Meet The Life Partners Of Your Favorite Hollywood Celebs

Celebrities have wide public recognition due to their involvement in the field of entertainment or sports. They gain media attention either because of their wealth, lifestyle, or anything that goes along with their fame. This includes their personal or family life. Admit it or not, we’re always curious about their private life: from what they eat, what they do on weekends, to what their newest investments are.

While we admire them for their incredible talents, here we will get to discover more about them that’ll make us adore them even more. Here are our favorite celebrities’ better halves and their love stories!



As we all know, Eddie Murphy has been involved with quite a number of women. This included Melanie Brown, or also known as Spice Girl Mel B, with whom he has a daughter. After the two split up, Murphy dated several others, but it was only in 2012 that he found the love he has been looking for in the person of Paige Butcher.

Butcher worked as a model and played a small part in Murphy’s film, Big Momma’s House 2. That’s how the couple met. Now, they are engaged to be married and the news about it brought electricity to fans all over the world.


The Academy Awards director Ron Howard knew nothing about marriage. He married his wife Cheryl Alley in 1975, and the couple have enjoyed a happy marriage for nearly 40 years. They have four children together. Renowned filmmaker Ron Howard started his career as an actor.

But even before he found success in the entertainment industry, he found success in love through Cheryl Alley, whom he met when he was still in school. The high school sweethearts got married in 1975 and have been inseparable since then. Now celebrating 45 years of marriage, Howard gives credit to working together in building their relationship as it is never easy for anybody. In an interview, the couple shared that any relationship won’t work without communication, even at difficult times. Now that’s a precious lesson we got to keep.


We’ve seen Pat Sajak spreading good vibes on television through his long-running game show Wheel of Fortune. But he has also been giving love to his wife Lesly Brown since 1989. Now married for 30 years, the couple has two children together. How did they meet? Pat and Lesly met for the first time in 1988 through mutual friends in California. Even though Pat is 18 years her senior, it didn’t take long at all for the two to fall in love.

Well, according to Sajak they met at a restaurant opening in Irvine and said there was no electricity in the air or love at first sight. The two just became friends who eventually fell in love. Recently, Sajak underwent emergency intestinal surgery and it’s good to see his wife stay by his side through thick and thin.


Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have been together for over seven years.Alec Baldwin was married to actress Kim Basinger for nine years before hiring a divorce lawyer. Alec told The New York Times ahead of the wedding that before meeting Hilaria, he wasn’t sure if he would marry again. Ten years after, he started dating yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas after they met in Manhattan. Their love story came in like a whirlwind.

They got engaged in 2012, and two months after, they tied the knot at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York. Now, they have four children together. Despite their 26-year age difference, the two became a cute couple. They shared how they clicked instantly after randomly meeting at a restaurant with Baldwin starting to introduce himself and giving her his calling card.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, met is common in Hollywood: The couple first crossed paths on a TV set. But their love and commitment to each other is much more special. They are now embarking on their 32nd year of marriage. He may be an actor in romance films, but Tom Hanks has a romantic story to share with us, too. Hanks had a crush on Rita Wilson when he saw her on the sitcom The Brady Bunch in 1972.

Nine years after, they met on the set of the TV series Bosom Buddies, went public with their relationship in 1986, and got married in April 1988. Hanks credited his wife for his outstanding performance in Forrest Gump, stating she taught him what love really is. Recently, the couple tested positive for coronavirus. Thankfully, they recovered and are now in perfect health.


Tom Selleck’s marriage with actress Jacqueline Ray didn’t work hence, they hired a divorce attorney without second thoughts. Maybe he was destined to find his soulmate whom he can really click with. It’s adorable how his fascination for the musical Cats led him to his future wife, Jillie Mack, who was an actress in that musical.

The actor and the love of his life tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in 1987. And one of the reasons why Selleck quit his famous show Magnum P.I. was to raise his family. The family resides in a 60-acre ranch in Hidden Valley. Tom Selleck told People in 2012. “It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that.”


Tiger Woods returned to golf in 2018 and has shown he can still play at the top of the game. His golf has shown remarkable improvement but maybe his return to form may have been helped by girlfriend, Erica Herman. Tiger Woods is a big name in the world of golf. But along with his fame came a number of controversies including his infidelity issues that ended up his marriage with model Elin Nordegren.

After contacting his attorney and also receiving therapy, he was able to get back up. In 2017, he broke the news of dating restaurant manager Erica Herman who is around 10 years younger than him. Despite the age difference, Herman has always been by his side and has supported him both on and off the course. It’s good to see the golf star finally becoming happy again.


Sarah Jessica Parker is admired by many women for her fashion style and especially for her performance in Sex and the City. The secret behind her success and happy disposition in life is her marriage to actor Matthew Broderick. They met at a Broadway theatre company called Naked Angels in November 1991. and The couple started dating shortly after voicemail.

They got married six years later. The couple’s surprise wedding took place at the Angel Orenzánz Synagogue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They have three pretty children,a son and two twin daughters. The cute couple is now celebrating more than 20 years of togetherness. They credited regular date nights as part of keeping their marriage strong over the years. Now they are working together back in Broadway for the revival of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite.


Gifford’s new man is in her Instagram photo, the man’s arm is around her waist. It’s good to see Gifford out there living her best life. There are swirling rumors Kathie Lee Gifford once again found love with Randy Cronk. After the tragic loss of her husband, Frank Gifford, in 2015, Kathie found comfort with Randy.

It was the saddest part of Kathie’s life. And although she never knew that her heart would be ready to love again, she found Randy. The two are, allegedly, in a romantic relationship, although they seem to be private about their romance. It has yet to be revealed when they started dating, but the degree of happiness they have is enough to let them be. They were even spotted with the sweetest smile on their faces when they were together in August 2019.


If you are a fan of politics, you will surely know Tucker Carlson, a famed political commentator. Tucker gets credit for being the host of MSNBC’s Tucker and co-hosting CNN’s Crossfire. He has been married to Susan Andrews since 1991. Theirs is a cute story about love after meeting each other when they were only in the 10th grade.

However, as the St. George’s School’s headmaster’s daughter, Tucker found it hard to get near her at the time. But since love could conquer anything, Susan gave Tucker credit for being brave to ask her father for marriage. They ended up tying the knot in 1991, enjoying 30 years of relationship all and all. The couple are the parents of three daughters: Dorothy, Lillie, and Hopie and a son, Buckley. Andrews is a full-time mother.


We all thought Hollywood big stars, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, would spend their lives together. However, they had to hire a divorce lawyer to end their marriage of 11 years. But it’s not yet the end for Kidman as she found her better half in 2006, singer-songwriter Keith Urban. Now married for almost 14 years, Urban and Kidman have two kids together. They met in 2005 at the G’Day USA gala and ever since, they’ve shown us a lot of their PDAs!

We’ve seen photos of them attending each other’s award shows, proving that they like to celebrate each other’s achievements. His wife helped him recover from his father’s passing in 2014, making Kidman an inspiration during the difficult times he went through. In HBO’s show Big Little Lies, Urban showed his support for Kidman on the show by wearing a sweatshirt with the name of five main characters engraved on it, proving that Urban doesn’t let his partner down.


Musician Willie Nelson might have spent his money on divorce lawyers three times but we strongly think he won’t be needing one anymore with his fourth wife, Annie D’Angelo. The couple is going strong with their relationship of almost three decades now. Nelson and D’Angelo first met on the set of the 1986 film Stagecoach where she worked as a makeup artist. They got married at Nashville’s St. Alouin Church in 1991 and they have two kids together who are also musicians. In an interview with Taste of Country, Nelson said, “It takes a special person to live with me.”

Aside from being a makeup artist, Annie D’ Angelo worked in movie production companies and reportedly produced films such as Bachelor Party, The Rosary Murders, Gleaming The Cube, and Hot Pursuit. Annie helped her husband Willie to emerge from the financial difficulties he was facing when they met. Their two children inherited their father’s fondness for music, especially their eldest son Lukas Autrey, who wrote his first song at the young age of 11 and started playing rhythm guitar with his father’s band at the age of 13. The couple owns a ranch in Spicewood, Texas.


Gordon Ramsay might be the hot headed chef we see on screen but in real life, he’s actually gentle according to his wife of more than 20 years, Tana Ramsay. Tana used to date Gordon’s friend but after she broke up with him, Gordon dated her. They tied the knot in 1996 in London’s Chelsea neighborhood. However, they had problems conceiving a child at the start of their marriage as Tana had polycystic ovarian syndrome, so they resorted to IVF.

Credits to more treatments, they now have four grown kids. The lovely couple doesn’t bond over food alone, they’re also spending time together doing triathlons. Tana made her surprise appearance in one of the episodes of Hell’s Kitchen and disguised herself as a contestant when Gordon tasted her food just like what he traditionally does on the show, then she revealed herself afterward. Tana used to be a school teacher during the past years before quitting her job to take care of her children. They gave birth to their son, Oscar.


Elton John is one of Hollywood’s most famous musicians. In fact, he’s become a legend in the industry. He has released numerous love songs and it’s timely because we’re here to talk about the love of his life. John met the ad executive, David Furnish, in October 1993 over a dinner with friends, and according to them, they fell in love very quickly. The two have worked together and one of their investments is the Elton John AIDS Foundation, for which Furnish also serves as a board member.

Ever since their union, they have become the public face of same-sex couples. The famed singer and his partner were awarded the Human Rights Campaign Equality Award in 2014 for the contributions they’ve made to foundations fighting AIDS. The couple was engaged in civil partnership on December 21, 2005, and married 9 years later when same-sex marriage was eventually legalized in Britain.


Next on our list is journalist Brian Williams who is famous for his nightly program on NBC, The 11th Hour with Brian Williams. Williams has been married to Jane Stoddard since 1986. Stoddard is an experienced broadcaster and a TV producer. Mr. and Mrs. Williams first met when they worked on Panorama where he was a news reporter, and she was an executive producer. Being married for more than 30 years, we could say that their common interest is probably what knit them together. Their love, understanding, and support for each other helped them sustain their marriage over the years.

Jane Williams (nee Stoddard) earned a degree in political science at Duke University and worked as a freelance producer in Panorama marking her first journalism career. She currently hosts Bloomberg’s education-oriented radio show entitled Bloomberg EDU and works as the show’s executive producer as well. Brian and Jane Williams had 2 children and one of them is an actress named Allison Williams. Their son, Doug Williams, works as an anchor of Geico Sportsnite.


Supermodel Patti Hansen and Rolling Stone member Keith Richards are also included in our list. The duo met at Hansen’s 23rd birthday and as Richards described it, “It was just… boom. We just clicked.” They got married in 1983 and a funny thing happened. Hansen was so happy when he proposed that she jumped on him and broke his toe. In recent years, they faced challenges when Hansen was diagnosed with breast cancer. Richards staying by her side was the best support she received.

