.

If he gets a good financial advisor to help him handle his profits, there’s no doubt that he’s going to keep investing in the right stuff! Chumlee is an American businessman and already a known media personality. Along with his fame is his good net worth because of his many investments. Due to Pawn Stars, his name has been known and until now remains to be in the business field.

Marshawn Lynch: $3.3 Million, Richmond

Marshawn Lynch is a known football player in history. He started playing at a young age and evolved today to one of the greatest. Lynch went to college at the University of California, Berkeley, and played for the college’s football team, California Golden Bears. His nickname in college was “Money.”

An NFL athlete like Marshawn Lynch won’t have to worry about home mortgage rates once he’s retired. He certainly doesn’t have to worry about finding the perfect place to settle down, especially when he already purchased a 7,000-square-foot mansion in 2012. The Richmond property is worth $3.3 million and is listed as one of the most expensive owned by an NFL athlete. Aside from the mansion’s five bedrooms and six baths, it also has an elevator and its own boat dock! In addition to this, Lynch also gets a view of the San Francisco bay! Who could blame him for wanting to retire early?

Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann: $11.5 Million, Malibu

Judd Apatow is best known for the comedy shows and films he wrote and produced, such as Funny or Die Presents, Freaks and Geeks, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, This is 40, and many more. He and his actress wife, Leslie Mann, bought a 1930’s mansion in Malibu. The property has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, perfect for the wealthy family.

Down the road, the couple decided to sell the Malibu mansion for $11.5 million, a significant drop from their original asking price of $12 million. With their combined net worth, we doubt they’ll have to worry about any serious financial problems like bankruptcy or financial debt. The life of their two daughters is comfortable because of their made investments and saving for their kids. They ensure that their children will be safe and ready for the future because they did not only invest in their career but also in properties and businesses outside showbiz.

Charlize Theron: $3.8 Million, California

Charlize Theron is an American and South African producer and actress. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world and a recipient of many awards like the Golden Globe Award and Academy Award. Because of the Snow White and the Huntsman star’s influence and service in the industry, she was named one of the 100 Most Influential People Across the World by Time magazine in 2016. Many adore Charlize for her beauty and natural talent for acting.

As we see it, the blonde beauty is also good at investment planning. The actress once owned a 1960’s mansion in California that stretches out at 4,116 square feet. It may not be the largest celebrity home, but it used to be owned by The Beatles member George Harrison! The glass-walled rooms provide a view of the pool and outdoor living space. In 2013, the three-bedroom and baths property was sold for $3.8 million, a bit lower from the original amount of $4.6 million, but we’re pretty sure that Charlize can still manage despite this.

Jonathan Scott: Estimated over $10 Million, Las Vegas

Aside from being a TV personality, producer, and illusionist, the other star of the Canadian reality show, Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott, is also a licensed contractor. This means that he knows what he’s doing whenever he renovates and develops his fantastic $10 million home in Las Vegas. After graduation, he enrolled at the University of Calgary, where he pursued a major in business management.

Even if he has so much interest in going into the screen and wanting to be in the entertainment business, he with his twin did not want to be starving artists. Since he shows off his expertise in real estate on TV, he can’t afford to leave his home unattended! His skill and knowledge about home transformation is not just something he learned from online classes. Once you see his mansion’s pool house, outdoor theater, sports center, and guesthouse, you’ll never doubt this Property brother again! He is now engaged with his girlfriend, Zoey Deschanel.

Scarlett Johansson: Estimated $3.8 Million, Los Angeles

Scarlett Johansson is an American singer and actress. She is one of the world’s highest-paid actresses in 2018 and 2019— but that’s not all! ScarJo was also featured many times in Forbes Celebrity 100 and garnered many awards like BAFTA Awards and Tony Awards. Now popularly known as Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s The Avengers, Scarlett now basks in fame and fortune. With her superhero character, she’s guaranteed another blockbuster film for her origin story!

In the meantime, when the actress is not filming her action scenes, she can be found in her Los Angeles home worth $4 million. With its four bedrooms, high-tech kitchen, and six bathrooms, it shows that Scarlett has a knack for smart investment planning, especially with her spa-like pool. There’s no doubt that the actress can keep paying off her property with her acting success! Like the rest of the world, we sure are excited to see what else is in store for this beauty.

