Popular Women From The Past: Then Now

laKristin Davis – Age 54


One of the SATC girls who practice a good skincare regiment is Kristin Davis. She is currently 53 years old but she looks younger than most people her age. Kristin receives a lot of praises because of her beautiful and perfect looks. To help maintain youthful and healthy skin, she advises people to never forget to apply sunscreen.

Kristin recommends using a sunscreen with the right SPF content, and the minimum SPF that you should be applying on your face is 50 SPF. If you want to have a youthful face, then skin regimes will be your new investment, especially sunscreens since it’s the most important. Dermatologists recommend an SPF of at least 30, and doctors call this a “magic number.” SPF 30 can block about 97% of UVB rays, while SPF 50 can block about 98% of UVB rays.

Courtney Cox – Age 55

Courtney Cox has aged really beautifully, even if she finds those lines on her face a problem. Instead of attending online classes on how to tighten one’s skin, she chose to see a dermatologist to get fillers for her face.Unfortunately, the fillers made her look different, and a lot of her fans were not delighted with her new appearance.

In 2017, she decided to remove the fillers, revealing her authentic and still gorgeous self. Courtney surely now knows that fillers will never be a good investment.Earlier this year, Cox was fortunate to be the spokesperson of L’Oreal Paris Owning It campaign. This motivated her to practice preaching and learn how to accept the reality of getting older. ‘You need movement in your face,’ Cox explained. ‘I’ve had to learn to accept movement.’

Elizabeth Hurley – Age 54

At least this is what we have always thought. But some people ignore age. Elizabeth Hurley is 54 years old, but looking at her, you will never guess. There, she kept posting incredible pictures on Twitter and Instagram accounts. One of the many advices that Elizabeth Hurley gives her fans is to always take care of what’s inside you because it will always reflect on the outside.

She gives this credit to the lifestyle changes that she made, such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol, getting sufficient sleep, and exercising. She religiously does these things, which is why she still looks young and beautiful. Maybe Elizabeth’s fans would love to see her give online classes on how she keeps her skin glowing. She can recommend and give tips on what skincare products to invest in.

Kylie Minogue – Age 51

One of the most popular and prominent artists today is Kylie Minogue. She received numerous credits because of her versatility in acting. Her fans were amazed when she released her album Aphrodite, which is named after the goddess of beauty in Greek mythology. Kylie has always appeared younger than her age, and that’s because she regularly gets Botox, which she believes is a worthy investment.

She made no secret of having dabbled in botulinum toxin in the past-but the surgeon warned that the Australian star may have gone too far. Compared to her natural state when she was young, her cheeks were already too full. She eventually decided to stop getting Botox and chose to embrace her natural beauty. Instead, she adopted a healthy lifestyle to look young and her fans love her new natural look.

Nicole Kidman – Age 52

When Nicole Kidman appeared on The Graham Norton Show back in 2016, news on Twitter went viral that she had undergone surgical procedures to look younger than her real age. Dermatologists assumed that she had been using derma fillers on her chin and forehead. Nicole decided to come out and admit that she used to have Botox back then, but due to the limited movements that it gives her face, she chose to opt-out.

Now, she gives credit to her change to a healthy lifestyle, including taking medications and vitamins and doing exercises. Recently, Nicole looks radiant and happy, which may be because of the acquisition of a full-face neurotoxin that solves wrinkles. It seems that her face is full of Collagen.Her fans are happier that she decided to stop using Botox and switched to a healthier lifestyle instead.

Sandra Bullock – Age 55

Sandra Bullock may be 56 years old this year, but she seems to have discovered the source of youth. Now, top doctors are considering how this elderly actress seems to resist nature and manage to achieve such a suspiciously smooth, wrinkle-free complexion. According to Cate Blanchett of Ocean 8’s, Sandra Bullock has a unique skin aging treatment that even Vogue Australia is talking about it.

This treatment is known as Epidermal Growth Factor, which contains enzymes that are extracted from a newborn baby’s foreskin. This procedure is more popularly known as the Hollywood Epidermal Growth Factor Facial, which can cost $650, but it will take years before you get out of the waiting list, according to E-online. Sandra probably used some of her investment money on HEGFF. Not only does she get HEGFF but she uses night creams and fitness routines to help maintain her youthful look.

Christy Turlington – Age 50

Christy Turlington may have lines on her face, but she doesn’t seem to mind them. She doesn’t have to worry about those lines because she still looks as beautiful as before. One of the skincare routines that she gives credit to are the facial oils that she has been religiously applying on her face before going to bed.

Christy believes that the oils are giving her skin the nutrients that it needs to look younger. Based on her youthful-looking face, her facial oils will make an excellent investment because she looks younger than her age, which is 50 years old . She is an oil fiend. She has been using essential oils for years and years. She like those but can’t use them on her face so much. Then she use a Rodin or Vitamin E or almond oil. She said

Charlotte Ross – Age 51

Ross supplemented her meatless diet with flavored soy products and eats organic whole fruits and vegetables. This will automatically lower her cholesterol and reduce her saturated fat intake, thereby reducing the chance of developing diabetes and coronary artery disease, and increasing her chances of looking better.

One of the most attractive and beautiful actresses in Hollywood is Charlotte Ross. A lot of her fans are not only giving her credit because of her beauty but as well as her incredible talent. Unfortunately, she’s not getting a lot of projects lately compared to her work in the ‘90s and the 2000s. Nonetheless, her fans are still in awe of how Charlotte maintains her youthful look, especially that her skincare regime is said to be very confidential. So, whether she has a good skincare investment or not, her fans will surely never know.

Angelina Jolie – Age 44

Angelina Jolie is never afraid to play a challenging role on the screen and in her personal life. The actress is a 6-year-old mother and a special envoy to the United Nations. Up to this day, Angelina Jolie is getting credit because of her youthful look.

After her separation from husband Brad Pitt, she is now single, and surely, a lot of men are dreaming to date her. She’s been dubbed as one of the most beautiful women in the world today, and no one seems to disagree. This may also be the reason why she and Brad looked so good together and because of how youthful they look. Angelina can surely maintain her youthful glow no matter what age she is because of her skincare investment, which also includes some vitamins and supplements.

Jessica Lange – Age 70

Jessica Lange from King Kong and Tootsie is just one proof that anyone can gracefully age. She never had any surgical procedure to change her face and body because she’s happy with how she looks. Jessica’s career lasted for decades, but due to some problems that she encountered along the way, it affected her bank account. She also had to deal with a divorce where she spent a lot of her investment to get a reliable lawyer.

But after all those problems, Jessica still glimmered and even landed a role in American Horror Story and Feud. Lange is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), who specializes in researching the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo and preaching about the disease in Russia. Currently, she continues to shine in Hollywood and fans love her as she ages.

Katey Sagal – Age 65

American actress and singer-songwriter Katey Sagal appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. People often remember her as Peggy Bundy from the episode Married With Children. She is one of the most outstanding actresses of her time, and she even received three nominations from the Golden Globe and one nomination for an American Comedy Award.

Unfortunately, Katey also experienced a downfall when she used a lot of her investment money on unhealthy vices. Her struggles lasted for 15 years, but she managed to get back on her feet with the help of people who love her. Hopefully, Katey started doing investment planning on her own or with a financial expert’s help. This way, she can take care of her finances and all the assets she acquired from her hard work in Hollywood. We all know that staying afloat in the industry isn’t always guaranteed, so doing this can help her a lot in the future.