We think they won’t have to worry about hefty medical expenses since they probably have insurance to help cover those. In 2007, the couple faced a new challenge when Patti Hansen was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was treated with chemotherapy until she became free from cancer. The couple triumphed from the deadly disease twice now and became stronger than ever. Richards and Hansen have proven that every couple can fight and overcome trials and tribulations in their lives.


They belong to the list of Hollywood’s most attractive couples. Ladies and gents, we bring you action star Jason Statham and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. According to reports, the two have been dating since 2010 and they got engaged six years later. However, Rosie got pregnant with a beautiful baby boy in 2017 and had to postpone plans for their wedding. Despite their 20-year age difference, they managed to maintain a successful and long-term relationship. Their combined net worth of a hundred million dollars shows they’re miles away from bankruptcy.

Fun fact: they met at the Coachella Music Festival in 2010. Whiteley appeared in various films such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Transformers: Dark of the Moon playing Carly Spencer in a supporting role. Statham’s sense of humor made Whiteley fall in love with the action star. This proves that an age gap does not matter at all in a relationship.


Sting became a household name when he pursued a solo career after The Police disbanded. He created a huge fan base at the peak of his career including lots of fangirls. But the girl who captured Sting’s heart is Trudie Styler. They met in 1982 and walked down the aisle in 1992 in Wiltshire, England. 27 years into their marriage, the couple are still head over heels in love with each other to a huge degree! In an interview, Trudie said, “I feel like we’re still on a beautiful adventure together.” They have four kids who followed their footsteps in music and film.

They are not only known for being a celebrity couple because they are both philanthropists, too, who founded the Rainforest Foundation Fund, an organization that aims to protect rainforests for indigenous people. Styler is also known as one of the patrons for Elton John’s philanthropy, the Elton John AIDS Foundation.


Being in a relationship is hard. But being a public figure while being a couple is even harder. Basketball player Carmelo Anthony and TV personality La La Anthony were recently in the headlines due to the news that they’ve called it quits. But these two proved that a rocky relationship does not only end in having to deal with a divorce lawyer, it can also end in reconciliation and forgiveness. The couple first met in 2003, got engaged in 2004, and tied the knot on July 10, 2010, at Cipriani’s in New York City.

Their wedding ceremony was filmed and was featured in a reality series called La La’s Full Court Wedding. Their life as a couple after their wedding continued on her TV show La La’s Full Court Life, which aired its first season in August 2011 and ended on July 2, 2014, on VH1. In 2019, she started her online clothing business named La La Anthony Collection.


Ciara and Russell Wilson’s love story is, to some degree, for romantics. The pair first met in 2015 at a basketball game and Russell asked Ciara to have dinner with his group after. They ended up not having dinner but hanging out instead, talking for hours. Russell, a devout Christian, wanted to remain celibate until they get married. The couple tied the knot in 2016 at the Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England.

Now they have a 3-year-old daughter named Sienna Princess and another baby on the way. We believe their respect and trust for each other is what keeps their love strong! Both Russell Wilson and Ciara became part owners of the soccer team, Seattle Sounders FC in 2019. Last July 2020, Ciara gave birth to Win Harrison Wilson, her second child to NFL player Russell Wilson. After taking a break because of her pregnancy, Ciara came back to her music career with the song Rooted, which featured Ester Dean.


Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has got it all! From talent, fame, wealth, down to his personal life! He and his longtime girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, met in 2016 at a store where Georgina was working, and according to them, it was love at first sight! We can imagine the electricity they might’ve felt at the time they locked their eyes on each other. Fast forward to June 2017, they gave birth to twins Mateo and Eva Maria via surrogacy and the family has grown into six members.

We’re looking forward to Ronaldo popping the question and, of course, both of them tying the knot. Their relationship began when she met the former Real Madrid and current Juventus player in a Gucci store in Madrid, Spain, while she was working there as the store shop assistant. She apparently got amused by the footballer’s physique, and in November 2017, she gave birth to their daughter, Alana Martina.


Beginning his career in the late ’60s, Jeremy Irons has become a Hollywood legend. He’s also confronted many controversies in his life and his wife of 42 years, actress Sinead Cusack, stood by his side through it all. Irons shared in an interview that marriage was hard and calling a divorce attorney used to be an option for them. But against all odds, they chose to stay together and as a piece of advice, he stated, “I believe a couple should always talk to each other, and try to make it work, stick at it. It’s worth it.”

Cusack was first known for her acting debut at Abbey Theatre before she relocated to London to join the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2020 she was listed as number 25 on The Irish Times’ 50 greatest Irish actors of all time. The couple had 2 sons, Samuel James, and actor Maximilian Paul.


The power couple Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Jeter have been together for years. Despite their 16-year age gap, they managed to handle their marriage and keep it smooth sailing. Credits to them, they chose to keep their personal lives on the down-low to avoid scrutiny. The couple met in 2012 and got engaged three years later. They chose to get married in an intimate ceremony with less than a hundred guests. This was in July 2016, at Napa Valley, California.

Jeter always wanted to be a dad and now he has been blessed with two lovely daughters, Story and Bella. According to Hannah, her kids watch their father (Derek Jeter) on ESPN’s SportsCenter and she tries to teach her children and her husband how to speak Spanish since the language is so rampant in Miami. She wants them to adapt to the language, apparently. Hannah is, to her credit, also well-known for appearing on the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Mexican actress Salma Hayek prefers to keep her married life under the radar. She even refuses to reveal how she met her husband, business magnate François-Henri Pinault. What we know is that they became engaged in 2007 and that same year, they gave birth to a baby girl named Valentina. They got married on Valentine’s Day in 2009 and spent their honeymoon in the City of Love, Paris. However, Hayek faced detractors with regard to money management since she got married to a French billionaire.

She confronted them by saying she’s financially independent and that’s why her husband respects her. In addition to her marriage in Paris, she remarried Francois in the same year in Venice, Italy, 2 months later and among the guests were U2 vocalist Bono, Spaniard actress Penelope Cruz, former French president Jacques Chirac, action star Antonio Banderas, Chinese-American actress Lucy Liu, and South African actress Charlize Theron.


Another set of celebrity couples that we’ve known are very publicly open with regards to their married life are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. The iconic power couple walked down the aisle in 1997, raised three kids, and has been going steadily strong over the years. Like any other married couple, they also went through hard times, but they didn’t want the divorce to be an option. Instead, they worked things out and have become rock solid.

The couple has never worked in films or TV shows together but they have investments in a joint production company called Overbrook Entertainment. The couple first met in 1994 when Jada auditioned to become Will Smith’s love interest on the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but that role was given to Nia Long instead but that relationship was part of her role in the TV show only and Jada ended up being Will Smith’s off-screen love interest and began dating in 1995.


Even though both of them have been in previous marriages that needed the services of divorce attorneys, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Rusell worked together to raise their blended family — and they’ve been doing it successfully for years. The couple started dating after they starred in the 1983 film Swing Shift. What we admire about them is that despite deciding to never marry, they proved that a committed relationship with one another works in this modern age.

They’ve been together for more than 35 years now and they’re still madly in love! Hawn, in a statement, said “I already feel devoted, and isn’t that what marriage is supposed to do?” The couple appeared again on screen with the 2018 movie The Christmas Chronicles where Russell played the protagonist of the film (Santa Claus) and Hawn making a cameo appearance as Mrs. Claus. They reprised their respective roles again on the sequel which was released in November 2020.


We always admire Denzel Washington for his acting abilities, but in recent years, he’s proved he’s more than an excellent actor. He’s delivered motivational speeches that have inspired people of all ages. The woman behind his success is Pauletta Washington, whom he has been married to since 1983. They first met on the set of the film Wilma in the late ’70s, but here’s an interesting fact: Pauletta turned down Denzel’s wedding proposal twice!

When asked how their marriage of more than 30 years worked, Denzel gave Pauletta a huge amount of the credit, saying that she turned their house into a home and raised beautiful kids. Their kids inherited the celebrity genes of their parents, especially his son John David Washington, who recently appeared on Christopher Nolan’s 2020 movie Tenet and appeared as the main cast of HBO show Ballers. Back in 1995, Denzel and Pauletta renewed their vows in South Africa with Desmond Tutu officiating the marriage ceremony.


Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard started dating in 2002. Peter was actually the close friend of Maggie’s actor brother Jake and according to her, she fell in love the moment she set her sights on him. After their wedding in 2009 at a small chapel in Italy, they were blessed with two daughters, Ramona and Gloria. The married lovebirds always show a great degree of love for each other. They’re often seen relishing each other’s company during their romantic date nights or whenever they run errands.

Not only that, but they also display affection on red carpet events. The couple bought a townhouse in Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York, where they lived for a while. They eventually sold it for about $4.6 million in 2019. Did you know that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard are both connected to Batman? Peter will be playing Gil Colson in the upcoming 2022 film, The Batman, while Maggie played Rachel Dawes in the 2008 film Batman: The Dark Knight.


Comedian Seth Rogen may be one of the loudest people we see on screen, but he’s remained quiet with his personal life. Rogen met his future wife, actress Lauren Miller, in 2004 through a mutual friend, and that same year, they began dating. Six years later, Rogen proposed, and of course, she said yes. The couple got married in October 2011, and it was a star-studded ceremony. Guests include Paul Rudd, Adam Sandler, and Jonah Hill.

Now in their 8th year as a married couple, they’ve been inseparable. The couple resides in one of their investment homes, a beautiful home in West Hollywood, California. Seth Rogen first met Lauren Miller on Da Ali G Show while he was working on the show and their love story began when they attended a birthday party in a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Rogen’s friend, Will Reiser, was dating a friend at the same venue.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall got married in 1987. They’ve worked together on Saturday Night Live in the early ’80s but that’s not how they met. Actually, they first encountered each other while they were still students at Northwestern University. With a marriage that is now more than 30 years, what could be their secret? Louis-Dreyfus told Jay Leno in an interview in 2012 that she just simply “found the right guy.”

Now they have two grown boys, Henry and Charlie. With Louis-Dreyfus’ and Hall’s combined net worth of $260 million, their kids probably won’t have any problem with student loans. The couple also appeared on two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hall never left Dreyfus when she suffered from Breast cancer last 2017 — and she said he even helped her survive it. During their time at Northwestern University, Hall co-founded the group Practical Theatre Company, where Dreyfus and Hall both worked as members.


Antonela Roccuzzo is one lucky woman! Why? Well, she’s married to football heartthrob, Lionel Messi, since 2017. But their love story is something we could be more jealous of. Roccuzzo was Messi’s childhood friend, and they reconnected later in 2007. It was in 2009 when Messi admitted to the public that they were officially dating. Almost a decade after, they eventually got married. Roccuzzo is now a mom of three and she’s actually into a number of businesses.

