Elizabeth Hurley – Age 55

After 19 years, Elizabeth Hurley still looks sexy, beautiful, and alluring. Fans came to know the actress after she played “The Devil” in the 2000 movie Bedazzled, opposite Brendan Fraser. Hurley is now 54-years-old but doesn’t look her age. It seems like she is not aging at all. What’s her secret, you may ask? Well, according to the actress, it’s skincare.

Hurley revealed she has one serum that she uses all the time. She also advised other women to look after their skin and health if they want to glow from the inside. They also have to watch their diet, lifestyle, get enough sleep, and be positive for a total beautiful-you package. Hurley knows that looking and feeling good is her investment in the entertainment world. It’s hard to do that because being famous usually attracts haters, but if you are confident in yourself and have high self-esteem, this shouldn’t be a problem even in the field of show business.