Lynda Carter – Age 67

Lynda Carter got blessed with a beautiful face and a brilliant mind. With those two traits working hand in hand, she was able to grab the prestigious Miss World United States title back in 1972. Carter then showcased her looks and wits in one of the world’s most significant beauty pageants, where Lynda finished as a semi-finalist. The Miss World competition opened all the doors of opportunity for this gorgeous lady, and within just a few years, she got invited to portray Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter also made an impact in the cosmetics world for her prominent cheekbones. Lynda also became an icon for managing the contour makeup properly. Thanks to that, she maintained her youthful glow. Also, the investments she made in her body throughout the years, such as proper diet, exercise, and stress management, are the primary keys for her ageless beauty. We could all learn a thing or two from the dedication of this glowing celeb to her looks. Staying healthy will maintain your youthfulness no matter what!

Salma Hayek – Age 54

Salma Hayek is in her 50’s but compared to other ladies her age; the foreign beauty still stands out. You might recognize her for her roles in famous 90’s movies such as Desperado, Wild Wild West, and Dogma. If you compare what she looked like while filming these films and her appearance today, you’ll see little to almost no changes at all. That’s the reason why many people are curious about her beauty secret.

Based on her routine and mindset, it looks like having a positive outlook, and high self-esteem is the key to looking and staying young. She also points out that undergoing plastic surgery is, to a certain degree, not necessary, and beauty is a manifestation of what we feel towards ourselves. That is why we should all embrace our bodies – flaws and all – so that we can flaunt the right stuff and feel confident in our skin. It is this that makes a woman attractive.

Lisa Bonet – Age 51

You may have known Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show, but you may also remember her for her ageless beauty. The 51-year-old star doesn’t look like her age as she uses active things at night to keep her cells from turning over. Bonet revealed that she uses face scrub a couple of times a week or a derma peel to clear her face from all the blemishes.

She also washes her face every morning to remove those dead cells. She will then use a couple of serums followed by some facial spritz to lock-in moisture. Bonet gives credits to her skincare routine for helping her keep her youthful glow. Building the right combination of skincare products that suit your own needs will surely help you revitalize your skin daily and stop it from aging. Take it from Bonet – she is the living product of a good skincare regimen. She doesn’t look like she hit 50 at all!

Linda Lusardi – Age 60

Linda Lusardi is an English actress and a former glamour model. She started her modeling career at the age of 18 and became the most voted “Page 3” model. The model also pursued her acting career and appeared in the drama TV show, The Bill and Emmerdale, and in different movies, including Consuming Passions and The Zero Imperative. As she aged, she decided to step away from the limelight.

However, on her 60th birthday, Linda surprised everyone when she wore her sparkling bikini, which she also wore in 1988. Her photos just prove that she can, to her credit, maintain her beautiful body no matter what age. We all know that this is no easy task. Maintaining your perfect figure throughout your life may be tricky because the body has a natural process to follow, but Lusardi is exceptional. Her good genes and dedication to her health are truly impressive.

Priscilla Presley – Age 74

You wouldn’t even believe that celebrity Priscilla Presley is already 74 years old! The wife of the late Elvis Presley sure has proven why the King of Rock and Roll couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Sadly, the timeless beauty once became a victim of a botched cosmetic procedure. She even had to contact a lawyer to send the cosmetic surgeon to jail.

Thankfully, it didn’t lead to a life-threatening result. Who knows what could have happened if the situation was a tad bit more serious. For sure, she might have tried to fix the plastic surgery that went wrong. With her money and inheritance from her late husband, she certainly has the means to do so. We hope that she feels pretty soon enough. However, just like any other woman, she is still fabulous with or without her alterations. We wonder how she is doing with Elvis’ riches now, though.

Christie Brinkley – Age 65

Christie Brinkley is an American model who looks nowhere near 66. She has youthful, glowing skin, which makes her fans wonder what skincare secrets she holds. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure; Christie surely knows how to use her investment money in some quality products and nutrition.

From what we have gathered, Christie only consumes organic food since she is a vegan. That may be one reason for her youthful glow. In one of her interviews, she also thanked her dogs for being the source of her pleasure and joy. Being around the right environment that stimulates your growth and happiness will always make you feel pretty. Couple that with a healthy diet, and you have yourself a perfect recipe for agelessness. She keeps aging at bay, and she continues to find pleasure in the little things. Her entire outlook has turned positive, too, because she has constant sources of happiness.

Kris Jenner – Age 63

Who doesn’t know Kris Jenner, the mother of the Jenner and Kardashian girls, right? She is one of the most popular TV personalities today. However, one of the things that people notice about her is that she looks younger than her age. She’s 63 years old, but her appearance could pass her as one of her daughters’ sister. Fortunately, everyone knows that she uses some of her Botox and plastic surgery investments, thanks to the paycheck she earns from their reality TV show.

It’s not surprising, though, since a lot of celebrities are doing the same thing. With their multiple endorsements, business engagements, and reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris and her family are guaranteed to be financially secure for a long time. Even as the TV series comes to an end soon, Kris and all her daughters are famous and very rich already. We’re sure they have enough dough to cover their cosmetic needs for the rest of their lives.

Jennifer Beals – Age 55

Jennifer Beals is an American actress who rose to prominence in the 1983 blockbuster film Flashdance. Thanks to that role, people nicknamed her the dancing queen during this time. Jennifer blossomed from an American teen model and actress to a role model that many ladies look up to. She always gives Flashdance credit because it was the movie that brought her to where she is now.

Jennifer is still acting and swears that she’s not spending much of her investments on a particular skincare regimen. However, some people don’t believe her as the actress doesn’t look a day near 55. Whatever she’s doing with her skin, be it an expensive skincare regimen or a healthy lifestyle, it seems to be working for her. We all hope, though, that she would share her experiences because it looks like a lot of people could learn from them. We’re sure we’re not the only ones interested to know the reasons behind her glowing skin.

Elizabeth Hurley – Age 55

After 19 years, Elizabeth Hurley still looks sexy, beautiful, and alluring. Fans came to know the actress after she played “The Devil” in the 2000 movie Bedazzled, opposite Brendan Fraser. Hurley is now 54-years-old but doesn’t look her age. It seems like she is not aging at all. What’s her secret, you may ask? Well, according to the actress, it’s skincare.

Hurley revealed she has one serum that she uses all the time. She also advised other women to look after their skin and health if they want to glow from the inside. They also have to watch their diet, lifestyle, get enough sleep, and be positive for a total beautiful-you package. Hurley knows that looking and feeling good is her investment in the entertainment world. It’s hard to do that because being famous usually attracts haters, but if you are confident in yourself and have high self-esteem, this shouldn’t be a problem even in the field of show business.

Nicole Eggert – Age 47

Nicole Eggert is one of the most beautiful ladies in the industry. She appeared on several television shows such as Who’s The Boss, Baywatch, and Charles In Charge. Nicole gives credit to these shows since they made her one of the most popular actresses during the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, her passion for acting has slowly diminished over the years as she is now more focused on her career in business.

Despite that, Nicole’s fans continue to be in awe of her because of her youthful appearance and contagious smile, thanks to her skincare regimen or healthy lifestyle. Whatever skin care products she has invested in, they indeed do wonders for her. Even though she quit Hollywood a long time ago, she still may have learned a thing or two of the tips and tricks when it came to beauty. Though she doesn’t perform anymore, she still has that beauty that we all admire. How nice it is that she preserved her youth, too.

Gwen Stefani – Age 49

With the many online classes about skincare routine today, it can be confusing to choose which one to follow. Fortunately, Gwen Stefani has a foolproof way to help you achieve the same ageless look that she has. So many celebrities in Hollywood even praise Gwen for always taking good care of her skin.

According to Gwen, one of the things that help her maintain youthful skin is using sufficient sunscreen. By doing so, she can help protect her skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. She also recommends cleaning your face at the end of the night, no matter how tired you feel. Letting your makeup sit on your face while you sleep can damage your skin’s health. Her look is so timeless that she can still compete with younger performers today. She doesn’t even look like she’s in her 50’s! Clearly, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to dodging the age train.