She made investments in a clothing line and a footwear brand in Barcelona. We also see her accompanying her athlete husband to his games. Roccuzzo was five years old when she first met the football star and it took place at Lucas Scaglia’s house, the footballer’s friend. Messi was a shy boy at first but later became friends with the young Antonela Roccuzzo and often hung out with Scaglia’s house just to see his future partner.


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade both came from failed marriages. But after they finalized their divorce with lawyers and their exes, fate led them together. They began dating in 2009, however, and they went through a rough patch in 2013 due to “distance and scheduling”, as they are both working demanding jobs. However, they both decided to give the relationship another go, and as we all know, they got engaged that same year. In 2014, they wedded at the Chateau Artisan castle in Miami. What’s even more adorable is that Wade was super hands-on with the wedding plans and was hoarding bridal magazines.

The former NBA superstar met Gabrielle Union during a Super Bowl party in 2007, and in 2012, Union and Wade appeared on the cover of Essence magazine. The magazine showed the couple talking about their marriage and in the same year, and Union watched and served as a cheerleader and supporter to Wade during the NBA Finals when the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunders, rewarding him with a kiss.


Actors Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen met at a party in Sydney, Australia, in 2002. Just two years after dating, Cohen popped the question to which the actress answered yes. One major shift in their relationship was Fisher’s conversion to Judaism, which was the religion Cohen was born into. When she finally did, they got married in Paris in 2010 in a quiet ceremony with only six guests. Almost 10 years into their marriage, they now have three children.

Fisher took a hiatus from show business to focus on family life. We guess their house is equipped with a state-of-the-art home security system. Before marrying him, Fisher studied Judaism for 2 years. In 2015, the couple donated half a million dollars to the Save The Children foundation in order to vaccinate children in Syria against measles. Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen were featured together in the film Grimsby in 2016.


The actress-turned-director Elizabeth Banks says she’s a bit traditional when it comes to marriage. She mentioned in an interview that she believes in a committed relationship rather than getting a divorce. Banks met her husband Max Handelman in college at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Their secret to more than fifteen years of marriage is working together. Banks stated that she and her husband had investments in a film production company called Brownstone Productions, which produced both the Pitch Perfect movies and the Charlie’s Angels reboot.

Their company was a mix of their personal and professional goals as a married couple. The couple worked together on producing Hulu’s TV series Shrill, which was first released in March 2019. The couple’s produced show was derived from the memoir written by Lindy West, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman. The couple has two lovely sons, Felix Handelman and Magnus Mitchell Handelman.


One of the most hilarious love stories belongs to actor Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden. Theirs was an unlikely story, but it all seems like destiny in retrospect. The day they met was so memorable to the degree that they laugh about it until today. Their first encounter with each other was on the set of the TV series Airwolf in 1986. Cranston portrayed a hijacker and Dearden played hostage, and in the scene where they were together, Cranston held a gun to her head.

What seemed like a funny experience turned out to be something that changed their lives. They tied the knot in 1989, and in 1993, they gave birth to their daughter Taylor. Did you know that Robin Dearden appeared on an episode of the TV series Breaking Bad? Many probably missed her. Needless to say, this was the show that made Bryan Cranston a household name.


Some celebrities end up with fellow celebrities. However, their partners may not be as famous as they are. One of the pairs we’re talking about is actors Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond. You may not recognize Jeff Richmond, but he has had minor roles in a few TV shows such as 30 Rock and The Baby Show. He has achieved more success as a composer with soundtrack credits under his belt including Saturday Night Live and Mean Girls. He and Fey met in 1993 at a theater, and in 2001, they got married.

They’re now working together on Broadway, the same outfit that brought them together. Richmond first met Tina Fey when the latter moved to Chicago, Illinois, in order to start a new life and they began dating in 1994. According to Tina Fey (during an interview in 2010), she dated him every night once a month. The couple has two adorable daughters, Alice and Penelope Athena. Richmond is known for composing the music for 30 Rock, a satirical show created by his wife.



Actor and comedian Joel McHale rose to fame for playing Jeff Winger on the hilarious sitcom Community. His wife Sarah Williams, on the other hand, often shies away from the public eye. They’re a couple who’s admired by virtually everyone. Since the ’90s, Sarah has stood by the actor’s side. She’s more of a full-time mom, focusing on raising their two sons, Edward “Eddie” Roy and Isaac Hayden. Married for 25 years now, the duo has faced many trials, including a tragic miscarriage and the heart problems of one of their sons.

We hope their health insurance helped reduce their huge medical expenses. Sarah met Joel in 1995 and called him a friend at first. All that changed when they got married the following year. If you want to see more of how this lovely couple spends their time, just check Sarah Williams’ Instagram account, which is filled to the brim with photos of them and their kids.


Amy Adams has an immensely successful career in Hollywood. Despite her hectic schedule as an actress, her husband has shown his all-out support for her. Her husband, Darren Le Gallo, is her biggest fan. He travels with her on various film shoots and even accompanies her on a few red carpet events. Isn’t it cute that he’s always there cheering her on? The lovely couple met at an acting class in 2001 and started dating the next year.

They got married in 2015 in a small, intimate ceremony. Adams gives credit to her husband for their successful marriage, saying “he is an extremely competent caregiver.” The couple has only one child and her name is Aviana. Le Gallo and Adams spend their nights dating as part of their routine, and the whole family attended Amy Adams’ Hollywood Walk of Fame induction event last January 11, 2017. Indeed, these two have a very enviable family life.


Well, of course, this list won’t be complete without them. Back To The Future star Michael J. Fox and wife Tracy Pollan have surpassed the 30-year mark in their marriage. They met while shooting the sitcom Family Ties where their roles were set to have a screen kiss. What they thought was a simple screen kiss turned out to be the first chapter in their book of love. The pair walked down the aisle in 1988 and have been crazy in love ever since.

When Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, their relationship even got stronger to a huge degree. Surely, there’s no struggle they won’t be able to overcome! Their relationship has reportedly become more developed at the time of the movie Bright Lights, Big City, where the couple was featured. They got engaged in 1987 after months of dating. Pollan and Fox currently reside in Manhattan, New York, and have another house in Quogue, New York.


These two are both award-winning actors. They reportedly can’t get enough of each other as they are each other’s best friends in life. Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance first met each other back in the ‘80s in the prestigious Yale School of Drama where they were both earning their Master’s degree in Fine Arts. It was a decade later when their paths crossed again and they began dating. The lovebirds got married in 1997, and in 2006, they welcomed their twins via surrogacy.

In 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Vance wrote a book together called Friends: A Love Story, and it was published in 2007. Talk about relationship goals! In 1994, Vance and Bassett had their first date, but it was said to be unremarkable. On their second date, however, the couple played golf together, and it was said to have ended in success. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


This duo became a fan favorite, and, in fact, they’re one of the best-known power couples in Hollywood. David Beckham met Victoria at a charity football match in 1997. A year later, the pair announced their plans to marry, but prior to their wedding, they gave birth to their first child. The Beckhams wed in 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle near Dublin, and now, they’re raising four kids. The Spice Girl and football star are the most photographed celebrity couple due to their style statements.

David is currently the president & co-owner of Inter Miami CF while Victoria has investments in her own clothing line. David and Victoria began dating each other after they met at a Charity match and their first kiss was in a restaurant parking lot. This was how romantic and fruitful their pre-wedding relationship was, and it led to a wedding proposal in January 1998. After their wedding in 1999, the couple began to live in Hertfordshire in England, and the house, which was formerly known as Rowneybury House, was nicknamed Beckingham Palace. The famous couple was dubbed by the media as “Posh & Becks”.


We know Martin Scorsese as a renowned filmmaker whose directorial credits include Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver. However, let’s dive into his married life and get to know more about his wife, Helen Morris. Morris was a former magazine editor who met Scorsese in 1995 when she interviewed him for an editorial. It was reported that they fell in love the next year when she went to Morocco while Scorsese was filming Kundun.

They tied the knot in July 1999 and gave birth to their daughter Francesca four months after. Francesca appeared in her dad’s films The Departed and The Aviator. When they gave birth to Francesca, the eldest daughter of the couple, Morris was 52 years old at the time. One of their notable family bondings was at the red carpet premiere of Scorsese’s 2019 film The Irishman, where Morris and her children joined the prestigious director for the event.


Former Spurs point guard Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria were once married, only to eventually hire divorce lawyers and call the whole thing off. It was in 2011 when their divorce was finalized and that same year, Parker met French journalist, Axelle Francine, through a mutual friend. Two years later, Parker announced their engagement on Twitter. In 2014, they welcomed their first child, and the new parents walked down the aisle in August in an intimate ceremony in France with their friends and family.

Francine is also an accomplished businesswoman, who owns Le Petit Med Spa as well as a styling company called Image Consulting. In 2012, Parker and Francine started dating each other, and as a supportive partner, Francine was present at the Western Conference Finals when the San Antonio Spurs (Parker’s team) faced the Memphis Grizzlies. The couple was spotted shopping for jeans at a store in the same year. In 2020, Parker and Francine ended their relationship.


If you don’t know these lovers then you’re surely missing out. They’re one of the most sought after celeb couples not only because they’re super attractive, but also because of their laudable relationship. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen met in 2006 via a mutual friend and they tied the knot three years later. But their relationship was never easy as Brady disclosed to Bundchen that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant.

The pregnancy news almost tore them apart, but they managed to patch things up and are now each other’s biggest fans. In the highs and lows, their great degree of love is what keeps them inseparable. Brady and Bundchen gave birth to Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake, both were born in December. In 2018, Brady and Bundchen bought an apartment in New York City for $25.5 million, and two years later, they sold it for about $40 million to move to Florida.


Here comes Phoebe Buffay from the sitcom Friends, or actress Lisa Kudrow in real life. We guess we could say she met her husband, Michael Stern, at the wrong place at the wrong time. They were first introduced to each other when Stern dated the actress’s roommate. It was love at first sight for Kudrow. But, to her credit, she thought it was wrong to have a crush on her roommate’s boyfriend at the time.

It was only after six years that they met again, started dating, and eventually got married in 1995. They’ve been head over heels in love with each other ever since. In the year 1998, Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow gave birth to their son, Julian Murray Stern — he was born on the 7th of May in the same year. Stern has a net worth of $1.1 million and Kudrow is reportedly worth $70 million.


The ’90s kids went crazy over this couple. Actors Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar were at the height of their careers during this decade. But what turned out to be successful was not only their work in the industry but also their romance. They first met on the set of the 1997 film, I Know What You Did Last Summer, where they became friends. They started dating three years later, and in 2002, they got married.

