Celebrities Who Now Holds Normal Jobs

They say that show business isn’t an industry you grow old in. That’s why there are stars who shifted to a different career and focused on doing something that they love more.
These artists gave up acting and their fame to pursue a new passion. Since they can reach the peak of their career in Hollywood but their status will eventually fade, they decided that it may be better to have a regular job. It’s the best decision for those who have to pay mortgages, home loans, and other debt.
Here is the list of celebrities who turned their back on fame and chose to work normal jobs like everybody else.

Kirk CameronEvangelist


Kirk Cameron started working at an early age in various television commercials, films, and television shows. Cameron is best known for his role as Mike Seaver in the ABC television sitcom Growing Pains? No wonder he gained popularity at a very young age and soon become a teen heartthrob in the 1980s. After a few years of acting, he left the mainstream film and television industry.

This 48-year-old star shifted his focus on religious activities and became an active Evangelical Christian. He partnered with Ray Comfort for their evangelical ministry, The Way of Master Noble. Along with his wife, Chelsea he co-founded The Firefly Foundation, and sponsors camping trips for children who are terminally ill.Eventually, he came back to the industry and worked on some television, documentary, and movie projects. Even though he is not a full-time actor, he still has a net worth of $20 million, which means he won’t be calling a bankruptcy lawyer anytime soon.

Alfonso RibeiroHost

Alfonso Ribeiro began his career at the early age of eight. He gained popularity in the Broadway musical titled ”The Tap Dance Kid”where he played the lead character. Alfonso rose to fame when he landed the role of dancing Carlton on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. . Alfonso is a professional tap dancer and has also appeared in Pepsi commercial as a background dancer that featured Michael Jackson.

After acting in several films, this 47-year-old star worked on reality series and hosting gigs. He has been the host of ABC’s long-running television series, America’s Funniest Home Videos since 2015 following Tom Bergeron’s departure. He also hosted Catch 21, Spell-Mageddon, and Dance 360. Ribeiro also appeared in the Broadway musical, The Tap Dance Kid, and I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here! He even won Dancing with the Stars Season 19 with Witney Carson. Even if he did not take any film acting jobs, his hosting gigs probably helped pay his mortgage.

Nikki BlonskyHairstylist

Nikki Blonsky remains active in the industry while she juggles work as a part-time hairstylist and make-up artist in her hometown, Great Neck, New York. . She earned her cosmetology license back in 2011.This 32-year-old is known for her breakout roles as Tracy Turnblad in hit movie Hairspray in the 2007 where she received several nominations for her spectacular performance including Golden Globe and Screen Stars Guild Awards and won several other awards including Critics Choices Award.

She has also work in various films and television series throughout her career such as Queen Sized”The Last Movie Star”She even had her own drama series on ABC titled Huge She is currently working on the action drama horror film, Ghost in the Graveyard. Since Blonsky is busy working two jobs, she may need to hire a financial advisor to help her with her finances.

Chris OwenWaiter

If you’ve watched American Pie, then you probably recognize Chris Owen’s face. He starred in its films, sequels, and spinoffs. He worked on many other movies in the 90s such as Major Payne, Black sheep, Angus but he only had minor roles. During his course of acting, Owen has also appeared in television shows and music videos.

After being disappeared from the movie industry for a long time he makes a comeback with two more movies and landed a role on Criminal Minds before retiring. His acting career was short-lived, so he looked for a different job to make ends meet. Back in 2014, Owen was seen working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. This 40-year-old star didn’t deny this and even mentioned that his new job lets him stay in the fight. We hope he finds a good investment to place a part of his earnings so he can multiply it.

Kevin JonasEntrepreneur

Kevin Jonas is one of the members of the famous pop-rock band, the Jonas Brothers, along with his siblings, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. He also had a successful television career along with his brothers on Disney Channel. Jonas is also featured in People Magazine’s list of Hottest Men Alive in 2008. It was heartbreaking for the fans when the group decided to part ways in 2012. Later the singer decided to become an entrepreneur.

He founded the real estate development and construction company, JonasWerner. He is also the co-CEO of The Blue Market Company and created the food app Yood. He even has a partnership with the video-sharing app We Heart It. Jonas probably didn’t need a business loan for any of his start-ups. Surprisingly, he and his brothers reinstated their band in the year 2019 after taking a break of good six years.

Karl MaloneBusinessman

After being a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and All-Star Game MVP awardee, Karl Malone is now a businessman of his own after retiring from the NBA in 2005 after 19 seasons. Despite having a lot of endorsement opportunities, the 56-year-old star has no plans to accept them if it doesn’t involve his family. Malone partnered with his daughter, Kadee Malone, for his latest business venture ?the Legends Cigar and Vape shop.

The whole family is entirely involved in the business. From the packaging to the design of La Aurora Barrel Aged by Karl Malone signature cigar, they all have something to do with it. Aside from this, Malone also has other businesses and properties like Karl Malone Powersports, Karl Malone Toyota, Karl Malone Mitsubishi, Polaris, and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships, among others. With his $75-million net worth, Malone doesn’t need to opt for any loans to run his businesses.


Jennifer Love Hewitt holds one of the loveliest faces in Hollywood. Aside from being a successful actress, she also ventured into the music scene as a singer and songwriter. Hewitt began her career in show business as a child star. She accepted minor endorsement deals before signing a contract with Disney’s Kids Incorporated which helped grow her career. After a few years of hard work and dedication, her big break finally arrived.

She was offered to play the role of Sarah Reeves Merrin in Party Number Five, and this led her to become one of the most significant figures in the entertainment scene. She then paired up with Jackie Chan in Tuxedo and played the lead role in Ghost Whisperer. She later decided to work behind the scenes as a writer and producer as a side job. She probably needs a financial advisor since she earned a lot from her different careers.


Ali Macgraw made a name for herself during the ’70s after she won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her performance in the movie Goodbye, Columbus back in 1969. She gained another break after she brought home another Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for her work in the film Love Story in 1970. Her popularity rose to the top, and she was voted as the top female box office star in the world for two years after she won her Best Actress award.

Ali also featured in People’s Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful women in the year 1991. After a few slow years in the industry, she decided to become a yoga instructor. She certainly knows how to take care of her health and her credit score. Ali also devoted her time in animal rights and welfare and also received the Humane Education award. She is also U.S brand ambassador for animal welfare charity.Now in her 80s, she’s showing no signs of slowing down, both physically and financially.

Mara WilsonWriter

You may remember Mara Wilson as Natalie Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda Wormwood in Matilda. She also appeared in movies such as ”A Time to Heal”and ”Miracle on 34th Street”in the year 1994. She was inspired by her brother to pursue acting. Today, she chose to work behind the camera. In 2000, this 32-year-old star decided to leave acting and focus on her studies instead.

Since then, she has been busy writing. In 2013, Wilson wrote an article for Cracked.com about her opinion of some former child stars?delinquency. She also started to work for Publicolor in the same year. She also wrote the play Sheeple, which was produced for the New York International Fringe Festival. Wilson said her film acting days are now over, and she is more focused on writing. She even has a book, titled Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame, which may be one of her greatest investments.

Tony DanzaEnglish Teacher

Tony Danza has a lot of professions under his belt. He is an actor, comedian, singer, television personality, tap dancer, boxer, and teacher. He is best known for appearing in the movies Taxi and Who’s the Boss? He also appeared in several movies and was subsequently successful in his boxing career. In 2010, the A&E reality show Teach: Tony Danza chronicled his life as a tenth-grade school teacher at Northeast High School in Philadelphia during the school year of 2009 and 2010.

The book I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High was also based on his one year of teaching. In 2018, he appeared on the Netflix series The Good Cop as Tony Caruso Sr. With all his earnings, Danza should have an excellent financial advisor to help manage his money.

Josh Saviano – Lawyer

Josh Saviano may not have gone out of Hollywood’s spotlight, but he managed to champion life as a lawyer. You may remember him with only a few roles he played during his time in the entertainment industry as he only stayed for a short time. He is best known for his role as Paul Joshua Pfeiffer in the television show The Wonder Years back in the 1980s. After working in several small positions, he decided to stop acting and went to college at Yale University to get a political science degree. He became a lawyer and worked for different firms.

Eventually, he resumed acting and appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to play an attorney’s role in 2016. Saviano also had two start-up endeavors, law firm JDS Legal and celebrity brand consultancy Act 3 Advisors. Learning that Josh owns a consultancy firm and eventually returned to the screen could probably mean that his financial score is nowhere near bankruptcy level.

Greta Garbo – Art Collector

The late Greta Garbo chose to have a private life over continuing her successful career in Hollywood. At her prime, she earned three Academy Award nominations for Best Actress. In 1926, Greta started her career doing silent films and eventually worked on her first speaking movie, Anna Christie, in 1930. However, she labelled it as a “box office poison” when her fame was starting to decline, and her popularity was decreasing. Fortunately, she managed to recover and land a role in the comedy film Ninotchka in 1939.

When Greta Garbo was 35 years old, she decided to retire. She enjoyed a leisurely life and often went on vacation. Garbo became an art collector, collecting Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s works, Pierre Bonnard, and Kees van Dongen. She must have thought so well about being an art collector as her massive art collection was a good investment as the pieces probably worth millions of dollars as we speak.

Peter Ostrum – Veterinarian

Peter Ostrum only worked on one movie during his Hollywood career – in the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where he played Charlie Bucket. The entertainment industry was probably not for Ostrum since he didn’t sign the three-picture contract after doing Willy Wonka. For whatever reason, not pursuing his acting career led him to a better place. He soon realized that his calling is far off being an actor, but instead, he became more interested in animals, especially horses.

He decided to get a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. Currently, he resides in Lowville, New York, where he also continues to practice his field. To this date, he is not seen appearing in any shows and lives a very private life. He has a net worth of $500,000, and we hope his new work supports his excellent credit score.

Alfonso Ribeiro – Host

Alfonso Ribeiro rose to fame when he landed Carlton’s role on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alongside Will Smith. After acting in various films, this 47-year-old star must have realized that his strengths reside in speaking and hosting rather than acting. He did not leave the screens, though, and just focused on working on non-acting jobs on the net. Alfonso has been the host of ABC’s long-term television series, America’s Funniest Home Videos, since 2015 following Tom Bergeron’s farewell.

He also anchored the Catch 21, Spell-Mageddon, and Dance 360. Ribeiro also emerged in the Broadway musical, The Tap Dance Kid, and I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here! He also bagged an award in Dancing with the Stars Season 19 with Witney Carson. Even if he did not take any film acting jobs, his hosting gigs probably helped pay his mortgage and ready him for retirement.