Debra Messing – Age 51

Debra Messing first caught everyone’s attention when she starred in the ’90s hit NYPD Blue TV series. She started her career young similar to most actors and actresses in Hollywood today. Since then, Debra has aged gracefully, and the actress credits this to her fitness and skincare regime. She recently posted an Instagram photo, and her fans were quick to comment since the actress was recognizable.

However, Debra assured everyone that she’s just getting a facial and is using every facial device available on the market. Whether she had a facelift or only using facial devices, her investment is paying off. Not everyone can understand this, but Debra has the right to choose what is right for herself and her looks. Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, lovers of the celebrity continue to adore her no matter what she does. The output of the procedures is impeccable.

Lucy Liu – Age 50

Lucy Liu, with her radiant and glowing skin, definitely looks younger than 50 years old. In fact, a lot of her fans are wondering if she is using any anti-aging products. In an E-online interview, Lucy revealed that the only thing she does to achieve a clear and wrinkle-free face is consuming water. According to her, for you to get that fresh and well-hydrated skin, you need to drink at least ten glasses of water a day.

Of course, Lucy also gave credit to her coconut oil and Avenue crème, which she applies religiously on her face at night before going to bed. Hydration helps her keep her youthfulness and her health intact. Because her skin and her body always have enough water, her glow shines through all the time, making her look younger than she is. If you want to achieve the same level of agelessness, then you better start hydrating.

Julia Roberts – Age 51

Stiles is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She has been in the entertainment business since the ‘90s and is known for the hit movies Save the Last Dance and cult favorite 10 Things I Hate About You. Now 39 years old, the actress seems not to age even a bit. Despite Hollywood’s beauty and glamour, Stiles remains simple. She is often seen out and about with little to no makeup. She likes to keep things natural and bravely goes out with messy hair.

However, she always maintains to look elegant and smart. Stiles manages to keep herself away from the spotlight despite her fame. She is now married with a child and still looks gorgeous, even if she hasn’t made any beauty investment in maintaining her youthful glow. We guess certain people just got blessed with good genes. Some people bend over backward just to look like that, while Julia effortlessly flaunts her features au natural and pulls it off.

Halle Berry – Age 53

Halle Berry may be in her 50s, but she sure doesn’t look like it. She credits her great skin to the quality of sleep that she has been getting every night. Halle also likes drinking more water while also protecting her skin against the rays of the sun. The actress even advises everyone to invest in a good sunscreen like her to ensure that they can protect their skin against the sun.

To ensure that she gives her skin time to breathe, she also uses light make up most of the time, especially when she’s not going to parties or filming movies. Piling up a ton of makeup on your face with definitely make it more prone to problems. The rubbing you have to do to take it off will also make aging come faster. Light and translucent makeup are best for daily life. Now that you know Halle’s holy grails to ageless skin, it’s time to apply them to your everyday life.

Elle Macpherson – Age 55

Elle Macpherson might be 56 years old, but she sure looks 34 to us. Despite being a famous Australian model and a successful businesswoman, she still has time to ensure that she’s getting all the care that her skin needs. She credits her beautiful skin and healthy body to the alkaline diet plan that she’s been following. Elle also recommends getting at least 8 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and consuming protein foods.

Whether she made a great deal of investment in skincare products or not, it sure pays off with how she looks today. A healthy lifestyle is something that already helps a lot. Given that she is strict about her diet, water consumption, and sleep, it is not surprising how she managed to look this beautiful. If we all take notes from Elle and do what she does, we might just get a shot at that glow too.

Julianne Moore – Age 58

It’s safe to say that Julianne Moore has gracefully aged since she appeared in Still Alice in 2014. At 57 years old, you may notice how her jawline has stretched, and her wrinkles are at a minimum. That could be why some of her fans suspect her of using her investment money on cosmetic surgery. However, since there is no proof, we can say that her youthful-looking skin results from the sunscreen she uses.

The sun can do more harm to the skin, so protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays will surely keep you looking young and healthy. Even if it’s a rainy day, or even if we stay indoors, there is still light all around, and the sun’s rays are something that will speed up aging no matter what. We should apply sunscreen every day just like Julianne Moore if we want to enter our sixties, still looking like her.

Debbie Rowe – Age 60

Debbie Rowe became one of the most famous Hollywood personalities back in the ‘90s after her relationship with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. They met at a dermatology office where Debbie was working, and Michael was getting his vitiligo treatments. In 1996, she got pregnant and decided to get married shortly after.

Although Debbie had two children with Michael Jackson, their marriage only lasted for three years. The pair eventually went their separate ways but maintained a close friendship with each other for the sake of their family. She might have learned quite a few tricks from that dermatology office, too, because she does not look like her age right now. As we all know, Jackson cared about his looks a lot, so just like him, she must have done a few things to preserve her beauty as well. If only she shared her secrets with the rest of us, then maybe we can look just as good as her.

Angela Bassett – Age 61

Many actresses who are getting older are struggling with their aging skin, but not Angela Bassett. The American actress recently starred in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film as Black Panther’s Queen Mother. Due to her outstanding performance and gorgeous looks, she received numerous credits for it.

According to sources, Angela religiously takes care of her skin by using skin care products and treating them as an investment. She and Dr. Barbara Sturm even released skin products that catered to dark-skinned women. These products made a significant impact on the beauty industry since they increased the options of darker-skinned ladies. It is indeed inspiring that she used her fame to create something very helpful in the cosmetic world and the black community in general. Having the proper skincare for darker-skinned women was a gap before, and now that she has addressed it, more and more of them can get the same glowing look as Angela.

Sharon Stone – Age 61

Sharon Stone looks so gorgeous that everyone thinks she is either using an expensive skincare regimen or may have undergone cosmetic surgeries. However, people don’t know that Sharon is a staunch user of moisturizers. According to her, moisturizing products are worth the investment.

As for her diet secrets, Sharon mentioned that she removed sodas, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol from her diet as these have different adverse effects on her skin. Instead, she started exercising and changed to a healthier meal plan to ensure that she will stay fit as she ages. Indeed, taking proper care of our bodies is something each of us should make an effort to do. Sharon was right in making it a habit ever since she was young. Now that she’s in the senior years of her life, she looks effortlessly glowing. No one will ever guess her age! Getting the unhealthy substances out of your system also works wonders for your health. Not only will you look and feel good, but you will probably live longer as well.

Sela Ward – Age 63

It’s not a secret that several celebrities start worrying about how their skin will look once they reach 60. Some of these celebrities even spend huge investment money on plastic surgeries to maintain their youthful glow. On the other hand, Sela Ward looks younger than her actual age without cosmetic surgeries.

However, besides doing cardio three times every week, there is not much information about her diet. One thing is for sure, though. Whatever she’s investing in for her skincare is genuinely working for her. Her exercise must also help her a lot. Aside from speeding up her metabolism, it’s also helping with keeping her skin glowy. Keeping fit must help her self-confidence a lot. Her healthy ways also put her body in optimum health even though she’s already seen some years. If we all do what she does, we might get a shot at that confidence in our sixties as well.

Kathleen Turner – Age 66

Kathleen Turner was one of the most prominent celebrities during her time and was known for having a loud voice. She was a big celebrity during the ‘80s and have received numerous credits because of her roles in Body Heat, Prizzi’s Honor, and Romancing The Stone. However, in the ‘90s, her career started to slow down because Kathleen had rheumatoid arthritis, which affected her overall health. She used most of her income on her treatment and was able to get back on her feet after eight years.

Kathleen recently made her second debut in New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, where her voice got featured by The Duchess of Krakenthorp in the opera La Fille Du Règiment. Though she had some health issues, she still managed to become productive as soon as she recovered. Even in her advanced years, she still gets to show off her talent to the world. Now, that’s the kind of woman we aspire to be!