Now parents to two kids, there are no signs that these two are slowing down. Credits to their friendship, it makes marriage happier and easier. The couple didn’t only become lovers behind the camera, they also became lovers on-screen in the 2006 film Happily N’Ever After, where the characters they played, Ella and Rick, were having a relationship, too. Both were featured in Scooby Doo and its sequel Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, where Prinze played Fred and Gellar played Daphne.


Model Cindy Crawford was married to A-list actor Richard Gere, but the two decided to hire divorce attorneys as things were not working out for them. But it was fate that gave Crawford another chance in love when she met former model and entrepreneur Rande Gerber. The pair got married in 1998 and share two children together, Presley and Kaia, who followed their footsteps in the modeling scene.

Celebrating more than 20 years of marriage, Crawford gave credit to their friendship as the foundation of their marriage. In an interview, she said, “Being rooted and based on friendship is what keeps the relationship elevated.” Gerber met Crawford while she was still in a relationship with actor Richard Gere and when the latter and Crawford were just about to part ways. Gerber saw this as an opportunity to capture Crawford’s heart by dating her afterward. Well, today, their relationship seems to be doing spectacularly well.


The couple with timeless beauty, Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston, first met in 1975 on the set of Rancho Deluxe. Geston was waiting tables in a Montana restaurant to pay for college while the actor was filming scenes. When he saw her working there, it was love at first sight for him. However, despite his immediate infatuation, it took quite a long time for Jeff to ask her hand in marriage. It was not until Geston gave him an ultimatum that he finally proposed.

Geston already wanted to start a family at the time. They tied the knot in 1977 and have raised three gorgeous daughters. Before their romantic relationship began, Susan Geston first rejected Bridges’ request to go out with her, but when she was asked by the actor to dance with her during the Rancho Deluxe’s wrap party, she finally agreed. Geston fell in love with Bridges’ traits, like his sense of humor, so it is said to be one of the secrets of their long relationship. To both of their credit, they’ve been together for ages.


Two lawyers-turned-judges as a couple? You can imagine their wild arguments at home! But these two, Judge Judy and Jerry Sheindlin, are actually sweet to each other, and it’s evident in how they’ve been selflessly treating each other over the years. In their marriage of over 40 years, they actually got divorced once in 1990 and remarried a year later. It made them realize how they need each other in their lives.

Their love stood the test of time, and with Judge Judy’s successful career on TV, Jerry has shown immense support by always being by her side. Their unconditional love for each other led to their victorious marriage. Judy and Jerry Sheindlin have 3 children — Jonathan, their son, is now working as a doctor, while Gregory and Nicole followed in their parent’s footsteps by working as lawyers. The couple spent $9 million on a Bird House property in Newport, Rhode Island, which was owned by Campbell’s soup heiress, Dorrance Hill Hamilton.


The young and good-looking couple, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, met in 2016 and immediately clicked. They began dating but kept the news away from the public. Only a year later, their engagement was announced on Instagram with a photo of a diamond ring. It was in May 2019 that they got married in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards, and they had a formal ceremony in France a month after.

Turner credits Jonas for helping her overcome her personal struggles, including her identity crisis. She stated, “he wants to see me find my own happiness.” Their relationship started when Jonas messaged her on Instagram and personally met the actress in London after weeks of chatting. One of the highlights of their relationship was both of them attending the Kings Of Leon concert in the Netherlands in 2016. They spend their nights together by dining and club-hopping, and they were once spotted leaving a club in Los Angeles.


After almost 40 years of blissful marriage, Jay Leno and his wife, Mavis Leno are still standing strong, and like some of the best couples, they have a cute story to share. The pair first met in the late ’70s at a comedy show where Leno performed.

While they were planning on getting married, he didn’t give Mavis an engagement ring as they had just bought a house. Mavis did not mind because she was already with the man he loves and has a home for their future family. It was years later that she received one and it was amazing and definitely worth the wait! When Leno finally became a bankable TV personality, his wife has always supported him just like before – as well as for who he is, for richer or poorer. With his current net worth of $400 million, it seems they have excellent money management skills.


Stephen Colbert is a popular TV host and comedian. While many people know that he has a wife, only a few knew about his married life. Colbert met Evelyn McGee at an arts festival in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. When he saw her, he immediately knew she was the one. Yes, love at first sight still exists! Needless to say that he started to make his move before anybody else does. They started talking to each other and realized they share the same interests. Both of them knew that there was something special.

After years of dating and getting to know each other more, they finally walked down the aisle in 1993. They were blessed and were able to raise three children together. Even after more than 25 years of their marriage, the couple continues to be just like when they first met, and it is evident that they are still so smitten by each other to a huge degree.


They say that if love can stand the test of time then it must be true. It has been tested and proven by many and Barbra Streisand’s marriage to James Brolin serves as a sweet example. Their marriage of over 20 years is a testament to the commitment, and despite the setbacks, their love conquered it all. Both of them were previously married, but unfortunately for them back then, it did not work out. Little did they know that they would soon meet the love of their lives after that.

They first met at a party after being set up by a friend, and it was love at first sight for James. Streisand’s unique beauty and charm truly captured his heart and that is when their relationship started. They dated for a year then they quickly got engaged. They decided to get married and tied the knot at her property in Malibu on July 1, 1998. The key to their happy marriage? They credit each other for being the best of friends.


We might recognize them from the hit reality television series The Osbournes but both of them had a great career that started way back. Ozzy Osbourne’s claim to fame was during the 1970s when he was the lead vocalist of the band Black Sabbath. He started dating his manager and future wife, Sharon, in 1979. Their budding romance led to a fruitful marriage on July 4, 1982, and now, they have three children namely Aimee, Kelly, Jack.

You might have seen them together with the couple who also starred in the TV show we’ve mentioned. The Osbournes have had ups and downs, but credits to them, they chose to stick together. Even after their biggest challenge last 2016, Sharon stood by her husband’s side no matter what and Osbourne was forever thankful for his wife. Because of that, they are stronger than ever. As Osbourne once said, “It’s a journey, really, a marriage.”


This couple has one of the touching stories there is – like a fairytale come to life. Toby Keith and Tricia Lucus married young when they were only 22 and 21 years old, respectively. After dating for a while, they decided to tie the knot and had their wedding on March 24, 1984.

Like many other married couples, they started from scratch. Since they started young, it was more difficult for them to manage both their careers and relationship. Keith worked at the Oklahoma petroleum industry, where oil and gas are manufactured, to provide for his family and make ends meet. He realized that it was a dangerous job so he tried to look for other jobs. Luckily, he turned to music. With his talent and his wife’s unwavering support, he found international success in the country music scene. What we learned from this couple is that perseverance and faith will truly get you to your dreams.


People gush every time they see these two displaying their affection for each other on the red carpet, bringing sparks to the flooring. There is nothing sweeter, and at the same time, sexier than a guy showing off his affection to his wife, even in public. Jason Momoa has always been vocal about him having a crush on his wife Lisa Bonet ever since he was a kid. Imagine his luck that even when he thought it was impossible before, he ended up marrying his childhood crush!

In the early 2000s, they officially met at a jazz club, and as they say, the rest was history. They have been together for 14 years before tying the knot in 2017. They have two children together, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola. Indeed age is just a number because, despite the twelve-year age difference between Momoa and Lisa, they were able to handle their relationship very well.


Longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has been in a love spell for a long time with his wife Jean Currivan. He decided to put a ring on it and they got married in 1990. They have two wonderful and successful children together, Matthew and Emily. Matthew has made an investment in a restaurant while Emily works in real estate.

The couple of 30 years currently lives in Los Angeles, and as both of them are homebodies, doing things and watching movies together sort of helped their marriage grow strong. After all, one of the true tests of marriage is when you have been together for a long time and still feel the same way about each other. Trebek is 24 years senior to Jean, but they’re equally drawn to each other—they are just crazy for each other’s company. What Jean loves about him is his sense of humor, and of course, his intelligence.


Everybody loves Steve Martin. From his work in comedy, music, and even in books (yes, he has lots of writing credits), there’s nothing this great artist cannot do. Contrary to most of the celebrities who end up being with someone in the same industry, Martin started dating someone who is non-showbiz after his first marriage ended. He then married the love of his life, journalist Anne Stringfield, at his Los Angeles home in 2007.

They first got introduced to each other over the phone when Anne interviewed him as she was assigned as the fact-checker for the New Yorker. They eventually met in person for more interviews, and then they fell in love with each other. Five years after their secret wedding, in December 2012, Martin finally became a father for the first time at 67 years old while Anne was in her mid-30s. They named their beautiful baby girl Mary.


One of Hollywood’s longest-lasting marriages belongs to Regis and Joy Philbin. The veteran talk show host married Joy in March 1970 and have been blessed with two daughters, Joanna and J.J. The couple has worked together on screen occasionally when Joy co-hosted with her husband on his talk show until he retired in 2011. They continue to keep the fire burning even after years of marriage.

In an interview, they both confessed that they are the best of friends and it made married life happier. Philbin even said that he worships the ground Joy walks on. The same goes for Joy as she admits that there is just something about her husband that she is always fond of. After his retirement, the two spent time together and were spotted having frequent date nights. This year, they celebrated 50 years of marriage, and they give credit to having common interests in keeping each other engaged. This includes their love for tennis and showbusiness. Unfortunately, Philbin passed a few months after.


Country music fans’ always keep an eye on Alan and Denise Jackson. This longtime couple was high school sweethearts, and they walked down the aisle on December 15, 1979. The funny thing about their first encounter is that Jackson tried an odd way to get Denise’s attention: he threw a penny down her blouse then asked if she could get it for him. They became a couple shortly after that.

When it comes to Alan’s career, it was to Denise’s credit that her husband became an acclaimed musician. Early on in their marriage, she spotted Glen Campbell and told him her husband dreamed of becoming a country singer. Campbell helped her by referring them to a Nashville publishing company that later signed Jackson to a record deal. They exemplified how marriage is all about partnership, believing in each other’s strengths, helping when the other is weak, and no matter what, always having each other’s back.


Former glamour model and singer-songwriter Samantha Fox began a relationship with Linda Olsen when her former partner of 12 years, Myra Stratton, succumbed to cancer. Fox found a new life with Olsen, and soon after, they happily shared their engagement in March 2020. However, they had to postpone their wedding plans in Essex due to the current global situation.

It was in 2003 when Samantha came out as gay in public when she embarked on a relationship with her former manager, Myra. Sure it was not a walk in the park for her, but we are so glad that she found someone who she can be with forever. Both of them are so happy that they have found each other amidst all the bumps in the road before they knew each other. We’re happy to see them so happy with their current relationship. Their investments of self-love and love for each other definitely made things work out for them both. We hope to see their wedding soon!


