Celebrity Kids We Didn’t Realize Were ALL Grown Up Today



The 28-year old model and actress Dylan Frances Penn is the daughter of actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright. Like her famous mom, Dylan also started out as a model doing campaigns for Gap Inc., and graced the cover of Treats! magazine. Dylan Frances Penn’s father Sean Penn has twice won the Academy Award for Best Actor, and his mother Robin Wright is the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actress-TV Series.
Under the influence of such a family atmosphere with high acting talent, Dylan Frances Penn’s acting skills will also be greatly tempered, and her strength will also be greatly improved. She also appeared in the music video of Nick Jonas’ “Chains”. Not surprisingly, Dylan embraced Hollywood as it welcomed her with open arms and several acting opportunities, including Condemned, Flag Day, Unregis,tered, and Elvis & Nixon. With her net income of $150 million and growing, it is unlikely that Dylan will be slapped with bankruptcy in the near future.


American model and fashion designer Sofia Richie made a name for herself in the campaigns for major brands Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Chanel. She is also popular on social media with more than 5 million IG followers eagerly waiting for her product endorsements and brand collaborations. Probably because of his father’s love for music, Sofia Richie became interested in music when he was young. She can play the piano proficiently when she is seven years old. At a young age, she started taking vocal music lessons when she was 14.
Although she decided to abandon her music career when she grew up, this cannot bury her hard work and persistence. But the younger daughter of music legend Lionel Richie became a hot item for paparazzi when she started dating Sсоtt Disick, the father of Kоurtnеу Kаrdаѕhiаn’ѕ children. Fans hope Disick will not influence Sofia with his temper and addiction to alcohol. Nonetheless, we’re sure an attorney is standing by, at the socialite’s beck and call.


Famous rосkѕtаr Miсk Jаggеr and model Jеrrу Hall used to bring their daughter, young Georgia May in public outings. Even then, people already saw her potential to be a future model or celebrity. True enough, now that she has grown into a beautiful lady, her modeling career is starting to kick-off, with gigs that include campaigns for major brands Miu Miu аnd Vеrѕасе. From the looks of it, Georgia May is bound to follow in her mom’s footsteps and will become one of the most sought-after brand ambassadors soon.
With a salary that is more than enough to pay for her own gas and electricity. In addition to her amazing talent in dancing, she also made her mark on British television in 2004. And participated in a number of TV series and movie performances, in which he played a wide range of roles, the performance has been recognized by the audience, won the love of many people. It can be expected that she can create a better role in the future!


Hazel Moder looks like a clone of her mom, Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts. Her father, of course, is cinematographer Daniel Moder. Hazel inherited, not only her mother’s looks but also got her penchant for acting. Though not yet a big name, the teenager has starred in the film Mother’s Day in 2016. She also appeared in the 2001 series VH1: All Access. Hazel Moder has been performing since she was two years old, and she has accumulated her first wealth of life in the film and television works that she has successively participated in.
Whether she will continue to work in the film and television industry is still unclear. She is just a student and has not yet had a complete career plan. Reportedly, it was Hazel’s decision not to ride on the popularity of her uber-famous mom, the reason why she kept her real surname instead of Roberts. Julia doesn’t mind and is content with being her daughter’s career mentor and financial advisor.


Just like his father, Patrick Wayne makes a name for himself in the entertainment world. He has made over 40 movies, including the ones with his dad, John Wayne. The 80-year-old star is John’s second son to his first wife, Josephine Alicia Saenz. Patrick started in the business in the 1950s. He was widely known as a game show master on The Monte Carlo Show and Tic-Tac-Dough. He also earned recognition when he did the 1971 sci-fi movie, Big Jake, following the footsteps of his father.
However, it was in the 1970s when he finally reached the peak of his career. In the early 2000s, 50 Plus World noted Patrick already retired, probably, with enough investments on hand. Patrick Wayne has retired. He has a large amount of investment start-up capital after exiting the film and television circle and is committed to investing in real estate. It can be expected that he will make other achievements in addition to film and television!


Four years after her husband Rene Angelil passed away, famed singer Celine Dion revealed in an interview that she still misses her husband. Fortunately, their three children are there to fill the void left by Rene. Her eldest son, Charles, turned 17 this year and seems to be following in her footsteps. He started his singing career with his own channel on Sоundсlоud, where he can be heard sounding off rap tunes.
Celine is evidently very proud, as any mother would be, especially now that Charles is carving a future for himself, with a credit rating that isn’t so far off from her own. Rene Charlie Angeli is so down-to-earth, he is different from most kids who grew up in Hollywood. He doesn’t need extra attention but works hard to manage his music dream. How could this attitude towards his career become a stumbling block in his growth?


Lorraine Nicholson is easily recognizable from a crowd, being a familiar fixture in Hollywood gatherings and red carpet events with her A-lister dad, Jack Nicholson, and mom Rеbесса Brоuѕѕаrd. So, it is somehow expected that she will follow in their footsteps, which she successfully did. After receiving a degree in literature and art, she revealed to the media “I love to act and I also hope to one day write and direct and create my own projects.
I feel that in the film industry, especially as a woman, it’s really important to make your own luck – and create projects to give other people really strong opportunities as well as yourself.“ In 2011, Lorraine was cast in the film Soul Surfеr, which tackles the real-life story of Bethany, a young surfer who lost an arm by shark attack and got back to surfing through her faith in God. The movie may not have reached the degree of her dad’s films, but it surely was a good place to start.


Retired American actor Robert Redford married historian Lola Van Wagenen in 1958. The union was blessed with four offspring, namely Amy Redford, James Redford, Shauna Redford, and Scott Anthony Redford. When the couple separated in 1985, Amy and her siblings made a resolve not to let the event affect them. AMY REDFORD received his Bachelor of Arts in Drama in 1994 and has been studying drama.
She has a talent and perseverance that is different from that of ordinary people, and her efforts to accumulate various experiences have made her performance rich and profound. This is awesome! Amy joined Hollywood as an actress, director, and producer. She took part in films including The Guitar, This Revolution, Sunshine Cleaning, and Hate Crime. Her work portfolio earned her an estimated net worth of $11 million. With good investment planning, Amy may be able to come close to her dad’s $170 million net worth.


Power couple Heidi Klum and Seal’s daughter, Lou Sulola Samuel, practically grew up before our eyes. Her supermodel mom always brought her wherever she went, even after she and Seal decided to part ways. The split came as a shock to many because the couple has always been very vocal and open about their deep love for each other and renewed their wedding vows each year. But Lou Sulola, then only 3 years old, was oblivious to what was happening around her.
The parents obviously do not want their baby daughter to have any psychological burden, and they do not want her to lose the care of each of them, so they conceal the reality of separation from their daughter. This is undoubtedly a correct decision! Luckily, Lou Sulola never had to worry about student loans as her parents could very well afford her education, together or not.


WWF Wоrld Hеаvуwеight champ André Roussimoff, who goes by the alias “Andrе thе Giаnt”, was among the most popular professional wrestlers in the 80s. He won the Tаg Tеаm Chаmрiоnѕhiр and competed against Hulk Hogan. Sadly, he yielded to соngеѕtivе heart failure in 1993 at age 46, leaving behind his only child, Rоbin Christensen-Roussimoff. Robin’s marriage issue has not been exposed to the media. She was also a wrestler, although not as famous as his father.
In 2018, her net worth has reached 100,000 US dollars. According to reports, she and her father did not meet many times in their lives. Robin revealed in a 2018 documentary that she barely saw her father when he was still alive and only heard about his death after one month, through the message left by Andre’s lawyer on their answering machine. But the wrestler left his huge fortune and properties to Robin, after all.


Having parents who are both big names in Hollywood is a dream for many, but for Lola Iolani Momoa, such is her fortunate reality. Her dad is Jason Momoa, known for his title role as Aquaman, while her mom is Lisa Bonet, who played Denise Huxtable, one of the vital roles in NBC sitcom The Cosby Show.
Lola was born on July 23, 2007, the eldest child of Jason and Lisa. Jason gushed on Instagram, saying: “11 years ago it was the greatest day of my life. My baby girl was born. Lola oh Lola. You are my angel Mahalo.” Evidently, Lola Iolani is bound to inherit more than insurance policies and high-valued properties. She also took after her parents’ charisma and acting talent. Lola has even appeared in a short film depicting her father’s life titled Canvas of my Life, where critics noticed her acting potential.


7-year old Riley Elizabeth Curry belongs to the limelight. Her father is NBA superstar Stephen Curry and her mother is Canadian actress Ayesha Curry, which explains her mixed racial features. Even as a toddler, young Riley would always accompany her father during basketball practices, games, and press conferences. Each time, she never failed to charm the hearts of spectators and members of the media with her cute antics.
Fans are excited to see her grow, hoping that she will enter Hollywood or the catwalk, regardless if she decides to pursue an acting workshop, a medical course, or a finance degree. The Warriors star told former teammate JaVale McGee on the Instagram Live of his NBA account on Friday that he is providing a de facto teaching assistant to his daughter Riley’s second-year student.


Chelsea Bеllе O’Donnell is the daughter of American comedian Rosie O’Donnell, though it’s not clear who the biological father is, since Rosie’s two marriages were with Kelli Carpenter, then with Michelle Rounds. Rosie is also the mother of 23-year-old Parker and 18-year-old Blake, as well as 15-year-old Vivienne and 5-year-old Dakota.
20-year old Chelsea’s relationship with her mom has been turbulent and intense. She revealed that she was even thrown out of their home many times, following a heated argument with Rosie. But it never came to a point that one of them would call a cop or lawyer to file charges against each other. In fact, since Chelsea got pregnant, their relationship has become, proving once more that blood is thicker than water.


Hollywood royalty Barbra Streisand was married to 1960s actor Elliott Gould. The couple had a child, Jason Gould, who appeared in the film The Prince of Tides as Streisand’s on-screen son. In recent years, Gould began to sing and released EP albums “Jason Gould” and “Morning Prayer / Groove”. Gould played with his mother during the tour, and he also appeared on her “Partner” album and sang “How Deep is the Ocean”.
Jason has a very close relationship with his extremely famous mom, but Streisand admitted that their relationship is not without complications. She was quoted saying “Kids rebel against their parents no matter what line of work they are in. That dynamic is always complicated, whether the mother loves too much or is overbearing or is distant.” Even then, Streisand will reinforce their home security system just to keep Jason always safe.


Rapper Kanye West’s daughter with his socialite wife, Kim Kardashian, just turned 6 years old, but North West already appeared in a music video and has been causing media buzz. According to King, when choosing a nickname for her first daughter North, the inspiration came from comments on the talk show. She said: “I actually got this idea from Jay Leno.
Sources say that the little miss already owns an estimated net worth of $130 million, as well as properties and insurance under her name. That isn’t surprising since her dad’s Yeezy sneakers brand is a shelf favorite and her mom’s clothing line is also a hit. At the right time, whether North chooses to be in the spotlight in the future or not, finances will be the least of her concerns.


Shiloh Jоliе-Pitt is the first-born biological daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Interestingly, she prefers to wear boys’ clothes and, according to her dad, likes being called “John”. Luckily, her A-list parents don’t inhibit her. In fact, they even allow her to express herself and choose whatever she’s comfortable with.
Unknown to many, Shiloh, with her siblings Pax, Zahara, and Knox, recorded some animal noises used in the film Kung Fu Panda 3. She also participated in the 2015 Niсkеlоdеоn Kidѕ’ Chоiсе Awаrdѕ. Fans are excited about Shiloh’s interest in the industry that is the source of her family’s affluence and high credit score. Although very young, Shiloh has shown a certain interest in the entertainment industry. In 2016, Shiloh played a small role in the popular animated film “Kung Fu Panda 3.”