Markie Post – Age 70

Markie Post’s career boomed during the ‘80s and ‘90s. She starred in different shows such as The Fall Guy, Night Court, and Heart Afire. The actress also recently received credits for her role in the Netflix series Santa Clarita and the movie A Wedding And Four Christmases. Markie is often seen not wearing too much makeup, and her fans notice how she maintains her gorgeous poreless skin. Markie might believe that having the right skincare products are a good investment.

Well, we couldn’t agree more, look at how young she looks! Not everyone got blessed with skin like hers. Her good genes have certainly come out, but she also makes it a point to look after herself. That just shows that her self-love is good. It contributes to her confidence, self-esteem, and inner glow too! Though she isn’t active in Hollywood anymore, she still has that superstar personality that everyone aspires.

Jacklyn Smith – Age 75

Hollywood actress Jacklyn Smith is not only known for her beautiful looks but her brilliant mind as well. Thanks to her ageless beauty, she has become a role model for both men and women.

As many of us know, most people want to reverse the effects of aging, so she made a significant investment in her skincare brand Jacklyn Smith Beauty. Like her acting career, her brand became an instant hit, especially for people who wanted to look young and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on their faces. She probably uses all of her skincare products because she looks younger than her actual age of 73. It’s nice that she decided to share this endeavor with the world. Her creations look good on her, but it has also helped many people attain that coveted youthfulness in their skin. Because of her wits, she was able to amass a fortune from her skincare line as well.

Dolly Parton – Age 73

Dolly Parton was one of the most popular country music singers during the ‘60s. Due to her outstanding performances, she became one of the most recognizable country musicians worldwide. Her beauty also helped during her career, but her age started to show up on her face when Dolly developed fine lines and wrinkles.

Using some of her investment money, she decided to have plastic surgery procedures in certain areas of her face. It seems like the right choice considering the favorable improvements in Dolly’s looks. She looks younger than her real age, which is 73 years old. Besides a superstar, Parton looked after her aging because of wanted to feel beautiful no matter how old she is. Now that she’s in her seventies, she doesn’t feel like others her age do because she managed to ward off the unwanted marks aging brings to your face. It’s a good thing she can afford her skincare.

Martha Stewart – Age 78

You may know Martha Stewart as one of the most popular culinary and TV personalities, but many of her fans also look up to her for her ageless grace. While everyone is growing older, Martha remains young-looking, making everyone curious about her beauty and skincare investments. Fortunately, she decided to share some advice on how everyone can start taking care of their skin while still young.

Martha likes to pack on some hydrating serums and creams as soon as she finishes washing her face in the morning. Putting on sunscreen to shield your face from the harmful rays is also a must in Martha’s book. It seems simple, but following this advice will surely help many of us maintain a youthful glow no matter what our age is. Just look at how her skin glows at 76 years old. Apart from that, her demeanor is also something that helps her look a lot younger. By always being pleasant, she is keeping those lines at bay.

Dame Judi Dench – Age 84

Next on the list is another British actress, Dame Judi Dench, famous for being strong and independent. Although she grew up poised yet shy, she is now a very confident woman living her best life at 83 years old. Her face may show fine lines, but she still looks younger than most people her age. She doesn’t even try to use makeup to cover those “imperfections” because she believes it is part of the beauty of aging.

Well, credits to her blue eyes and high cheekbones for making her look decades younger. If she decides to be playful and lie about her age, we’re pretty sure a lot of people will believe her. Since she doesn’t have many aging spots and wrinkles, anybody would accept her being a younger woman. Whatever she has been doing ever since she was a teenager is something we should all emulate so we could look as good as her when we get older.

Tippi Herden – Age 89

Tippi Herden is already 89 years old, but she sure doesn’t look like it. She was one of the most famous actresses during the ‘90s and received numerous credits after working in the 1963 film, The Birds. Several fans and critics also considered Tippi as one of the most beautiful faces in the industry because of her flawless and glowing skin. What’s even more fascinating is that the actress has managed to maintain that glow until her old age.

We may not know what investments she made in her skincare routine, but we can say that it works well for her. Tippi also seems to have passed on some of her skincare techniques to her granddaughter, Dakota Johnson. Just look at her right now. Dakota is beautiful and confident in her skin, just like her grandmother back in the day. When she gets older, she will surely maintain her beauty, just like how Tippi did over the years.

Tonya Harding – Age 48

If you don’t know, Tonya Harding is one of the most iconic figure skaters in the world. Her mainstream career started when she received a title on the Maiden National Skating back in 1991. Many people also recognize her for being the first woman in America to do a triple axel in a competition.

Unfortunately, her career ended when Nancy Kerrigan, her biggest ice-skating rival, was attacked in 1994. We are unsure what Tonya has been up to ever since the incident, but we can say she managed to look younger than her actual age. Whatever her skincare investment is, it’s great that it is working for her. Constant exposure to the ice might affect your skin a lot, so it’s good that Tonya had always been mindful of her skin. Because of this, she doesn’t look her age right now. Her athletic hobby has also made her fit and healthy throughout the years, contributing to her fit appearance.

Erin Murphy – Age 55

Erin Murphy is an American actress best known for her starring role as Tabitha Stephens in Bewitched. Her sister also appeared in the same production but left after the second season. When she worked on her starring role in Deadly Fighters, she also needed to hire a divorce attorney.

Currently, Erin is a writer for lifestyle and fashion, which suits her because of how beautiful she ages. She is now 55 years old, but she looks like she’s in her early 30s. Her skincare investments are clearly doing an excellent job at maintaining her youthful glow. She is now writing and not acting, so her skin isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals from makeup and harsh lighting on set. That means she only needs to think about her skin. Indeed, she also has some healthy diet tips up her sleeve to maintain her figure and overall wellness. Everything put together makes her look perfect.

Melissa Gilbert – Age 56

Melissa Gilbert started her career in the late ‘60s and received numerous credits for her work in the TV series Little House On The Prairie. She became famous because of her performance in this production and eventually started getting offers for more prominent roles and commercial modeling.

However, the actress went through a hard time coping with her vices right in the middle of her career. Fortunately, she was able to overcome her unhealthy habits and even wrote a book about it. Right now, Melissa is looking very healthy and gracefully young, even at her age. Whatever her investments in skincare products are, they are doing wonders for her. Though she had some rough times, her beauty still shines through. Her body eventually recovered, but she should double up on her health to live a long and healthy life. She can even return to Hollywood if she wants to. With her looks, we’re sure she’ll land several jobs.

Stacey Dash – Age 54

Stacey Dash may already be 51 years old, but her looks say that she’s only in her early 30s. That is why her fans were wondering what skincare products she invested in. Stacey is best known for her starring role as Dionne Davenport in Clueless. She received numerous credits for her performance in this production and rose to pop culture fame. As an actress, Stacey also welcomed offers from different films such as Renaissance, Moving, and Mo’ Money. Stacey also worked in Fox News as an on-air contributor.

Currently, she is more interested in politics than Hollywood. Whatever career she pursues, we’re sure Stacey will do great. Either way, being always in front of the cameras will require her to maintain her beauty and body. Good things Stacey Dash is keeping a fit and active lifestyle nowadays. She sure doesn’t want to fall short in the appearance department, given her work.

Kelly Shaye Smith – Age 55

Keely Shaye Smith is considered one of the most multi-talented women of her generation. She is a journalist, television host, actress, and author. Keely is also married to Pierce Brosnan, and they have two gorgeous sons together.

Given that she is happily married, it’s not surprising to see her look youthful even if she is already 55 years old. I guess it’s safe to say that Pierce’s love and affection deserve some credit for keeping Keely happy and glowing. However, some of her fans speculate that she got liposuction because of how slim she looks right now. Whether she got liposuction or changed her diet, we can all agree that she looks healthier. Some people are just more comfortable with procedures like this, and it’s something we should respect. No matter what, she is beautiful if she feels beautiful within herself. Like any other woman, it is the confidence in your skin that makes you stand out. So Keely must be happy with her current figure.