Actor and comedian Jorge Garcia is known for his great performances in the television series Hawaii Five-0 and Lost. In addition to his success in his career, Garcia is also lost in love with his wife Rebecca Birdsall. On June 22, 2019, the couple exchanged their vows in front of their family and friends in Ireland. Rebecca probably fell in love with Garcia’s impeccable sense of humor.

She may have fallen in love with him even more when he, being the comedian that he is, wore a gorilla costume with his suit! He even got his groomsmen to wear the costumes, too. Just like the internet acronym ROFLMAO says, it made everybody rolling on the flooring laughing their stomachs out! Her wife also shares the same humor and joins in his fun. This is exactly why their marriage is different from the others, they are both ridiculously crazy about each other’s quirks.


Television personality Steve Harvey is well-loved by many, thanks to his charm and wits. However, there’s also someone loving him unconditionally, and of course, it is his wife of 13 years, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Harvey and Marjorie tied the knot on June 25, 2007, but their love story goes way back to 1990 when Marjorie was an audience member in one of Steve’s shows.

She came in late to the degree that Harvey stopped the show for a while only to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t know who this is, but I’m going to marry her.” It was destiny that made them cross paths again in 2005. Now, that is fate right there! Although they have a seemingly fairytale beginning, Harvey and Marjorie did not have it the easy way throughout. However, it was in those humps and bumps that made them realize that they are really meant for each other.


Singer-songwriter Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey met in the late ‘90s when Orianne worked as a translator while Collins was on tour. They got married in 1999 and gave birth to two sons, Nicholas and Matthew. However, in 2008, they hired an attorney for their separation, and they ended up in a $32 million settlement, the largest in a British celebrity marriage. At some point, both of them felt that it was the end of their relationship as they both were content having their own lives separately.

Luckily, Collins and Orianne realized that they belong in each other’s lives. Collins’ fans were glad to hear the news that the two reconciled in 2016 and rekindled their romance. They are also known for their joint projects and charities that help many people. One of the couple’s joint projects is The Little Dreams Foundation, a charitable agency that helps talented children make their dreams come true.


Phoebe Cates was one of the most awaited teen stars back in the ’80s. Her iconic scene in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High established her career in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Kevin Kline was a highly-acclaimed actor who is famous for his work in Sophie’s Choice. The lovebirds first met on the auditions for The Big Chill in 1983; Kevin did not only get the role but he also won Cates’s heart.

Their relationship, however, did not blossom right away. Kevin reportedly had a date with Cates by hiring her former assistant and asking her to set them up. In 1989, they exchanged their vows and in 1991, they welcomed their first child, Owen. It was only after two years again that they welcomed their daughter, Greta Simone. Cates retired from the acting industry in the early ‘90s to focus on raising her family. She did not stop working as she also had business investments in her boutique.


This actress is known for her blockbuster film Miss Congeniality. In real life, she has shown more than congeniality but resilience, too. After the heartbreaking infidelity issues of her ex-husband Jesse James, Sandra Bullock was able to bounce back and gave herself another chance in love. Five years after calling her lawyers, she was able to move on and started seeing professional photographer, Bryan Randall.

It was all a happenstance for both of them and the credit is given to Bullock’s son when he celebrated his fifth birthday. Bullock hired Bryan to be the photographer of her son’s party. Since then, the two have been inseparable. What made Bullock fall in love with him is that Randall gladly accepted the role of father to Bullock’s adopted children, Louis and Laila – and it seems they adore him so much. Many of their fans wish that they will finally tie the knot soon!


Gabourey Sidibe’s Hollywood debut was in her 2009 film Precious. What’s even more precious about her is the fact that she’s smitten by her boyfriend Brandon Frankel who is in the branding and marketing business. The award-winning actress is so lucky that his boyfriend has been so affectionate. It’s evident in his Instagram posts and captions. One of his photos said, “I love you more and more every single day.”

They reportedly began dating around May 2019 but made it official on social media two months after. Since then, they have been so affectionate about each other on social media and their fans couldn’t get enough of them. Last November 2020, Brandon popped the question and she immediately said yes! What a great way to end the year for these two love birds. With the income that they earn, they must start doing their investment planning for their future, for marriage – and maybe even for kids.


Most people have never experienced a romantic comedy-like love story yet, but these two already have. The story of how they met is like something out of a really good rom-com movie. Actors Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield met in a bar in 2012. It was just an ordinary day for Timothy. He just wanted to get a slice of pizza and a beer while watching sports in his favorite spot. It was a coincidence that he left behind his phone, and when he went back to get it, there was Gilbert, sitting alone – and guess what – on his favorite spot!

The next day they went to brunch and things got interesting to a degree that they tied the knot the next year. It’s a one of a kind meet-cute for the both of them and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Currently, the couple lives in an 1890 Victorian house located in Howell.


Country music legend Dolly Parton credits hard work for her success. One of the reasons behind her success is also a man who stood by her side for more than 50 years. She and her husband Carl Thomas Dean try to keep their relationship as private as they can but it’s no secret that they have a healthy marriage after still being together all these years.

They first met in 1964 just outside a laundromat in Nashville, and Carl said in an interview, “My first thought was I’m gonna marry that girl” and his second thought was, “ Lord she’s good looking!”. Since then, Parton said that it was the instant connection that drew her closer to Carl. They got married in Georgia with the cutest and simplest ceremony on May 30, 1966. As a celebration of their life and love as a married couple, they renewed their wedding vows on their 50th wedding anniversary back in 2016.、


The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and Entertainment Tonight host Lauren Zima both have a common ground, as you can see. They recently made headlines with the news of them dating, and according to them, it was Lauren who made the first move. The new couple met when Lauren interviewed Harrison about The Bachelor franchise. She works as a correspondent for a popular TV show, Entertainment Tonight, while he was the host for ABCs reality dating show, The Bachelor.

It was in later 2019 when they announced their already one-year relationship through an Instagram picture of them kissing. Over the months, they have celebrated milestones together, including Harrison co-hosting Lauren on Entertainment Tonight in January 2020. She also flaunts how supportive Harrison can be, especially with her career. Their fans can attest to that as he also made an appearance on her Youtube show to show his support. It would be fun to see them release some online classes, sharing their knowledge with their fans.


Renowned comedian Tim Allen has a blossoming marriage to his wife Jane Hajduk, and it only gets stronger over the years. Allen and Jane were exclusively dating for five years before finally tying the knot. Like most of the celebrities who want to take a break from all the attention, the couple walked down the aisle in an intimate ceremony in Colorado on October 7, 2006. It was only attended by their families, and we think it’s priceless.

Aside from being a loving wife and a mom of their only child Elizabeth, Jane is also an actress. Films to her credit include Zoom, Joe Somebody, and The Shaggy Dog, her husband’s movies. Recently, the couple made an appearance in the Toy Story 4 premiere, where Allen voiced the character Buzz Lightyear. They also show their support for each other by being co-stars in some movies like Zoom and The Shaggy Dog.


Sam Elliott is known for his award-winning film performances and especially for his deep voice and full mustache we see on screen. In the mid-’80s, he chose one lucky woman to be his life partner, actress Katharine Ross. The couple met on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the late ’60s. Just like every story, sometimes things do not go your way right away.

It was not until 1978 that their paths crossed again when they were filming a horror movie, Legacy in London. They played a couple that was a part of a group that was being haunted at a scary and strange English home – and this was when their romance blossomed. They eventually walked down the aisle in 1984 and gave birth to their only daughter, Cleo Rose, who is now a musician. The couple resides on one of their house investments in Malibu.


The co-anchor of America’s Newsroom Sandra Smith began her career as a research associate, working on the analysis of retail stocks and investment opportunities. Her TV debut was as a reporter for Bloomberg Television before joining FOX Business Network. It was at her workplace when she met businessman John Connelly, who was her supervisor at the time. Love was definitely in the air as John asked Smith out for a date. She agreed, and one date after another, they fell in love even more.

It was on December 28, 2009, that they got engaged after dating a few years. The two couldn’t wait any longer to start a family, so 5 months after, on May 2, 2010, they tied the knot. The couple now shares two kids; the first one is their daughter, Cora Bella Conelly and their second born was a boy, John Conelly Jr. Smith and John could not be happier with their family.


TV host and political commentator Joy Reid is known for her courageous inputs regarding current news and events. The Hollywood Reporter credited her as one of today’s political pundits. She may be popular, but she keeps her personal life as private as possible. She got hitched secretly and made sure that the details of their wedding remained confidential. Although she and Jason Reid are more revealing about their relationship now, they still keep a certain kind of mystery.

Well, let’s get to know more about her better half this time. Jason is a part of the Image Lab Films as a partner and senior editor while also writing as a freelancer. He was also a former senior film editor for the Discovery Channel. Maybe the two got connected because of their common ground: their passion for film. If you didn’t know yet, Reid graduated from college with a concentration in film at the prestigious Harvard University.


Erin Burnett currently hosts her very own show, Erin Burnett OutFront. However, what’s not really out front is her married life. We only know a little about her husband, David Rubulotta. One, he holds a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia University. The other fact is that, according to Business Insider, he’s a managing director at Citibank.

Burnett and David first met on a blind date in 2004. It took a while before they realized that they are meant for each other. Eight years later, in 2011, they got engaged. After a year of preparation, they finally said their vows and were married on December 21, 2012. Unexpectedly, as wealthy as we think they are, they chose a small and intimate wedding at the New York City Hall with their close family and friends. The couple now has three kids: two boys and one girl. The couple, together with their children, Nyle, Colby, and Erin, are happily residing in their lavish apartment on the Upper West Side.


The veteran Robert Redford may be retired from the acting industry but he isn’t tired when it comes to love. His first marriage failed and required the services of a lawyer. However, he found love again with long-time partner Sibylle Szaggars whom he began dating in 1996. Thirteen years into their relationship, they tied the knot in July 2009 at a hotel in Hamburg, Germany.

Sibylle is a German-born painter who’s 19 years younger than the actor and also a divorcee. Even with their age difference, it didn’t stop them from giving love a second chance. Both of them are actively looking for ways to help other people, so when Sibylle established a nonprofit organization, The Way of The Rain, Redford was nothing but supportive. Together they help produce and develop intellectual but artistic performances that can help raise awareness about preserving the environment. The couple currently lives on their farm in Utah.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s reel to real love story will make you swoon. They have been together for over three decades, and their years in the spotlight have been admirable. From starring in hit films and walking the red carpet at awards shows to helping each other through health scares and raising a modern blended family, they continue to prove their strength and invincibility.