Matthew McConaughey: $4 Million, Austin

Famous actor and producer Matthew McConaughey is one versatile and dedicated actor. He gained popularity by his supporting performance in the comedy movie, Dazed and Confused in 1993. This film was his big break in the entertainment industry and started the slew of projects he would be manning. Over time, Matthew’s work and contribution to the industry paid off when he obtained many awards and nominations.

When he’s off work, the actor prefers to reside in his home state, Texas. Right by the beautiful Lake Austin, you’ll see Matthew’s 10,000-square-foot property and its Spanish style décor. The lakefront mansion has seven bedrooms and a private dock, fit for someone who can afford his high-tech home security system. There’s no doubt that the actor gets to enjoy the view of the lake every time he’s home, so it’s no surprise why the actor still chooses to stay here. The house was one of his most significant investments for being in showbiz.

Matt Damon: $16.645 Million, Brooklyn

When you’ve got a natural knack for acting like Matt Damon, chances are you don’t have to worry about the usual financial issues such as home mortgage rates. The Good Will Hunting star is a mammoth media personality in the entertainment industry due to his versatility. He is an American producer and screenwriter, on top of being an actor. In fact, Matt ranked in Forbes’ Most Bankable Stars and was declared one of the highest-grossing actors of this generation. Of course, it goes without saying that someone as talented as Matt has also garnered many awards and nominations, including two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Awards.

Fittingly, he lives in luxury that only a celebrity of his caliber can afford. This piece of real estate investment is one of the most expensive ones in New York City and contains everything an A-list celebrity could ever want. At 6,000 square feet, the property has six fantastic bedrooms, polished wooden floors, and a gym. While it’s true that the actor recently played an astronaut for The Martian and a former assassin on the run in the Bourne film series, but Damon will never have to run away from bankruptcy in real life.

Kimora Lee Simmons: Estimated $25 Million, Beverly Park

As a celebrated fashion model and designer, Kimora Lee Simmons would want to live in a fancy mansion with all her lavish accessories. She also works as an entrepreneur, author, fashion designer, and philanthropist. The icon was only 13 years old when she signed a modeling contract with Chanel with designer Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld was inspired by her beauty and give her the title, The Face of the 21st Century.

Since then, her name has gained attention in the fashion world. When she was featured as a judge in America’s Next Top Model back in 2003, she taught aspiring models how to look fierce and beautiful. Currently, she’s living every girl’s dream in a 20,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Park. Styled with a classy Mediterranean flair, the property is a great example of smart investment planning. There’s more to it besides its elegant bedrooms— it also has a tennis court, spa, and pool!

Tobey Maguire: Estimated $3.3 Million, West Hollywood

Peter Parker’s uncle Ben once said: “With great power; comes great responsibility.” As the first actor to portray Spider-man, Toby Maguire must have taken this beautiful quote to heart and applied it to his money management. Along with his vast net worth are his nominations for the Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild, and victories over 2 Saturn Awards. In 2012, he built his own production company called Material Pictures, which in the same year, co-produced Good People.

We may not often see him in recent times, but Toby is doing well in his West Hollywood mansion. The $3.3 million property features a contemporary design with its open floor plan. Its combination of glass and wood architectural style fills the 3,258-square-foot property. The estate also has an enormous saltwater swimming pool. He may not be your friendly neighborhood Spider-man anymore, but his mansion still stands out no matter where it is, thanks to his exceptional financial literacy, enabling him to make sound choices!

Chuck Liddell: Estimated $2.6 Million, Hidden Hills

Athlete Chuck Liddell is a famous UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and mixed martial artist. Even after he retired from his sport in 2010, his high net worth will be able to support him and his family for a long time. Liddell had 23 fights in the UFC and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. He had early success, and even if he is retired now, his name still remains to be one of the notable UFC players in history.

Now, he lives in Hollywood Hills, with big-time neighbors like the Kardashians and Justin Bieber. Estimated to be worth $2.6 million, Liddell’s mansion is 5,000 square feet and has a spa, office, and library, aside from the five bedrooms and baths. After all the physical injuries he endured during his fights, Chuck is now relaxing with his investment money away from all the stress. It is crucial to invest while you are still at the peak of your career because your future will be more comfortable.