Julia Stiles – Age 38

Julia Stiles was born on March 28, 1981, is a famous American actress. Stiles is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She has been in the entertainment business since the ‘90s and known for the hit movies Save the Last Dance and cult favorite 10 Things I Hate About You. Now 38-years-old, the actress seems not to age even a bit.

Despite Hollywood’s beauty and glamour, Stiles remains simple. She is often seen out and about without makeup or has a little one. She likes to keep things natural, and bravely goes out with messy hair. However, she always maintains to look elegant and smart. Stiles manages to keep herself away from the spotlight despite her fame. She is now married with a child but never opts for any loans to maintain her youthful glow.

Jeri Ryan – Age 51

Jeri Ryan is best known for her perfect smile. She also received numerous credits after she starred in Star Trek: Voyager as Borg Seven of Nine. Due to her outstanding talent and performance, Jeri earned four Saturn Award nominations and won the award in 2001. Jeri is currently in her 50s and has decided to slow down, but she is still acting and has appeared in several TV series. Despite her age, Jeri still looks young, and it may be because of the anti-aging cream the actress uses.

We hope she’d share more of her secrets, though, so that we can get our hands on it as well. She probably also drinks a lot of water and gets a lot of sleep. These plus a healthy diet and ample exercise will do the trick in making you look and feel young. Feeling good about yourself is essential as you age, after all. She isn’t losing her smile just yet, so we can genuinely say that she’s feeling great about herself.

Molly Ringwald – Age 52

VH1 considered Molly Ringwald as one of the most famous stars in history. If you didn’t know, Molly Ringwald was part of the Brat Pack, a group of successful and passionate young actors back in the ‘80s. Molly had appeared in different films such as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. She also appeared in the series The Facts of Life. Despite her busy career, Molly still managed to take care of herself because Molly still has that youthful glow at 51.

That makes her fans wonder if she made an investment in the right skincare products or did Botox. Because Molly is a legend in Hollywood, either option would not be so surprising. Maintaining her youthful face is something she probably works on every day. Since she has been so popular all her life, she is undoubtedly good at taking care of her looks already. How we wish we can look like her when the time comes.

Olivia Newton-John – Age 72

Olivia Newton-John was the actress who starred in the good-girl-gone-bad movie Grease. Thanks to her killer looks and fantastic voice, she became known as one of the industry’s best artists. Unfortunately, Olivia had to compulsorily stay in a luxury rehab due to her daughter’s unhealthy and damaging vices. Fortunately for the singer-songwriter, she never had her battle with these substances. It could also be one reason why Olivia still looks glowing and young at the age of 70.

Besides her beauty and cosmetic needs, Olivia also decided to put her investment money in funding cancer awareness projects because she was a victim before and, fortunately, won the battle. It’s inspiring to see a role model giving back because she got blessed. She knew the journey of having cancer, so she made it her advocacy to help others who underwent the same thing. A beautiful face, incredible talent and charisma, and a good heart make up a wonderful person.

Ursula Andress – Age 83

Ursula Andress is a Swiss television and movie artist who starred in Casino Royale and Dr. No as one of the Bond girls. Credits to James Dean, who helped her gain her celebrity status, but unfortunately, there was an issue that affected her career. She met John Derek and got involved in a controversial affair. They decided to get married in Las Vegas, which led her to break from her acting career. After her son was born, she decided to go back to the silver screen.

After a long hiatus from show business, people were surprised to see that Ursula still looked stunning despite being 83 years old. She may have focused on her family life for a while, but she did not forget all the beauty tips she learned from Hollywood. Though she doesn’t do movies anymore, she still did her skincare faithfully throughout the years. Well, we wish we could achieve the same beauty goals when we reach old age.

Jenny Agutter – Age 66

There are plenty of actors and actresses who excessively spend their hard-earned money on harmful and addictive substances, but Jenny Agutter is different. She avoided all of these things despite starting her acting career at a very young age. Jenny made sure to only focus on her family, friends and to have good health. That is probably why she still has a young-looking face even at 66 years old. Whether she used some of her investment on expensive skincare products or made sure to maintain good health, it’s working great for her.

Just look at her young-looking and glowing face. She still makes people swoon when they see her even though she’s in her sixties. Not many girls can do that, but she managed to keep her youthful and healthy glow all these years. We’re surely going to listen to her when she starts giving out skincare and beauty advice.

Bern Nadett Stanis – Age 65

Bern Nadett Stanis was one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation. She is not only a good actress but also a great author with four publications under her belt. If Bern’s not too preoccupied with writing books, the actress/author works on different TV sitcoms and shows. She was married four times, but she had to hire a divorce attorney for all four.

Hopefully, Bern will find the right guy, even if the actress is already 65 years old. Besides, she sure looks pretty young for her age, which makes us wonder how much work and money she placed in her skincare products and even cosmetic procedures. With looks like hers, the actress will not have a problem in the love department. She might already have countless suitors as well. If we look as good as she does at 65, we would surely not give up on dating just yet.

Michelle Pfeiffer – Age 61

Michelle Pfeiffer was and remained to be one of the most beautiful actresses of our time. Thanks to her dazzling looks, Michelle doesn’t look like she’s anywhere close to being 61 years old. The legendary actress first appeared in Grease and Scarface, which helped launch her career. Similar to other celebrities, she also suffered from substance abuse.

To fix and overcome her harmful habits, Michelle decided to participate in a vegetarian cult. Unfortunately, she lost a lot of her investments and earnings during the time she was recovering. Michelle is currently in the acting industry and appeared in last year’s blockbuster movie, Avengers: Endgame as Janet Van Dyne. Though she is in her advanced years, she is still doing well in her career. Thanks to her endless list of projects, Michelle already has the experience to secure her name in Hollywood. It is no wonder that she still appears in movies today, as radiant as ever.

Cheryl Ladd – Age 69

Cheryl Ladd originally planned to pursue a music career, but the universe had a different plan for her. Instead, she became as one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She credits her fame to her role in Charlie’s Angels, a TV show where she replaced one of the actresses. Since then, she has continuously appeared in different television shows and movies while also pursuing a college diplomat.

She is also an author and was able to publish a children’s book back in 1996. Currently, Cheryl is 69 years old and still looks as great as ever. Whether its because of plastic surgery or her excellent skincare routine, she should definitely be grateful. She has surely worked hard to maintain her youthful glow throughout the years. All the effort paid off because she still doesn’t look like her age, even in her later years. The envy of women, Cheryl is beautifully confident in her own skin.

Lisa Whelchel – Age 57

Lisa Whelchel rose to fame after starring in Disney’s The New Mickey Mouse Club as a Mouseketeer. She also starred in the Facts of Life, which she was a part of for nine years, and this project really helped her acting career. At 57 years old, she still has that youthful glow, and that’s without the help of any cosmetic surgery. We think that she made an investment in expensive skincare products to help maintain her youthful look.

However, whether she is using expensive skin care products or just living healthily, it works great for her. Hopefully, we will look as young as Lisa when we reach our 50s. Like her, a lot of people continue to give importance to their skin, eat healthy, sleep well, and drink lots of water. These things will surely give everyone a chance to age gracefully. Lisa has been in the show business since she was a kid, so she also might have picked up a thing or two about beauty.

Julie Andrews – Age 85

Julie Andrews is another popular actress who won the hearts of many when she starred in Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Sound Of Music, and Mary Poppins. She is famous across the globe, thanks to her iconic voice and looks. Unfortunately, Julie lost her voice due to a throat operation that almost cost all of her investment money.

Lucky for her, people love seeing her on the big screen, so she still lands leading roles in different movies. At the age of 85, she still looks younger than most people her age. Maybe that’s how people with a positive outlook in life look like when they grow older. Her pleasant demeanor really affects how she ages. Even though she may have had some health problems that may have affected her career, she can still smile and look beautiful no matter what. Julie is a true inspiration to the young artists of today.