The two first met when the latter appeared in Hanks’ ’80s sitcom Bosom Buddies. Nothing blossomed as Hanks was then married to his childhood sweetheart, Samantha Lewes. Just four years later, Hanks and Wilson co-starred again in the film Volunteers. As it turns out, the link between the pair was evident during filming in 1984. The relationship between Tom and Rita was too strong to refuse, and Hanks finalized his separation from Samantha in 1987. They tied the knot a year after, and Wilson gave birth to their first child, Chester Marlon Hanks, in 1990. Now, the couple remains in wedded bliss and have made wise investments in real estate properties with an estimated amount of $150 million.


With Hollywood being a breeding ground for failed marriages, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick continue to prove otherwise. After 29 years of being in a relationship with her husband, the Sex and the City star is still happily married, and it seems that love has not faded.

Shortly after her relationship with Robert Downey Jr., Sarah Jessica was introduced to Matt by her brothers in 1991. The pair collaborated for the first time in the revival of the classic musical after four years of dating. A year later, the couple tied the knot during a surprise wedding. They soon welcomed son James Wilkie in 2002 and twin girls Marion and Tabitha in 2009 via a surrogate. More recently, Parker and Broderick made a hefty profit by selling their new investment townhouse in New York City for $15 million, which was initially bought for $3 million.


It is every woman’s dream to be successful in her career and be with someone who will support her all the way. Being one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood and having been happily married to fellow actor Darren de Gallo, Amy Adams is one lucky woman. De Gallo has appeared in several films after graduating college with a degree in painting. The two first spotted each other in an acting class, but the timing wasn’t right. Fate, however, brought them together when they co-starred in the film Pennies in 2002. They started dating and confirmed their relationship in 2006.

The couple officially got engaged in 2008 after dating for years but was in no rush to tie the knot. Adams then gave birth to their first daughter, Aviana, on May 15, 2010. Five years later, the Enchanted actress had an equally enchanting classic spring wedding with her real-life Prince Charming.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi broke down the walls days after California passed a law in 2008. They have an unbreakable bond, bolstered by affection, admiration, and mutual support between them. The pair first met backstage in 2004 at the VH1 awards. It was love at first sight, but it took three years before they fell hard for each other. It was 2005 when they publicly appeared and confirmed their relationship.

The couple wed each other in 2008 in an intimate wedding ceremony. There were several rumors of the couple having difficulties, but these were quickly ended by both parties. Amidst the controversies, the TV show comedian and the Ally McBeal star are set to renew their vows, but the date is yet to be announced. More recently, the pair invested in Miyoko’s Creamery in addition to their several investments.


Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have always been an eye shocker on the red carpet. It looks like you just can’t keep the two apart, and their no-marriage relationship works really well on them. Like most Hollywood relationships, the pair met at the set of The One and Only in 1966. But being too young with Goldie at 21 and Kurt at 16, they have to wait for another seven years to be in love. So the couple met again in 1983 while filming Swing Shift.

After seven years of dating, they welcome their first child, Wyatt Russell. In 1987, the pair starred in the comedy Overboard for the third time alongside each other. It had been decades since the stars of Hollywood appeared together on the silver screen, but all that changed in 2018 when Goldie made a cameo as Mrs. Claus in The Christmas Chronicles of Netflix. Two years later, in The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, the pair reprised their roles as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. Russell and Hawn have made heavy investments, and after 37 years of being together, they revealed that marriage is still out of the picture.


For nearly four decades, award-winning actor and producer Denzel Washington and his marriage to actress Pauletta Washington have been breaking the odds of Hollywood. In fact, they became one of the most successful marriages in the industry. No matter how many reports come year after year seeking to shatter the couple’s optimistic picture, they continue to fight together with love and grace. Like most celebrity pairs, the two first met on the set of the TV series Wilma. Mrs. Washington has been featured in a variety of stage, film, and television roles. What many fans do not know, however, is that Pauletta earned her degree in North Carolina School of Arts and is an acclaimed vocalist and pianist.

The two began dating in the 1970s and eventually got married in 1983 after Pauletta turned down Denzel’s proposal twice— but we guess third time’s the charm! Now, the couple has four children together: their eldest son, BlacKkKlansman actor John David, actress Katia, as well as twins Olivia and Malcolm, who also began making names in the film industry. The Washingtons renewed their vows in South Africa in 1995 with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


Approaching their 12 years of marriage, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard proved that their love is strong and unbreakable. Maggie rose to fame when she appeared in the 2002 indie movie Secretary. She recently starred as Rachel Dawes in the blockbuster film, The Dark Knight.  Peter branched out with roles after earning his degree in history and has starred in numerous films like Kinsey and Jarhead, along with Maggie’s brother, Jake Gyllenhaal. She fell in love with her brother’s close friend and began a relationship with him in 2002. The two announced their engagement four years later and were married in Italy three years after.

The pair first played lovers in the 2009 production of Uncle Vanya by Classic Stage Company and in Three Sisters as Masha and Vershinin. They are parents to two daughters Ramona and Gloria, and are currently residing in Brooklyn.


For over a decade, Seth Rogen has been a household name in the world of comedy. The Canadian native rose to fame in hit movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Funny People and has added producing and directing to his lengthy career. His equally successful wife, Lauren Miller, entered Hollywood after earning her degree from the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. She appeared in supporting roles in some of Seth’s films Superbad, Observe and Write, and 50/50, to name a few. Soon after, she pursued scriptwriting and wrote her first film, For a Good Time, Call.

The two were first introduced while at a friend’s party in 2004. Seth’s career was just about to take off at the time. They officially became a couple and dated for six years before getting engaged in 2010. Rogen and Miller tied the knot in October 2010 at Kunde Estate in Sonoma. Due to his talent, hard work, and the support he gets from Lauren, Seth has achieved great success. Seth is thankful, and he is not afraid to prove it to his wife.


There is no doubt that Meryl Streep is an icon of successful marriage and career. From The Devil Wears Prada to The Iron Lady, the award-winning actress had an extensive career in the industry for four and a half decades. Streep also has a marriage that has lasted for over forty years apart from being incredibly successful in her profession. Streep met sculptor Don Gummer after her ex-boyfriend’s death. With a degree in Fine Arts, Gummer has performed 22 solo shows in the US and also in countries like Italy and Japan. With many honors and features in public collections, Gummer has been honored several times for his works.

The pair eventually became friends, and the romance between Streep and Gummer didn’t take long to develop. They tied the knot in September 1978. While eyebrows were raised, they proved to everyone that their love story was more than just a rebound. They continued to become stronger decade after decade. The family had been living in Connecticut for a long time but returned to New York eight years ago, with all four of their children leaving home.


The couple may not be seen over the news, but their marriage is one of the best ones in Hollywood. The Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, and the Shame actress, Deborra Lee Furness, have been married for over two decades and are loving parents to their two kids, Oscar and Ava. Aside from juggling their career and parenting, they continue to brave the pressure of spotlight and fame. The Golden Globe winner first met Deborra while on the set of the Australian drama series Corelli. It did not take long for their friendship to develop, and they became a couple despite their 13-year difference. Hugh and Deborra tied the knot in 1995.

Being married for 20 years is an achievement, especially when you are as famous as Jackman. With Jackman’s successful career in the industry, which built wealth and investments, it sounds like Hugh and Deborra have found fulfillment and happiness. Anyone is fortunate enough in their lives to discover anything like that.


Tina Turner is having the time of her life with her being happily married to Erwin Bach. Even though it is not always rainbows and butterflies, Turner has always been thankful for Erwin through the years. Turner was first introduced in 1986 to Bach, a music executive, at an airport in Germany, after a record label sent him to meet her there. It was love at first sight to her even though Erwin was 16 years younger. Tina allegedly turned down Erwin’s first marriage proposal, and it wasn’t until 2013 that the lovebirds eventually tied the knot after 27 years of being a couple. Reportedly, the couple also celebrated their marriage in celebration of Tina’s religion with an intimate Buddhist ceremony.

While being married to a renowned singer and performer, Back was famous in his own right. After earning his college degree and becoming a renowned music producer, Bach also entered the spotlight, having starred in the 1999 film Maldito Amor: Demasiado Tarde. Over the years, he has also made a couple of appearances on 60 Minutes, History, and more alongside his wife.


With relationship controversies hitting the headlines almost every day, it’s unusual to see a couple in Hollywood happily in love. As for Julia Louis – Dreyfus, Brad Hall had always been the right guy for her. Those who remember Louis-Dreyfus and Hall in the early ’80s from their stint on SNL might think that’s where the pair met, but in fact, while they were both students at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, when the Veep star first met her future husband. Brad Hall appeared quite a few times in his career in front of the camera, but compared to his front-woman partner, he is more of a background mover and shaker.

Considering Brad’s professional longevity in the entertainment industry, it would make sense that over the years, he has pocketed a few coins and investments. The pair has been married for 33 years and have been each other’s pillar. Louis – Dreyfus was diagnosed with malignant disease in 2017 and had been battling the illness with the steadfast support of her husband. As they say, “in sickness and in health.”


Music icon David Bowie and supermodel Iman were one of rock and roll’s favorite couples. David was first introduced to Iman during a blind date in 1992. One of the most sought-after fashion models of the 1970s and 1980s, Iman became a prominent business executive in the 1990s with investment in her cosmetic line. The couple got engaged several months after dating and were married the same year. Iman and David Bowie both have a daughter who was born to them in 2000, Alexandria Zahra Jones. Iman is also the stepmother of Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s wife, from a previous marriage.

During their nearly 25 years of marriage, the stars kept their home lives hidden, sharing bits about their enduring love only occasionally. On Jan. 10, two days after his 69th birthday, Bowie died when he lost his fight with liver cancer. Iman, with being married to Bowie for 26 years, claims that he will always be his true love.


The Seinfelds have been married for twenty years, and for fans, it is incredible to see Hollywood celebrities make it through the test of time. Unlike many others, their story started controversially. Jerry first locked his eyes on the Tommy Hilfiger fashion publicist in a gym in Manhattan. It would have been adorable if Jessica had been single by that time. Though the timing was not right, Jerry and Jessica fell in love and agreed to refrain from any public displays of affection for about six months. Soon enough, their engagement was all over the news, shocking their fans. The pair agreed to keep their marriage and honeymoon strictly private.

Jessica and Jerry have one of the longest-lasting relationships in Hollywood, considering their rocky start. Over the years, they have proven their strength together with their four kids. More recently, the Seinfields were said to be “only” $50 million away from joining the exclusive ten-figure club with their combined net worth and real estate investments.