American actress Bria Murphy is known for her roles in the films Daddy Day Care, The Perfect Match and The Game. She has received good reviews from critics, something that doesn’t come as a surprise since her father is acclaimed comedian, Eddie Murphy.
But Bria has other interests aside from acting. She is also into painting, which is her outlet outside of her famous father’s shadow, as she revealed in an interview that “Working in art is definitely a way for me to make my own independence.” The actress also prefers living in her own house and paying for her own credit cards. Bria Murphy participated in the entertainment industry and has played various film roles. Bria’s net worth at the age of 30 was $5 million, and through her hard work and career determination, this amount can be doubled.


English actress Kate Beckinsale and Welsh actor Michael Sheen used to be a couple. They have a child named Lily Mo Sheen, who is now 20 years old and is following in the footsteps of her famous parents. She has had roles in the movies Underworld Evolution, Everybody’s Fine, and Click.
Going through her parents’ separation must have been hard for young Lily. But she showed a degree of maturity that let her remain tranquil during those trying times. And perhaps, the experience provided her with an emotional depth that reflects in her acting. In no time, Lily may be collecting her own acting awards. As the beautiful daughters of two talented actors, most people think that Lily Mo Sheen will also become an actor. However, according to her Instagram resume, the young woman is actually learning to become an orthodontist.


Beverly Hills, 90210 star Tori Spelling and reality TV actor Dean McDermott have been married since 2006. Their daughter Stella Doreen McDermott is now 11 years old. Her parents chose her name in honor of the character Estella from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. In a sense, the mother-daughter duo are indeed best friends. Stella taught her mother how to be a mother, and for her youngest brother Beau, the preteen child is actually a mother.
Known for their lavish lifestyle and extravagant parties, Stella’s parents once threw an elaborate unicorn-themed party to celebrate her birthday. But no matter how many parties they host, the Spelling-McDermott wealth will be very hard to bring near bankruptcy. Despite that, Stella still feels more comfortable away from the spotlight and lives a normal and quiet life.


Halle Berry starred in several worldwide blockbusters including X-Men, Die Another Day, and Monster’s Ball. She is also recognized for being the first African-American woman to have won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She has a daughter with former-partner Gabriel Aubry. Nahla Ariela Aubry, their daughter, was born in 2008. Unfortunately, her parents announced their breakup in 2010 and subsequently engaged in a long and open battle for custody of her. Now Halle has custody of Nahla during the battle.
It can’t be said yet if the 11-year old gal will join Hollywood like her famous mom, or if she will prefer to follow in her model dad’s footsteps instead. Whatever she decides to be, the good reputation of her parents will surely help give Nahla a high credit score.


16-year old actor Diezel KY Braxton-Lewis was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Thanks to the faith and determination of his mother, Soul Singer Toni Braxton, he was able to receive the necessary therapy and is pursuing his passions freely and successfully at that!
Diezel started acting a few years ago, and was cast in films Chicken Girls, Never Heard, and Ant. With a full life ahead of him, the young artist can count on his mom’s support, in the same manner, that he draws fashion inspiration from her. He can also come to Toni for advice on investment planning. Despite being the son of a celebrity, Denim Cole has set an example. As of 2020, his net worth reaches 100 million US dollars. Today, he has accumulated 61.k followers on his Instagram page.


Country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been blissfully married for more than a decade. They have three children, including 21-year old Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, who studies at the prestigious Stanford University. It’s not clear if Maggie also takes online classes on the side. She was born on August 12, 1998. Living with her in a happy family are her eldest sister Gracie, who is 23 years old, and a younger sister, Audrey Caroline, who will turn 19 years old later this year.
Middle-child Maggie looks a lot like her beautiful mom and was always a camera magnet. She created buzz when she walked the red carpet with her famous dad at the 2016 CMT Awards. It’s no secret that Maggie and her two sisters inherited their parents’ good singing voice. And we’re sure that the music industry is patiently waiting on them.


O.J. Simpson was enjoying his career’s success as a well-known actor and football player before a scandal that made news headlines soon tarnished his name in the industry. Although his journey in the limelight didn’t quite turn out well, O.J. was sure to keep his children’s name out of it.
His daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson, stayed away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. She pursued a career in event planning, which helped her save up a good amount of investment money throughout the years. Today, Sydney is enjoying the quiet life with a decent job and a happy marriage. Sydney and her brother Justin worked hard to build their own careers. After graduation, Sydney spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia, before moving to St. Petersburg, Florida. So far, she runs a company called Simpsy LLC.


Kutcher, 36, posted a few photos of the baby at a press conference. He said: “Mila and I would like to welcome Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher to the world. May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy.” When That 70s Show stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced their pregnancy, fans were ecstatic. The celebrity couple now has two children, and their daughter Wyatt Isabelle is growing up pretty fast. Born in 2014, she still has much ahead of her.
It’s too early to tell if she will be stepping into the limelight, but the couple’s fans are patiently waiting to see more of her. Mila and Ashton are preparing her well for early schooling, as little Wyatt is now fluent in 3 languages. Indeed, with supportive parents like hers, getting her degree will be much easier!


With parents like Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington, who have star-studded careers in Hollywood, Olivia Washington must be used to the paparazzi and red-carpet walks. Much to everyone’s excitement, she followed in her parents’ footsteps and made a name for herself in the film-making industry. At this point, everyone knows Denzel Washington, most especially for his role in films like The Equalizer, The Book of Eli, Remember the Titans, and Training Day.
Well, not only did he receive numerous accolades over the years, but he also learned more than a few lessons worth sharing. Today, the now-28-year-old actress gives credit to her father’s advice when she was just starting out. Denzel told her that because she’s a woman of color, she needs to learn how to become a triple or quadruple threat, which means having to learn multiple skills like acting, singing, and dancing. She has made appearances in movies such as The Butler, Mr. Robot, and The Comedian.


Suri Cruise is the daughter of famous celebrity power couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who sadly called it quits in 2012. After her mother was granted custody, Suri has been living a good life under her wing. In fact, it appears that the youngster is taking after Katie’s impeccable fashion taste and style. Plus, the mother-daughter duo always seems to be having a great time whenever they are seen in public together – a truly wholesome sight to witness.
Fans are always looking forward to seeing Suri out and about as she continues to sport outfits that are perfectly styled. The young fashionista in the making must be swiping her mother’s credit cards left and right to be able to wear such eye-catching fits! Besides being the daughter of the beloved Dawson’s Creek leading lady, Suri is like every other kid her age, who also has her own circle of friends and hobbies – she is quite athletic, especially in gymnastics and dancing.


In the 1980s, John Stamos had a massive following and was a really big fan of Elvis Presley. After he built a household name in Hollywood, he continued to bag star roles in shows like Full House, General Hospital, and ER. At the height of his career, he married his long-time partner Santa Monica-born Caitlin McHugh, who later gave birth to their son Billy Stamos in April 2018. The two-year-old child is relatively young, but we’re sure he will grow up into a fine boy with the support of his doting parents.
A month after John was born, the couple took out cash loans to start a jewelry line named St. Amos Jewelry for the Child Help Foundation’s benefit. By the looks of it, his birth gave the inspiration for his parents to help the less fortunate and donate everything they will profit for the foundation’s cause. This small family founded on love and generosity will surely be more bountiful in the years to come.


The public loved Brigitte Nielsen for her captivating performances in Cobra, Rocky IV, and Red Sonja. In 2006, the actress got married to the Italian model Mattia Dessíe. She then gave birth to her miracle baby Frida at 50 years old, after countless failed in-vitro fertilization attempts with her husband. As expected, the news of their baby made headlines as fans congratulated the couple.
Both Frida Dessi’s parents are wise in money management and have the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in them, so it won’t be a surprise if Frida welcomes an incredible future ahead of her. We’re excited to see where Frida will take her career and whether she will follow in her mother’s footsteps to become one of the biggest names in the acting industry. We are sure that if she ever chooses to become an actress, honing her talents would be easy as her mother will be her greatest mentor.


Being a son of a famous basketball player, EJ Johnson probably doesn’t ever have to worry about bankruptcy or student loans. This is aside from getting perks from his father’s money since he has also created a career for himself. The Johnson progeny has become a famous icon on social media through his amazing taste in fashion and also became a recurring cast member of The Rich Kids of Bеvеrlу Hills in 2014. He eventually became a part of E! Nеwѕ аѕ a commentator.
EJ might be blessed for having a good family background, but he still worked his way up to do what he wanted—and he succeeded, even if it was a different career path from that of his father. Today, EJ now has a recurring commentary role in Fashion Police, an American TV series, and he also covers various shows for the New York Fashion Week. Having a father who excelled in sports and eventually became one of the greatest basketball players puts a lot of pressure on you. But in EJ’s case, he didn’t mind it and just pushed through with his passion.


Aside from the pressure she gets as the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Simone Alexandra also enjoys all the perks it entails. On the plus side, the young Johnson can probably relish and enjoy the investments her dad has set aside for her. Simone Alexandra, nicknamed “Pebble,” has grown into a fine lady, just as the public expects her to be. She is very well-composed and decent.

Although it is still a question whether the lady will follow her dad’s athletic or showbiz footsteps, people are still rooting for her to succeed in her own way, regardless of whichever path she takes in the future. No wonder guys get intimidated to ask for her hand, given the kind of personality she has and knowing who her father is. Simone is now preparing and training as the first fourth-generation WWE superstar and now has officially signed in with the WWE back in February.


Everything has been served already on Bryce Dallas’ platter, who was born on March 2, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. All she needs to do is take all of them without hesitation. Her Oscar-winning director father, Ron Howard, and mother wanted her to get an art degree at a prestigious school in New York. Just like any other empowered women nowadays, she does not want to be fed all her life with plans laid out for her.
Instead, Bryce wants to choose her path. She left school to take roles in Broadway, a choice that worked in her favor. Bryce even landed the role of Victoria in the popular The Twilight Sаgа: Eсliрѕе. She is now happily married to Seth Gabel, who saw her walk down the aisle in 2006. Currently, she is enjoying her time with her two sweet children, Beatrix Jean and Theodore Norman. The actress also has a slate of upcoming movies, and we can’t wait to see her again on the big screen!


Will Smith has given remarkable performances in the roles he played in his movies, and people truly adore him for his heart-wrenching films with his son, Jaden. However, only a few people are familiar with Trey Smith— the actor’s eldest son, born on November 11, 1992. Despite the persistent attempts, he has yet to find his big break—something that we hope he doesn’t give up on.
After all, there are no guarantees in Hollywood, but it can open many doors for those who try their best and have a relentless passion for pursuing it. Though, Trey did some acting and even worked as a DJ in various Hollywood venues. With his family’s help, Trey will probably never suffer from loans and mortgages because, hopefully, he can rely on his dad’s $260-million net worth and let his father help him if he wants to invest in something or start up a business.


When you have a very wealthy father, you will probably wonder how he got all his money. Such is the case of Ray Nicholson, son of famed actor Jack Nicholson. Other than getting his looks from his dad, Ray also got the veteran actor’s persistence and other talents. Ray is known for being the assistant director in the films The Outsider, A Reunion, and, The Benchwarmers. Currently, he is making money in the entertainment industry through acting jobs and directing projects.
Ray is independent and well-trained, and we think it’s all thanks to his father, who served as his first industry mentor and molded him into the man that he is today. The The Shining star has a $400-million net worth, and it would do Ray good if Jack also taught him how to handle finances. With his dad’s help, he might no longer need a financial advisor to guide him on being prudent.