Nikki Blonsky – Hairstylist

Nikki Blonsky, known as an actress, singer, dancer, and Internet personality, remains functional in the industry while balancing work as a part-time hair and makeup artist in her homeland. This 30-year-old woman is known for her roles as Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 hit movie Hairspray and as Maggie Baker in the 2008 film Queen Sized. She even had her drama series on ABC titled Huge. Her latest flick was the action-horror film Ghost in the Graveyard, released in the year 2019.

We are yet to know her projects for the coming year, but now, she is active on her social media accounts, creating content for her video blog, which probably helped her promote herself and her passion. Since Blonsky is busy up and running two jobs, she may need to appoint a financial advisor to help her with her finances and track her earnings for her life savings and retirement.

Danny Lloyd – Biology Professor

Remember the child actor and a cute kid in the iconic movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Shining? The actor’s name is Danny Lloyd. People credited him for perfectly portraying the young Danny Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s film. After a series of acting roles, the child star retired at the young age of 10 and then lived a private life. He retired from acting just after portraying Young Liddy in the television film, Will: G. Gordon Liddy. Behind years of not hearing from him, the former child star found his lifelong vocation as a teacher.

He is now a biology professor and is currently teaching online classes at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Lloyd opted to have a private life since he doesn’t want to share his personal information. Although being offered the limelight, Lloyd’s choice of having a quiet life is better for him and the community.

MC Hammer – Entrepreneur

You probably know Stanley Kirk Burrell, professionally known as MC Hammer, as the male behind the hit song U Can’t Touch This and with a hit song from the 1980s to 1990s. As his rocket to fame launched, his career decided to remain in the spotlight for years. Unfortunately, a sudden change in his success took a toll on him, and he chose to leave the spotlight. Due to excessive spending, Burrell had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. He reassesses his life, and the rapper sees himself in a new career.

Stanley redeemed himself and went on to different business ventures from the small business loan he had. He made himself known as a web mogul and activist. Burell then creates, demonstrates, and consults social applications, sites, media, and devices like the iPad and ZAGGmate. No wonder he is good with technology, he’s been using the internet since 1994. Recently, he launched the All-Star Hammer’s House Party tour.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Cook

Freddie Prinze Jr. made a lot of girls fall in love with his charisma back in the 1990s. How can we forget the tantalizing eyes and wonderful smile of Freddie on the screen? He was a real heartthrob at the time and rose to fame after starring in the movies, She’s All That, and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Now, the 43-year-old is taking a break from acting and focusing on his new passion — cooking. Prinze Jr. just revealed his first cookbook, Back to the Kitchen, containing 75 family-friendly recipes from his New Mexico roots.

Still, we find him very attractive in all-white chef uniforms, and we hope that maybe someday he will star in a cooking show or cooking-themed film. Freddie probably has a beautiful kitchen filled with high-end cooking wares and tools with his love for food and cooking. We hope he has a home security system to keep everything safe.

Jeff Cohen – Lawyer/Writer

Jeff Cohen was a former child actor who appeared in the 1985 Steven Spielberg movie The Goonies. However, the 45-year-old star felt like acting was not for him and chose to pursue a different career instead, and the very reason the child star has been out of the spotlight. ABA Journal noted that after Cohen hit puberty, he decided to retire from the entertainment industry.

Cohen pursued a legal career and earned his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law in 2000. Cohen, smart as he is, sees the opportunity and the need for his new Hollywood career. With his charms and contacts, he became an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles and became a founding partner of Cohen & Gardner, LLP. Cohen also periodically writes for The Huffington Post and CNBC. Cohen sure does know how to win in life and probably has an excellent financial standing handled by his trusted financial advisors.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Director

Jonathan Taylor is an actor, voice actor, and director. He played the role of Randy Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement, voiced Simba’s character in The Lion King, and directed three Last Man Standing episodes. In 1998, the 37-year-old left the ABC sitcom to focus on his studies. He must have a thirst for knowledge as his academic records are impressive. Taylor graduated with honors from Chaminade College Preparatory School in West Hills, California.

He then enrolled at Harvard University to get a philosophy and history degree. Taylor also studied at the Columbia University School of General Studies in 2010. Four years ago, he directed the film The Extra and some Last Man Standing episodes, where he also guest-starred. With the schools that Taylor got into and his directing gigs, it is clear that he must have kept a good financial record. It is safe to say that he controls his home finances very well, even at a young age.

Carrie Henn – Teacher

Credits to those who can take a sudden detour in life with such grace. As such is Carrie Henn, who only appeared in one movie, Aliens, back in 1986. In the same film is where she won a Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor. She is the sister of other Aliens actor Christopher Henn. She must have thought that her lifelong career is acting with her achievement, but life must have other plans for her. Henn had a short-lived acting career in Hollywood.

She is supposed to have a leading role in the fan film Alien: Identity, but it got canceled. So, she chose to teach children and not continue acting in Hollywood. She earned a degree in liberal studies and child development at the California State University at Stanislaus in 2000. She is now a school teacher in Atwater, California, living a private life with stable finances and credits.

Doris Day – Animal Welfare Activist

Doris Day was one of the celebrities in Hollywood in the 1960s and 1970s. She was known as an actress, singer, and animal welfare activist. She retired from acting after The Doris Day Show, but she still appeared on several television specials and talk shows now and then. Dorris planned her retirement well as she made suitable investments that will support her throughout her life. After her retirement, she resided in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where she co-owned a Cypress Inn hotel with her son, Terry Melcher.

Doris enjoyed a peaceful life with her pets and adopted stray animals. Her love and affection for animals have led her to advocate for animal welfare, which she influenced. Until her last breath, Day worked for the Doris Day Animal Foundation, founded in 1978. She also created the annual Spay Day USA. From the looks of it, she used her investment money on purpose to help our furry friends.

Lark Voorhies – Author

Once in a while, life doesn’t go as we thought it would be, which exactly happened to Lark Voorhies. Lark rose to fame as Lisa Marie Turtle on the NBC sitcom, Saved by the Bell. She evolved a household name after appearing in different television sitcoms and soap operas. She also founded and became the lead singer of the alternative band, Third Degree. Since her fame and several opportunities upfront, it seems that Lark is made and destined for Hollywood, but apparently, it is not.

Like any other then-star, Lark finds herself re-routing. She had no television jobs since 2008 and no movie projects since 2012. In 2010, she focused on writing a romance novel, titled Reciprocity, which made her a successful author. A year later, he followed his writing by two more stories, True Light and Trek of the Cheshire. These books are all self-published, so Voorhies probably used some of her investment money to launch her books.

Barret Oliver – Photographer

Barret Oliver was a former child actor who starred in movies The Neverending Story, D.A.R.Y.L., Cocoon, and Cocoon: The Return. His last film was Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills in 1989. Not veering away from arts, Barret finds himself interested in working behind the camera. The 45-year-old realized that he wanted to be on the other side of the camera, taking photographs. Oliver then works in print media and expresses his artistry amazingly.

His works displayed in various museums and gallery exhibitions, and he became successful in his field. His ability is using 19th-century methods, like collodion and Woodbury type. He even has a book, A History of the Woodburytype, published by Carl Mautz Publishing in 2007. Seemingly, based on his credentials, buying his work might be a good investment as an art collection. He is inactive in the acting industry, but he is working in the arts scenes.

Rick Moranis – Voice Actor

Rick Moranis is best known for his appearance in the movie Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Unfortunately, his wife died in 1991, which affects him and his career tremendously. Even at the peak of his career, he decided to retire in 1997 to focus on his two children. He sees that being in the spotlight will not work for him and his children. As an actor, Moranis had to travel a lot for movie productions, which made it hard for him to raise his children, the very reason why he quit acting.

Instead, this 66-year-old actor did voice-over work for a few animated films, still in the profession that he loved only on a not so tight schedule. Moranis had to work to make ends meet as a single parent. We are pretty sure that he has savings and life insurance to help cover some of the expenses.

Brittany Ashton Holmes – Student

Another child actress who didn’t make it through Hollywood’s tight competition is Brittany Ashton Holmes. You may remember Brittany Ashton Holmes as the cute little girl Darla in the 1994 movie, The Little Rascals. Although the film is considered iconic, and her adorable, good-old-Hollywood looks and charm should get through the stardom, it didn’t help this 30-year-old star’s fame or bring her other movie projects. After appearing in the film Inhumanoid in 1996, Holmes decided to leave the entertainment industry and focus on her studies.

Holmes is currently studying for a degree in Political Science and working at Starbucks to make her finances meet. Although Holmes’ picture has been circulating in the media lately as her then movie The Little Rascals marked its 26th anniversary, she has no plans to return to acting since she is now happy with her current life in Los Angeles. Besides, her quiet life and freedom to travel without a fuss must have made her content with it.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Entrepreneur

Sarah Michelle Gellar created a name for herself after starring in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s iconic drama series. Although the 42-year-old star is still active in the entertainment industry, she seems to take a plunge in business and wrote a book. Gellar founded the food crafting brand and e-commerce startup that sells baking kits, Foodstirs, with Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman in 2015. Not that she is bankrupt of any sort, she probably just took the cue from her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr, with whom she shares the same passion for food or cooking.

And just like Freddie, she released her cookbook, Stirring Up Fun with Food, in 2017. Despite her busy schedule, Gellar is still acting and being a mom to her two children. She must have hired a financial advisor to help her with her program and help keep the tabs in order, especially now that her net worth is increasing.

Andrew Shue – Entrepreneur

Andrew Shue was an actor known for his character as Billy Campbell on the television series Melrose Place for seven years. The 52-year-old star had no TV project since he worked on this drama series. There are also only a few movies under his name. Luck is not the only one to blame for his lack of projects as Shue’s passion for helping others and considering business.

He became more famous as an entrepreneur when he co-founded the non-profit organization – Do Something, where he is a Board of directors. He also co-founded the social networking website called CafeMom, which caters to mothers and mothers-to-be. It used to be the website with the most traffic for women and reported earning over $100 million. From then on, he was branded as an internet mogul and founded several other businesses. With multiple companies, Shue needs a competent financial advisor to handle his finances.

Alicia Silverstone – Activist

Many women looked up to Alicia Silverstone, known for her movie debut, The Crush, then she played Cher Horowitz’s role in the hit coming-of-age romantic comedy movie, Clueless. She was one of the most prominent young stars in the ’90s who are still active in this generation. Silverstone, married and has three children, is a devoted vegan, which discussed and shared with people. The 42-year-old actress advocates for animal rights and the environment in which she utilizes her name and fame to promote veganism and animal abuse awareness.

She became a vegan in 1998 after she attended an animal rights meeting. She is still acting, and she recently appeared on an episode of Lip Sync Battle with Mena Suvari. Silverstone also published a vegan cookbook, The Kind Diet. Actress, activist, and writer – Alicia Silverstone seems to be more than she looks and is doing pretty well on her investment planning.