Barbara Bach – Age 73

Another Bond girl on this list is Barbara Bach, who still looks younger than people her age. She is a model and actress, best known for her appearance in The Spy Who Loved Me. In 1981, she married Ringo Starr from the Beatles, and they’re still happily married until today. Unlike other actresses, Barbara decided to avoid cosmetic surgeries and Botox injections. Instead, she credits her healthy lifestyle and happy married life for her younger-looking skin. Barbara is also a vegetarian, which probably contributes to her youthful glow.

We believe that all the money she has spent in her health and beauty are worth it. Anything you can do to make your diet better will always have a lasting effect on your overall health. Of course, your appearance will follow too! It’s excellent that Barbara is glowing from the inside. All the greens she has consumed truly worked as the vitamins and nutrients make her beautiful even in her 70s.

Ally Sheedy – Age 58

Ally Sheedy used to be a member of the Brat Pack back in the ’80s. She rose to international prominence after she starred in The Breakfast Club. Ally and the guitarist of the band Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, dated for a while. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long. Some said Richie was a bad influence on Ally, though he vehemently denied the claim.

Despite the negative news surrounding Ally in the early days, she now lives a healthier lifestyle and is back on track with her acting and writing career. These changes have brought in a lot of positive outcomes both in her personal and professional life. She was even featured on the television series Single Mom In Love Forever. It’s nice to see that she managed to get through the hard times. Ally now gets the credit for being an inspiration to a lot of people because of her experiences.

Pam Grier – Age 71

Pam Grier rose to fame after frequently appearing in action films as a criminal or a vigilante. Due to her exceptional acting skills, she received multiple credits for her performances. She eventually became a heroine in a movie, which shows that everyone can be a hero, regardless of skin color.

Pam collaborated with Quentin Tarantino, which helped her career progress further. Unfortunately, she fell in love with Pryor Richard, a comedian who had a bad vice and was rumored to have heavily influenced her. Fortunately, she was able to get help and is now looking better, even at the age of 71. Things may have gone south for her and her life for quite a while, but she managed to get through it and emerge stronger than ever. On top of that, her appearance is still quite beautiful. This just proves that no amount of stress could ever bring someone like Pam down!

Melissa Sue Anderson – Age 58

Melissa Sue Anderson started her career at a very young age, but she became famous when she played the role of Mary Ingalls in the Little House on the Prairie. She was given numerous credits due to her unique and fun role on that TV show. Fortunately, she hadn’t developed any bad vices, like other celebrities who started their careers at a young age.

Currently, Melissa is already 58 years old but still looks beautifully young, which is why everyone around her is envious. Whatever her skincare regimens are, she puts a lot of dedication into it because she looks younger than her age. Although she is no longer as active on screen as she was in her younger years, she still brings with her the beauty habits she got from being on camera. She surely learned a lot from her makeup artists and dermatologists when she was still on TV. Whatever she has done has paid off, for sure.

Jodie Foster – Age 58

One of the most talented and intelligent actresses in Hollywood is Jodie Foster. At the age of three, she started her modeling career and eventually became an actress. Her biggest break was when she starred in Taxi Driver. Some of her other popular films are Silence of the Lambs and Panic Room. Fortunately for her, Jodie managed to avoid developing any bad habits that seem to be a typical Hollywood temptation. Instead, she focused more on developing herself. While she was busy with her career, Jodie got a degree from Yale University.

At 58 years old, she still looks glowing and young compared to other actresses of her generation. Whatever skincare products she is using, they are working great for her. Just like her career mapping, her skincare is also probably on point. She is just becoming more and more impressive with all the things that she was able to achieve in the past years. Her appearance is only the icing on top.

Daryl Hannah – Age 60

You may know Daryl Hannah if you’ve seen the blockbuster movies Splash, Blade Runner, and The Furry. At 60 years old, she remains beautiful and young-looking, which she credits to her vegan lifestyle. We’re not sure if she ever had plastic surgery or it’s just her diet that keeps her looking this young. Whatever she’s using, it’s working for her. She is now an inspiration to many because she is also an activist.

Daryl helps stop oil companies from claiming the land of Native Americans, prevent climate change, and fight animal cruelty. Unfortunately, there were times she got arrested, but her legal counsel always helped her out. Because of her advocacies, a lot of people became drawn to her even more. Her passion for helping those who need a voice will always be something a lot people will be thankful for. Evidently, Daryl is using her voice and her huge influence for good.

Sophia Loren – Age 86

Sophia Loren is an Italian actress who won the hearts of many. She credits this to her gorgeous face and great performances. She is the first foreign-language actress who won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Throughout the years, a lot of people have been trying to convince her to get her nose fixed by getting plastic surgery. However, according to Sophie, her nose looks beautiful, and there is no need to change anything, which is true.

At 86 years old, she is still in the acting industry, and it seems she’s not going to retire anytime soon. With her looks, plus the experience she has accumulated over the years, there is no telling what else she could manage to do. Since her career isn’t slowing down, there seems to be a lot in store for her. We could only hope we could get a face as youthful as hers when we reach our eighties.

Mary Steenburgen – Age 67

After Mary Steenburgen met Jack Nicholson, her acting career soared. She won an Oscar award and appeared in multiple blockbuster movies, such as Melvin and Howard and Back To The Future III. She received numerous credits because of her fantastic performance. At 67 years old, Mary still looks younger than her actual age, and this is probably because of the plastic surgeries she got. Some of her fans even think that she had breast enlargement and skin rejuvenation procedures.

Whether these things are real or not, she still looks pretty young for her age. If she did get these surgeries, then it was surely an informed decision on her part. No matter what, she will look great if she feels great in her own skin. People sometimes judge her because of engaging in activities like these, but she shouldn’t be judged because every woman has the right to do what she wants with her body.

Rene Russo – Age 66

Rene Russo is a model and an actress who got her most significant break after appearing in Lethal Weapon. Recently, she appeared in Nightcrawler and received numerous credits due to her performance. Not many know that she has a health problem, but she already sought the help she needed and is all fine now. Fortunately, she has a husband, Dan Gilroy, who is very supportive of her. They have been together for half a century, and it looks like she’s getting all the love she needs. The two tied the knot in 1992 and are blessed with a lovely daughter, Rose Gilroy.

At 66 years old, Rene still seems very young for her age. Whether she is getting Botox or not, it’s working because she looks young. Rene may be following a skincare regimen that suits her skin, giving her the youthful glow that a lot of women and men alike envy.

Iman – Age 65

One of the most beautiful models from Somalia is Iman. She earned a degree from the University of Nairobi through her modeling career. Due to her beauty and elegance, she became one of the most in-demand models in the world. She was flying from one country to another for photoshoots. Iman married the late singer David Bowie and eventually became a full-time businesswoman, who started managing their businesses. At the age of 65, she still looks younger than most people her age. She probably spent her money on cosmetics, which is just one of her many businesses.

On top of that, maintaining a healthy lifestyle must not have been that much of a challenge because she could afford it. She might have even undergone minor cosmetic procedures to maintain her youthfulness as well. These habits and the products that she uses all contribute to her ageless beauty up to date.

Lena Olin – Age 65

Lena Olin first worked as a nurse before she became an actress. She is a Swedish star who graduated from a drama school and then landed roles in different plays. Ingmar Bergman cast her because of her excellent skills, which impressed a lot of people. Besides being featured in plays, Lena also appeared in films and TV series. One of her most memorable performances was in the movie Alias.

At the age of 65, Lena looks younger than people her age. It may have something to do with her beautiful genes or investments in beauty treatments. Whatever she’s using on her skin, it’s working well on her. Her job in the entertainment industry brought about expensive cosmetic products, procedures, and tips. Because she needs to look good every day, she really takes good care of her physique. Of course, at her age, it has paid off because Lena remains looking gorgeous and young.