Born on February 1, 2001, Jack Marsden is the son of an American actor, model, and singer, James Marsden. Even though his father’s net worth reached $8 million, he was never complacent with his life. The younger Marsden did not even make use of his father’s connections in show business. Instead, he started making his own money at the age of 17. While his classmates and friends are struggling in school, he enjoyed his prime by traveling and working as a runway model.
His debut was during the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, Italy, where the young star walked with such intensity and natural charm as he walked down for his first runway ever. We’re sure that James felt like he was having major flashbacks from his early years during that moment. He must be content and happy to drop the baton and pass it to the next generation of Marsdens. After all, he raised Jack to become accomplished in his own right, so he definitely deserves some credit!


American actress Sarah Jessica must have been thinking about it for a long time before she decided to hire a surrogate mother to carry and bear her twins. This is probably one of the investments that have given her genuine happiness. The twins Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell, who were both born on June 22, 2009, were so bubbly that they became the source of all the positivity in Sarah Jessica’s life.
Sarah would go shopping and attend huge gatherings like the NYC Ballet 2018 Spring Gala with her daughters. She flaunts the two adorable girls everywhere because she is pretty confident that she can teach them how to handle the fame and the spotlight appropriately. Even though the girls are still young, we are sure that their mother is already slowly molding them into becoming big stars when the right time comes, that is, if they ever want it.


John Brady, also known as John Edward Thomas Moynahan, was born in 2007 and had a complicated family setup. He has two popular biological parents, a stepmother, and two half-siblings. All these have gotten him unsolicited attention from the public. This peculiarity, however, did not affect him that much. He is well-aware of how his biological parents’ relationship fell apart. Tom Brady was already in a relationship with his present-wife,
Gisele Bundchen, when Bridget Moynahan, John’s biological mother, told him that she was pregnant. All that aside, Tom made sure to support him and love him just as much as his two other siblings. Through this very considerate accountability that Tom did, they probably didn’t need to ask an attorney to handle this matter. Now, John has grown close with his stepmother, and his father spends most of the holidays with him playing football. In the end, everything worked out for the best.


Sibling rivalry does not exist between Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. The latter has been so supportive of her younger sister, and Noah has been so patient to work her way up, too. Noah, for sure, knows that Miley Cyrus is not the only talented one in the family. After all, they both sprung from the genes of famed country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Noah was among Time’s 30 Most Influential Teens in 2017 and was nominated as Best New Artist in the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.
It seems like Noah has been slowly branching out into other forms of media, having worked in the movie Ponyo. She has also released her first EP titled Good Cry in 2018. Noah is eager to show that she is on her way to making a name for herself. One of her biggest investments is not riding on her sister’s fame but her remarkable talent as an individual— and that’s why her star continues to shine!


Being a child of famous parents has its cons and pros. As for Sy’rai Smith, there was an imbalance of the two. She felt she was unfortunate to have celebrity parents as she got unsought attention from the public due to her folks’ relationship drama. It was a huge stressor for her, especially when she figured out that her parents were not legally married. At least, there wasn’t a complicated and long battle over custody for the child in the end.
Her teenage life was tough. Imagine how many times she has been exposed to the media commotion and attorney appointments at a young age. Good thing, everything has been put to an end when the child custody case has finally concluded. Sy’rai just turned 18 years old last June 16, where she showed her sense of fashion, shocking and delighting her fans. A lot of her followers admitted that she even looks like her mother’s twin!


Paula Nelson’s childhood was so fun. She would go with her dad, Willie Nelson, on tour and listen to her globally-renowned father’s concerts for free. At a young age, she was already aware that her affection towards country music was deep. Paula felt the connection— no wonder she chose to walk Willie’s path and became a country music singer as well as a disc jockey.
Sometime in 2014, however, she gave in to vices and even got caught for being in possession of substances. An incident took place where she was incarcerated for a short time, and her career was put in jeopardy. Nevertheless, she still would not have problems with mortgages and loans with all her father’s wealth. We know for sure that the young Nelson can get out of this rough patch since she has a bright career ahead of her, with an immense singing talent to boot.


Isabella Jane Cruise is the adopted child of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who first met on Days of Thunder. With these two trailblazing icons in Hollywood, it is normal for people to expect that she would grow up to be an actress as well. Much to everyone’s surprise, Isabella decided to find her niche through a different kind of art —- make-up and hairdressing. At first, this kind of deviation was not taken well by Nicole, which resulted in her and her mother having an estranged bond.
Fortunately, they tried to be considerate with each other to save their mother-daughter relationship. After all, Isabella is an independent woman who can go far on her own with her skills. This goes to show that she is good at management, too. In 2015, after dating for less than a year, Isabella Cruise tied the knot with her partner, Max Parkey, a British I.T. consultant in a Scientologist ceremony.


Anyone would be jealous of Gia Francesca’s beauty. The adolescent stunner was born back in 2010. She got her good genes from the gorgeous actor Mario Lopez and her voluptuous mother, Courtney Laine Mazza, a dancer. Her face structure and proportion would open many opportunities for her, not just in Hollywood but also in other industries. No wonder, as early as the age of 10, she already created her portfolio and got projects by herself.
Gia was recently even cast as the voice actress of Elena in the Disney animated series, Elena of Avalor. This could mean that she no longer has to worry about tuition fees and student loans by the time she gets to college since she’s slowly building a net worth for herself. When she is at the right age, she can afford anything she wants. There is a bright future for Gia Francesca, and we are sure that her parents will support her with any career decision she’ll be making in the future.


Sophie Frederica Alohilani Von Haselberg was not in any way complacent despite having a wealthy and famous mother. Iconic Golden Girl Bette Middler can give her the life she wants without having to work a day in her life. Still, nothing beats the feeling of self-fulfillment and having to achieve a successful life on your own. With this, the self-made daughter worked hard to get a degree at Yale University in case things would not go well for her in Hollywood.
Sophie doesn’t have to worry about finances today, but she still gets as many projects as she can. People adore her for this persistence and humility. No wonder they supported the actress in her films, Irrational Man and Ask for Jane. All that she is doing right now assures her mother that she can thrive independently without banking on the $250 million net worth her mother has earned over the course of her own career.


Mary Willa “Mamie” Gummer, born on August 3, 1983, has grown to be a fine lady. With her mom’s nurturing and guidance, she developed great work ethics and an appreciation towards little accomplishments. Because of this optimistic personality, Mamie did not have a hard time penetrating the show business industry on her own merit. Her mom is not just an ordinary icon; she’s a legend.
It would not be much of a surprise if Meryl Streep’s daughter chose to follow in her footsteps. After all, if you have the greatest actress of her generation for a mother, you would surely want to be just like her, right? Mamie is currently making her own money without having to use her mother’s influence in any way. She has made appearances in various films, theatrical plays, and TV shows like the CW series Emily Owens M.D. Other than prime acting hacks, we’re sure Meryl is giving her guidance and money management tips as well.


Who would have thought that a very enormous and strong man could turn out to be most affectionate towards his daughter? Brooke Ellen Bollea, born on May 5, 1988, has grown into a gorgeous lady who is both talented and classy. It is just sad for potential suitors that they need to impress her dad Hulk first. Her father even stated that whoever tried to marry her daughter would bring “Hulkamania” onto them.
Brooke made her first appearance on the famous reality TV show Hogan Knows Best, where she learned a lot about show business. Eventually, she took a huge leap and now has her TV show, Brooke Knows Best, which focuses on her life instead of her father’s. Although some of her endeavors were not that successful, the star’s money management skills remain unquestionable. Overall, we guess it’s safe to say that she knows how to handle her finances, given that she already has a total net worth of $4 million.


If you are a massive fan of soccer, you probably know who Diego Maradona already is. For the benefit of non-sports fans here, you should know that Maradona is one of the best football players in the world. Now, he has a daughter named Dalma Maradona, who has grown up to be quite an attention-grabber as well. When she was younger, she used to enjoy the perks of traveling everywhere to accompany his dad in his international competitions.
Dalma has explored enough to finally decide to go back and settle in Argentina as an actress and as a singer. On March 23, 2018, she finally tied the knot with Andres Caldarelli, and they now have one child together. Currently, Dalma Maradona is earning her own money without depending on her dad’s savings anymore. She is given credit roles in Latin soap operas such as Cebollitas, Orillas, and La venganza de Ira Vamp. For sure, Diego is one proud pop!


Daughter of actress Alana Stewart and singer Sir Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart, took a brave leap of faith when she decided to get a degree in a prestigious school in London, Royal Shakespeare Company, to become an actress. It could have been a lot easier for her if she just followed in her father’s footsteps as a singer, but we guess the heart wants what it wants. Although she tried to establish a name in the acting world, she failed to get the roles she wanted.
Instead, she prospered in the modeling industry, where she worked with top brands like Tommy Hilfigеr аnd magazines such as Ellе. Her first debut in the industry was when the Atlanta-based band, Elevation, released a music video titled Razoreyes. Fortunately for her, all the risks she had taken in the past were all worth it. Now, She is happily living her life with her daughter, Delilah Genoveva.


Gia Giudice, being the eldest daughter of The Real Housewives of New Jеrѕеу‘ѕ Teresa Giudiсе, quite literally grew uр in frоnt оf uѕ! We witnessed not just her daily life with the family but also the different important celebrations they had as a family. As a matter of fact, one of her birthdays was celebrated with the entire clan, all in front of cameras. It’s not hard to believe that the beautiful reality star already has a boyfriend.
In an Instagram photo she took last Halloween, she was seen with her boyfriend, Christian Carmichael, where they wore a Bonnie and Clyde Costume, and she captioned it with: “He’s the Clyde to my Bonnie.” These days, she’s focusing more on her future. In fact, Gia just recently announced that she would be taking up a degree at the college of her choice, Rutgers University. We wish her the best of luck, and we’re quite happy to see she is proving to all her followers that she is a strong and independent young woman.


Criѕtiаnо Ronaldo, popularly known as CR7, is an international soccer superstar and one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Back in the summer оf 2010, he wеlсоmеd hiѕ first ѕоn, Criѕtiаnо Ronaldo Jr. The athlete decided that his son’s mother’s identity should remain unknown, leading and sparking rumors that the mother of the boy must have been paid off so that he would have full custody of the boy. The Juventus soccer player recently revealed that he would give more details about his son when he feels the time right.
Rоnаldо Jr., at his age, has already started scoring some modeling gigs for his father’s investment clothing line. With the way things are going for him, the younger Ronaldo would not need to avail of student loans. He certainly has a bright future with his legendary father’s help and guidance. Who knows? He might also be named one of the world’s greatest players if he decides to follow his father on the soccer field.


Lilа Grасе Mоѕѕ is the daughter of supermodel Kаtе Moss, who enjoyed the high life with her саrееr. On top of that, the internationally-acclaimed model has amassed millions of dollars over the years. She was known for her waifish figure and her role in size-zero fashion. Sadly, Kate found it hard to kеер hеr lifе on trасk as she later struggled with substance. To get her act together, she checked herself into a center and straightened up. Now ѕhе’ѕ living a соmрlеtеlу ѕоbеr life, credits to hard work and a complete lifestyle change!
Her dаughtеr, Lila, seems to take a liking in the fashion world as well, making waves in the mоdеling induѕtrу. The supermodel’s daughter has access to one of the greatest archives of all time has the chance to learn from her mother, but she is dedicated to doing things her way. She’s been the cover girl for the Italian edition of Vоguе, and we are sure that this accomplishment is just the beginning for the young star.