Amanda Bynes – Fashion Designer

Amanda Bynes arise to stardom as a child actress on Nickelodeon from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Even at the utmost of her career, she announced an infinite hiatus from acting due to personal problems back in 2010. Much has reported about her life’s whirlwind, but few know about her interests. It looks like the 33-year-old star wanted to pursue another career but is no less than related to artistry.

Bynes aspired to be a fashion designer, so she collaborated with Steve & Barry’s to launch her fashion line, Dear, in 2007. However, the retail company had to file for bankruptcy in 2008. Though she might be upset with her first attempt, she moved to New York in 2012 to pursue a degree in fashion. It really could be her life calling as she took further steps in 2013 when she signed up at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine, where she earned her Associate of Arts degree in Merchandise Product Development after five years.

Meghan Markle – Duchess of Sussex

It was a fairy-tale come true for many what Meghan Markle’s life has turned out as she was smitten and married a prince. But little did everyone know that being part of the royal family is a constant work itself. Meghan Markle managed to make a name for herself when she portrayed Rachel on the legal drama Suits. However, the 39-year-old star had to leave her role and the entertainment industry in 2017 when she married Prince Harry.

Now a Duchess of Sussex, Markle must fulfill her role as a duchess and perform tasks laid out for her. It means she needs to leave her career behind and to shut down her social media accounts. Lately, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their resignation from working as senior members of the royal family as they want to live a private life. Despite dropping their royalties, they are still members of the royal family for which they gave a high home security system.

Jack Gleeson – Entrepreneur

Every fan of Game of Thrones probably knows who Jack Gleeson is. He played the role of the evil King Joffrey Baratheon in the first few seasons of the series. When his character died, Gleeson decided to quit the entertainment industry. Gleeson did not stray too far away from show-business as he ventures in creating his own theatre company. Gleeson is now busy as the founder, producer, and member of the Collapsing Horse Theater Company based in Dublin.

He probably used a business loan to launch his company combined with life investment as an actor. Jack made a bold move, which surprised many people as it was not what they expected, as he once said he wanted to pursue an academic career. But eventually, he said that he has “gone off that idea.” then his new company rose. Gleeson is notably a very private person who could have caused him to leave his acting career but still around it.

Erik Per Sullivan – Student

Erik Per Sullivan is a former child artist best known for his role as Dewey on the Fox series Malcolm in the Middle. He worked on the show for seven years, where he technically grew up. While he was in the front, he also landed roles in several films such as Unfaithful and Finding Nemo. After working on the movie, Twelve in 2010, we never heard of Sullivan again. It’s because he retired from the entertainment industry and focused on his studies. Sullivan went to the University of Southern California to pursue a degree in Physiological Science.

As part of his decision to move away from the entertainment industry must be his desire to live everyday private life. Currently, this 28-year-old former child star removed himself from social media sites to live an anonymous life that we cannot blame him for doing so since he never had a free childhood.

Phoebe Cates – Businesswoman

Phoebe Cates appeared in different movies and TV shows back in the 1980s. She is a famous actress, best known for her Fast Times roles at Ridgemont High and Gremlins. However, Cates retired from acting in 1994 to raise her two kids at the peak of her career and popularity. She eventually returned on the big screen in 2001 as a cast in the movie The Anniversary Party.

Though some thought it was her comeback to reel life, it was just a favor Cates did for Jennifer Jason Leigh, the director of the said film, and her close friend and co-star. Not much had heard about her since 2001 except comes 2005 when she opened her boutique, Blue Tree. Her store is at Madison Avenue in New York who sells jewelry and antiques. With this in mind, we cannot help but think that Cates probably used a large amount of her investment money to launch her business.

Karyn Parsons – Organization Founder

Karyn Parsons is best known for her character as Hilary Banks in the NBC sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, alongside Will Smith. She starred in several major movies and is still active in the entertainment industry. Besides acting, Parsons has been vocal with her beliefs and advocacies, especially to her roots. The 52-year-old star created the Sweet Blackberry Foundation, an organization that produces animated shorts about the unsung black heroes.

It aims to bring African and American history stories to children everywhere and preserve their culture and heritage. Her passion and beliefs are with the projects that she accepts today. Parsons recently appeared in the movie On Monday of Last Week in 2017. She sets to work on the new television series Fly, which is about the first commercial flight with an African-American female crew. Parsons deserves excellent credit for imposing change and campaigning awareness on ancestry and heritage.

Charlie Korsmo – Lawyer/Professor

Charlie Korsmo is a former child celebrity who played Peter Pan’s (Robin Williams) son in the 1991 movie Hook. It probably was a dream come true for this young star to work alongside Williams and Dustin Hoffman, who played Captain James Hook. However, Korsmo aspired to a different career for himself and didn’t see himself being an actor for a long time. He left Hollywood to pursue a degree in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He didn’t stop there as he continued to pursue higher education and received a Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School. Now, Charlie Korsmo is a lawyer and a professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland and lives privately with his wife and family. Charlie seems to be happy with the vocation that he chose. It is, in fact, very noble, and his education alone is admirable and inspirational.

Michael Schoeffling – Businessman

Michael Schoeffling was one of the most prominent actors and models back in the 1980s. He is known for his roles as Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles, Kuch in Vision Quest, and Joe in Mermaids. However, despite his good looks and perfect physique, Michael seems to be out of luck as an actor. He decided to quit acting due to a lack of offered roles and his growing family in 1991. This 58-year-old star is married to Valerie C. Robinson, an actress in the 80s, and has two children.

He probably had to get a home loan and insurance when they were starting their family. Eventually, it looks like he found a way to make ends meet and built his own business. Now, Schoeffling owns a woodworking shop, where he produces handcrafted furniture for his clients. Also, his kids are all grown up and frantically woven for the entertainment industry.

Mike Vitar – Firefighter

Mike Vitar used to be a famous actor in the 1990s. At the time, he appeared in movies such as The Sandlot, D2: The Mighty Ducks, and D3: The Mighty Ducks. He retired from acting in 1997 and shifted to a new career as a firefighter. Being a public servant must be in their blood as his older brother Pablo, who plays his older brother in Sandlot, joined the LA Police Department a year before Mike’s retirement.

Seeing his brother in uniform must’ve inspired him and made him realize what he meant to do. Since then, he has been a firefighter for the Los Angeles Fire Department since 2002. He now resides in the said city in California with his wife, Kym. During his fireman career, Vitar needed an excellent attorney. He and his fellow firefighters assaulted a guy who handed out candy to the neighborhood kids. Vitarwas accounted for a misdemeanor battery to which he never contested.

Tom Selleck – Farming

Tom Selleck is popularly known as Thomas Magnum, an actor and film producer in the television series Magnum P.I., and, of course, because of his signature mustache. This 74-year-old prominent Hollywood star and personality remains active in the industry, starring Frank Raegan in Blue Bloods. Apart from being a veteran California Army National Guard, Selleck is also a farmer.

Thinking about his credentials pretty much explains well his looks and his mustache. It stated that whenever he wants to take a break, he goes to his 60-acre Californian ranch, where he tends his avocado farm. Selleck’s unwinding way is working on the farm grounds, a good and productive way of destressing from the everyday hassle of living in Hollywood. However, he had to get a lawyer when Selleck was stealing water to maintain his avocados’ quality. He ended up paying a stiff fine and must have built his watering system than on.

Dylan Sprouse – Brewmaster

Dylan Sprouse used to star in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its offshoot, The Suite Life on Deck, next to his equally handsome twin brother, Cole Sprouse. But as they grew, they decided to take different paths – Cole still pursues his acting career while Dylan chooses to become a brewmaster. Dylan went to New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study to finish a four-year degree in video game design.

He then opened the All-Wise Meadery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which he takes pride in and significantly advertised on social media. Sprouse returned to show business in 2017 and worked on the movies Dismissed and That High and Lonesome Sound. He has two other films coming up on the big screen and a comedy hit TV series to join in since his last appearance on screen in The Suite Life. We can’t wait to see more of him as two Sprouse sounds fun.

Hayden Christensen – Farmer

Hayden Christensen became a household name after appearing in the Life as a House, but he gained international fame when he portrayed Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. With his success, the 38-year-old star managed to buy himself a farm near Uxbridge, Ontario, back in 2017. He renovated the place himself and probably needed business loans to put everything up. He seems to be very into farming life as he was said to have even devoted his time to studying “livestock, crops, and agricultural machinery” to work on his farm.

As invested as he is in farming, he also started his clothing line wherein his main inspiration is his farm and farm life. In 2013 when he collaborated with the Canadian fashion chain, RW&Co enabled his fashion line specifically made for men. Moreover, he is still in action in the entertainment industry. He’s been doing endorsements for big labels.

Geena Davis – Social Activist

Geena Davis is known for two things: an actress and activist. The former model and now 63-year-old star is truly a woman of great purpose. Adding to several recognitions that she received for her contribution to the entertainment industry is her involvement in different advocacies for women in show business. Awakened with the need to voice out women’s adversaries in mass media, she uses her voice and popularity to raise awareness. Davis started the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media back in 2004.

It collaboratively works with the industry to help increase the female characters’ presence in media. Her advocacy established her understanding that the lack of female character in media impacts a young child’s perception of self. She also founded the Bentonville Film Festival in 2015 and executive produced the documentary, This Changes Everything in 2018. With all that she does, it is no wonder that Davis receives a lot of credit.

Vanilla Ice – Real Estate

Vanilla Ice or known as Robert Van Winkle, is popularly known for his one-hit-wonder song; Ice Ice Baby makes it big in the real estate business. He seems to lack luck with his music career, to which he had a certain low point during this time; he sought intervention by doing other work. This 51-year-old star studied real estate and started working on renovation and selling houses. He found his real estate success that he even had a reality television series titled The Vanilla Ice Project.

This show featured house renovations in Palm Beach, Florida, that might have inspired others, thus the real estate business’s booming success. Winkle also had a book, called Vanilla Ice Project – Real Estate Guide, tackling some points on succeeding in real estate. As the hitmaker knows that real estate is an excellent place to put your investment money, he now focuses on this field.

Jim Carrey – Producer

Jim Carrey is famous for his comedy roles and energetic slapstick performances. With a lot of films and shows under his name, he truly is an icon in Hollywood. Besides being an actor and comedian, Carrey is also an impressionist, screenwriter, musician, producer, artist, painter, and cartoonist. He doesn’t only work in front of the camera as he also produces documentaries and shows. Jim Carrey was the producer of the 2015 documentary film Rubble Kings.

He was also the executive producer of the Showtime dramedy I’m Dying Up Here. Carrey didn’t deny that he suffered from depression, just like other successful actors and actresses. But he had already overcome this and had taken medicines to fight its symptoms. Now, he revealed he no longer takes medications or any stimulants, like coffee. Despite what happened, the actor might have maintained a good credit score thanks to his multiple professions and numerous successful films.