Shaquille O’Neal: $21.9 Million, Florida

Shaquille O’Neal is undoubtedly a standout basketball player in the NBA. You may have heard his name many times in the basketball industry. When he was young, he is already pertinent to become one of the best basketball players in the world. His work, sacrifice, and efforts have paid off because today, he has become one of the best, thus retiring and pursuing a career still related to basketball, but this time, outside the court. Now he’s also a sports analyst on television, still making millions from his sports expertise.

The 7’1” tall retired athlete purchased an enormous mansion in Isleworth, North County, worth $4 million in 1993. Because of its extravagant 12 bedrooms, colossal basketball court, fantastic garage showroom, and an impressive 95-foot swimming pool, his 35,000-square-foot lakeside home was sold for $21.9 million! Who said professional athletes aren’t good with investment planning? Shaq continues to put other players to shame with his success and wise real estate choices.

Diane Kruger: Estimated $4.2 Million, New York

German-American actress and former model Diane Kruger is known for her roles in Troy, National Treasure, and Inglorious Basterds. A timeless beauty like hers is also combined with a talent for acting. Her movies showcase her savvy in acting as well as her capacity to handle challenging roles. This, in turn, garnered the attention of many international audiences. Aside from her ethereal beauty, Diane is known for her many breakthroughs in projects, including The Bridge and The Infiltrator. That’s why there was no surprise when she won Best Actress at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

With some of her investment money, she purchased a $4.2 million apartment in Tribeca, New York. Aside from its eco-friendly design, open floor concept, and two bedrooms, the NYC apartment is sure to have high-end home security systems. After all, Diane doesn’t have to worry at all about the price of maintaining such an expensive apartment.

Aaron Rodgers: Estimated $8 Million, Del Mar

Aaron Rodgers played his college football alongside the California team and set numerous career-passing records that helped him to get to where he is now. With his persistence, efforts, and dedication in playing, he became renowned for what he does best, and his breakthroughs were continuous. As the quarterback for the Green Day Packers, Aaron has scored more than enough points to let him afford two homes. His house in Wisconsin is where he cools down during football season.

In his hometown of Del Mar, San Diego, the athlete has a six-bedroom and four baths mansion. He spent more of his investment money on adding a basketball court, a pool, a Jacuzzi, a gym, and a sauna. Of course, an NFL player’s home isn’t complete without its own football court! Since professional athletes usually retire at a young age, the celebrated footballer doesn’t have to worry about being overworked or wasting his prime years. With his massive earnings, he surely is set for life!

Lucy Hale: $1.7 Million, Los Angeles

It takes a certain degree of natural talent and beauty to look as fabulous as Lucy Hale. The Pretty Little Liars star is not just a famous actress— to her credit, she’s also a great singer. Unknown to many, the celebrity stunner began as a singer and appeared on American Juniors, a search for band members, in 2003. With her natural gift for music and the arts, she scored a place in the group, but the band separated ways in 2005.

Then, she turned into acting and grew famous for her roles in a few films. She said that being a singer has been her ultimate dream and later on signed a record in Hollywood records, thus making her dream come true.

Outside of her Hollywood duties, Lucy can be found in her Los Angeles home. Her 3,618-square-foot mansion is designed in a Mediterranean style and is just as luxurious as any other Hollywood home. The master suite is kept warm by a fireplace, and the bathroom is complete with spa amenities to help Lucy relax. Outdoors, she has a fantastic salt water pool and a cabana, perfect for summer swimming.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen: $20 Million, California

Tom Brady might be the star of many Super Bowls, but he could not be anywhere now without his supportive wife, Gisele Bündchen. The famous NFL player and his supermodel wife are not only experts in their respective fields; it seems like the couple is also displaying their investment planning expertise. With Gisele alone becoming one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret modes, she sure can make plenty of investments. Her proud husband, on the other hand, is one of the best NFL players out there.

When the duo bought a $20 million mansion in California, their mission was to make it as grand as ever. With its 22,000 square feet of amazing architecture and lavish style, the deluxe home couldn’t help but stand out. Its eco-friendly design includes gray-water systems and solar panels, making it a favorite feature of many magazines. Of course, the two stars own more than one property, but they never worry about their financial security. With a multi-million net worth combined, who would dare?

