Meet The Life Partners Of Your Favorite Hollywood Celebs

Celebrities have wide public recognition due to their involvement in the field of entertainment or sports. They gain media attention either because of their wealth, lifestyle, or anything that goes along with their fame. This includes their personal or family life. Admit it or not, we’re always curious about their private life: from what they eat, what they do on weekends, to what their newest investments are.

While we admire them for their incredible talents, here we will get to discover more about them that’ll make us adore them even more. Here are our favorite celebrities’ better halves and their love stories!



As we all know, Eddie Murphy has been involved with quite a number of women. This included Melanie Brown, or also known as Spice Girl Mel B, with whom he has a daughter. After the two split up, Murphy dated several others, but it was only in 2012 that he found the love he has been looking for in the person of Paige Butcher.

Butcher worked as a model and played a small part in Murphy’s film, Big Momma’s House 2. That’s how the couple met. Now, they are engaged to be married and the news about it brought electricity to fans all over the world.