Steven Seagal – Reserve Officer

Steven Seagal is best known for his action movies and martial arts moves. But did you know he is also a reserve officer? This 67-year-old actor has been a reserve deputy chief in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office. It was his knowledge and skills that led him to gain the Reserve Officer position. In the late 1980s, the then-sheriff Harry Lee got impressed when Seagal taught police deputies martial arts, unarmed combat, and marksmanship. As a sign of gratitude and awe, he offered Seagal to join the force.

Relatively, Seagal allegedly graduated from a police academy in Los Angeles and got a certificate from Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST), the same body to accredit California police officers. However, POST officials in California and Louisiana claimed no found record of Seagal being certified and believed that Seagal’s appointment might be just ceremonial. If Seagal is indeed a police officer, he should get insurance.

Big Hoss – Businessman

Richard Corey Harrison, popularly known as “Big Hoss,” is not just a TV personality but also a real businessman in life. Big Hoss rose to fame as a reality television personality in the television series Pawn Stars, where he showcased his daily transactions of gold and silver and even antiques. He was a heavyweight, but he had a dramatic weight loss after getting a gastric lap band surgery and a diet change. From 365 pounds, his weight went down to 250 pounds. During season 6 of his show, he had issues with his family business.

He threatened his father and grandfather, who often questioned his abilities, that he would take a job at another company if they didn’t give him a 10% partnership in the shop. After a raise and getting a 5% partnership, Harrison stayed in his family’s business. Jewelry is a good investment, so he made the right call.

Frankie Muniz – Race Car Driver

Looking at Frankie Muniz’s picture, you might have thought that he somewhat looked familiar. And if you happen to be a fan of Fox’s Malcolm In The Middle, you may guess it right that he is the lead star of the show, Malcolm. He was considered one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens during his time, but the 33-year-old star had a change of heart and settled to take a break from acting to pursue his other lifelong interests and aspirations. In 2006, he publicized his decision to retire to pursue a career in race car driving.

He landed a two-year deal with Jensen Motorsport in Formula BMW competition, and eventually, he participated in different car racing competitions. He also explored his musical talent as he also became a drummer for the band Kingsfoil from 2012 to 2014. It looked like Muniz wanted to do many things, which he was able to since he probably had investment money for it.

Gene Hackman – Novelist

Gene Hackman is a retired actor, novelist, and United States Marine who rose to fame when he landed Buck Barrow’s role in Bonnie and Clyde’s movie. With a career that lasted for sixty years, the 89-year-old actor received many awards and recognitions. In 2004, Hackman announced his plan to retire from acting since he didn’t get any film projects. In 2008, he confirmed that his career was over. Instead, he continued his other profession, which still enables him to express his artistry.

He published several novels, namely Wake of the Perdido Star (1999) with Daniel Lenihan, Justice for None (2004), and Escape from Andersonville (2008). He went solo in 2011 and wrote Payback at Morning Peak and Pursuit (2013). With this, Hackman should get a financial advisor to help him manage his earnings from these books. To this date, Hackman believes that his fulfillment merely lives around the block enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Justin Timberlake – Businessman

Justin Timberlake believes to have a Midas touch, wherein whatever he touched turns into gold. Not just blessed with talents and good looks, Justin seems to achieve a high level of success in the music and acting career, likewise in the business industry. Seen with a powerful drive to succeed, this former Disney star and boyband member managed to have his clothing lines, restaurant investments, and a website. The 38-year-old star re-launched Myspace as a music site in 2013.

He also co-owned three restaurants in the United States: Chi, Destino, and Southern Hospitality. He launched the William Rast clothing line back in 2015 and then collaborated with Levi’s in 2018 to launch Fresh Leaves’ clothing line collection. Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, are also the minority owners of the Memphis Grizzlies. Knowing all these, Justin must know how to utilize his earnings, and he is blessed and winning every aspect of life.

Sean Connery – Producer

Sean Connery is the first actor to play James Bond’s role in the movie industry and a 20th-century icon. In total, he did seven Bond films from 1962 to 1983. Thanks to his fame and charisma, he was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in the late 1980s. In 2000, Elizabeth II knighted him for his contribution to Film Drama. Connery confirmed his retirement back in 2007. At the time, he asks if he would still appear in the fourth Indiana Jones film. He said, “retirement is just too much-damned fun.”

He probably has enough investment money to live comfortably. But in 2010, he went back to show business to reprise his role in the expanded 80-minute version of Sir Bili, which he also executive produced. He must have missed the set and the industry where he spent most of his life. Either way, we love him back, no less.

Agnetha Fältskog – Studied Astrology

Agneta Fältskog used to be a solo artist in Sweden until she joined the pop group Abba, which brought her to international stardom. However, after the band’s break-up, she went solo again. After her success in the 1980s, she decided to leave the music industry. Fältskog stopped making music for 17 years to be alone in an isolated country house in Sweden and spent her time studying astrology, doing yoga, and riding horses. These activities might have helped her cope up with her life’s challenges and circumstances.

She lived very quietly away from the crowd until she decided to make appearances in 2004, where she returned to the studio to record and release an album. Come 2013, and she released another album titled A who is said to top UK charts. This 69-year-old star might have used her lifetime investment money as she went on hiatus for such a long time, and her comeback must have made her earn them again.

Taran Noah Smith – Restaurateur

Taran Noah Smith is popularly known for his role as Marcus “Mark” Jason Taylor in the longest-running and most widely viewed sitcom in the 1990s Home Improvement where he started at 7. After the show ended when he was 16 years old, he knew he didn’t want to do acting anymore. Given that Smith didn’t have the chance of everyday private life initially, he changed his career and sought to have a personal life. Married at 17, Smith ventured to a new job and started a business with his then-wife, Heidi van Pelt.

Taran and Heidi launched a non-dairy cheese manufacturer and restaurant named Playfood. This restaurant specialized in vegan and organic foods, and it is in California. He also teaches people how to pilot submarines at the Community Submersibles Project, where he is also a technical manager. Unfortunately, he hired a divorce attorney in 2007 to finalize their separation.

Susan Boyle – Store Manager

Susan Boyle gained international stardom after she sang on Britain’s Got Talent. Her voice would indeed send chills down your spine with its perfect tone and rhythm. In 2019, she released her first album; I Dreamed a Dream, which became the UK’s best-selling debut album of all time. With a successful music career, she probably has a good credit score despite her recent health concerns. However, there were rumors that Boyle applied for a cashier job and as a store manager while taking a break from music.

Given that she dedicates herself to taking care of her elderly folks all her life, she must have wondered how it is to do something else. No fret is needed as Susan is nowhere near dimming her spotlight. She recently returned to show business with a new album and on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and is still under the care of none other than Simon Cowell.

George Foreman – Entrepreneur

George Foreman became famous for his time in the boxing ring from 1969 to 1977 and 1987 to 1997. He was called Big George for his body built combined with his height. He won as a two-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic medalist. But aside from being a former professional boxer, he is also an ordained minister, author, and entrepreneur. Notable with his peace-seeking nature despite his aggressiveness in the arena, the man is no less than a good businessman.

This 70-year-old professional athlete had his fair share of business ventures and investments as well. He made use of his popularity and had his grill to his name. He used to be George Foreman Grill’s spokesperson and promoter, who managed to sell 100 million units worldwide, making a new name for him as an influential endorser. He also sold the grills’ naming rights for a whopping amount of $138 million.

Leanna Creel – Producer

Since she started her acting career in Hollywood, Leanna Creel has landed many projects and became very busy. After starring on the hit television series Saved by the Bell, she took a break. Creel went to the University of California, Los Angeles, to get a bachelor’s degree in History. She also earned her master’s degree in Film and Television. Her education was not put to waste and utilized co-existentially. Creel started producing in 1994 to help a friend whose producer was involved in an accident.

She then founded the film production company, Ignite Entertainment and currently runs her own production company, Creel Studio. Her production specializes in food, travel, and lifestyle content, to which her background as a History major put to fair use. Besides this, she is also an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and briefly worked for the Hollywood Stock Exchange. With the long list of her profession, we wonder what Leanna cannot do.

Tiffany – Boutique Owner

Tiffany Darwish, better known as Tiffany, rose to fame back in the 1980s with her hit song; I Think We’re Alone Now. She also modeled for Playboy magazine and was in several reality shows. Tiffany Darwish has few film stints that eventually didn’t help her get her desired fame. Seeing that her career in the entertainment industry is not succeeding, she then took it slow and sought a new job. Eventually, she decided to open her boutique, Tiffany’s Boutique, in Nashville, Tennessee.

She is said to be very hands-on in her business and operates it by herself. This 47-year-old star probably didn’t need a business loan when she opened her store as she might have used her savings. It probably is the right call for her as she seems to be thriving as a boutique owner. It’s different from her previous profession, but at least she has a stable income.

Jon Gosselin – DJ and Prep Cook

Jon Gosselin is a television personality who launched his reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, with his then-wife Kate Gosselin and their eight children. Their fame found as the media took notice of Kate delivering sextuplets and offered a reality show to showcase the life of having eight kids. Unfortunately, he hired a divorce lawyer in 2009 to work on their separation, which is shocking for those who are fans of the presentation. Of course, as their show ended, Gosselin started working real jobs.

Compared to Kate, who resumed doing reality shows with a new theme focused on being a single mom with eight kids, Jon seems to step off the spotlight. He noted to have worked for GreenPointe Energy as a solar panel installer in Pennsylvania and got a job as a waiter and maître d’. In 2017, he reportedly saw working as a D.J. in his hometown Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and a prep cook at T.G.I. Friday’s in the same state.

Michael Maronna – Electrician

You may know Michael Maronna if you have seen him play Jeff McCallister’s role in Home Alone and its sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He is also visible in The Adventures of Pete and Pete as Big Pete. Since then, he was not given any break-through projects and just settled supporting acts. When he had the auspicious time in front of the camera, the 41-year-old decided to work behind the scenes as a star cast, but it might not have worked well.

Not wanting to leave Hollywood, he has been an electrician for films and television sets in Hollywood since 1996. Maronna was part of the staff and crew of Sex and the City and Be Kind Rewind. Maronna is said to be happy and take pride in what he does despite being less glittery and famous. It’s great that he has a job to help him pay his mortgage and other loans and make ends meet.

Jonathan Bennett – Producer/Instructor

Jonathan Bennett is notably known for his good looks and incredible physique. He is a model and an actor who starred in the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams back in 2004. Since then, his career flourished, and he was able to star in other films and TV series. When he did finish working in the industry for 20 years, Jonathan Bennet also learned his way behind the camera and lived a new life.