Geena Davis – Age 64

Geena Davis is one of the actresses of her generation who has multiple talents. She has a high IQ, proving she is not only a beauty but smart, too. In case you don’t know, the 64-year-old star also competed in archery while working as a model, actress, writer, and producer. Geena received numerous credits when she appeared in movies such as Tootsie and Thelma and Louise. However, no one is perfect; she was married four times and got separated each time.

Hopefully, Geena will be able to find the right man for her in the future. Besides, even at 64 years old, she still looks younger than her actual age. Being as pretty as she is, she doesn’t really have to do anything to please the guys to like her — even if she’s already in her advancing years. She is still fabulous in her 60s and has a highly successful career that are maybe enough for her to be happy and contented.

Andie Macdowell – Age 62

Andie Macdowell is one of those actresses who keeps looking better every day. She started working as a model and then pursued an acting career. She received numerous credits for her acting skills. A lot of people also admire her because she was never involved in controversial news.

At 62 years old, Andie looks younger than people her age because she maintains a healthy lifestyle. We can’t wait for her to start appearing on the big screen again. As she chose the better route, she was able to sustain a better quality of life. She also still looks absolutely gorgeous at her age. No one would guess that she’s already in her sixties. Her beautiful face is the result of years of dedication to her skincare and health regimen. She surely also has a strong personality and a smart head as she is able to resist any bad temptation in Hollywood.

Catherine Bach – Age 66

Catherine Bach made her screen debut in Dukes of Hazzard as Daisy Duke. Ever since that notable role, she started getting credits because of her good looks, which were used as an inspiration by msany. She has a great professional career, but her personal life seems to be problematic. One of the painful experiences that she had to go through was when her husband died. Fortunately, Catherine is a strong woman and managed to get through all of her problems.

At 66 years old, she is still in the acting industry and has successfully maintained a gorgeous face. Whatever her secrets are, her beauty regimen work. Catherine perfectly knows how to brave the everyday life. This is probably the reason why her career remains strong until today. With a face like hers at that age, no one would be able to resist casting Catherine! Fans may even soon see her back either on the big or small screen.

Jane Seymour – Age 69

Jane Seymour is an actress who rose to fame when she played the role of Janet in the TV series Let’s Get Physical. Recently, she celebrated her 69th birthday, and she still looks younger than her current age. She credits her youthful glow with having a moderate diet and working out regularly. Skin exfoliation is also one of the things that she does because she believes that the skin needs some help to peel and reveal new skin.

Some of her fans think that she has spent a significant amount of money in the best skin care products, but only Jane will know. Whether she is just living a healthy lifestyle or investing in some beauty products, it’s working well for her. Lifestyles in Hollywood are not always the best, but she manages to dodge the unhealthy stuff and go through hers in the right way. With her career intact, Jane has aged gracefully through the years.

Danica McKellar – Age 45

Danica McKellar rose to stardom after her outstanding performance in the movie The Wonder Years. Besides her acting career, she had successfully obtained a degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she had authored multiple mathematical books. As she managed to juggle going to college and her acting career, she must really have great talent and skill.

She is currently in her 40s, but she looks younger than people her age. It may be because she has spent a huge amount of money in invasive treatments or because she has a stress-free life. We know that she got her good looks from her family since they are all gorgeous men and women. Whether she’s spending her money on treatments or not, she looks great either way. Her genes, mixed with her dedication to her skincare routine, still bring out the best in Danica’s face. It certainly helps that diet and exercise are also in the picture.

Morgan Fairchild – Age 70

Morgan Fairchild is one of those who are blessed with good looks and exceptional talent. This helps establish her career, allowing her to stay active in the entertainment scene from the late ’60s until today. She was given multiple accolades and was nominated numerous times because of her performance in shows such as the Flamingo Road and Falcon Crest during the ’80s.

Although she is rarely seen on the TV or big screens, she can still be hustling around her business. Morgan has managed to save enough money to start a small venture in cosmetics and other related merchandise. Good thing her investment is a success, and she can now focus on her company. She really knows what to work with as a woman. Because she uses cosmetics herself a lot, she certainly has a lot to bring to the table. Morgan even went far with her business venture because of her huge interest in it.

Bernadette Peters – Age 72

Stage and screen performer Bernadette Peters is one of the most well-known personalities of her generation. Throughout her career, she has earned different Tony and Drama Desk awards. She rose to fame in the Broadway industry after she landed roles in the plays Sunday in the Park with George, Into the Woods, and Mabel and Mark. Besides sports, she also pursued acting on-screen as well as becoming a voice actress. In 1996, she married financial advisor Michael Wittenburg. Unfortunately, Michael died due to a helicopter accident back in 2005.

Currently, she still works in show business, acting, and singing for her fans. Even though she is already in her advancing years, she always makes it a point to keep on doing art. This is probably not only her means of earning a living but also her passion. Bernadette must love to perform a lot – it shows in the glow she emanates.

Helen Slater – Age 57

Helen Slater landed the role of Supergirl back in 1984, and today, she still appears in the new Supergirl TV series. During her career, she received numerous credits because of her fantastic performance in movies, such as The Secret Of My Success, Ruthless People, and City Slickers. She also pursued a singing career and was able to launch five albums as well as a stage career. She joined the Naked Angels, which is a theater group in New York.

At 57 years old, Helen still looks younger than people her age, and it seems she has no plans to retire anytime soon. If we have a talent like hers, we would probably do the same. We can only imagine having a name that speaks for itself. Producers and directors must look for her all the time! Having multiple talents is really something. On top of that, Helen’s gorgeous looks must help a lot, too.

Diana Lane – Age 55

Diane Lane may be in her 50s, but she looks a decade or two younger. Recently, she played the role of a wife of Kevin Costner in the suspense movie Let Him Go. The two had worked together before in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel as Superman’s parents. With her gorgeous face and incredible talent, it seems she won’t be retiring anytime soon.

Due to her ageless beauty, some of her fans think she made some cellulite treatment investment. However, from what we know, Diana prefers to keep everything natural. So, we believe that her beauty is all-natural, and it is totally because of her healthy lifestyle. Keeping it real must be a real challenge if you’re in Hollywood, but Diana managed to stick to her natural, organic self. This inspired many women to embrace themselves for who they are as well, proving you don’t need any expensive procedure to become beautiful.

Faye Dunaway – Age 79

Faye Dunaway is one of the most outstanding ac

tresses of her generation. She won an Academy Award for the Best Actress, which is an award that most actresses dream of receiving. At 79 years old, Faye is still looking as young as ever, and maybe it’s because of her investment in anti-aging solutions. Whatever it is, she is doing an excellent job in keeping her face look naturally beautiful.

She prefers using light makeup, so people often see her almost bare face. We can’t stop thinking about the anti-aging solutions she discovered. Her looks really look impressive, especially given the fact that she will be 80 years old in a bit. Faye’s light makeup shows her natural glow and well-preserved beauty. We could only wish that we, too, could attain such youthfulness at that age. If only Faye would share her secrets, we would definitely be on the edge of our seats!

Cybill Shepherd – Age 70

One of the most successful models and actresses during the ’60s is Cybill Shepherd. She is reported to have a total net worth of around $40 million. However, she had to spend a big chunk of money when she hired lawyers twice throughout her married life, which helped her work things out efficiently.

Cybill is an advocate for human rights and, most specifically for the gay community, for people who don’t know. She also starred in the lesbian-themed series, The L-word, which contributed to her successful career. Currently, she is still in the acting industry and looks younger than her age of 70. Still very active, people of the present generation even know and admire her for her entertainment work. Cybill has always been very vocal about her advocacies, so a lot of people support her work, too. Using your voice and influence for a very noble cause will never cease to inspire the public.