The couple first met in 1996 on the set of the BBC drama Nostromo and married one year later in Tuscany. A multi-award-winning English actor, Colin Firth is best known for his roles as Mr. Darcy in the 1995 TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and as King George VI in the film The King’s Speech. His movies have grossed over $3 billion worldwide. For his performances, on the other hand, Colin has garnered numerous accolades. Speaking of his wife, the Italian film producer rose to fame when she produced a documentary in 2007 and won International Human Rights Awards. She is also the Creative Director of Eco-Age, which attracted several investments from several businesses and organizations.

Despite the notoriety that comes along with the spotlight, Colin and Livia revealed their intentions to call off their marriage after being together for 22 years. Fortunately, they will continue to become friends and parents to sons Luca, 19, and Matteo, 17.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

The reel to real loveteam who played a couple in the sitcom Family Ties is the power duo, Michael Fox and Tracy Pollan. Fox starred as Alex P. Keaton, a young Reagan-loving conservative who dates a feminist college student named Ellen Reed, which is Pollan’s character. While both of them had an on-screen romance, a real-life relationship didn’t blossom right away. They dated several actors before realizing that they liked each other and wanted to be together. Pollan’s exposure in the comedy TV series only lasted for a season, but the pair reunited when they had the 1998 movie titled Bright Lights, Big City.

Fox was one of the biggest stars when he married Pollan, and he had the lifestyle to prove it. Fox enjoyed living the high life so much that it eventually brought him a problem, but he had overcome it with the help of his faithful wife. Fox and Pollan have been happily married for more than 30 years and have four adult kids who will indeed have no money loans because of their parents’ net worth.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

It is great to have a best friend as well as a lover in one person. It won’t just give you the inspiration to wake up inspired every morning, but it also makes you feel secure.  Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen met back at a party in Sydney, Australia, and started dating shortly after. Six years later, they got engaged and married in Paris. Their actual wedding was so intimate that only six people made the guest list. To make that happen without it being visible is challenging, especially that both Fisher and Cohen are in-demand A-listers.

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s love story was focused on family, food, and laughter. Fisher said in the interview that her husband inspires her in her career. Sacha was the reason she got into comedy since she was first rejected a few times for dramatic roles. Today, they are raising their children in Sydney after migrating from the United States. They are both examples of how couples should focus on their investment in their children’s future. After all, everyone should strive to put their family first. 

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

Two people either grow together or grow apart. This couple’s destiny was to grow together and as such, they regularly made decisions that kept them close. Elizabeth Banks and her husband Max Handelman have been married for 27 years, real-life in Hollywood. One of those decisions that kept them is working together. The couple, who married in 2003 and have two sons together, invested in a film production company with their financial advisors named Brownstone Productions. Creating the company was about trying to combine their personal and professional goals.

When the couple was asked about their secret to a happy marriage, Banks told the press that she is traditional when it comes to the commitment of being together. The actress slash director believes that marriage should be valued, and both partners should always be committed to each other. The pair has been into each other ever since, and they still take the long view.

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon

Who would forget the remarkable and rugged character of the one and only Viola Davis in the most-watched series of all time, How to Get Away with Murder? She played an influential professor and a lawyer in the series. One of the talented and most accomplished actors of our time, Davis’s film and TV career is not the only thing she is proud of. Staying married in Hollywood can be quite tricky with reporters looking to dig up scoops on your personal life. Not to mention that the paparazzi often lurks around every corner. In spite of these difficulties at keeping a private life, she married Julius Tennon. In case you’re wondering, Tennon is an accomplished film, theatre veteran actor, and producer with over thirty years of experience.

The couple’s marriage has managed to stand the test of time and commitment, despite their age gap and fame that can present problems, as two people in different life stages don’t always connect. Davis prayed for a husband and had an answered prayer. The love that they have shared is an incredible investment and will forever be the best decision they have made.

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman are considered a power couple as they have been together for 29 years. Imagine a love story that started in summer where a guy saw a beautiful lady for the first time wearing a tight black minidress, high-heeled pumps, sporting stick-straight hair as well as big red lips in a restaurant. Berman believed that it was love at first sight as he considers Zoe as the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Seven years later, in that extraordinary movie-like circumstance, they found themselves standing at the altar, exchanging vows of investment to forever.

Fast forward to today, the couple shared pieces of advice on how to have a long-lasting relationship the same as theirs. First, show love in small gestures. It’s the little things that matter. Next, every relationship has its moments of conflict but don’t let anger linger. If you know each other so well, you know each other’s needs and much more life-changing advice from the couple that makes everyone think that they are a great example of maintaining a healthy and happy marriage.

Sting and Trudie Styler

There is a significant distinction when you compare the word like and love, but this couple believed that it is essential that you like your partner if you love someone. Twenty-seven years in a marriage and 37 years as a couple, there is still no one who rocks Sting’s world quite like his wife, actress Trudie Styler.

How has their relationship lasted so long? It is a miracle for them as well, but the couple doesn’t take their tenure for granted. Love is passion, as they say, but liking somebody and enjoying someone’s company is slightly different. For the globally-renowned musician, being married to his best friend is crucial— and he definitely got lucky with Trudie! As they unfold every mystery in their relationship, the husband and wife never planned on becoming a mother and father, but an accident made him realize that a child’s life is remarkable. Now, the couple continues to work on their small, happy family. While raising his kids, Sting instilled in them the importance of making their living away from having to ask for a money loan constantly. These practices will make their way to financial stability where all people in this generation should focus on.

Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden

Bryan Lee Cranston is most admired for being a winner of the Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe awards. More than the accolades, however, Bryan is also an American actor, screenwriter, and director known as the leading actor with the role of chemistry teacher Walter White in the television series Breaking Bad. Aside from his achievements and recognitions as an actor, he’s got lucky in a fantastic relationship with his wife Robin Dearden, whom he met on the set of the series Airwolf. 

Their love story started with a weird scene in the program, where Dearden thought the TV show was shocking, but it changed both their lives. The couple has been in a marriage for 31 years and shares one daughter in the spotlight. It is obvious to say that their talents are their investment, and it runs in the blood. Destiny has many plans in store for everyone, and one thing is for sure for Dearden and Cranston: they clearly are role models for Hollywood couple.

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

Occasionally in the entertainment industry, one might be lucky enough to find a partner who will last long without any complications. It is much rarer, however, to achieve that in two famous celebrity duos within the relationship. Some of our favorite stars are paired off with ordinary or regular individuals, while others fly under the radar with low-key superstars.

This just shows that when it comes to both parties in Hollywood relationships, they don’t need to be on the same level of fame to make things work. One example of this setup is the couple Tina Fey and her long-time husband, Jeff Richmond.  The pair started spending time together behind the camera, and then, one thing led to another. Fast forward to today, they ended up with each other and are continually going strong. The loved-up duo currently has children and is saving up to give them great investments for the future.

Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens

In this generation, it is rare to have a kind of relationship that will last for more than a decade because of each other’s differences. Still, the couple that we can look up to for this type of timeless relationship is the marriage that Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens have. Having passed away recently at the age of 103, Douglas has been an Academy Award-winning actor and an icon of the Golden Age film industry. Still, we should also remember him for the tremendous six-decade relationship he shared with his wife, Anne Buydens.

Unlike what we see on the big screen, the love story of this amazing couple didn’t start from love at first sight, which we find interesting. Buydens rejected the late actor’s first attempt for a date even when Douglas was already a successful movie star at the time. It was a slightly sour meet-cute setup until Douglas took the opportunity to ask her again for dinner. He imagined the investment of bringing Buydens to the most romantic and fantastic restaurant, but Buyden declined his offer. She was the most difficult woman to deal with, but his willingness showed the actress that he was more than what he is showing. Because Buydens took a chance on Douglas and his love, the couple has shared a lifetime of happiness.

Joel McHale and Sarah Williams

The Tiger King is a real pussy cat at home! There is something about a relationship that survives even with the disturbance of people around Hollywood. There is no more remarkable example of this kind of couple goal in the almost 25-year marriage of actor and comedian Joel McHale and his gorgeous wife, Sarah Williams. The relationship that they have is an excellent example that it is a wise decision if one of them will step outside their comfort zones and the spotlight to focus on family as well as life goals. Down the road, Williams made the decision and never regretted it. The pair has been private about their lives with their kids to the point that it made them installed home security systems, but we think it’s just natural parental instinct to be very protective of one’s children.

To show affection, McHale sometimes posts on his social media, stating how lucky he is with his wife and family and expresses how much he loves them. They are indeed an inspiration, and we can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

A relationship is dull without the ups and downs that make a bond more substantial and long-lasting. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have had a rollercoaster ride during their decades-long marriage, but they are still fighting for their relationship.

Ozzy met Sharon in 1970, but their relationship did not turn romantic until 1979. They tied the knot and later became parents to precious children who also decided to join show business. The husband and wife had their first obstacle, but with their lawyers’ help, they overcame it, reconciled, and renewed their vows. Despite that downfall, love has changed people and is inclined to work things out. The Osbournes’ relationship proves that love conquers all. Their union spans nearly 40 years, and they will undoubtedly see more decades because they believe that despite the struggles of maintaining a marriage, one can move forward and focus on the present if you love someone. Their love has withstood the test of time, and now, it seems more vital than ever.

Matt and Luciana Damon

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso are not your typical Hollywood couple. They have managed to keep an impressively everyday life that even Barroso doesn’t even have a public social media account.

Vogue once proclaimed that they are one of Hollywood’s best couples. Not only is the story of how they connected like something out of a romantic comedy, but the love and support they show each other is genuinely admirable. Damon has frequently said it was love at first sight for him, but Barroso recently revealed that connection was instant; it wasn’t a smooth meeting, though. When it comes to parenting, the pair teaches their children to be empowered and compassionate. Their positive treatment is a significant investment for their children’s well-being, and it will forever be remembered even when they get old. When asked about tips for a successful relationship, the Mr. and Mrs. have said that they don’t take it for granted, and they just enjoy what they have without hesitation.

Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance

Marrying the right person is the secret to a happy marriage, as expressed by Angela Bassett regarding her 23-year marriage to Courtney B. Vance. In an interview, the actress talked about what’s kept their romance alive going for over two decades. She said that make sure that both parties are looking for the same direction in the relationship. According to Basset, similar beliefs and support systems are the keys. The star has also mentioned that people should support their partners’ strengths and weaknesses.

We can never get enough of a timeless and real-life Hollywood romance— the one that we especially admire. No matter the year, this couple’s love and ageless good looks shine through. Their love story started not as usual as love at first sight, but the appreciation of Basset to Vance is extra. The American Horror Story actress said that the success of their marriage is because of Vance’s consistency, of him being an avid supporter, how he treats other people, how he connects ideas, and how passionate he is. We can say that they won’t need any lawyers to fix something in their relationship because they believe that theirs will last long— and we definitely agree!