He first joined a production team before he could executive produce the films Pawn and Authors Anonymous and co-produced Misogynist and Do You Take This Man. However, there are also reports that Bennet is also working as a spin class instructor. If so, he seems to be taking care of his health and probably could get health insurance at a low price for him and his beau as they announced their engagement this year. Congratulations!

Lucy Liu – Visual Artist

Some people seem to have it all – good looks, significant metabolism, shiny skin, and multi-skilled and talented. As such is Lucy Liu, who looked great even at her age now with her never deeming fame. You may know Lucy Liu if you’ve seen Charlie’s Angels’ hit movie, where she acted alongside Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. But have you read that she is also a visual artist? This 50-year-old star has presented her works under the pseudonym Yu Ling, her Chinese name.

As there is not much buzz about Lucy Liu’s Hollywood project, she must be busy creating artworks not just for therapy but as her real life’s work. She is a true born artist, and she had gallery shows that featured her artworks, like collage, paintings, and photography. Liu also had her first national museum exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore early this year. Buying her work is probably a good investment.

Kurt Busch – Collector

Kurt Busch is a popular stock car racing driver who is currently competing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He is driving the No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for Chip Ganassi Racing. This 40-year-old star racer was labeled the 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series champion. As Busch comes from a family of professional and successful car racers, it’s not a surprise he gained instant celebrity status and a love for cars. He is said to have a lot of gold chips on his plate.

These earnings gave him the leisure to be a massive car collector. His enormous car collection includes Ford GT, Shelby Cobra, and Mustang, just to mention some. Being a car collector must have cost him to spend bucks and wads of money, but that is probably fine as he is very much bankable to this date. Of course, Busch has earned a lot from his wins and awards. He probably also has an excellent credit report despite his expensive collection.

Barbara Mandrell – Seat Belt Advocate

Barbara Mandrell is a country music icon who conquered the airwaves from the 1970s to the 1980s. She is considered to be one of the most successful female vocalists of her time, but something unfortunate happened that turned her life around. The now 70-year-old star got involved in a car crash, along with her two children, Matthew and Jaime. They were able to survive the accident but not the other person behind the wheels where they crashed into.

Unfortunate as it is, she also had a problem collecting her insurance to pay her medical bills and other expenses. With what happened, she is now a seat belt advocate who believes that life can be saved if you strap on. Now that she’s not active in the music scene, the former artist is said to be enjoying her time gardening, painting, and caring for her family and pets ever since she retired in 1997.

Mackenzie Rosman – Philanthropist and Equestrian Rider

Mackenzie Rosman rose to fame when she appeared and starred in the WB Television Networks’ long-running show 7th Heaven. The charming girl grew up just like her well-behaved character in the show. Her acting career seems to be in lay-low as she seems not to be accepting many projects. To this, she must have found balance in living in reel and real life. The 29-year-old star is said to be pursuing his passion as an equestrian and at the same time doing charitable works.

Rosman owns a lot of horses, which she uses for shows. She is an equestrian show jumper who rides in jumping competitions. Rosman is a supporter of the fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as her step-sister, Katelyn Salmont, was diagnosed with an illness. She is also the national honorary chairman of CureFinders, a fundraising program that helps fund the search for the cure of cystic fibrosis. Rosman supports and is the ambassador of Childhelp Inc., which helps abused children. She probably didn’t need loans to fund the programs she supports.

Rebecca Ritters – Journalist

Another child star who found her way into another career is Rebecca Ritters. She made her television debut on the soap opera Neighbours at eight years old. She stayed in the series for seven more years. After working on television, movies, theater, and open-air productions for decades, she then decided to leave her acting career. The 35-year-old star left the entertainment industry to pursue a degree in politics and international relations at the University of Melbourne.

Even though she changed paths, Rebecca did not shy away from being on screen and in the media industry as she has worked as a news and current affairs producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Furthering her career in journalism, she transferred jobs to become a journalist for Deutsche Welle in Berlin. Taking advantage of social media and its market reach, Ritters also has her own blog, called Europe to Date, with her colleague Clare Richardson, covering European news from an American and Australian perspective.

Ariana Richards – Painter

Ariana Richards rose to fame when she played the role of Lex Murphy in the 1994 Steven Spielberg blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. Despite winning several Young Artist Awards and gaining fame, the 39-year-old star decided to focus on her art career instead. In 2001, she graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in fine arts and drama. She then continued her studies at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. Her hard work paid off, and she became a successful artist.

Now, the former actress is known as a post-war and contemporary artist whose artwork ranges from $300 to $1,197 per piece. She usually paints landscapes and figures, using the style of impressionists. The artist even won in the National Professional Oil Painting Competition for her painting Lady of the Dahlias in 2005, which paved her mark in the visual arts community. Surely, Richards’ artworks will make a good investment considering the prices of each piece.

Jason Zimbler – Software Designer

You might not know who Jason Zimbler is because you probably were born in the late ’90s, but he was quite popular back in the days when he played and was best known as the “world’s brattiest little brother,” Ferguson W. Darling, on Nickelodeon’s television series, Clarissa Explains It All.His acting career in theatre started when he joined the revival of the theater play Shenandoah, which probably opened his dream of pursuing acting and theatre arts. Since then, the former child star started directing and assisting theater productions in New York City.

He also participated in the Impetuous Theater Group and other theater works. Zimbler then founded the theater company, The Re-Theatre Instrument, in Portland, Oregon, alongside Sam Kusnetz. He probably needed to use his investment money to establish his business. But as of 2011, this 42-year-old star shifted to the IT field and is said to be working as a software designer at HBO.

Hank Aaron – Car Dealership Owner and Businessman

Proving that one can do whatever he puts his mind to is Hank Aaron, who ventured into the business after being a sportsman. Hank “Hammer” Aaron gained his celebrity status when he was a right fielder for the American Major League Baseball. He also served as the senior vice president of the Atlanta Braves. After his retirement, his team retired his number, 44, as a sign of respect for him. Hank’s autobiography titled, If I Had a Hammer, was in 1990, which he co-authored with Lonnie Wheeler.

Over time, Aaron started to invest in a car dealership in Georgia. He owns Hank Aaron BMW of South Atlanta, where he gives an autographed baseball with every car sold. As part of his Hank Aaron Automotive Group, the former athlete also owns dealerships of Mini, Land Rover, Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda throughout Georgia. He even has a chain of 30 restaurants across the country. Aaron probably made proper investment planning to be where he is now.

Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit – Firefighter and Sound Technician

Counted to the list of stars who started working at a very young age (toddler, actually!) are the twin brothers Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit. They are famously known as Nicky and Alex Katsopolis when they joined the sitcom Full House. They worked on this project for eight seasons, which was about 200 episodes. After leaving the show, the siblings decided to part ways and pursued different careers.

Blake decided to become a firefighter while Dylan chose to work behind the scenes as a sound technician in various Hollywood movies and television series. It seems that Blake also shares the same interest with Dylan as he was credited and seen working on sound editing. His brother Dylan on the other hand received awards and recognition for his work. He is best known for his work in Game of Thrones and Castle Rock. Even if they have chosen different careers, we hope they know how to do proper money management so they don’t struggle to make ends meet.

Jessica Simpson – Fashion Designer

American singer-actress Jessica Simpson is one of the most sought-after celebrities back in early 2000. She is famous for her good looks matched with her singing voice and her real-life relationship with her former husband, Nick Lachey of 98 degrees. The multi-talented artist had sold more than four million copies of her album Sweet Kisses, after signing a contract with Columbia Records, which was her first studio album with them. She also appeared in several movies and television, namely That ’70s Show and Blonde Ambition.

While she was in the entertainment industry, Simpson was already a style icon. She even successfully launched her collection that made it top runway and sold over a hundred stores in America. With that, the celebrity is currently a fashion designer who is also raising a family. With her earnings reaching billions now, she should start placing money in an investment account for her children and save up for their future.

Peter Billingsley – Filmmaker

It is becoming a trend nowadays for actors to play as a director and vice versa. A perfect example is Peter Billingsley, who simultaneously plays the role of Peter Ginter Riva and co-produced the film Iron Man. Billingsley was first made famous for playing the role of Ralphie in the 1983 film, A Christmas Story, but he got his big break when he portrayed Messy Marvin in the famous Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup advertisement back in the ’70s. He also participated in Little House on the Prairie.

Nowadays, it’s rare to see Peter in front of the camera since he chose to work behind the scenes. The former star made a few cameo roles and short-lived characters in movies to this day, but he is most active as director and producer. He has produced top-grossing films such as Four Christmas, Couples Retreat, on top of the aforementioned cult superhero film that many have grown to love. He probably was able to maintain a good credit score, given that he produced and directed a lot of successful blockbuster movies.

Maia Brewton – Attorney

Many have been wondering what happened to stars who shined bright during the ’80s and why they dimmed their lights. Included in the list is Maia Brewton. Brewton reached the peak of her acting career during the late 1980s and early 1990s. She appeared in the movie The Adventures in Babysitting as Sara Anderson and played Shelly Anne Lewis in the hit teen sitcom series Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and 21 Jump Street. She is most famous for her role of Sally Baines, the younger sister of Marty McFly’s mother, Lorraine, in the iconic franchise, Back to the Future.

Unfortunately, she retired from acting to look for a more stable job as fewer projects were being offered to her then. Her first job after being an actress was as a bartender. After that, she had taken an interest in law, earning her degree from Yale University back in 1998, and is now living her profession as a lawyer.

Heather Deloach – Entrepreneur

If you’ve seen one of Blind Melon’s music videos, you might remember a girl in a bee costume back in the early ’90s. The girl who played the tap dancing “Bee Girl” is Heather Deloach. Her portrayal of “Bee Girl” became so famous that it became an iconic figure since then and has reprised its role on several music videos and shows. Aside from being the “Bee Girl,” she also appeared in two episodes of the medical drama ER.

Seeing that being an actress is not making much for her, she decided to invest her time and part of her income in businesses such as an agency that handles corporate planning and candy stations. It seems that her business is doing pretty well as she has stuck to it to this day. The now 36-year-old star probably has a great credit score, thanks to her smart investments and wise husband, who takes good care of her earnings.

Al Franken – Author & Politician

Al Franken is a media personality and comedian who rose to fame in the late ’70s. He did not only made people laugh then but also stunned them with his good writing. He is considered one of the best writers for the popular TV show Saturday Night Live and won multiple awards for his work. He then teamed up with Tom Davis, his fellow writer, and came up with scripts used in various films from the 1970s to the 1980s.

Franken has a huge love for writing, and he was even able to publish four books included in The New York Times Best Seller list. Adding to his list of careers is being a politician. He was elected for a seat in the Senate representing Minnesota for ten years, from 2009 to 2019. His net worth is reportedly $8 million, and it looks like he doesn’t need to file for any money loan anytime soon.