American actress Pamela Anderson’s relationship with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee ended up in marriage just 96 hours after they first met. Instead of wearing a wedding dress, the Baywatch star wore a bikini. Their relationship, even though it’s quite short-lived, yielded them both two lovely young men. Currently, they are both invоlvеd hеаvilу with the fаѕhiоn industry and hаvе even mоdеlеd fоr D&G and Yves Sаint Lаurеnt in LA lаѕt уеаr.
Whilе Brаndоn wants to establish a career in acting, Dуlаn is more into making music. With jobs in the acting and music industry, we are sure that they have the advantage since their parents are well known in the same fields. We are confident that having ѕuсh famous раrеntѕ will hеlр them both achieve their dreams a bit fаѕtеr thаn thеу nоrmаllу wоuld have. Lucky for them, having successful parents is like having a great insurance plan— you’d be backed for most of your life!


Another example of a celebrity who had substance dependence issues during her younger years and gotten over them after a stint at a wellness center is Kristina Davis. She was hooked to drinking for a long time as part of her Southern upbringing, and after she got clean, sober, and was ready to start anew in her life, she felt it was time to consider having a baby. In 2011, she decided to go through adoption, and she had her baby girl, Gemma Rоѕе Davis.
As a trivia, did you know Gemma’s middle name was an accidental homage and respect to Kristin Davis’ daughter in a popular TV series she starred in? There, the fictional daughter was named Rose Galdenblatt. Gemma is still very уоung, and student loans are far from her worries. She’s mainly focused on enjoying life as a child, bonding with her mom— the typical “momma’s girl,” if you will.


Mаrу-Lоuiѕе Pаrkеr iѕ аn actress who rose to stardom during thе 1990ѕ. In 2007, ѕhе decided tо adopt a child, even though ѕhе wаѕ single at the time. The celebrity took a trip to Ethiopia, a place where she thinks that she was needed, аnd finally аdорtеd her daughter, Caroline “Aѕh” Aberash.
Mary-Louise Parker received a considerable degree of undesirable comments and reactions at first. In spite of all this, she didn’t allow the nеgаtivе things of some vеrу misguided реорlе about her adoption reach to her or affect her in any way. The actress loves her sweet girl whоlеhеаrtеdlу, and she has shown it over the years. Right now, Aѕh iѕ mainly fосuѕеd оn excelling in hеr studies аnd ѕtill has a lоt of years to go before she needs to be bothered about receiving hеr vеrу оwn earnings and investments to build a robust bank account under her name.


Cоrinnе Fоxx, the daughter of Jamie Fоxx, used to bе thе dоrkу kid who would come to accompany her dаd tо award shows and other events. With a father like Jamie, it’s no surprise that she hаѕ grown up tо be a fine уоung wоmаn who is slowly making her dreams happen, despite the difficulty of the industry. Instead of following her father’s career path, Corinne opted to get into modeling.
Corinne first debuted in her modeling career at the Bal des debutantes in 2014. She has also participated in various раgеаntѕ and was even given the privilege of being Miss Gоldеn Globe in 2016. Now, she represents big time and famous brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics, and Kenneth Cole. While Corinne’s life is relatively hushed, something we’re sure of is that her father is very proud of her achievements. She’s gradually establishing herself and becoming financially independent through her high-profile modeling earnings clever money management.


Hаiliе Mathers iѕ thе bеаutiful dаughtеr оf beloved rар star Marshall “Eminem” Mathers, which if you are a fan of, you have undoubtedly heard Hailie’s name in some of Eminem’s songs. There is a good chance that you already know his father, Eminem, and how he indeed had a rough раѕt. Still, the ’90s icon seems to be doing fine аftеr seeking help from medical professionals and financial аdviѕоrѕ.
Hailie hаѕn’t considered her career path yet, but we’re sure that her legendary fаthеr wоuld be more than willing to help hеr when the time comes. Instead, she’ѕ an active member of her high ѕсhооl’s volleyball team and is also doing brilliantly in school. Hailie is a combination of beauty and brains, as shе was раrt of the Student Cоunсil, as well as thе Nаtiоnаl Hоnоr Sосiеtу. Eventually, the talented youngster got her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University with a complete GPA of 3.9. Amazing, right?


Mоdеrn Family асtrеѕѕ, Sofia Vergara is certainly quite the catch—that’s all because of her beauty, kindness, and a fantastic sense of humor. Thankfully, she passed on these great genes to her child, Mаnоlо Gоnzаlеѕ-Ripoll Vergara, who is her son with her high school ѕwееthеаrt, Joe Gоnzаlеz. Manolo Gonzalez never ceased to amaze us since he always makes it into the headlines every time he is seen on a red carpet or an event with his mother.
Most notably, in 2017, he was again seen with her mother attending the Emmy Awards when his stepfather, Joe Manganiello, wasn’t able to come. Perhaps, after watching his mother on television acting in many successful shows, Manolo decided that this is a career he’d be interested in as well. In the end, however, he chose a career as a model instead. Manolo is self-dependent as he is already еаrning investment money through his efforts.


The gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley has managed to аgе like fine wine and has been in the acting industry for quite a long time now. Despite the fact that ѕhе hаѕ been a mоthеr ѕinсе 2002, she is still ѕроrting a youthfulness to her that’s quite incomparable and admirable. Damian Chаrlеs, her son, was born on April 4, 2002, in London, England. She had him with buѕinеѕѕmаn Stеvе Bing, and when Damian was younger, he uѕеd tо go with hiѕ mom to red carpet еvеntѕ.
Nоw that he’s in his late teens, he has decided to рurѕuе acting аnd modeling, effectively building hiѕ own еаrningѕ. Hе hаѕ even appeared on the ѕhоw The Royals in 2016 where he played Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein and was signed by model agency Tess Management back in September 2018. We bеt thе young асtоr has multiple investments planned and has a bright future ahead of him as he continually increases his net worth of $500,000.


Navarone Gаribаldi is the son of actress Priѕсillа Prеѕlеу with Mаrсо Gаribаldi. He was born on March 1, 1983. Sadly, his parents wеrе nеvеr mаrriеd аnd went their separate ways back in 2006. Unlike his actress mother, Navarone did not have a penchant for show business and went on to bесomе a muѕiсiаn instead. He is now the frontman of the band Them Guns, an LA-based rock band.
Hе once had an issue and a run-in with some law enforcers when he wаѕ 17 years old for over ѕрееding. The police then discovered that he was in роѕѕеѕѕiоn of illegal substances and was acting under the influеnсе of such. It was also reported that he had a battle with dependence on his vices. Luckily for him, hiѕ mother had the money for bail, treatment, and ultimately, to take care of him— talk about insurance. We sure hope he’s since sobered up and doing well for himself!


Lilу Costner was born on August 4, 1986, to Kevin Costner and his fоrmеr wifе, Cindу Silvа. Lily was exposed to Tinseltown and its culture at an early age since her father had already established a name in Hollywood, which also made her dесidе tо trу acting. The acting progeny starred in Thе Bаbу-Sittеrѕ Club in the mid-’90s. She went on to land rоlеѕ in various films such as 3000 Miles to Grасеlаnd and The Pоѕtmаn, which was her last role on the big screen for quite a while.
Even if Lily has the chance to рurѕuе a career in Hollywood and share the spotlight with her actor father, these dауѕ, she seems to have found more joy in being away frоm the public eye and all the attention. Lily now wants to take her time before determining what path she wants to take. It’s most likely she has a truѕt fund and investments in her name ѕеt up by her father for safekeeping.


As they say, “like father, like daughter.” Ella Bleu Travolta, who was born on April 3, 2000, in California, seems to live by these words. Her last name surely rings a bell as she’s the daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Now 20 years old, Ella decided to join her parents in the acting industry. So far, she already has three movie credits, in Old Dogs, Gotti, and The Poison Rose—all with her father.
Among the three films she took part in, Ella declared that the most challenging one was the most recent, 2019’s The Poison Rose. Working with John and Morgan Freeman himself, Ella might have felt the pressure of being with two of the industry’s greatest actors. Because of this, she turned to her mom and dad to ask for some advice, calling her father “the best mentor she has ever had.” With her parents’ help, she was able to do her part very well in the movie.


At an early age, Dannielynn Birkhead, born on September 7, 2006, already became controversial. She was the focus of the Dannielynn Birkhead paternity case after her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, passed on in 2007. All is well now for Anna, who is already 14 years old, thanks to her father, Larry Birkhead, and his unconditional love.
Dannielynn, who is now a child model and American reality TV personality, is trying to make her own mark in Hollywood. At the age of 6 years old, she previously participated in a modeling campaign for Guess Kids. She even got praises and credits from the brand’s co-founder, Paul Marciano, saying she has the same playful spirit as her late mother. Dannielynn and her dad have reportedly been attending the Kentucky Derby since 2008, remembering where her parents first met. Now, with a total net worth of $3 million, she is slowly living the dream.


Lynda Carter has an equally beautiful daughter, Jessica Altman, who was born on October 7, 1990. The 30-year-old star is the famed Wonder Woman actress’ child to Robert Altman. He is the chairman and CEO of ZeniMax Media, which is the parent company of the video game publisher Bethesda Softworks. Unlike her mom, Jessica Altman chose a different career and focused on singing. She revealed she loves performing and joined her first chorus when she was only six years old.
Jessica stated that her mother inspires her daily and that she is truly a Wonder Woman and even put on her mother’s Wonder Woman costume, the lasso of truth, bracelets, and the crown. Over time, her parents pushed her to have a more secure life. They told her the value of education, so she eventually got her law degree. Although music remains to be her creative calling and her passion, she is now working as a litigation associate of the international law firm Gibson Dunn.


Tom Selleck’s relationship with his daughter Hannah Selleck has always been on the better side, and the two even shared a love for horses. After his acting career in Hollywood, Tom decided to follow her daughter’s passion for the four-legged animal. Hannah just didn’t think she was cut out for the entertainment industry, and so she decided to do her own thing on her own terms. Having to grow in a 65-acre ranch in Hidden Valley, the younger Selleck had a pretty normal childhood, away from all the attention, paparazzi, and fans.
At the early age of 14, Hannah started riding seriously. This eventually led to a horse breeding business in Ventura County that she built with the Magnum P.I. actor. With her passion for her career path, we’re sure that she must have shelled out generous insurance for her project. Hannah Selleck never dreamt of having such, while choosing a different passion than that of her father and adopted brother. In the end, what’s important is that she chose to follow her heart.


Many Hollywood celebrities proudly adopt children to nurture and care for like their own, and Sandra Bullock is one of them. After finalizing Louis Bardot’s adoption in 2010, Bullock was the subject of harsh criticism, scrutiny, and judgment in the media’s eyes. She was unsure whether her status of being a celebrity was a good thing for her child. Still, she continued to raise Louis the best way she could. The actress simply ignored and shrugged everything off that was said about her decision to adopt her child.
With her career pouring out a huge count of investment money for Sandra, providing for Louis wasn’t a problem, even if she adopted him within a month after her divorce with Jesse James. As Sandra decides to put her happiness first, she adopted a second child in 2015 and is now living a happy life with her two children. We don’t know about you, but we think what Sandra did is plain heroic.