Michael Jordan: $15 Million, Chicago

Whenever people talk about basketball legends, the first name that they would probably think of is Michael Jordan. The NBA star is popular all over the world, and aspiring athletes all look up to him. Take note that many call him the greatest basketball player of all time. In fact, Jordan’s impact is greater than his championships and awards. He started at a rookie league, took first steps and dunks, which eventually led him to become an icon. Since then, he became a true champion in the global NBA.

He’s so famous that even a certain number is attributed to him! Along with his countless fans, Jordan also has tons of money. His home security system alone must cost a fortune! In Chicago, his amazing mansion is worth $15 million and has a gym, his own man cave, and an indoor basketball court. You don’t need a finance degree to know that Michael Jordan still has billions to spare!

Kevin Durant: $12.05 Million, Malibu

Another basketball favorite is NBA’s Kevin Durant. No matter what team he plays for, Kevin always makes sure to secure a win. Ever since high school, many could see how talented he is and heavily in demand to play. He was the second-best player in his class and won several awards in college. Since then, his dreams of becoming one of the notable basketball players helped him to be recognizable in the industry.

Even though he’s now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, his heart belongs to Malibu, where his $12.05 million home awaits him every time he wants to kick back and relax. Kevin was so enamored by the fantastic ocean view that he spent his investment money on the oceanfront property. He didn’t mind that the house was originally built in 1976. With his money, he can definitely afford all the developments and renovations needed to make it a basketball star’s home sweet home!

Dick Van Dyke: $8.9 Million, Encino

At the age of 93, Dick Van Dyke has outlived many of his fellow celebrities. He first began on radio and Broadway and later on became a writer, comedian, dancer, singer. Overall, he had an award-winning career that lasted for seven decades. Just imagine being in the business for almost your whole life and spending it with so much joy by making an impact on the lives of many!

As a famous actor with a lifelong acting career, his net worth of $50 million is more than enough to purchase real estate properties. Dick owns an $8.9 million dollar mansion in Encino, which is a wise display of his investment planning. All his years in films and shows moved him to add a theater inside his house, as well as a gym to keep him healthy. When you step outside, you’ll be greeted by a lush green environment that gives the actor’s home a perfect touch of comfort.

Lauren Conrad: $5.2 Million, California

Ever since she was a child, Lauren Conrad dreamed of becoming a great fashion designer. She is not only adept in fashion but also in acting. As a matter of fact, the then-aspirant invested in building her own business by creating a fashion line, The Lauren Conrad Collection. Through ups and downs, she still pursued her first love and collaborated with many brands to grow her line. Having been a frontrunner in the market for so long, the fashion designer doesn’t only know about trending styles. The TV personality and author also have quite a lot to share about real estate as well.

As a creative, she has a keen eye for beautiful things, and that includes houses! When you step into Lauren’s Pacific Palisades mansion in California, you’ll immediately notice its classy Mediterranean design. The 5,900-square-foot property has five bedrooms and baths, as well as two terraces. She wanted to sell the house for $5.2 million, but she eventually agreed to give it for $4.99 million. You don’t need a finance degree to know that the estate is of great value!

Peyton Manning: Estimated $4.5 Million, Denver

It’s normal for professional athletes to retire at a young age. For former NFL player Peyton Manning, who retired at age 39, his 18 seasons as a quarterback were all worth it. He led the Colts and Broncos to two Super Bowls with the help of his team. Peyton is the only starting quarterback to have several appearances and winning Super Bowl with more than one franchise. Manning also holds many NFL records, which made him one of the greatest players in the NFL.

Because of his smart investment planning, he was able to secure a fantastic home for himself and his family. This property is 16,464 square feet and is worth a staggering price of $4.5 million! The Denver mansion is fit for any sports superstar, especially with amenities such as an entertainment room, a wine cellar, an enormous garage, and seven bedrooms. The house is so large that even Peyton’s dogs have rooms for themselves!

Kendall Jenner: $6.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Kendall Jenner is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. Even though she started off under the shadow of her Kardashian sisters, she and her sister, Kylie, are rising to be two of the most popular icons of today’s generation. Kendall made her own debut by becoming a fashion model and has been in-demand by many fashion brands, magazine, and international designers. She is also one of the highest-paid supermodels and is recognized as one of the top fashion influencers today.