Mercedes Lander – Real Estate Agent

Mercedes Lander is a member of the famous Canadian heavy metal band Kittie as its beautiful drummer. The band was formed in 1996, and since then, they were able to release multiple singles and albums. They have been working for almost 20 in the music scene. During their two decades in the business, several band members were replaced, while only two original members are remain.

Aside from her regular band duties, Lander decided to work as a real estate agent. Her doing a side hustle might be due to the decreased popularity of their band’s genre, resulting in fewer projects that might have affected her income stream. Selling houses might be comfortable for a celebrity like her as her fame can attract clients to opt for her help. If you’re looking for real estate in Canada, you may arrange a meeting with Mercedes and your investment money will surely be safe.

Cote De Pablo – Singer

You probably recognize Cote de Pablo if you’ve seen the hit TV series NCIS, where she portrays the part of Ziva David. Aside from her acting career, Pablo is also a singer. The 41-year-old star is a Chilean-American descent who moved from Chile to make a name in Hollywood. As she envisioned herself in the entertainment industry, she studied and earned her degree in Music and Theatre from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pursuing her interest in music, she managed to insert side jobs as a singer on various occasions.

Pablo was one of the singers in Roberto Pitre’s album, Vivo en Vida, where she sang Samba in Prelude and Cry Me a River. She also showed her talent on NCIS when she performed a part of Tom Waits’ song, Temptation, on the episode, Last Man Standing. Her full performance, which included some French lyrics, was a part of the show’s first album, NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack.

Amanda Bynes – Fashion Designer (double) – DUPLICATED PAGE – PLEASE DELETE

Actress and comedian Amanda Bynes not only made a statement in Hollywood but also in the fashion industry. From the late ’90s until the early 2000s, she rose to stardom even when she was just a child. She landed roles in various movies, namely the romantic comedy movies What a Girl Wants, Hairstyle, and Easy A. However, when she was at the peak of her career, she was struggling with personal issues.

That’s why she decided to take a break from acting until she determines her next move. Bynes eventually enrolled in a fashion school back in 2013 to get an associate’s degree in Merchandise Product Development.

Danica McKellar – Author

It is impressive enough for big actors or actresses to finish their studies while juggling their reel time work. What is more impressive is to pursue an academic degree in a particular field, just like what Danica McKellar did. Mckellar is not only an actress but also a writer and an advocate for education, focusing on academic importance. She started her professional career back when she was young. She appeared in different television series and eventually got her big break as Winnie Cooper in the famous 1998 series The Wonder Years.

Despite her success in acting, McKellar realized that her income is not enough to live a stable life. With that, she pursued her studies and successfully graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. After graduating, she managed to publish several mathematical books from 2008 to 2012. Among her books, three were listed on the New York Times Bestseller for children.

Helen Hunt – Producer

Helen Hunt is an award-winning actress who works in front of and behind the camera. As an established star who managed to align herself with big names of Hollywood Hall of Famers, she thought of sharing her artistry to a larger scale; Hunt is also a director and producer. She got her big break when she landed the role of Jamie Buchman in the critically-acclaimed sitcom Mad About You. She also starred in blockbuster movie hits such as Cast Away, Pay It Forward, and Twister.

After receiving different awards from different prestigious bodies, she started a career in directing. Hunt made her directorial debut in the film Then She Found Me, followed by Ride, in which she also starred together with Luke Wilson. She gained a $55-million net worth as of today and was probably able to maintain a good credit score, given her relentless talent in acting and directing departments.

Philip Thomas – Co-Writer, Photographer, and Executive Producer

The former Miami Vice star had once promised to win his EGOT—Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, and Tony awards. It’s been quite a few years now, and the world has not seen Philip Michael Thomas on screen lately. According to his website, he spends his time as a co-writer, photographer, and executive producer after retiring as an actor. Being a vegan himself, the page also advertises a vegan cookbook that includes a copy of the actor’s music CD, promising to serenade your ears with sensual reggae.

Aside from his jobs, he is also a father to 11 children, with one being a country singer. His former career includes being the face and spokesperson of a psychic reading network. He initiated a legal proceeding with the help of his lawyer, claiming a breach of contract when he was replaced as a brand ambassador. Luckily, he won and was paid a hefty amount of $1.48 million and an additional $780,000 for interest. That amount should be enough to live comfortably and support his children at least for a few years.

Elizabeth Berkley – Author and Helpline Creator

Elizabeth Berkley hit the airwaves when she stepped foot in the American sitcom Saved by the Bell. She played Jessie Spano on the said sitcom, and since then, she starts to be a public figure. She also worked on stage and film productions, such as Showgirls back in 1995. During the late ’90s, she advocated for different campaigns for groups such as PETA. She still appeared for guest roles, but she wanted to help others more. That’s why she created the Ask-Elizabeth helpline, which helps troubled teenage girls.

Ask-Elizabeth began when her husband, Greg Lauren, told her to create a helpline for girls, who kept asking her for some advice. After the said helpline, she wrote her very first self-help book, Ask Elizabeth: Real Answers to Everything You Secretly Wanted to Ask About Love, Friends, Your Body… and Life in General, in 2011. Seeing her activities and career path now, we are pretty sure that she has enough investment money to support her needs and new passion.

Gary Dourdan – DJ and Car Collector

Gary Dourdan is an actor who is best known for his role as Warrick Brown on the hit show CSI. After working eight years on this production, his savvy character was killed off in season 9. After his stints in CSI, he comes to work in other TV shows, such as A Different World and the spinoff of the renowned Cosby Show. He was still able to work on this popular franchise, but just on their video games. To this date, Dourdan is still active in the industry.

Apart from acting, he also DJs at some eventsm, showcasing his talent and interest in music. The impressive thing about Dourdan is his interest in cars. He is said to have his primary focus on collecting classic cars. Knowing that classic cars come with a price, a large amount of price actually, we hope he has car insurance for his whole collection. Anyhow, we believe he does, as he probably has royalties for his infamous character Warrick Brown.

Barbi Benton – Interior Decorator

Barbi Benton was a model, actress, and singer who had one of the industry’s most beautiful faces. She rose to fame in the early ’70s but eventually retired when the ’80s came. During her career, she was able to bring fresh new music as she appeared in several shows. Along with her music and acting career was her modeling stint. She was supposed to get a degree in Veterinary from the University of California, Los Angeles, but she was not able to complete her studies due to an alleged fear of blood.

Lucky enough that in the latter part of Benton’s career, she married famous real estate developer George Gradow. Reports say that she is currently working as an interior designer with her husband. Her marriage with Gradow probably ignites her interest in interior design as she gets involved with housing development. Even if she is no longer active in the entertainment industry, it is safe to say that Benton is doing pretty well as a private citizen.

Sharona Alperin – Realtor

Did you know there’s a woman that inspires the famous song, My Sharona? If yes, then you probably know Sharona Alperin. She was the former girlfriend of Doug Fieger, the band Knack’s frontman that brought the hit single My Sharona. She was also featured in Knack’s cover album, and the rest is history. The said hit single held the number one spot in Billboard’s Top 100 singles for six weeks. Aside from that, the song made it to the Top Pop singles chart back in 1979.

Everyone thought she would end up in a wedding dress beside the musician since they already announced their engagement. However, they eventually called it off. Currently, Alperin is a successful realtor operating in Los Angeles. We can say that she has nothing much offered nor achieved in the music industry, but one thing is for sure, — credits to this hit song — her name will be forever known.

Macaulay Culkin – Musician And Entrepreneur

Macaulay Culkin was a famous child star back in the day. He’s renowned for his portrayal of Kevin McCallister in the hit movie franchise Home Alone. He also played the role of a rich kid named Richie Rich. If this character were a real person, he probably wouldn’t know the term “bankruptcy.” His talent as a child actor is well-recognized, and he brought home numerous awards and nominations at a very young age. It is a spectacular feat for a young man, and we should give him credit for that.

As spectators have speculated, like any other child star, Macaulay didn’t grow his career in entertainment until his adulthood. He has been on hiatus for a long time, and nothing much is heard or seen of him until recently. Currently, he’s working as the CEO and publisher of Bunny Ears, a comedy website. He was also recently spotted playing for a couple of rock bands and creating music videos.


If we’re talking about influential singers, Tiffany is probably one of the names that will be mentioned. She’s also a successful song composer and a former teen idol. Tiffany rose to fame after doing a cover version of I Think We’re Alone Now back in 1987 and I Saw Him Standing There by the classic band The Beatles.

These songs crawled its way to the number one spot in Billboard’s Hot 100 and provided a massive boost to Tiffany’s career. Only loyal Tiffany fans knew that she appeared in several television shows and commercials. Almost all of her albums and singles were a success, and the iconic singer will probably not need bankruptcy lawyers anytime in the future.

Kevin Kennedy – Tour Guide & Social Enterprise Director

Kevin Kennedy is a well-known actor and musician, best known for playing Norman “Curly” Watts in Coronation Street. He held this role for a whopping 20 years, and we could only imagine how great he was since he worked on it for two decades. However, instead of living in the spotlight like the rest of his colleagues, Kennedy decided to leave the business. Due to fewer projects being offered, it led him to live a private life and build his own business.

As a start, he worked as a tour guide, giving detailed tours across the archaic collections of popular TV series. Not wanting to settle any less, he co-founded and ran a recovery service company. After this, he also launched a book titled The Street to Recovery, inspired by his socially inclined proceeds. This is proof that it is vital to have different kinds of investments for financial security.


Marisa Tomei rose to prominence thanks to her role in ABC’s sitcom A Different World back in 1987. She then proved that she was a capable actress by winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the hit 1992 show, My Cousin Vinny. She received back-to-back contracts from television shows such as What Women Want, In The Bedroom, and Anger Management. The latest project in her resume is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Aside from a successful career, we can also say that Tomei is excellent at taking care of her physical fitness and handling her diet. This led to her other career as a fitness coach. Many have been dying to know how she keeps looking young and fit despite her age and thank God she made it available for us — by being a fitness coach. Because of this, she probably has less expensive medical insurance since she knows how to take care of her body.


As the saying goes; when one door closes, another opens. This is what happened to Bo Derek as she became a businesswoman after her acting career was over. Bo Derek, or Mary Cathleen Collins in real life, is a famous television actress and former model who also worked behind the scenes as a film producer. She was recognized in the sexy-comedy film 10 in 1979. She later starred in films such as Ghost Can’t Do It, Tarzan, The Ape Man, and Bolero.

Unfortunately, her later movies didn’t fare well with critics but they still made a significant impact on Derek’s career. Aside from acting, she is also known for her love and affection for four-legged friends. With this in mind, she made a bold investment and founded Bo Derek Pet Care. Her product line is now famous for its pet shampoo and conditioners. Now, that’s one way to make some money!