Brooke Shields- Age 55

Brooke Shields started working in the entertainment industry at a very young age of 12 as an actress and endorser. As years passed, she started getting more decent roles that helped her shape her acting career. To increase her chances of landing more stable and long-term projects, the young actress enrolled at Princeton University and took a Bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages. After her studies, her value started growing until she became one of the industry’s most successful personalities.

Brooke may already be in her 50s, but you won’t even notice how much she’s aged. You can bet that she can still compete with celebrities in their 30s. Her talent and skills will always be remembered – an iconic star in her own right. It’s great to see that the beauty she is mostly admired for in her younger years is still preserved today. Nobody can still match the beauty Brooke possesses.

Diane Keaton – Age 74

To a huge degree, Diane Keaton is a tremendous all-around talent, which is quite rare in the entertainment industry. She’s a famous actress and singer. She even worked behind the scenes as a director, producer, and voice talent in the 2016 film Finding Dory. However, many fans don’t know that she’s a successful real estate developer and an outstanding photographer as well.

Despite her busy schedule and lifestyle, she still manages to keep herself radiant and young-looking. Diane greatly opposes plastic surgery and other related procedures, for she believes that her authentic look is the way to go. Like many other celebrities, she gets more impressive because she is going for the natural aging process, but she is doing it in such a graceful way. Her genes and her habits must really be working out for her because she doesn’t look like her age at all. To her credits, she is even still multitasking her jobs, so stress must not bother her either!

Kelly Lebrock – Age 60

Kelly LeBrock started her journey in Hollywood during her teens as a model and endorser. After a few years of freelance modeling, she entered a photoshoot for a well-known magazine. Gifted with good looks and natural talents, she ventured into the acting world in 1984 but took a break in the late 2000s. Then after almost half a decade of hiatus, she returned, looking like she’s had some investments done on her face.

It is not clear if she went through plastic surgery, though. However, some speculated that she underwent facelift and Botox treatments. Either way, it helped her land more jobs, so it must have been worth it in the long run. Constant exposure to cameras and harsh lighting might have been factors in her decision to undergo these procedures. She had to follow up the treatments with a skincare routine that she religiously needs to do so. At her age, Kelly doesn’t look like she is already in her 60s, so we say she’s doing a good job.

Olivia Newton-John – Age 72

Olivia Newton-John is one of the most successful all-around performers of the ‘70s and ‘80s. She bagged multiple awards and accolades for her songs and achieved international success for her portrayal of one of the leading roles in the hit musical Grease. After that, she focused on her investments, including a clothing line and a retreat and spa facility in Australia.

Olivia is now in her 70s, but her looks are nowhere near her age. Her beauty regimen remains a secret, but many people speculate that it is because of her healthy lifestyle and diet. It also means that she never participates in any surgeries and other stuff under a knife. Not everyone in Hollywood can do that, but this celebrity stood her ground and held her head up high. She is proud of her natural features and has every right to be because she is and always will be absolutely stunning even as she aged.

Nancy McKeon – Age 54

Known as Jo Polniaczek in the American hit sitcom The Facts of Life and Jinny Exstead on The Division, actress and celebrity Nancy McKeon still possesses a fresh, youthful glow despite being in her early 50s. Her skin still shines, that she looks like she’s just in her mid to late 30s. She probably doesn’t have so much stress as she is evidently aging gracefully. It seems like she doesn’t experience any severe roadblocks in her life.

Money wise, Nancy doesn’t have any financial issues due to her excellent money management. Celebrities may tend to overspend or get carried away with the size of their paychecks, but being very mindful about your finances is very important. It’s excellent that Nancy thought about this well. She even included herself in her planning, as Nancy looks not only gorgeous but also pleased and satisfied with her life and career. Way to go for this brilliant actress!

Sally Field – Age 74

You may find it hard to believe, but Sally Field is already 74 years old. This is truly surprising as she looks way younger than her age. Field is an award-winning actress who also works behind the scenes as a director. She started way back in the ’60s with small TV series roles but received recognition after she did the movie Sybil in 1976.

Although she was diagnosed with a back problem, that didn’t stop the actress from living a very active life. It paved the way for her to join campaigns and raise awareness about her health issue. She made major investment in her time and used her influence to promote early detection of people’s bone condition. Her activities and her stress management seem to be working for her. She may have had a scare with her health condition, but she did not let it stop her from reaching for whatever else was in store for her. She even took it upon herself to help others like her, which is indeed very admirable.

Jennifer Garner- Age 48

Jennifer Garner is entering her 50s in just two years. However, her looks show no signs of aging, which everyone dreams of at her age. She is also one of Hollywood’s most successful and prominent actresses. She won multiple awards from the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, which gave her more projects. Her credit reports allow her to take care of herself, which surely is the secret behind her youthful glow. Guess she will not need any plastic surgeries anytime soon.

After all, when you are happy and content, it will show in your looks. She must really love what she is doing and the people that surround her. Her career does not seem to be slowing down, so it is great that we will be seeing more of her in the years to come. Her fans are surely not tired of seeing her on the big screen just yet, for sure.

Kelly Bensimon- Age 52

Model, entrepreneur, author, and television personality Kelly Bensimon just recently passed the 50-year-old mark. However, she still shows no signs of aging whatsoever. The Real Housewives of New York star is also a successful writer after getting a degree in literature and writing at Columbia University.

Kelly probably uses writing as an outlet to release and fight off stress since she still looks dazzling as ever. There may be sorcery surrounding her eternal beauty as she manages to always be in shape whenever she make an appearance in any shows. Proper diet and exercise must really be critical in her healthy lifestyle. If she shares her secrets on health and fitness, a lot of people would really be taking note. She is still thriving in her entertainment career, so she will need to keep at it with her skincare and diet routines. Here’s to hoping that moment will come very soon!

Betty White – Age 98

Who doesn’t know Betty White? She is one of the most beautiful women to grace the television screen and actresses who had the longest career in TV production. Betty is considered a comedy symbol, and she is the first woman who has produced her own TV sitcom. At 98 years old, she is still acting, and it seems she’s not ready to retire anytime soon.

‘Recently, she starred in a TV sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, and received credit because of how she portrayed her role. When it comes to her age, she doesn’t look like someone in her 90s. She may have some wrinkles around her face, but her skin looks stress-free due to her positive outlook on life. Betty’s entire demeanor seems light, and it’s also probably one of the reasons why people love having her around. It cannot be denied that her presence is such a joy to be in.

Demi Moore – Age 58

Who would have thought that the beautiful Demi Moore is already in her late 50s? Her face looks as if she’s only in her late 30s. To be fair, she already possessed this stunning look even before entering the acting scene in the ‘80s. Unlike most ladies that invest a lot of money in plastic surgeries and other medical procedures, Moore’s secret is simple – moisturizer.

In an interview, she mentioned that she doesn’t forget her facial regimen every night. The actress also makes sure that she doesn’t skip applying moisturizer to her face after a long and stressful day at work. We definitely appreciate this tip. Hydration is essential in keeping our skin youthful so that it doesn’t crack and create wrinkles. Demi has obviously got it all figured out, so we should learn from her and get our very own bottles of moisturizer too! Can you spill more beauty secrets, Demi, please?


Linda Kozlowski is a former American actress who received a Golden Globe Award nominee in 1987. Her huge break came in the movie Crocodile Dundee with Paul Hogan, with whom she had chemistry and later got married. They had one child and lived happily, but then in 2013, she decided to part ways due to irreconcilable differences. Another problem was that they had nothing in common, which might be due to the 19-year age difference.

Despite the stresses that she experienced due to that split, she maintained her gorgeous looks. At 62, she is still glowingly beautiful and, to her credit, doesn’t look her age. She may have been through some tough times, but she manages to break away from it all and become more vital than ever. It’s so admirable that is was able to come up strong from a difficult breakup. Linda looks even more stunning now that she’s in her sixties.

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