Kendall also branched out to start her own clothing line, makeup, and accessories. We often see her strutting down the runway in her Victoria’s Secret costume, but when she’s home, she often enjoys her fantastic pool, gym, five bathrooms, and six bedrooms. Her 4,800-square-foot property is an astounding piece of real estate, and it doesn’t take a finance degree to know that the $6.5 million price is enough to make anyone’s jaw drop!

Selena Gomez: $4 million, Texas

Instead of choosing to live close to most celebrities in Hollywood, New York, or Los Angeles, Selena Gomez chose to live near her family in Texas. She was discovered by Disney and afterward became one of the renowned actress and singer. Selena is not only good with her acting and singing skills because she also ventured out in business, creating her own fashion line called Dream Out Loud. She also created her own fragrance, Selena Gomez by Selena Gomez.

Her 10,000-square-foot mansion in Fort Worth looks fantastic enough to be a resort, and she can fit eight cars into her enormous garage. Aside from its seven bathrooms and five bedrooms, the property also has other luxurious amenities, including two high-end kitchens, a saltwater pool, two kitchens, and a tennis court. The singer and actress is still pretty young, but her wise investment planning choices are enough to impress anyone with more experience!

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: $18 Million, Bahamas

Both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are icons in the music industry. Unlike most celebrity marriages that never last long, the couple has proven that their marriage and love are still strong. Tim alone is a natural on TV being an actor, singer, and record producer. He has achieved many awards and one of the best-selling artists of all time. Along with her wife, Faith, they are a great couple. Faith is one of the most successful country music singers of all time, and they have been in the industry for too long to have great investments in life.

They have been together since 1996, and only a few years later, in 2003, they bought a property in the Bahamas and built their home to be a grand mansion. After all their hard work and sacrifice, wise money management led to its completion in 2012. Now, the 18 million mansion stands out for its magnificence and extravagance, something that the country icons are no doubt proud of.

Ashton Kutcher& Mila Kunis: $10 Million, Beverly Hills

Ashton Kutcher’s rise to fame all started in That 70’s Show with his character named Michael Kelso. He and his castmates Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, Topher Grace, and Danny Masterson were all beloved young actors. Now, Kutcher and his wife-slash-former co-star, Kunis, are married with two children. The female lead star started acting at a young age, and today, she is one of the renowned actresses of all time. Her portrayal in many movies made her a great personality to impact the lives of many.

Together with her husband, they have invested in properties for their future. Their $10 million Beverly Hills home is a fantastic display of the couple’s wise investment planning, with three bedrooms for the duo and each of their kids. Since both of them are incredible actors, there’s no doubt that their combined net worth is more than enough to support their family and maintain their expensive home.

Barry Weiss: Estimated $1.8 Million, Beverly Hills

Barry Weiss is more popularly known for his appearance in Storage Wars. After starring in the show, people in America fell in love with him quickly due to his eccentric but charming personality. If you need a one-liner punch, then Barry is undoubtedly your man. His career is well-built, and he always looks for new techniques to catch the interest of audiences. The antique collector is a favorite character for those who watch the show, and his rise to fame earned him a net worth of $10 million.

As a collector, he knows that he must prioritize investment planning and taking care of his possessions. So when he bought a mansion in the exclusive neighborhood of Laughlin Park, the TV personality made sure to get his money’s worth. The house was built in Beverly Hills in 1928. Now, in one of its four bedrooms, Barry Weiss can be found relaxing in his home sweet home.

Bob Barker: Undisclosed, Los Angeles

During the mid-1950s, America tuned in to the game show Truth or Consequences. In the ‘70s, people started watching The Price Is Right, where the contestants would have to guess the cost of certain goods and products. The popular host of those shows, Bob Barker, made a fortune just from his charming smile and voice. He has an affable manner towards audiences, which easily caught their attention. Ever since, he has been a television staple all over the world. In fact, his investment money comes from his hosting stints that totaled into a stunning net worth of $70 million!

At the age of 95, the host is still doing well, enjoying his outstanding real estate properties. He still has the vibe and the skills of a renowned host that captures the heart of many. This includes his home in Los Angeles, California, where Bob likes his privacy. Because of that, he kept the price amount a secret.