Talk about a jack of all trades, here is an actress who can do a lot of things perfectly — she is none other than Debby Ryan. Ryan is a well-known actress and singer who started very young in the entertainment scene. She first appeared in professional theater at the age of seven and became more popular in the kid’s show Barney and Friends. She portrayed Bailey Pickett in Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck and she also appeared in 16 Wishes.

At a very young age, she seems to have accomplished a lot as her name has now been cemented as one of the most famous of her generation. This made her switch her focus back to her original band, The Never Ending, which she founded almost five years ago. With all of her success and projects, we are sure she has already built up a good and respectable credit score.


Hillary Duff is a talented actress and singer who started working at a very young age. She was considered as one of the most prominent teen idols of her time after she was able to demonstrate her talents both in acting and singing as Lizzie McGuire. Disney and other studios recognized Duff’s talents, and she was handed the leading roles in various films, including Agent Cody Banks and A Cinderella Story. At the same time, her albums reached gold and platinum certification, which increased the net worth of this young artist.

If you think her talents only involve singing and acting, think again. She also wrote a trilogy of novels called Elixir, Devoted, and True. She is, without a doubt, a champion mother who looks after her two kids, and a dedicated wife. She probably doesn’t need to use her investment money to launch her next book because publishers will be lining up to front the money for her.


Jennie Garth’s name is always mentioned when people talk about young and successful artists of the ‘90s. She marked her name in the industry after playing the role of Kelly Taylor in the popular television series Beverly Hills 90210 as well as the role of Valerie Tyler in What I Like About You. She seems to be inactive these days, but she never goes out of buzz, especially online. Why is that, you ask? It’s because Garth launched her very own online shop called MomGiftBox.com.

It seems like she knows a thing or two about making investments since she knew what niche to pursue. Her online business offers treats and other pampering products to busy mothers. It must have been inspired by her experiences as a busy mom. What’s unique about her business is that a portion of her income goes directly to charities. Now, that’s an excellent way to share blessings.


Andrea Elson started as a young actress and model. She rose to stardom after playing a role in CBS’s sci-fi show Whiz Kids — she played Alice Tyler. Elson also got the role of Lynn Tanner in NBC’s ALF, which led her to earn two award nominations. Her health must have been compromised because she decided to retire early from show-business saying that she wanted to focus on her health and wellness. After a few years, she launched her lifestyle blog and influenced many yoga enthusiasts to continue their fitness journey.

She encouraged others to start living a healthy life, which is no doubt a great thing that can lead people to worry less about their medical insurance. Thanks to her former career, she was able to succeed in being an effective influencer. Her fame helped her, and it gave her an advantage in reaching many viewers, as well as attracting followers. Nonetheless, seeing how great she looks certifies that her decision to retire was worth it.


Some people are really lucky to have been given a knack for something they can monetize and be passionate about. Fabio Lanzoni is the perfect example of this. Who doesn’t know Fabio? His face, after all, was all over calendars and magazines during the peak of his career as a model, endorser, and actor. He also got featured on the cover of many romance novels during the ‘80s and ‘90s. His appearance was — and probably still is — his bread and butter, so physical fitness is no doubt a huge deal for him.

The good-looking Fabio used his investment money for bodybuilding. He also tried to foster in people the desire to take care of their health. Lanzoni was one of the founders of Healthy Ground Vitamins, an outfit that distributes whey protein, glutamine, and colostrum products. He also wrote a fitness book which later inspired a work-out-video called Fabio Fitness.


Hallie Eisenberg is best known as the face of our favorite Pepsi Girl commercial. Aside from appearing in advertisements, she also starred in shows like How to Eat Fried Worms, where she played Erika Tansy, and Paulie, where she played Marie Alweather. The young actress took a break from acting in 2010 to earn a degree at the American University in Washington D.C. Not much has been said about her field of choice as she seems very mum about her private life. She’s still active in the industry and accepts roles and commercial gigs.

Whether she resorts to living a completely private life, the doors of Hollywood are wide open for her considering her natural beauty. It doesn’t look like she’ll need to do much to get a role given her experience in the industry, and it’s great that her education was planned out. It is estimated that she accumulated at least $2 million for all of the projects she’s been involved with in the past.


Do you remember J.T. Lambert in the popular show Step by Step back in the ‘90s? If yes, you probably remember the young Brandon Call. He also appeared in the first few episodes of Baywatch. Credits to his talent as a young actor, he earned multiple award nominations and was able to bag a couple of Young Artist Awards. Now, a lot of people have been asking about him and where he is right now. Call decided to wrap up his career in the late ‘90s after being a victim of a shooting that injured both his arms.

From then on he did not accept any acting gigs and started living like a normal person. The incident might have been the cause of his absence as it is never easy to cope up with that kind of experience. Some say he was spotted working in their family-owned gas station, which was probably a good investment for their family.


The Adventures of Pete and Pete was one of the most popular TV shows in the late ‘80s and ‘90s that aired from 1989 to 1996. Imagine how much Danny Tamberelli earned when he was working on this project. He also received a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts focusing on music performance where he learned to play various musical instruments. Recently, the actor tied the knot with Kately Detweiker and seems to be taking a break. He seems to have focused more on his private life rather than show business.

Even though he’s not that active in the entertainment scene, he was part of the cast of voice actors behind the storyline of the famous game, Grand Theft Auto Five. But no news was announced whether he will go full husband or whether it is just the honeymoon phase that he and his wife are enjoying at the moment. Anyways, we love to see more of him in the future.


Behind the beard lies a lot of tricks. Nick Offerman seems like he has a lot to offer. Nick Offerman is a well-known actor, comedian, and author. He rose to fame after appearing in the hit television sitcom Parks and Recreation which aired on NBC. He is also part of the movie The Founder where he portrayed the role of Dick McDonalds, one of the two siblings that made a bold investment in a fast-food chain that became one of the most popular restaurants in the world.

Still very active in the business, Nick seems to be busy as well with his other interests and career. Aside from acting, he also has carpentry and woodworking skills, and because of this, he started the Offerman Woodshop. Not only this, but he also authored books that are sold worldwide. We hear that the wood furniture he makes is selling well, and he was even able to sell his wares to a number of celebrities. Definitely, he’s your all-around handyman for sure!


The hit TV show Pawn Stars paved the way forCorey Harrison to be known to the public. One of Pawn Stars’ leading men, Corey Harrison is an expert when it comes to collectibles and exciting things. Grounded as a real-life businessman, he also has several investments that give him the financial stability that everyone is looking for. To name a few of his ventures, he is a part-owner as well as a supervisor of the pawnshop he works in. He also founded a beauty shop that offers pampering sessions, manicures, and pedicures.

Being the business genius that he is, the said establishment also doubles as a place where musical acts occur at night. This is one great way to have his money up and running. We like to see more of his businesses in the coming years as we are sure he will not stop at two or three businesses.


Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman is one of the stars of the reality television series Dog, The Bounty Hunter, which ran for almost a decade. The show was quite interesting as audiences get to see how bounty hunters work, using methods that only outfits like the FBI can do. After the show ended, he found another gig called Dog and Beth: About Hunt, which was another reality show that aired from 2013 until 2015. Not much of a hit like the previous one, but it still gave the same feel to its viewers.

If you think that his only talent involves tracking and capturing specific individuals, you got that wrong. He also has a knack for writing and he was even able to publish two novels back in 2007 and 2010. We are curious if he will consider creating online classes regarding bounty hunting. It is a unique job and we give him credit for it.


Lisa Jakub was a popular child actress who appeared in various movies, including Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day. She entered the Hollywood scene back in 1985 and made her film debut in Eleni. She then received consistent success from her projects after this production. Unfortunately, she decided to take a break from the entertainment industry to start focusing on her personal life. Her final project was in 2000 for the movie Double Frame. Since this movie, nothing much is heard from her.

After Hollywood, she started her career as a writer and a yoga teacher. It was nothing like her life as a star, but we cannot deny that she is living a better life now. We like her life choices because she stepped out of a stressful life and entered the world of peaceful meditation. This decision was surely good for her health, and she will surely need to worry less about her medical insurance.


Danniella Westbrook is one of the fan favorites and the main star of BBC’s famous soap opera, EastEnders. You might not know her or her show but she was just a teenager when the show helped her reach the highest point of her career. With that said, her income and net worth also started to skyrocket. Unfortunately, she fell into severe substance abuse, which eventually led to her downfall. Fortunately, she was able to bounce back and pull herself back toward the right path.

She overcame her personal issues to some degree and started living like an average person once again. Certainly, living a life in Hollywood must have contributed to her troubles. Going away from it all was a sound solution to keep away from resounding mischief. Recently, she was spotted working as a bartender, and she seems to be enjoying her life even if not much of her life savings is intact.


Cameron Diaz is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. She starred in numerous shows that were critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Known for her svelte figure and stunning smile, she was someone who definitely has a lot of talent. and many have given her credit for it. Overall, she appeared in over forty films. Although we haven’t seen the actress in films and shows recently, her last movie, Annie, was released in 2014. After that, Diaz worked toward having a more private life.

With all her time and energy focused away from acting, she now writes books where she expresses all of her thoughts. She first published a book called The Body Book back in 2013, which became a New York Times bestseller. It was then followed by the Longevity Book in 2016. We believe that even though she is not acting anymore, she was able to maintain a good credit score. Anyway, she deserves a break as she was working full blast when she was in Hollywood. A little relaxation won’t hurt her.


Danielle Fishel is an American television personality and actress who became famous for portraying Topanga Lawrence-Matthews on the hit TV sitcom Boy Meets World. This was a show that was very popular in the early ‘90s, and many of the stars involved in it have gone on to have successful Hollywood careers. However, fans didn’t know that Fishel started acting in community theaters when she was ten years old. She was eventually discovered and was offered endorsement contracts.

After her successful performance in several television shows, she then shifted her focus to journalism and hosting. Acting might be one of her talents but her strength is in journalism. Fishel found success in her new career and became popular once more as the host of The Dish. She also became a resident reporter for PopSugar. We need to give her credit for being so versatile and having the ability to change professions in an instant — after all, not everyone can do what she does.


It is a common thing for soap opera stars or TV stars to step out of the spotlight after the conclusion of their long-running show. It is understandable as acting for a long time for one show can really be tiring and overwhelming. Included on the list is Andrea Barber, a product and character of the hit television series Full House, who portrayed the role of Kimmy Gibler. Although she hasn’t retired yet, she seems away from the screen at the moment.

She wasn’t only a successful actress, Barber also excelled as a student of Whittier College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English in 1999. She continued her studies and received a Master’s degree in Arts from the University of York. Her school found it hard to let go of such a talent, and they decided to hire Barber as an assistant to the director of Whittier College’s Office of International Programs.