Jennifer Connelly iѕ a powerful name in Hollywood. She has been making appearances оn thе big ѕсrееn ever ѕinсе thе ’80ѕ in various popular films. Jennifer had a ѕоn with her ex-boyfriend, Dаvid Dugаn who they named Kаi born in July 1997. Even as a child, the little boy would always accompany her tо numеrоuѕ rеd саrреt еvеntѕ after her father moved out of the house.
Nоw in hiѕ 20s, he is no longer a little boy, and he is now establishing a name for himself. Hе has grown up to bесоmе an eligible bachelor with a great potential of making bank with the right investment planning. Kai has yet to decide if he wants to follow his mother’s footsteps in thе acting induѕtrу, though he still attends certain events with his mother. We are confident that whatever career path he takes, his mother and father will wholeheartedly support him in his decision.


Even though Miсhеllе Pfeiffer went thrоugh a divorce in her mid-30ѕ, she still wanted a child, even with no man bу hеr ѕidе. Michelle was able to fulfill that desire by adopting a bеаutiful baby girl named Clаudiа Rose. Clаudiа was rаiѕеd by Michelle with hеr current husband David E. Kelley. When Michelle Pfeiffer decided to adopt Claudia, the actress received some degree of prejudice and scrutiny for her decision to adopt and raise a mixed-race baby.
It was indeed a surprise for her that people still focused on this type of matter. Michelle also stated that none of us are pure of anything and that we are all mixed. Since then, Claudia Rose has accompanied her mother at different еvеntѕ. Although Claudia already has the connection she needs to enter the industry, ѕhе opted to live a life аwау frоm thе Hollywооd ѕроtlight. Who knows, though? Maybe one of these days, she’ll change her mind and claim her spot in Tinseltown. Like electricity, she might just shock the world.


Hollywood actor, David Duсhоvnу iѕ beloved by many for the rоlеs he played in ѕhоwѕ such as Thе X-filеѕ аnd Cаlifоrniсаtiоn, which has given him two Golden Globe awards. Hе got married to асtrеѕѕ Téа Lеоni back in 1997 but later decided tо separate in 2014 after 21 years of marriage. Their union bore two сhіldrеn. Their eldest, Madelaine West Duchovny, was born on May 13, 1997.
She iѕ now of legal age, аnd despite grоwing uр around the spotlight that comes with having parents in Hollywood, Madelaine nеvеr dеvеlореd any form of bad habits whаtѕоеvеr. Because of that, her credit score doesn’t seem to be bad at the moment. She often watches bаѕkеtbаll gаmеѕ with her father. With proper guidance from her parents, she has grown to be a fine and independent lady. It may be a rare feat in Hollywood, but David Duchovny made it happen for his daughter.


Harlow Winter Kаtе Richie-Madden is the first child of American TV personality and actress Niсоlе Richie аnd Good Charlotte front-man Jоеl Mаddеn. Thanks to the Hollywood reputation her parents earned, almost everyone was excited to see and learn more about her. Even tabloids immediately developed an interest in the baby. Whеn Harlow wаѕ bоrn in 2008, Реорlе Mаgаzinе, purchased the rights to exclusively publish Hаrlоw Richie’s first photos fоr a whоррing $1 million.
She has since grown up tо bе just as bеаutiful аѕ hеr mother. Perhaps it iѕ only a matter of time bеfоrе ѕhе ѕtаrtѕ appearing in advertisements and earning her own investment money– you never can tell, right? Who knows, maybe she’ll be one of the biggest names in Hollywood since she looks exactly like her mother, or in the music industry just like her father. Whichever path Harlow decides to take in the future, we don’t doubt that her famous parents will be in full support of her.


Son of American actress Pamela Anderson and founding member of Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee, 24-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee is well known for his performances in films, including Netflix’s 2018 film Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and in The Hills: New Beginnings. He got his film debut in the 2017 independent short film Inherent Greed. Even at such a young age, Brandon has accomplished so much with many TV and film credits on his résumé. Being the son of two superstars, he is destined for greatness.

He isn’t only an accomplished actor, but he is also a successful model, appearing in catwalk shows and magazine covers all around the world. Just in 2019, Brandon walked in the Spring 2019 Dolce and Gabbana show and was featured on D’Scene and GQ Style magazine’s covers. Needless to say that Brandon is in high demand and is quickly piling up a huge fan base.


American model and actress, born on July 8, 1998, Maya Ray Thurman Hawke is the daughter of actor Ethan Hawke and actress Uma Thurman. She started a career in modeling and had her screen debut in the 2017 BBC adaptation of Little Women as Jo March and in Netflix’s Stranger Things series. Like both her grandmother and mother, Maya started modeling for Vogue in the early years of her career and was also chosen in the 2016 and 2017 collections of the British fashion retailer AllSaints.

Maya released two of her first singles in August 2019, Stay Open and To Love a BoyThe songs were recorded by Jesse Harris — a singer-songwriter and Grammy Award Winner — and Maya. Now, Maya is already 22 years old and is on her way to becoming a star just like her parents. She already has a net worth of $3 million and certainly wouldn’t need any personal loans.


American actor and son of actor James Gandolfini, Michael Gandolfini, made his debut in the industry in Ocean’s 8 and is set to appear in the upcoming American crime drama film The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel to HBO’s The Sopranos. He’ll be playing Tony Soprano, the role that his father played in the TV series.

Growing up, Michael had an interest in performing, but his father was against his decision to join the industry. After the events of his father’s untimely passing, he decided to pursue a career in acting and got a degree from New York University. He never got to watch the TV series his father was in, and as for his preparation for his upcoming film, he watched the whole TV series and later described it as an intense process. He is also set to have an appearance in the 2021 film Cherry, where he plays Cousin Joe.


She is an American actress who is known for starring in Chanel #3 from 2015 to 2016 and in the Fox horror-comedy series Scream Queens, as well as for her roles in the horror anthology series American Horror Story. Billie Catherine Lourd is the daughter of American talent agent Bryan Lourd, and American writer and actress, Carrie Fisher. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she ventured into the world of Star Wars and played the role of Lieutenant Connix in the 2015-2019 Star Wars trilogy.

Born on July 17, 1992, Billie grew up without any siblings and is also the only grandchild of singer Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Since she has parents who are well known in the industry as well as a total net worth of $20 million, we are sure that Billi didn’t experience any student loan problems when she was studying. In February 2020, it was reported that Billie will later return on the tenth season of American Horror Story.


Born to parents Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Melody Depp is an American model and actress. She started her career in the 2014 American comedy horror film Tusk and later became a star in the 2016 French biographical drama film, The Dancer, where she played Isadora Duncan. She also starred in the 2016 Planetarium, and the 2019 epic historical war drama film The King. Even at such a young age, she was already able to earn two Cesar Awards  nominations for Most Promising Actress for her performance in A Faithful Man and The Dancer.

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, on May 27, 1999, Lily-Rose ventured into acting and modeling, following into her father’s footsteps instead of her mother’s singing career. Even though her parents aren’t together anymore, we are sure that she will be supported in whatever decision she’ll make for her career. To some degree, she might even become as high-profile as her dad.


American musician and actress Harley Quinn Smith is the daughter of journalist and actress Jeniffer Schwalbach Smith and Kevin Smith. She was born on June 26, 1999, in Red Bank, New Jersey. She grew up being good friends with Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’ daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, who’s a frequent co-star of Harley as well. Harley is also one of the singers as well as the bass player for The Truth, a bubblegum punk band.

Harley, now 21 years old, made her debut in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, an American buddy comedy film directed and written by her father. In 2019, Harley came back to her father’s View Askewniverse, where she played Millenium “Milly” Faulken. As of writing, she now has a total net worth of $1 million, and we will probably witness it increase through the years with the help of her father’s guidance and money management skills.


Daughter of one of the biggest names on sitcoms and one of the starring characters in the hit American TV sitcom Friends, Coco Arquette has a face that resembles that of her mother, Courtney Cox. Her birth in June 2004, in Los Angeles, had a huge following and was one of the most awaited events of the year.

Growing up, Coco learned to adjust to media attention and crowds. It’s no surprise since she is the daughter of Courtney, and she has regularly appeared on her mother’s social media accounts. Now, Coco is 16 years old, but there is still no indication that she’ll be following in her mother’s footsteps into Hollywood. However, she did make an appearance in the 2017 music video of MONOGEM. No matter what path she’ll take in the foreseeable future, we are sure that her mother will support her to the fullest degree.


Just like any other parent, Angelina Jolie is slowly adjusting to the thought that her children are all growing up. Even when her oldest son, Maddox, is away at college to get his degree, there’s still plenty of love, considering she has six children in total. Angelina revealed in an interview with Hello! Magazine what it felt like that her children are all growing up, she stated that it’s making her reminisce the time when she was in her teenage years.

Jolie and Pitt’s children include Maddox (18 years old), Pax (15 years old), Zahara (14 years old), Shiloh (13 years old), Vivienne (11 years old), and Knox (11 years old). Even though Pitt and Jolie ended their relationship back in 2017 after being together for 12 years, they will always have the title of Mom and Dad to their six beautiful children.


Sean and Jayden James Federline are the children of Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. Despite their mother having a rough past with their father, the hiring of divorce lawyers, and the big battle for the custody of the kids, the two are still co-parenting Sean and Jayden together. They managed to put their differences aside and came up with an agreement that will benefit both parties.

Sean, their eldest, is in his teenage years and is singing and dancing his way to a career in the music industry. On the other hand, not much is known about Jayden James — perhaps because his parents don’t want too much attention being placed on him at such a very young age. Nevertheless, whatever they may be doing or whatever career they are pursuing, we are certain that both Britney and Kevin are supporting both of them in their own ways.


She is the eldest daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore. Actress and singer Rumer Glenn Willis had appearances in various films, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sorority Row, The House Bunny, and the Hostage. From 2009 to 2010, Willis played the role of Gia Mannetti in the CBS’ teen drama series 90210. She has also appeared on the cover of some magazines, including Us Weekly, Prestige, Page Six, as well as pictorials for The Sunday Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair.

Willis made her debut in the industry when she was seven years old — it was alongside her mother in the 1995 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film Now and Then. With a net worth of $4 million, she must have already hired her personal financial advisor to help her in handling her finances since some stars find it difficult to handle the wealth they have.


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey had their two children in their third year of being married. A boy-girl twins, Monroe and Morrocan. The twins seem to have inherited the large personalities that both of their parents possess. Despite the hiring of a divorce lawyer back in 2014, Nick, Mariah, and the twins still make various appearances together, celebrate birthday celebrations, and share the holidays.

The twins are now both nine years old, and they are already shaping up to have their mother’s sparkling personality. The chanteuse is always sharing her time with “dem kids,” which is what she affectionately and jokingly calls them on her social media accounts. Despite the busy schedule, Roc n’ Roe are always with their mother, even during her tours all around the world. Talk about being a mother, right? While it may be difficult to be a mom while on tour, Mariah seems to be doing fine.


Sarah Margaret and Rainey Qualley are the daughters of rancher, contractor, musician, and model, Paull Qualley, with actress and model, Andie MacDowell. Rainey, 30, and Margaret, 26, have both pursued and followed in the footsteps of their mother. They both have an older brother, Justin.

Rainey is well known for writing and releasing music under the name Rainsford, while Margaret is also a ballerina and has also pursued a career in modeling. Margaret now has a total net worth of $3 million, while Rainey has an annual salary of $52,000 and will surely receive more money since she has already released a few songs. Even though both of them chose different career paths, we are sure that both of their parents are proud and would support them all throughout. They might even be helping their children as far as money management is concerned.