Justin Bieber: $20 Million, Hollywood Hills

Superstar sensation Justin Bieber went from singing in the street to performing for hundreds of thousands of fans inside enormous stadiums. He began singing as a kid, and from there on out, the YouTube sensation started to capture the hearts of many fans. Justin might have been just a kid when he started, but his songs were on top of the Billboard, and his albums sold a million records.

It’s no surprise that the former teen sensation’s staggering net worth of $200 million can afford him to live in a fancy mansion in the exclusive Hollywood Hills. Despite his young age, he pays about $60,000 every month for rent, so there’s no doubt that he can purchase this $20 million house as well, all the while continuing to enjoy its architectural designs and glass walls. With his recent marriage to Hailey Baldwin, their combined net worth will surely let both of them accumulate grander real estate investments.

Petra Stunt: Estimated $200 Million, Holmby Hills

Petra Stunt is a remarkable model, socialite, and designer. To add to her long list of credentials, she also has a lavish lifestyle and is a promoter of healthy eating as well as a good fashion taste. Other than that, Petra is an ambassador of Meningitis Trust. Not everyone is as lucky as Petra Stunt because with all these titles and feats aside, she’s also a British heiress. Despite her high social status, the prominent figure always placed her feet firmly on the ground.

You don’t need a finance degree to tell that she also has heaps of money to spare. Recently, Petra displayed her extravagant mansion for a jaw-dropping $200 million. In 2011, she bought the estate for $85 million and was not contented with its already fancy amenities. Since then, she has paid for developments and renovations that added up to its staggering price now. Hopefully, despite its hefty price, Petra will soon find a buyer that will see it as a worthy investment.

Ron Howard: $27 Million, Connecticut

Ron Howards is an Academy Award-winning filmmaker and one of the famous directors today. He has produced many films that garnered awards. As known by many, the artist also contributed so much to many actors, co-producers, and in the industry as a whole.We all have Ron Howard to thank for our favorite films like Apollo 13, Cocoon, and A Beautiful Mind. Now that he’s also a producer, he continues to earn investment money to maintain his real estate properties.

One of his most significant possessions was a mansion in Connecticut worth $27 million. He, his wife, and his children loved their property so much. Howard even relayed in an interview that his family made unforgettable memories in their theater, observatory, and by the lake. Now that his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard is also a famous director and actress, no doubt that Ron is proud of his life decisions. He still has a long way to go and will surely be more successful.

Samuel L. Jackson: $13 Million, California

Like his MCU character, Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson is a powerful man in Hollywood. It seems like he is a part of every hit franchise—from Marvel’s Avengers, Jurassic Park to Kingsman: The Secret Service. Not to mention his long-running appearances in films since 1981, which includes his breakthrough movie Jungle Fever, followed by other successful ones such as Coach Carter and Snakes on a Plane.

Most of us can only dream of his shocking $220 million net worth. Aside from his massive income from shows and films, Samuel and his wife are good at investment plannings, owning several properties such as the ones they acquired in New York and California. Recently, he put his Manhattan apartment for sale at $13 million, despite its original $4.8 million price. His home now in Beverly Hills has a tennis court, poolside guesthouse, and swimming pool. No wonder he prefers this one!


Joanne Woodward is an American veteran actress who was considered one of the best artists of her generation. In fact, due to her tremendous acting skills, she starred in numerous popular movies, including A Kiss Before Dying and Count Three and Pray. She even won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.

When her husband, Paul Newman, ultimately passed on, he left her a Westport property, which costs $2.4 million. The estate is a charming colonial home in a 10.46-acre estate. It features five buildings, which include the main house, grist mill turned cotton mill, a carriage house, and lastly, two barn houses. But she decided to put it on the market in 2014 with an asking price of $7,499,000. Currently, Joanne is still active in the acting industry though she is accepting fewer projects now. She gives credit to her ever supporting fans for still wanting her to continue acting.

Melissa Gilbert & Timothy Busfield: Undisclosed, New York

“Great minds think alike,” is what they always say. For the talented actress and TV director, Melissa Gilberts, there’s no better match for her other than her fellow and equally brilliant actor and director, Timothy Busfield. Before moving into the hustle and bustle of New York City, the couple resided in their 2,500-square-foot home in Howell, Michigan. In 2015, the two called the moving company to transfer to Brighton.

