Celebrity Weight Loss Stories That Will Inspire You To Shed Those Extra Pounds, Too!

Losing weight, especially if you are a celebrity can be a big deal. The reason behind this is because they need to maintain a certain figure. This is not only for their careers but for their health as well. After all, for some celebrities, looking great is an investment. In today’s generation, losing weight can be easy due to the number of weight-loss surgeries that people can undergo.

Some celebrities prefer the easier method, but others still opt for the traditional way of losing weight: diet and exercise. Find out which celebrities went under the knife and which ones preferred the traditional method below.



Liz Torres is a comedian who can surely draw laughs from an audience with her natural charisma and talent. She is best known for playing Mahalia Sanchez in The John Larroquette Show, which ran from 1993 to 1996. She has always struggled with her weight, but in 2016, Liz showed a huge change. In fact, people were surprised when she appeared on the reboot of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Her husband, Pete Locke, would have approved of and marveled at how she was able to transform herself.

Some sites claim that Liz had undergone gastric bypass surgery, which caused her to look older than her actual age of 73. There is still no confirmation from her regarding these rumors. Despite her facial appearance, she seems to be very happy with her weight loss progress to some degree. We think that due to her weight loss, she got to play a role in the movie Chick Flick.