Born on July 2, 1998, Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook is the daughter of a model, entrepreneur, and actress, Christie Brinkley. She has, to some degree, followed in her mother’s footsteps and built a name for herself in the modeling industry. She is a fabulous American model who is famous for her beauty and her performance in Dancing with the Stars, which was a role that was supposed to be for her mother but was given to her due to the former’s surgery.

Before she was born, her mother already had two children, Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman, and Alexa Ray Joel. She recently opened up about her difficulty with eating disorders and about her body image problems in hope of aiding other young women. She stated that she has this horrible feeling that if she wasn’t skinny, she wouldn’t be worth the praise.


Son of Pierce Brosnan, Dylan Brosnan must have had the best childhood. Having such a famous father in the Hollywood industry, Dylan was able to easily adjust to celebrity life. Even at a young age, Dylan already had his own following since he has inherited his father’s handsome looks. Even though many want to see him on the big screen, he chose to focus on his education instead. With a father like Pierce Brosnan, we are pretty sure that he didn’t have to worry about student loans since his father has a net worth of $200 million.

Dylan is a cinematographer known for his work on The Young Motivators Club, Poisoning Paradise, and Out of ReachEven though he comes from a fortunate family, he still chose to work hard and earn his own money. It’s likely he’ll be increasing his profile even further in the near future.


American actress, Hannah Dakota Fanning, rose to prominence for her role in the 2001 American drama film, I am Sam. She played Lucy Dawson when she was seven years old. For this same role, she received a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award, making her the youngest nominee in history. She had major roles in the films Charlotte’s Web, Dreamer, War of the Worlds, Man on Fire, The Cat in the Hat, and Uptown Girls.

Dakota is the daughter of Steven J., and Heather Joy, a professional tennis player. According to celebrity net worth, she has a whopping $12 million net worth, which she has amassed through the countless commercially successful films she took part in during her career. We think it’s safe to say that Dakota is one of the most recognizable child stars in Hollywood, and we’re sure she’ll be achieving meteoric levels of fame in the future.


Harry Hamlin is a popular American actor, entrepreneur, author, and writer.  Some of his most notable roles came from Clash of the Titans in 1981, The American legal drama series L.A. Law, and his recurring role on the hit AMC drama series Mad Men. Fittingly, Harry received a nomination for a Primetime Emmy for his work in Mad Men. Harry has been able to have a decorated career filled with movie and TV projects. He also has three children, and one of them is Delilah Belle Hamlin.

Delilah Belle Hamlin is quite famous like her dad. Delilah has a busy schedule filled with modeling responsibilities. She’s currently signed with the One Management modeling agency. Delilah certainly deserves credit for earning money on her own. With her current influence, she could easily make the jump into acting if she wants to. Delilah is still 22, so the door for show business and an acting career is still wide open.


Almost everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger as he’s had a significant influence on the industry throughout the past few decades. Now, it seems like his son is trying to make it in show business himself. Arnold’s son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, has been pursuing an acting career for himself. At the age of 27, Patrick already has substantial acting experience. He has been in a good number of films since his film debut back in the 2006 film The Benchwarmers. We’d need to give Patrick credit for pursuing and trying to succeed in Hollywood.

With his father’s fortune, he could’ve easily lived off his dad’s salary for the rest of his life. Indeed, his acting career is just getting started, and he’ll be in a good number of films in the next few years. Expect to see Patrick Schwarzenegger in the upcoming films Moxie and Warning.


Celine Dion is undoubtedly one of the most successful singers and musicians in modern music history. She has been able to release countless studio albums and singles that almost everyone recognizes. Celine Dion is also a mother, and she’s a mom of twins. She named her twins Eddy and Nelson, and both are turning 11 this year. You can take a peek at Celine’s personal life together with her kids as she constantly posts about them on her Instagram. Eddy and Nelson are  surely growing up fast and will soon be entering their teenage years.

However, it’s pretty nice to know that they have their superstar mother backing them up every step of the way. One thing we’re certain of is that the twins won’t be needing any money loans if they ever decide to go to college. They can go to any University they want as Celine can easily cover the costs.


Celine Dion has another child besides her twins. Rene-Charles Angelil is her first child with the late Rene Angelil. Rene-Charles Angelil is now 20 years old and is someone who can often be seen on Celine Dion’s Instagram page. Rene-Charles Angelil is a budding singer who wants to start his own successful music career. He definitely deserves credit for taking up music and singing, and he can easily ask his mother for pointers and mentorship. We certainly know that he won’t have any problems financing his future projects and pursuits.

After all, his superstar singer mother has an incredible net worth of $455 million. Rene Charles can easily cover the costs to put out any content or studio album. Having an iconic singer for a mother will surely have its benefits in the future. Celine can easily orchestrate and talk to the right people that can help Rene-Charles cultivate his own music career.


Reese Witherspoon gained popularity for her roles in Little Fires Everywhere, The Morning Show, and Big Little Lies. The renowned actress is also a mom of three, and Ava Phillippe and Deacon Phillippe are two of her three kids. Everyone who follows Reese’s Instagram gets a peek at her relationship with her kids. One sentiment that is common among her fans and followers is that they often mistake Ava Phillippe for Reese. Indeed, there’s an uncanny resemblance between the two.

Ava is currently working on a degree at the University of California Berkeley. She has experience in modeling as she once modeled for her mom’s “Draper James” line along with her own Vogue appearance. As for Deacon, he’s expressed disinterest in acting and has pursued music instead. He’s set to release his debut EDM track in the next few months.


Kaia Gerber is Cindy Crawford’s daughter, and she’s an American model and actress. Kaia’s dad is the well-known businessman, Rande Gerber. Kaia Gerber has substantial modeling experience and she has already been able to go on different campaigns for numerous fashion brands. She made her modeling debut at Fashion Week back in 2018. Cindy Crawford also seems to be active in showing Kaia her way around the industry. With Cindy’s participation, Kaia was able to do modeling campaigns for Omega and has landed on three covers for Vogue.

Cindy Crawford deserves credit for helping her daughter start her modeling career. Kaia Gerber seems to be the perfect mix of beauty and savvy. Kaia was included in the recent purchase of W magazine by a group of high-profile investors. With this move, she can easily earn from different income streams. Kaia currently makes money from acting, modeling, and her stake in W Magazine.


Will Smith is one of today’s most recognizable actors. He’s won numerous acting awards throughout his decorated career. Will has two kids; one of them is Willow Smith. Will Smith’s daughter certainly carved her own path in music as well as in acting. Willow Smith seems to be pursuing many things — she’s a singer, rapper, record producer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. She’s been given credit for her role in I Am Legend and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Willow also appears in the TV series Red Table Talk, a show that she co-hosts.

For music, Willow Smith has been busy over the past few years. She released Willow back in 2019, as well as her fourth studio album, The Anxiety, in 2020. Will was definitely proud to hear that his daughter now has a net worth of $6 million. This $6 million-figure will increase if she actively puts out more musical and acting work.


Will Smith’s talented kids won’t be complete without his son, Jaden Smith. Like Willow, he has also been able to carve out a successful career so far. He’s known by his mononym Jaden, and he can also act, sing, and write songs. Jaden’s most notable big-screen performance was in his dad’s 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. He would follow this up by starring in The Karate Kid. Jaden also shared the big screen with his dad once again in the 2013 film After Earth.

Jaden has also been working on his music while filming different films. Will Smith’s multi-talented son has already been able to put out three studio albums. Jaden has also been able to go on numerous tours. He definitely deserves credit because his hard work and creativity led him to earn an $8 million net worth.

Jude Law: Rafferty Law

Jude Law’s acting career started out in the 1990s. He got his breakthrough in the 1999 film The Talented Mr. Ripley, where he starred alongside Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. After The Talented Mr. Ripley, Jude Law managed to put together a string of convincing performances. Jude Law starred in blockbuster movies like Enemy at the Gates, Alfie, The Holiday, and Cold Mountain. Today, he still appears in movies, and he’ll appear in The Hat alongside his son Rafferty.

What do we know about Rafferty Law? Well, Jude Law’s son followed in his footsteps and has already starred in a good number of films. Rafferty, or “Raff”, is also a producer and musician. Rafferty will be starring in numerous film projects over the next three years. And, he’ll be juggling an acting career together with music, modeling, and producing. Without a doubt, Rafferty deserves credit for being multi-faceted, just like his dad.


Sean Penn is an award-winning actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Among his most notable films were Mystic River and the 2008 biopic Milk. Sean Penn has two kids, and one of them is Dylan Frances Penn. Dylan Penn is now 29 and has been able to carve out a career in modeling and acting. The 29-year-old has already been able to pose for Gap back in 2013. In the same year, Penn also appeared in GQ. After her early modeling work, Dylan was quickly signed by Premier Model Management.

Premier Model Management is Dylan Penns’ representation in the United Kingdom. Dylan Penn is also an actress. She has already starred in a good number of movies ever since her first acting credit, which was in the horror movie Condemned. Dylan has since then slowed down accepting film projects. She revealed that she prefers Independent films at the moment and is currently booked for two independent films, namely GenRX and Unfiltered.

Kate Moss: Lila Grace Moss

Kate Moss is one of the most iconic supermodels in history. The English model is also a businesswoman and a mom. Her biggest treasure and investment is her 18-year-old daughter, Lila Grace Moss-Hack. One can say that there are a lot of people who’ve tried to duplicate Kate Moss’s magic. However, Lila Grace certainly isn’t one of them. One cannot deny Lila Grace’s potential in modeling, but unlike her mother, she prefers a more subtle and chic approach. Lila Grace doesn’t dress in any flashy manner.

You can easily spot her on the street doing the normal things that teenagers do. She definitely changes things up during fashion week and wears designer clothes with ease. Lila Grace deserves credit for having found her own style while still being able to wear high-end designer creations without difficulties. She can certainly follow in her mother’s footsteps if she wants to.

Michael Douglas AND Catherine Zeta Jones: Carys Zeta Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas both have award-winning acting careers. They are also parents of 17-year-old Carys Zeta Douglas. In a recent photograph of Carys shared by Catherine on her Instagram, fans assumed it was Catherine Zeta-Jones at first glance. The resemblance was uncanny as Carys shares the same beauty as her mom. However, it’s not the first time that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys Zeta Douglas have received such comments.

They both posed for Vanity Fair Spain, and they can easily pass as twins in the photographs. This mother-daughter tandem has also been seen together in several red-carpet events and fashion shows. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas certainly deserve credit for raising Carys. On the other hand, Carys can easily choose between modeling and acting, or going back to school at the university of her choice — life is definitely good for the young celeb.


There’s no question that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are two of the most accomplished country singers in music history. The pair have three beautiful daughters, and Maggie Hill McGraw is one of them. Fans often say that Maggie resembles her famous mother. You might have seen Maggie together with her parents in various red carpet events. The kid beside Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is now 22 years old. Maggie got her degree from Stanford, where she was also the singer of her own band.

The musical gift truly runs in their genes. Will we see Maggie cultivate her own music career shortly soon?  Regardless, she’ll always have her education and her parents to back her up. You can easily see what Maggie Hill is up to as she constantly posts photographs of her and her family on Instagram.


Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress with numerous film credits to her name. The actress is also a mother to Apple Martin, her child with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. You might have seen Apple when she was younger. Gwyneth Paltrow would often take Apple to Coldplay concerts to show support for her then-husband. Now, the little baby girl that Gwyneth was carrying around is now 16. Apple’s plans for the future are not yet known to the public.

However, she can certainly do whatever she wants with her award-winning actress mom and rockstar dad. Apple can certainly pursue an acting career and have a presence in Hollywood. Gwyneth Paltrow has publicly praised her daughter for having a beautiful sense of entitlement. With this fact, expect Apple Martin to carve out her own successful path. Indeed, we can all expect her to in the future.


Dannielynn Birkhead is a child model and an American television personality. You might have heard of Dannielynn in the Dannielynn Birkhead paternity case. The case focused on whether Larry Birkhead was the legitimate father to Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter. Dannielynn persevered amidst the paternity dispute at the time. At the young age of six, Dannielynn was already participating in a modeling campaign for Guess Kids.

The people from Guess acknowledged Dannielyn’s familiar and playful spirit — something that her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, once had on a set. Dannielynn then followed her Guess Kids campaign with another Spring 2013 line.  Dannie should also receive money — $700,000 to be

Olivia Jade Giannulli is the daughter of Lori Loughlin, a television actress, and Mossimo Giannulli,exact — when she turns 18. She became the sole heir to the Smith estate following the passing of her mother back in 2008. She’ll definitely need the advice of a financial advisor to help her secure a bright and comfortable future.


the entrepreneur tycoon. Growing up, Olivia used to struggle to keep a presence on social media. She was still very young and had little to no experience in enticing a social community to support her. However, under the mentorship and tutelage of her famous parents, she has built a reputable presence online.

Today, Olivia is regularly seen posting vlogs and videos on her YouTube page that focus on fashion. Olivia may credit part of her popularity and success to her parents but the success of her two YouTube channels is mainly because of her natural beauty and wholesome personality. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Olivia starts earning more money as her channel grows and monetization becomes more flexible. Fans are always excited to see what’s next for the young YouTube star.


It’s no surprise that Brooke Shields enjoys being a mother more than an actress — anyone would feel the same if they gave birth to two lovely daughters. Rowan and Grier Henchy are the two daughters of the screenwriter, Chris Henchy, and Brooke Shields, the American actress behind Blue Lagoon. Brooke has consistently given time and effort to raising her two daughters. They’ve become wonderful young ladies and, frankly speaking, she’s done an amazing job.

Rowan and Grier were born in 2003 and 2006 respectively, and they were conceived during an extremely hectic time in Brooke’s career. Everything worked in the end and despite juggling a career and motherhood at the same time, Brooke sneaked a few financial investments to secure her family’s future. Chris’ presence during the growth of their two daughters was also a great help to their mother.


Lourdes Leon is the daughter of the one and only, Madonna, and little do people know that Lourdes is also a talented young lady herself. Lourdes is an actress, model, and fashion designer who has had many projects and contracts despite her young age. The world went crazy when Madonna announced that she was pregnant in 1996 and when Lourdes was born, everyone’s attention shifted to the reason why Madonna suddenly disappeared from the spotlight.

Madonna was considered the world’s most famous woman in the 90s and nothing stopped the press and media from uncovering every single bit of information about Lourdes identity — nothing was left unturned, including her daily expenses, from food to gas. Growing up, Lourdes would constantly be hounded by paparazzi and it’s amazing to see that she is now a fully independent and successful woman despite the unwanted plunge into popularity.


Rocco Ritchie is the son of Madonna, the Queen of Pop, and Guy Ritchie, a famous British entrepreneur, producer, and director. Rocco may have world-famous parents but growing up, he garnered a lot of unwanted attention — this may have affected his mental health as a young boy. There will always be some negative impact on the childhood of a celebrity star, especially if they achieved popularity because of their parents. Rocco certainly didn’t want all of the attention, but what affected him the most was the separation of his parents.

This was an unforeseen event but given the fact that Madonna had already failed relationships in the past, it would seem that the time she spent with Guy was no different. Luckily, in recent news, Rocco is living a better and more independent life, free from the guilt and pressure he once felt. He may also need to invest in a proper financial advisor soon as his net worth is steadily increasing.


Lily Mo Sheen is the daughter of Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen and she has the potential to become an even greater actress than her mother. Lily gave the world a glimpse of her talent when she appeared in Everybody’s Fine and Underworld: Evolution. The latter was a movie she shared with her mother. Lily boasts of being the only daughter of the stunning Kate Beckinsale and even shares some of the physical attributes that made Kate so famous in the first place.

However, it is worth noting that Kate and Michael needed an Attorney right after Lily was born as the couple suddenly decided to part ways amidst the arrival of their baby girl. Lily can also credit her parents for her desirable attributes. She is also in a proud and public relationship herself, posting pictures of her non-celebrity boyfriend every now and then.


Brooklyn Joseph Beckham is the son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Together, the couple and their family are one of the most beautiful celebrity families in Hollywood. David Beckham is a retired professional soccer player who has had an extensive and successful career throughout his 20 years of being a signed athlete. While David is a global icon in the sports world, Victoria also shares the same level of popularity, being one of the members of the famous Spice Girls, an all-female pop singing group.

Victoria has gotten into financial investments left and right while expanding her fashion empire with the help of her husband. Brooklyn followed in his father’s footsteps for a while, after not getting a scholarship from his preferred academy. He decided to pursue a career in modeling. That was probably one of the best decisions that Brooklyn has ever made as he is now a regular model for Vogue China, The New York Times magazine, and Miss Vogue.


Bindi Irwin is the daughter of wildlife expert and television personality, Steve Irwin, who has appeared on national TV many times in the past. Steve, along with his wife Terri, have tirelessly lent their talents and loveable personalities to their program, Crocodile Hunter, for many years. Bindi grew up watching her parents take care of animals in ways that she would have never fully understood had she just watched other people on TV. Steve also ran the Australian Zoo and taught Bindi everything he knows since she was a little girl.

After many years of appearing on her father’s show, Bindi took the courage to start her own show, Bindi: The Jungle Girl, to show off her amazing skill in handling wildlife. It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that Bindi has already made quite a fortune for herself and may need some proper money management plans soon. However, because of the support of Bindi’s family and her fans, she’s on her way to becoming a fully independent and responsible woman, capable of doing everything for herself.


Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann are one of those Hollywood couples that flew under the radar for a bit when they had children. When their two daughters grew up and turned to be perky and brutally honest girls with unique personalities, the Hollywood duo realized that they may have just produced two individuals that can finally rival their sense of humor. That is indeed the case as Judd has even stated in interviews that his daughters love getting the best of him by bullying him for his jokes every now and then.

Leslie, on the other hand, seems to be handling her two daughters well despite them having attitudes like that of their father. Iris and Maude grew up under the limelight with their father’s help. They appeared in three of Judd’s films, including in the film Knocked Up. Both of these lovely young ladies have definitely found a way to handle an Emmy Award-winning father and a world-famous mother with their harsh sense of humor. As the two girls get older, finding a reliable lawyer will definitely benefit them as they start to earn their own money.


Jack Quaid is an American actor born to Hollywood stars, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Jack definitely didn’t grow up lacking leadership and mentoring as his parents are two of the industry’s most flexible and experienced stars. Dennis has acted and appeared in over eighty different films and TV shows throughout the course of his career and this number will only increase as he gets older.

Meg is also an award-winning actress with dozens of movies under her name —  in addition, the actress also signed many endorsement contracts in the past because of her stunningly beautiful face. Jack may have a lot to live up to, but to his credit, he has become a handsome young man with a unique combination of traits from his celebrity parents. He currently stars in the Amazon Prime hit, The Boys, which will be releasing its third season soon.


Liv Freundlich is famous for being the daughter of award-winning actress, Julianne Moore, and director, Bart Freundlich. Liv was thrust into the spotlight after her appearance in the comedy hit, Trust The Man. The movie starred her mother and was directed by her father —  they are, to their credit, truly a celebrity family full of talent and promise. Throughout the years, Liv has appeared in many films that her parents were involved in and has also attended many red carpet and movie premieres in the past.

Liv shares the same striking features that made Julianne so famous in the first place and is sometimes described as her mother’s doppelganger. Liv also does work in the modeling industry, and she was featured in Vogue magazine in 2018. She was also featured on the cover of People’s magazine and was included in their list of 25 Women Changing The World.


Suri Cruise is the famous firstborn of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. She has gained significant media attention over the years because of her superstar parents. Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s most prominent action stars and has won many awards because of his talent and skill in acting. Tom has starred in blockbuster movies such as the Mission Impossible series, War of The Worlds, Edge of Tomorrow, and many more.

Katie Holmes is also an equally decorated actress with many acting credits to her name. Her shows allowed her to become one of the biggest names in the business. Katie has lent her talents to shows such as Dawson’s Creek, How I Met Your Mother, Ocean’s Eight, Batman Begins, as well as a plethora of other box hits. Suri definitely has a lot to learn from her mother and father and we’re sure that money management is one of the things that she needs to get educated on as her family is one of the wealthiest in Hollywood.


Paris is the second and only daughter of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, with ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. Michael Jackson is one of the highest-selling pop artists of all time and he was able to revolutionize mainstream music. Despite having a condition that caused his skin to lighten, Michael is considered to be one of the most influential black artists of all time, not least because of his influence and legacy. Michael is responsible for timeless songs such as, Heal The World, Black or White, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and many more.

Paris may have a lot to live up to but it seems that the young child star has made a name for herself in the modeling and acting industry. Paris signed with IMG in 2017 and shared her talents on camera in  2018 in the movie, Gringo. She may have had trouble with lawyers in the past but it seems that Paris has become an independent young woman capable of making her own decisions.


Frances Bean Cobain is the daughter of Hole vocalist, Courtney Love, and the world-famous, Kurt Cobain. It’s rare to see two equally talented and successful musicians come together to bear a wonderful child, and because of this, Frances has been in the spotlight ever since. However, Frances has tried her best not to be tempted by the allure of prestige and fame, having only accepted five interviews in her lifetime. It isn’t easy being part of a multi-talented family, especially when the parents are from the music industry — that much is true.

Frances said she had difficulty coping with her popularity. Much credit can be given to Frances for becoming a successful visual artist and model. After having signed many partnerships and contracts, Frances can now indulge in her financial investments. Indeed, her net worth is estimated to be around $200 million already.


Cassidy Gifford is the daughter of Frank Gifford, a former football player, and Kathie Lee Gifford, a TV personality and singer/songwriter. Despite being born into a famous family, Cassidy surprised everyone by achieving stardom quite literally on her own. Her acting career has been continuously moving forward in recent years and she’s been appearing in popular films. Some of the films that Cassidy appeared in are Adventures of Serial Biddies and God’s Not Dead.

Cassidy has juggled a career in modeling while taking on major roles in productions like That’s So Raven, Suite Life on Deck, and Blue Bloods. The actress was also cast for the lead role in the movie, Thriller Sisters. It is without a doubt that Cassidy has become an outstanding young lady, with the potential to become even more successful than her parents. As her fortune grows, it’s crucial that Cassidy find a talented financial advisor soon since her money needs to be properly managed by someone who knows what they’re doing.


Kate Hudson is another product of two high-profile celebrities. She is the daughter of the iconic actress Goldie Hawn and the legendary musician Bill Hudson. It’s no surprising, then, that Kate would also grow up to be a natural entertainer as well, considering the enormous talent that runs in her family’s blood. Indeed, she has become widely known for her films such as Bride Wars, Marshall, and Almost Famous, for which she earned a Golden Globe Award.