Now, Melissa, Timothy, and their bulldog Josephine live in the Upper West Side apartment. Though it seems like a downgrade from their previous home, the couple decided that it is for the best since they are basically living in New York because of their work. They opted for a fully-furnished place to maintain a hassle-free environment during the transition. Their estate sale was a great idea to keep up with the demands of living in a busy and fast-paced city that is New York.

Maggie Smith: Undisclosed, West Sussex

Maggie Smith has been in the entertainment industry for a long time and has proven her spot at the top. She appeared in several award-winning films such as Nowhere To Go, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, and California Suite, where she also won numerous awards. Who could ever forget her iconic role as Professor McGonagall in one of the most successful film series, Harry Potter?

She reportedly lives in a beautiful little town of Pulborough in West Sussex. She has a picturesque 15th-century home located on a large plot of land in the English countryside that she and her late husband, Beverley Cross, bought in 1981. It is a five-bedroom farmhouse with three barns, a vineyard, a horse stable, and an orchard with apple trees, mulberries, pears, plums, and walnuts. The house’s price remains undisclosed, but without a doubt, it inevitably comes with a significant amount of home insurance.

Salma Hayek: Undisclosed, Hollywood Hills

Salma Hayek has owned a modest, mid-century bungalow in the Hollywood Hills for almost two decades. It is about 2,874 square feet located in Los Angeles and only about 15 minutes away from the Sunset Strip. Situated along a mountain with a gorgeous view of the city, this half-acre estate truly feels like living in the heavens.

The home has an elegant kitchen, complete with an eat-in dining area. It also boasts a cozy touch with its vaulted, white-washed wooden beams that add a rustic feel to its living space. It also comes with verdant surroundings with floor-to-ceiling windows that let people see the pool and the backyard from the living room. Like most of Hayek’s properties, this dreamy Hollywood home has been up for rent before. Though Hayek may be paying a significant amount of home insurance with this lavish style, this property is just too beautiful not to have.


Rick Harrison puts his 8,845-square-foot home on the market for a whopping $3.99 million. The Pawn Stars actor bought the house in an undisclosed amount in 2001. As his six children are now all grown-up, he needs a bigger one. As the house comes from a host of a pawn shop that buys and sells antique items, the 54-year-old star said buyers should expect there would be some odd stuff in there.

The house has 150 to 800 year old doors and windows. This is the perfect home for those who love antique pieces in their homes and appreciate history as part of their property. Like most homeowners are, Harrison had a vision in this house, so he had put in $600,000 towards renovation investments to keep the place more suitable to his style. For someone as famous as Harrison, his Red Rock Country Clubhouse will be a great success.

Pierce Brosnan: $2.95 Million, Los Angeles

Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, put in investments in a home in Santa Monica for $2.95 million. Though it may seem like a significant venture, they instantly fell in love with this property. The 2,319-square-foot Los Angeles home was initially built in the year 1941. It has three spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. One of the highlights of this house is its living area, which features a marble-accented fireplace, a bay window, and a separate casual entertaining area, and of course, the main dining space.

The couple will surely enjoy its kitchen with a complete set-up of stainless steel appliances, fantastic wood cabinetry, and granite countertops. This house also features a cozy breakfast area with direct access to the backyard where they can have meals together. Though this beautiful house was originally on the market for $3 million, Brosnan got it with a small discount and it is evidently worth it.

Alan Jackson: $28 Million, Tennessee

For a country singer-songwriter like Alan Jackson, there’s no better place to live in than Tennessee. When the opportunity came for him to buy a tract of land, he took advantage of it and built his mansion from scratch! Jackson knew that it was not going to be easy building his dream house. He took his time, starting from planning until it was time to make it. That is why his lakeside mansion took him almost two years to build!

The family lived there for a long time until the daughters moved out, and they had to sell their enormous property in 2010. At this point, the couple knew that the mansion was just too big for just the two of them, so they decided to sell it. Guess what? They sold it for a massive $28 million! We know it sounds like a fairytale, but that’s what excellent money management does to your life.

Laura Ingraham: $1 Million, Connecticut

When you’re an author, radio host, politician, and actress, you sometimes just get your own FOX news show. Laura Anne Ingraham has been gifted with such talents that she has her own show called The Ingraham Angle. Her show’s success led to more opportunities where she was able to branch out to more avenues where she could show her skills and talents. She co-founded a website called LifeZette with Peter Anthony, a known successful businessman. Her books, such as Power to the People and The Obama Diaries, have sold countless copies as well.