Alex James made his mark in the music scene as the bassist of Blur. He and his band achieved commercial success and this brought him fame as well as increased his net worth. Good thing he didn’t just focus on playing instruments. Instead, he invested a portion of his earnings in a business venture. Shortly after, the band seemingly took a break to focus on their private lives. James now runs a farm in Cotswold where he manufactures commercial cheese.

Despite spiteful comments from critics regarding his cheese, it sure does earn enough for him to still thrive to this day. Aside from being a cheesemaker, the musician was also spotted working as a journalist. This shows that apart from being a multi-skilled person, he also has great money management skills. His life is a good example that making investments is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom.


Cheesemaking is definitely a great way to make money! This proved right for Sean Wilson, who ventured into cheesemaking and found his success there. Sean Wilson is a famous English actor who switched careers during his prime. His name became famous after he worked on the popular British soap opera Coronation Street. He must have loved cheese so much — or he sees great opportunity in the cheese industry — because he dedicated a huge portion of his life to learning how to make it.

Wilson then took a break from acting and started researching cheesemaking. He tried to learn everything about the dairy product. Our guess is that he even took online classes to get his new craft right. All of his efforts didn’t go waste. As a gifted chef, he mastered the art of cheesemaking and founded the Saddleworth Cheese Company. His restaurants are now one of his main sources of income.


David Wells is a very capable baseball player. Wells, known to be “Boomer,” is said to be the best left-handed pitcher especially during his time in the New York Yankees. Some may even argue that he is one of the most elite players who ever played the game. After cementing his legacy in the field, instead of relaxing and enjoying his time off, he went on accepting jobs here and there. It seems he couldn’t keep himself tied up for so long and decided to join the hosts of The Cheap Seats in FOX sports.

Not long enough, he went back to his loved profession and started coaching baseball in his former school. He received the head coaching position and provided a massive boost for his school’s baseball team. The presence of a legendary player has brought glory to his alma mater. It was even reported that, under his guidance, the school team did very well. So we all definitely have to give him credit for all of his achievements and his concerns for his alma mater.


In 2005, during the heat of the booming reality talent show era, Jessica Sierra joined American Idol for its 5th season. Sierra was the season’s 10th placer while Carrie Underwood won the title. Even though she did not become the champion of the competition, she still came out as a winner because the industry welcomed her and gave her her own album, Enough. She could have been one of the most successful artists in the entertainment scene. However, she wasn’t able to handle all the stress and temptations present in the industry.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, she found herself battling substance abuse and multiple legal issues. She needed to hire lawyers to defend her in court for various charges, including possession of illegal substances and assault. The former American Idol contestant was spotted at a restaurant working as a waitress. Many fans couldn’t believe what happened to the talented lady, who had the potential to become one of the greatest singers of all time.


Those born in the 90s who grew up watching tons of TV often wonder about the stars they’ve idolized during that time. Where are these stars now? What happened to them and why are they not around anymore? One such star is Steven Anthony Lawrence, who appeared in numerous television shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and E.R. He also appeared in a few films back in the day, like Cheaper by the Dozen, That So Raven, and Even Stevens Movie. Nowadays, he’s no longer fixated on his career in Hollywood because he decided to become an educator.

Lawrence can be seen running seminars in famous schools and universities, including the University of Southern California, Berkeley, and other educational institutions. He appears to be doing well, giving lectures and symposiums, and his income and net worth are showing positive results. His talent in being able to make a connection with people seems to have developed because of his years of being an entertainer. They said that education is the key to success and Lawrence is living proof. He probably has a great credit report.


Legendary action star, Chuck Norris, seems undefeatable. He is a real-life action hero and is a multi-disciplined martial artist. But little did we know that Chuck Norris is also a well-known humanitarian.You may think that the moves in his action films were all just flashy maneuvers. But it’s not, it is martial arts that he personally performs himself. Chuck rose to fame after serving in the military. Packed with his knowledge and skills in various martial arts, Chuck was discovered in the film Way of the Dragon, where he starred alongside his friend, Bruce Lee.

He also uses martial arts as a medium to promote sports to children and teens, and he believes it will help them avoid going down the wrong path. Aside from creating movies, he is also a capable writer. Norris published several martial arts books to guide people and help them better understand the basics of martial arts. If he ever considers creating online classes for this, we are sure many of his followers will sign up.


Kids of the ‘90s pretty much lived and breathed boy bands back in the day. Apart from falling insanely in love with them, their music became the soundtrack of a generation. But as time went by, the boy band era faded and so did many band members. Although some pursued a solo career, some became actors. A lot, however, became private citizens and pursued careers away from the music industry. One such person is Mark Feehily. Markus Michael Patrick Feehily in real life is one of the members of the popular boy band, Westlife.

They rose to stardom with their hit singles, I Lay My Love On You, If I Let You Go, and their rendition of Uptown Girl. Unfortunately, the all-male group decided to disband in 2015, and Feehily went on to launch a solo career. He probably used a portion of his income to create an investment account and improve his financial standing. Feehily founded a crepe and coffee business in a van, which became a huge success. The singer did a remarkable thing and handled his finances properly.


Survivor: Philippines’ runner-up, Lisa Whelchel, was a famous actress back in the ‘70s. Her career was growing steadily until she shocked all of her fans by suddenly retiring. This was a good trade for her since she acquired precious time to be with her family as a mother and housewife. During her life outside the limelight, she found a different career path that led her to write books at home. Most of her books are centered on motherhood and family life. She also became more attached to her faith, which we believe became the source of her inspiring talks.

She was recognized and awarded for her album All Because Of You, a Christian music album. She published at least ten books, and she also got a few requests to be a guest speaker in various church conventions. She deserves credit for sharing her experiences through her writing and inspirational talks.


Angelina Pivarnick once said that she is the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island. The actress, singer, model, and television personality appeared in two seasons of MTV’s Jersey Shore. After appearing in the reality show, Angelina shifted her career and started working on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as a celebrity wrestler and model. She also entered the music scene and released the song I’m Hot back in 2010. Nowadays, the 34-year-old star receives fewer offers, but that didn’t stop her from building up her remarkable credit score.

Pivarnick also tried other careers, including being a bartender, and most recently, an emergency medical technician (or EMT). Current reports say that she received $350,000 as a settlement for the harassment case she filed against an FDNY supervisor and a colleague from where she worked as an EMT. After winning the case, her representative says that she will continue to voice out and stand for women’s rights.


Andrew Keegan is a well-respected actor who starred in various television shows such as 7th Heaven and Party of Five. He also appeared as a guest actor in popular shows including Baywatch and Full House. Although he hasn’t had any breakout films, he’s said to be still diligently waiting for the right opportunity to cement his legacy in Hollywood. Outside Hollywood, he invested time and effort and founded a ‘new religion,’ which he calls Full Circle. Many have been wondering what the beliefs of this new religion entail.

Keegan mentioned that his group is a spiritual community, and Full Circle is about meditation, yoga, and artistic thoughts. It wasn’t a bad idea given celebrities do need to unwind and ground themselves to their roots and purpose. There was a time in Hollywood when spirituality and awakening was a thing. Remember the red strings tied on Madonna’s wrist? That was a symbol that is well associated with Kabbalah, which is a belief system that a lot of celebrities got into. Let’s give him credit for thinking about his new passion and we hope for his success in the future.


It is safe to say that Erik Estrada is one star who got attached to a character he’s played in the past. So attached, in fact, that he eventually became a sheriff in real life. Erick is one of the actors in the popular television show that centered on the lives of policemen, CHiPs. After the show ended, he got numerous offers to star in telenovelas, and he later worked as a voice actor on Adult Swim’s Sealab 2021. His work on ChiPs had an impact on Estrada’s life since he started working as a full-time deputy sheriff in Virginia back in 2009.

It looks like he lived the life of a good cop too well because he eventually became an anti-substance abuse advocate. He’s also become an influential figure for young people and has encouraged them to stay away from harmful substances. By doing this, he’s also helping teens steer away from bankruptcy, which is one of the consequences of substance abuse.


Blake Mclver Ewing is best remembered for the film The Little Rascals, where he played Waldo. While he was a child actor, he also participated in Full House and several other shows. Growing up, Blake seems to have developed a lot of talents besides acting. To be sure, he is an actor, model, singer, songwriter, and dancer. He’s basically a cut above the rest in these fields. Some people who’ve seen Ewing’s performances will tell you that he is a natural talent when it comes to any of his professions.

As a musician, he co-wrote and performed the closing credit song, Along the River, which was used in the film End of the Spear. It was said that his dancing gig funded his recent album, which he produced himself. This guy has a knack for being excellent. We hope that he is also great at money management because he needs to manage his earnings.


Kurtis Walker, who is also known as Kurtis Blow, is a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene. He’s a singer, songwriter, record producer, and disc jockey. He can do it all, and he’s doing it all! Aside from his investments as a producer in Netflix’s The Get Down, he’s busy with his new calling as a preacher. He recently founded The Hip Hop Church located in Harlem, where he preaches the word of God. It was, to a huge degree, also kind of a great idea for him to use his music to reach out to people and introduce his faith.

It might sound crazy for some but it did serve the purpose — and it is effective!  He also serves there as a worship leader and a licensed minister. Walker was elected as the Chairman of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, which will be open to the public in 2023. Well, this man is surprising in every way.


Known now as Reverend Al Green, Al Green is famous for his music, and he is a respected singer, songwriter, and record producer. His signature soul music (with a mix of R&B and a little bit of rock and roll) allowed him to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1995. His contributions to the music industry also earned him a spot in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time — his name sits at number 14. The legendary singer needs a competent financial advisor to sort out all the money he made from all of the records he sold.

Although fame and fortune seem to take on the lives of most celebrities, Green took a different path.  Green soon realized that he has a greater calling in life after experiencing a horrifying event in his life. He later became a preacher for the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis. Although he’s not in the scene anymore, his talent was not put to waste.


Lauren Conrad’s name is famous not only among TV watchers but among those who follow fashion as well. Lauren, with her stunning and sophisticated look, became, to her credit, a fashion icon. This might be because she often dons great outfits here and there.  She rose to stardom after appearing in a reality TV show. Conrad was only eighteen when Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County featured her and her friend’s stories and daily lives. The hit teen star got another chance as one of the main cast of the spin-off series, The Hills.

Conrad was the highest-paid personality on the cast with an income of around $2.5 million per year. The pretty blonde girl was noticed by viewers not only because of her personality but also because of her great sense of fashion. Alongside her entertainment career, she now works as a blogger and author of fashion books. Because her fashion taste seems to be iconic and well-regarded, she was able to launch her own online fashion business.

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