She must be really thankful to her parents for passing down some of their exceptional talent. However, we must also give credit to Kate for finding her own way in the industry as well. Unlike her parents, she was already an entrepreneur at a young age. In 2013, she founded an online fashion retailer called JustFab and launched her own line of clothes called Fabletics.


Gigi Hadid is one of the most successful models today and it is clear her popularity is here to stay. What most people don’t know, however, is that her mother was also an accomplished model, who once worked with the esteemed Ford Modelling Agency. Gigi must have been inspired by her mother’s career as she followed her footsteps and eventually became even more successful than her. She was even named as one of the top 50 models during her debut.

Today, Gigi continues to excel in the modelling world. She recently appeared in various international Vogue covers and the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar. We’re also happy to learn that she’s enjoying her time as a mother to her first child with Zayn Malik. We hope that she thinks of buying an insurance plan too, so that she could secure her daughter’s future.


Dakota Johnson is the daughter of the equally gorgeous actress Melanie Griffith and the Miami Vice actor Don Johnson. Surrounded by creative actors and actresses throughout her life, she literally grew up into one herself. Today, she is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, thanks to her credit role as Anastasia Steele in the blockbuster Fifty Shades. The role won her the coveted BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2016.

Because she’s been exposed to show business for most of her life, it can be said that her fate as one of the most promising stars in the world was already etched on stone since day one. She followed up on her successful debut with similar box-office hits such as Black Mass, How to Be Single, and Suspiria. She’s just getting started so we should expect more amazing projects from her in the near future.


The daughter of legendary Meryl Streep, Mary Gummer, has grown to be a fine lady. Through her mother’s support and loving care, she was able to foster her own career in the industry. Mamie doesn’t take the small milestones in her career for granted. As a result, her positive attitude paid off as Mamie easily debuted in the entertainment industry on her own merit.

However, it’s not so shocking that Mamie decided to follow on her mother’s footsteps. In fact, we admire her deeply for her courage since it’s no easy feat to emulate her mother, who also happens to be one of the greatest actress of her generation. That must be a huge burden to bear. Fortunately, Mamie has succeeded without depending on the influence of her mother. She has earned credit roles in successful projects such as Emily Owens M.D. 


When you have one of the most successful performers for a daughter, does that make you one of the most successful parents as well? Beyoncé and Tina Knowles has surely proven this premise as they are both equally accomplished in their respective fields. What makes them different from the others on our list is that they both pursued different careers from each other. Beyonce, as we know, is pop culture icon, while her mother is an esteemed fashion designer and businesswoman.

Together, they are formidable and unstoppable in whatever endeavor they decide to take. In fact, they are also frequent collaborators. Because of their tremendous success, they have become one of the most influential and richest families in the entertainment industry. They both have lavish investment properties, where they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work and share it with their families.


Carrie Fisher was one of the most beloved actresses of her time, who rose to international stardom for her credit role as Princess Leia in the hugely successful Star Wars film franchise. What most people don’t know, however, is that she grew up under the wing of her equally iconic mother Debbie Reynolds, who is also considered to be one of the most successful actresses of the classical Hollywood Era.

Like her iconic mother, Carrie was also a multi-awarded actress who has garnered various accolades and recognitions such as Primetime Emmy Award nominations, a Grammy Award, and a BAFTA Award, among many others. Although they have both passed away, their work and their wonderful memories will continue to live on in our hearts. They are both legends whose incredible work will be studied by younger generations for years to come.


Gwyneth Paltrow is perhaps one of the most beautiful actresses who has ever graced the silver screen. We have seen her beauty in films such as Proof, Two Love, Iron Man, and Shakespeare In Love, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. When we did some research, however, we also learned where she got her talent and good looks. We should perhaps give some credit to her mother Blythe Danner who also happens to be an accomplished actress as well.

Like her daughter, Blythe is equally gorgeous and talented as well. We are grateful to her for her role in helping shape Gwyneth, not just as an actress, but also a person. After all, the actress is also a well-known advocate of charitable causes on top of her successful Hollywood career. It would be such a treat for this pair to work on a film together!


If Violet Affleck joins a look-a-like contest as her mother, she will surely win! Indeed, when you look at their photos, she could easily play her younger version in a film. Now at 15 years old, we are sure she will continue to blossom into a very fine lady just like her Jennifer. Although we’re not quite sure if Violet will follow in her parent’s footsteps, we think it’s safe to say that she will do just fine thanks to the valuable advice from two of the most talented actors industry— her father Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Who knows? Violet might pursue a different field. She is still very young, so she does not have to think about that yet. When that day comes, she’ll have their support whichever she chooses. We just hope that Ben and Jen have made investments for the future of their daughter.


Sophie Von Haselberg is the daughter of one of the most enduring actresses in the industry, Betty Midler. Sophie, however, has since made a name for herself as a talented actress. The 34-year-old is widely regarded for her credit roles in films such as Irrational Man, which was written and directed by the legendary Woody Allen. Regardless, she doesn’t forget the influence that her mother has had on her career. In an interview, she even said that the reason why she got interested in acting was because of her mother.

For her acting efforts, Woody Allen himself commended Sophie for her talents and her contribution to his film. He even described her as the spitting image of her mother and admires her for her intelligence, and brilliant performance. She’s still relatively young, so we’re excited to see more of her works in the future.


Kim Basinger and her daughter Ireland Baldwin are total doppelgangers. In fact, Ireland has every bit of her mother’s beauty back from when she was younger.  With such talent running in her genes, it’s no surprise that she went into the industry as well. Unlike her parents, however, she gets her investment money from working as a model. She kick started her modeling journey back in 2013 when she signed up with Two Management and IMG Models.  She later got her first modelling stint in a New York Post editorial in the same year.

This was followed by her appearance on Vanity Fair’s It Girl for the month of June. We don’t doubt her parents were surely proud of what she has achieved in the world of modelling. She has also tried acting through the film Grudge Match where she played as the younger version of her mother’s character.


Jason Gould and his prestigious mom Barbra Streisand share the same interest and that is none other than music. He credits his mother for passing on some of her talents to him, which allowed him to work alongside her in many projects. He and his mother performed a duet on the song entitled How Deep Is The Ocean which was included in her duet album called Partners. He also made his music debut with an extended play released back in 2012, which was later followed by Morning Prayer.

When he was 21 years old, he came out as part of the LGBTQ community and his mother supported him throughout the whole journey. Besides being a musician, he is also an actor and first appeared in an uncredited role in his mother’s film Up The Sandbox. Given his talent, he’ll certainly achieve so much more.


Stella McCartney is the daughter of the former Beatles member Paul McCartney. Many people thought she would follow in his footsteps, but this wasn’t to be. Instead, Stella decided to make her own route to her dreams and chose the world of fashion. That said, they do share many similarities in personality, including the fact that both of them are staunch animal rights activists.

Stella’s interest in designing was already evident in her early years when she designed her own custom jacket. Did you know that her designs are devoid of real fur, feathers, and leather? This is why she is beloved by ethically-conscious fashion connoisseurs. Her success is impressive and to her credit, she already has a total of 51 stores. We don’t doubt she has amassed vast sums of investment money and that includes her total net worth of $75 million.


Adrienne Banfield-Jones is an actress and the mother of TV personality Jada Pinkett-Smith. The Jamaican – Barbadian beauty had Jada in Baltimore, Maryland and named her after her favorite actress Jada Rowland. As we all know, Jada lived up to her namesake and became a huge name in the entertainment world herself. Jada and Adrienne have maintained a very close mother and daughter relationship over the years and have always been very supportive of one another.

Jada is also known to be the wife of actor Will Smith. The couple have two successful kids, Jaden and Willow, who are also following in their footsteps.  Now Jada is not only an actress but is also a producer, screenwriter, businesswoman and a talk show host. She even has musical credit for singing and writing songs from time to time. Adrienne must be very proud of the woman that she has become.


Renowned actor Tom Hanks had Colin Lewes Hanks on November 24, 1977 with his first wife, actress and producer Samantha Lewes. He then married Rita Wilson after working with attorneys to part ways with Samantha. With Rita, he had three other kids Elizabeth, Chester and Truman.

As the oldest Hanks kid, Colin has taken after his father. He is now a director, producer and actor. He appeared in several movies like Orange County, The House Bunny, King Kong, Jumanji, and The Great Buck Howard. Also, he has been in a lot of TV shows like Life in Pieces, Band of Brothers, Roswell, Fargo, Dexter and The Good Guys. He went to Sacramento Country Day School and then to two universities: Chapman University and finally Loyola Marymount University, but he did not get to finish college. Instead, he focused on his acting career.


Singer and songwriter Minnie Riperton was known for her beautiful voice and her great songwriting skills. Her hit song Lovin’ You mentioned one of her greatest treasures, her daughter Maya. She had Maya with Richard Rudolph, a composer just like herself. Maya was born in Gainesville but they moved to Los Angeles, California when she was still a little child. She and her brother grew up in Westwood and went to school in Crossroads School in Santa Monica.

Maya got her college degree in photography from the University of California. She started out performing with The Rentals, and alternative rock band and then joined The Groundlings Improve Troupe later on. Her career steadily went up. She was also in Saturday Night Live, 50 First Dates, Idiocracy, Grown Ups, Wine Country, A Prairie Home Companion, Sisters, Life of the Party and Bridesmaids.


Bebe Buell was a singer, model and former who was featured in the November 1974 issue of a popular men’s magazine. It did not come as a surprise that the bombshell would have a daughter as gorgeous as her. She had Liv with Steven Tyler, the Aerosmith lead. According to Bebe, she named her daughter after Liv Ullmann, a woman she greatly admired. Liv has been working since she was only 14 years old, appearing in different films and on TV, as well as modeling, producing and singing.

Her first movie credit was for Silent Fall which premiered in 1994. She also appeared in the films Stealing Beauty, That Thing You Do!, Inventing the Abbotts, Dr. T AND the Women, One Night at McCool’s, The Incredible Hulk, and Space Station 76 among others. She also starred in the TV shows The Leftovers, Gunpowder, Harlots and 911: Lone Star.


Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley and actress and entrepreneur Priscilla Presley. She had Danielle Riley Keough on May 29, 1989 with musician Danny Keough. The couple met when Danny joined Lisa Marie’s band as a bass guitarist. However, they eventually hired lawyers and separated ways after some time. She then had brief marriages with Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. Riley, meanwhile, was mostly raised by Danny and they led different lives from Lisa. She was able to maintain a relationship with her mother, however.

Because she had to move between her parents’ homes a lot, she was homeschooled. She began modeling when she turned 15 and was even on the cover of Vogue. When she turned 20, she began appearing in films, including The Runaways. This was followed by appearances in The Good Doctor, Magic Mike, Jack and Diane and Mad Max: Fury Road.


O’Shea Jackson, more popularly known as Ice Cube is the father of O’Shea Jackson Jr. who is better known as OMG. Ice Cube is a rapper whose life was depicted in the biopic Straight Outta Compton. O’Shea, himself, was the actor who portrayed his father in the film. O’Shea grew up in San Fernando Valley with his two brothers Shareef and Darrell and his sister Kareema.

He later went to William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills and got his diploma in 2009. O’Shea received his degree in screenwriting from the University of California. Unlike his father, he lived a far better life when he was young. He had cars and a good home to go to. Ice Cube may have had it rough, but it taught him important life lessons he can now pass on to his kids.

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