Like many successful people, Ingraham made many smart decisions regarding her income and finances. That is why there’s no question that she can afford a huge five-bedroom home in South Glastonbury worth $1 million where she lives with her partner. Her smart investment planning led her to purchase this 7,000-square-foot property with an outdoor pool and a lot whole lot more of lavish amenities.

Pat Sajak: $1.27 Million, Maryland

Former weatherman at KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, Pat Sajak, is now more popularly known as the game show host of Wheel of Fortune. The celebrity is known for his charismatic charms and pleasant personality. He has seen other people gain their wealth through his show, but he has his very own amount of investment money himself. Though he earned quite a lot in his previous jobs, his salary as a host jumpstarted his savings account.

His net worth of $65 million is even more compared to other celebrities that have been in the industry for a long time. With this own fortune, he and his family purchased a massive mansion in Severna Park. The property is worth $1.275 million and undoubtedly contains all the luxuries you could ever want. His wife of 29 years, Lesly, and their children, Maggie and Patrick Michael James, are enjoying every corner of their fantastic estate.

Chris Cuomo: $2.9 Million, South Hampton

Christopher Charles Cuomo, widely known as Chris Cuomo, is an American television journalist. He was famous for his gig as the presenter of a weeknight news analysis show on CNN, Cuomo Prime Time. While he has his political roots because of his brother and father, Cuomo made a name for himself on his own. Aside from his show, Cuomo is also in the news because of his lavish Hamptons home in the town of Southampton, New York, for $2.9 million.

Cuomo bought the house in 2005 for $1.3 million with the help of his wife, the PURIST magazine founder Christina Cuomo. With all the improvements they provided, it earned them $1.6 million, proving their house is truly an investment.Cuomo’s former home is about 3,000 square feet, a two-story house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also has a deep front porch that will give its new owner a look outside to the grassy front yard that leads to the stylish living spaces.

Scottie Pippen: $2.225 Million, Chicago

Scottie Pippen, the renowned basketball player, hailing from NBA’s Chicago Bulls, announced his retirement from the sport in 2004. One of his post-retirement investments is this lovely Chicago home, which he and his wife bought for $2.225 million. The 10,000-square-foot home boasts six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and plenty of other rooms, including a game room, a sauna, a home theatre, and of course, a custom-built indoor basketball court with Pippen’s Chicago Bulls jersey number painted on the floor.

The house features a luxurious set of decors with crystal chandeliers, luxurious rugs, and to top it all off, high tray ceilings that just give it that opulent feeling. There are French-inspired doors that open up to the backyard, where you will see a stone patio that leads to an infinity-edged pool with a waterslide. Pippen listed the mansion on the market in 2019, but there were no new reports if it has been purchased already.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos: $9.5 Million, New York City

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos used to live in a SoHo penthouse before they put it on the market. They bought their lavish home for $9.5 million and lived there for almost ten years. The house bragged 12-foot ceilings, a sizable kitchen, and a casual living room with doors leading to the outdoor terrace. It has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and over 6,700 square feet of living space. In addition, it has a 3,073-square-foot roof deck that features a fireplace, outdoor shower, and a hot tub.

The couple put it on sale for $24.5 million but sold it for a discounted price of $20 million. Even with the $4.5 million discount, they had no doubt that they had their investment return and more. In 2013, they moved to their new primary home — a stunning 7,796-square-foot mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Talk about an upgrade!


Tom Selleck is a renowned actor and a respected director as well. When his role as a private investigator named Thomas Magnum in a hit television series, Magnum P.I., launched his acting career, he started to appear in various shows and movies. His salary throughout his career made it possible for him to have his estimated net worth of $50 million. That is why when rumors passed that Selleck has his very own ranch, it was not hard to believe.

If you are an iconic actor who has been in the business for several decades, you can surely buy yourself a massive investment like this. Selleck purchased this property in 1988 for a staggering amount of $5 million. At the time, it was already huge money. So, if he will buy a 65-acre ranch this time, it will surely cost him more than $5 million – tens of millions may be!

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