David and Victoria Beckham

Withstanding Hollywood’s laws and being an adorable couple for more than two decades, David and Victoria Beckham are still going strong. This perfect pair are both superstars in their respective fields and have maintained a desirable relationship while establishing their individual brands’ investment as well as building their family.

The couple got to know each other for about a year before announcing their engagement and didn’t even wait long to start their family. Only a few months before their wedding, they welcomed their first child. As one of the most passionate celebrity couples globally, David and Victoria were given the nicknames Posh and Becks. The Beckhams work hard to keep their partnership healthy, but they have admitted that marriage has its own set of challenges. Four children and more than two decades later, this power couple proves that love and commitment to working through the tough times and enjoying all of the good ones are all you need.

Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern

Waiting for the right person is an opportunity to grow individually as a person and will lead you to the right one. For Michael Stern’s case, he did not think he would meet Lisa Kudrow again, but destiny knew when to bring them together.

It almost looks like fate created a plan for two people to meet each other and fall in love, and Lisa Kudrow has that love story. Kudrow is famous for her role as Phoebe Buffay in Friends. The comedic actress met her husband of 25 years, Michael Stern, when she stayed along with Stern’s girlfriend at the time. The story took an unexpected turn six years later when Kudrow and Stern started dating, in a funny twist of events. After years of courtship, they got married. Their union is full of trust and commitment because they believe that love is an investment of emotions and bonds. Stern and Kudrow’s relationship is strong, and they share a genuinely great passion. Fate really works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?


Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. used to dominate the big screen during the late ’90s to the early 2000s. Gellar is famously known for the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while Prinze did several teen rom-com movies like She’s All That, Head Over Heels, and more. For that reason, their fans celebrated when they confirmed their relationship back then.

The couple first met on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997, but they only started dating in 2000. After two years, the two tied the knot. Almost two decades after, Gellar and Prinze are still together, enjoying about 21 years of relationship. They now have two kids, Charlotte Grace and Rocky James Prinze. By the looks of it, they don’t only fulfill their ’90s’ fans’ dream to come true; they also defy the cursed-relationships Hollywood have, and we should give them credits for that.


Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been together for more than three decades. Amidst the separations happening in Hollywood here and there, there are these two, proving that love can last in the entertainment business. Whenever you see them together, you can always feel the high degree of love they have for each other.

After first seeing Bacon in a play back in the ’70s, Sedgwick was already in awe, and it looked like fate really brought them together. They met again on the set of the PBS movie Lemon Sky in 1987, and after just a year, they ended up tying the knot. They welcomed their first child, Travis, in 1989 and the second one, Sosie, in 1992. Until today, there is nothing but love between Bacon and Sedgwick. They still gush up about each other whenever they talk in any interviews about them.


There are a lot of online challenges emerging on social media today. As some just don’t make sense, the #firstdatechallenge is something that earns traction, catching Cindy Crawford’s attention. The 54-year-old star proudly shared her first trip with her husband of 23 years, Rande Gerber. The photo was taken in the Bahamas, and they didn’t mind spending on plane tickets or gas to see the fantastic beach in the country.

In the snap, they lovingly held each other as they showed their beautiful backdrop. Twenty-seven years after the photo was taken in 1994, they’re still very much into each other. Now, Crawford and Gerber have two kids, Kaia Jordan and Presley Walker Gerber, who are successful in their own rights. They are also considered as one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood, revealing loyalty and long-lasting love for one another are the secrets to their longstanding relationship.


Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham’s love story is one for the books. The two started dating in 2001, and after two years, they welcomed their first child, Ella Rae. It was followed by another three children, Michael, Brendan, and Grace, but it wasn’t until 2009 that they tied the knot. Walhberg gave his wife the credits for making him the family man he is now despite a not-so-good past. He admitted he made a lot of mistakes back then, but his family was the best decision he had ever made.

In an interview, the 49-year-old actor said he owed a lot to Durham for creating a beautiful life for him and their children. He then gave every man a piece of advice, saying men need the right women in their lives that they would be with for a long time, especially if they would have kids. It looks like Wahlberg has finally found his in Durham.


You may find Nancy Carell as one lucky woman for being the wife of Steve Carell, but it looks like they’re just both lucky to have each other. Known for his wit and sense of humor, the 58-year-old actor used these to get his now-wife’s attention back then.

In an interview with EllenDegeneres, Steve revealed he used to go to a bar where Nancy worked as a bartender to talk to her. He probably didn’t mind using his credit card to buy himself a drink so that he could buy time, knowing they were both timid and shy around each other. However, when he finally had the guts, he tried to ask her out by making a punch line, saying he would choose someone like her to go on a date. It looked like Nancy bought it, and they are now married for almost 26 years with two kids, Elisabeth Anne and John Carell, together.


Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s relationship may have a rough start, but what love can’t conquer? They say the heart gets what it wants— and so the couple is now almost 20 years married.

These two met at the peak of Roberts’ career. She was named America’s Sweetheart and dated almost every famous man in the industry, from Kiefer Sutherland to Liam Neeson, back then. However, when Roberts met Moder on the set of The Mexican, her world turned upside down, but there was a catch. Moder was still married then, but as time passed by, his wife hired a lawyer and fixed their legal separation. This gave way for the now-couple’s romance that ended up in a marriage in 2002. Today, they celebrate almost 26 years of marriage and now have three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry Daniel Moder.


Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have been together since 1986, resulting in almost 35 years of love, but they never opt for marriage. Why? It’s a question a lot ask. Finally, the Queen of All Media broke her silence and explained she didn’t want a union.

Winfrey revealed he didn’t want any degree of sacrifices, compromises, and commitments that came with marriage. Her show was her priority, and Graham even knew it. They even believed that if they tied the knot, they wouldn’t stay together. Despite not putting a ring on it, Winfrey is still thankful for Graham, adding he’s the sole reason why their relationship lasts. He’s beyond being “Oprah’s man,” and everyone who has met him knows what a real gentleman he is. Winfrey calls their relationship a “spiritual partnership”—a partnership for the “purpose of spiritual growth.”


Chrishell Stause and Keo Motsepe have only been together for a couple of months, but they have already reached many relationship goals. After they made their romance Instagram official, the two went to Cabo San Lucas with some friends and spent the holidays together. By the looks of it, Stause and Motsepe’s romance has quickly blossomed from being Dancing with the Stars co-stars to meeting the family real quick.

A source said the couple’s relationship has grown more profound than what it was a few months ago. Motsepe is said to be admiring Stause very much, and he’s already head-over-heels in love with her. She has become his rock, while she leans on him for support while working with his attorneys to fix her failed marriage. Although they’re just relatively new, Stause and Motsepe’s are both always there for each other, resulting in a great relationship they have today.


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are now officially a thing. After making some investments together for a long time, like in music collaborations, their longstanding friendship has developed into a romantic relationship.

Rumors about these two have been swirling for a while now, and it looks like those are true. They first worked together for a remix of the song Cockiness (Love It) in 2012, followed by a performance at the 2012 MTV VMA in the same year. They then often worked together, as Rocky joined Rihanna’s tour in 2013. Rumors died down in 2017 after they were linked to different celebrities, but they were once again spotted together at the Paris Fashion Week in 2018 and the Fashion Awards in London in 2019. Fast forward to today, Rihanna and Rocky proved they are more than friends and collaborators after spending the holidays together and getting a lot cozier.


Luann de Lesseps confirmed she and her personal trainer, Garth Wakeford, are dating. The two first met on a dating app. The moment she saw Wakeford’s photos online, Lesseps said he’s too good to be true.  When they first saw each other personally, all her doubts vanished—Wakeford indeed looked good. The Real Housewives of New York star described her new man as tall, handsome, and looked like a Viking. Hopefully, this one would last after Luann had been through several failed relationships.

The reality TV celebrity was last linked to the talent agent Rich Super in 2018. At the time, although she had “blinders” to avoid getting romantically linked to anyone, Luann fell really hard for the businessman. She might have picked up the pieces of her broken heart from the flooring, but she didn’t mind it at all. Anyhow, they, too, ended up separated, and so Luann tried another shot at love again with Wakeford.


Noah Centino is now dating Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Stassie Karanikolau. Although these two are both public figures, they make sure their relationship will be private and away from the spotlight. It looks like they are not fond of the degree of gossip and speculation that comes with the entertainment industry, so as much as possible, they keep their romance their own. Anyhow, there are still often seen out and public, displaying major PDA and looking very loved-up.

Centineo and Karanikolau started dating at the end of 2020. Rumors had it they already tied the knot in October 2020, but those were quickly shut down. Surely, if they ever decided to get married, the female influencer’s over 9 million followers on Instagram will know about it. She’s a social media star like Jenner and a model who works for Jenner’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, for her Good American brand apparel. In no time, fans may see Centineo and Karanikolaou together at the KarJenners’ lavish parties.


Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson shook the four corners of the entertainment world when rumors about their alleged romance emerged. Allegedly, these two were dating after being spotted hanging out together in New York. To add fuel to the fire, there were even claims they went on a trip together to celebrate her birthday before joining her friends, and she intentionally didn’t post anything about it on social media. Is there any truth about it?

For those who are rooting for these two, sorry, pals, Hadid herself rejected the rumors, and, no, she didn’t have a thing with Jack Nicholson’s grandson. The 24-year-old’s rep even revealed she had been single since she and The Weeknd broke-up. Hadid is not even rushing to have a boyfriend, let alone be married. The supermodel said she would only get married when she’s all ready and not because she’s getting older. Talking about girl power, you can give Hadid the credits for that.


Madison Prewett and Michael Porter Jr. have yet to confirm their romance, but as they say, action speaks louder than words. The two have been gassing up the dating rumors since last year after Porter’s sister shared a photo of her and her husband, along with her brother and Prewett, on Instagram. She even said this alleged couple is her “favorite double date,” to which The Bachelor star responded with an intriguing “Love you.”

What does it mean? Sorry, guys, Prewett is not yet ready to confirm anything about it. In a podcast, The American television personality said she promised herself that if she were in another relationship, she would take things very slowly. With that said, Prewett would make sure she had time before she would ever go public about her romance and announce who the lucky guy would be.


Torrey DeVitto is one proud girlfriend to Will Estes. While talking about their romance, the 36-year-old star couldn’t help but gush about their relationship and call it “amazing.” Understandably, they like to keep their union private to some degree, especially their plans and everything they do together.

The couple made their romance Instagram official with a photo after several months of rumors. Anyhow, compared to other celebrity pairs, these two bonded over their dedication to activism. They both wanted to give back to other people and use their good to help the world in any way they could. On the off-chance that she and Estes didn’t share the same passion, DeVitto said she had no idea how they could connect to each other. If there’s anything that she wanted them to bond over, the actress revealed it’s doing something that could make a significant contribution to the earth.

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